The Unanswered Questions of Lost

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lost unanswered questions The Unanswered Questions of Lost

One of the most complex and thought-provoking television series of all-time sadly came to an end this weekend with the special ABC presentation of the Lost Series finale, preceded by a 2-hour recap and followed by a farewell special on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While many were happy to see the conclusion to Lost and find out what happens to their favorite TV characters, many were confused by what was shown and its meaning(s). Some were disappointed that important questions were ignored and left unanswered.

Our own Kofi Outlaw went into detail explaining some of the bigger points of confusion and answered the unanswered questions of the Lost series finale, clearing up what to some was an unclear finale, but there are still plenty of questions we need answers for from throughout the entire series. What questions? See below.

The folks at College Humor put together this humorous video, cutting together scenes from all six seasons of Lost and firing out unanswered questions in rapid succession. While some questions are relatively minor and borderline insignificant and others there for pure comedy, there are a pile of great questions brought up of story arcs or themes presented earlier in the series that were abandoned.

Watch the video and see if you know the answers:

While I very much enjoyed the Lost finale, this video had a big impact on my thinking and sparked my memory to many of the plot points and themes hinted at or started in the first half of the series, many of which were left hanging as the series went on. A few of the questions though have been addressed in the series.

If you’re a Lost fan, be sure to check out this behind-the-scenes Lost video discussion with showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse along with some of the stars, and our top 25 moments of Lost.

Does this video bring up a valid point? Let us know your thoughts, questions and (hopefully) answers in the comments and on Twitter to @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: College Humor

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    • The sickness was the smoke monster “possesed” sayid!

  1. It’s almost impossible to close a series, trying to climax 120 hours in a finale providing answers and closure to everything just can’t be done, even more so when you think that throughout the entire series you have different writers trying to lock together ideas. I get the feeling Lost was an awesome idea on the part of the producers but they didn’t think it through to a successful close as they started, similar to what happened with Matrix. Also as you are making the series you want to surprise and hook and create cliff hangers which make people come back for the next episode and a lot of those things are what are shown in the posted video and are red herrings.

    I wasn’t satisfied with the ending but then again I don’t think you can be and we just have to give the writers a break and thank them for giving us such an entertaining ride. The thrill is in the hunt as they say and they aren’t infallible. One final point I’d like to take issue with, a lot of Lost “experts” are scoffing at people who think that the wreckage at the end raises the possibility that they were all dead all the time. I think the producers must have known the speculation this could have given rise to and that it was deliberate. However, I’m almost certain (I can’t be arsed to sift through the 120 hours looking) that at some point they talk that the plane wreckage was taken away by the tide anyway.

  2. I only recently finished watching the entire Lost series on DVD after completely missing it while it was airing. So, I understand my comment is belated, but please credit me with having just gone through the incredible journey that all the original Lost fans went through. I was a bit disappointed in the ending only because I was told by several people that the ending really wraps it up nicely. I happen to be very logical and can see loopholes from a mile away. I was originally trying to figure everything out myself. However, after watching the video above, everything clicked for me. How could a series that got so friggin’ confusing ever be really wrapped up properly? If I was a writer on that show I’m sure I would have bungled it. I think it’s simply a case of too many cooks and too many creative juices originally, and then the need to wrap it all up. It’s actually quite hilarious. Thanks for the inspirational little video.

  3. Oh, yeah. Also, I really liked Season 6 the best. I saw a few people knocking it because they didn’t like the ending. But, truthfully people, weren’t those reunions heartbreaking? My boyfriend even cried. Just saying.

  4. How do you explain the fact that both Ben and Richard had easy access in and out of the island? and how did Ben have all those conections?

  5. Classic ‘Deus Ex Machina’. Bravo.

      • Was actually amazed and facinated with all 6 seasons esp the ending. I managed to rewatch all 6 seasons and it made perfect sence. Lost is much more than being lost in an island. Its also about being lost in time,lost in the after life and lost in hope

  6. Here’s a question everyone missed, when did “penny”, Desmond’s girlfriend/wife die? She was in the church with Desmond but when and how did she die?

    • I suppose because Penny is Desmond’s “Constant” (or vice versa) but really has no other connection to anyone else on the island (other than her evil father, Charles Widmore) her death is not detailed. Her appearance in the church with the other dead can be explained by her bond to Desmond (as detailed in the episode, “The Constant”) and indirectly to the other Losties through Desmond and his special abilities. Actually, we never really find out how or when other key characters like Kate, Sawyer, Hurley or Ben, to name a few, ultimately die. Jack’s father’s explanation covers this when he tells Jack that those people in the church all died at different times, some before Jack and others after.

    • your question does not make sense.

    • In the finale its mentioned by Christian that they all died at different times in their own lives but in the “purgatory world” time isnt an issue so all arrive at the same time.
      Take Kate for example, she made it off the island & would have probably lived a full life then eventually popped her cloggs, whereas Jack died as he watched them fly over head on the plane. In the purgatory place they find eachother at the same time, jack didnt have to wait for say 40 years.
      So Penny & Desmond found eachother like the others did (not the “others” lol).
      What i found strange was, if kate got off the island wouldnt she have eventually found a new love, married then had kids, if so wouldnt they have been the most important people to meet up with in Prugatory & not Jack??

    • There were others that are in the final scene in the church who we never heard about dying, not just Penny. Jack’s father says to him in that room in the back of the church: “We all die sometime.” This could be way later than when the final events on the island took place – eventually all of these people would have died, and they all ended up together in this “purgatory” world, before moving on to their final afterlife.

  7. It wasn’t an ending. It was a brush off. It didn’t even furnished us with a metaphor with which to reflect upon. All it did was leave an entire story like rats leaving a sinking ship and informed us that everyone died at one time or another. It left the ship with beauty and grace but anyway you look at it it tells us it couldn’t think of anything else left to say on the matter so it’s going to get out by killing everyone off. What a wasted opportunity! It insults everything that came before… Not to mention our intelligence!

      • I think you didn’t get the story properly. I just rewatched the whole series and now it all makes sense. Back then, when we had to wait week after week to watch the next episode a lot of information just got forgotten or we just simply failed to pay enough attention to the details. But by rewatching the whole series with 2 or 3 Episodes daily it all got stuck to the brain and eventually all fitted together to make perfect sense. To me “Lost” has become my all time favourite TV show!

    • agreed!

  8. They had the luxury of knowing how long they had to complete the story and still didn’t manage it. How such great storytellers couldn’t properly end the story is just another LOST mystery. Tim Kring the creator of Heroes took care of things. The story concurrently ran online and in comic books and they were forced to end early. Now we have JJ Abrams Alcatraz. Very reminiscent of Lost ends their first season on an amazing cliffhanger… and it’s been dropped!!!! The viewer and show is sacrificed to the ratings… What a paradox! LOST had the ratings, the budget, the scope of six seasons, great story and the whole lot was sacrificed to an abrupt they died happily ever after ending!

  9. For me, LOST’s power was in the characters. After 5 seasons of watching each character unfold and grow, you really become attached. And the ending was perfect for me, knowing that it did all happen (if they were dead the whole time, that would have been a major let down), knowing that they all found their inner peace and are know all together. For me, it doesn’t matter if we never found out why Walt was different or whatever, and I admit that the ending doesn’t clear up every single thread that started. But so what? LOST was getting to know these characters, and I seriously doubt I’ll ever forget about them. (and yes, I know they aren’t real and this comment sounds kind of psycho for a non lostie) And for the record, season 6 was my favorite

  10. So much colletive brain power trying to rationalize LOST and make sense of it. I will let you in on a little secret.

    LOST was supposed to be about a group of people who died in a plane crash that were stuck in purgatory (island) and needed to face numerous fears and challenges before attaining the ‘after life’.

    Unfortunately, not to far into Season 1 the fans nailed this premise/story-line BANG ON and this sent the producers and writers into a frenzy…spending another 5 seasons trying to make the story about something else and failing miserably…

    There you have it…LOST explained…

  11. I just got finished watching LOST on Netflix. I had heard the rumor that it was all about the characters all being in purgatory. I had seen a couple of seasons but missed some episodes and got really lost myself, so netflix made it nice to sit and watch all the episodes in a row without repeats and interruptions making it difficult to remember what happened or to follow along. Ideal right? I wish it had been that simple and that last season was a doozie. I thought it really was an alternate reality and that the bomb had allowed the plane to land and at that point, for those passengers, created a new timeline and I was wondering where the writers were going to take it from there. So when characters started to “remember/wake up”, I thought that when the time-lines split, so did their souls. If the character had died before that point, ‘remembering’ could be triggered by certain people and events through the whole ‘De Ja Vu’ phenom but they would remember both time-lines and be grateful for the new lease on life and yet remember and be touched by the people, friendships and relationships, that were created through their experiences on this ‘mystical island’. And for those that had been their longer and knew about Jacob, they would live could now live the lives they were meant to live if he hadn’t have interfered in their lives, if that energy was never tapped, if the hatch was never created, and if their plane had landed as scheduled. The ones that were able to exist and be aware in both without actually dying first, I just chalked it up to them being special or unique… Desmond and his time-shifting, electromagnetic tolerance, and his flashes… Hurly with his questionable mental state and talking to the dead … etc. So as these characters lives intertwined and they became reunited with their loves, I was even more emotionally touched that they were getting their ‘second chance’ and having the added depth that remembering their shared experiences with their loves as well as these other people that had become friends, even family, bringing them back into their lives. I was both sad that these characters I had really becoming invested in were dying, but yet at the same time was happy that they were living new and better lives. That part of the finale I was really enjoying and wondering how each of them would die so they could ‘wake up and remember’ who they are in their new life. I was actually ok with them dying in the old time-line, believing it would only be temporary because then that character’s soul could reunite with itself and remember its wholeness in the new time line. A timeline with friends, lovers, and family they had lost and would now have back in their lives. Each bittersweet death was a prelude to touching and moving reunion. So you can imagine my utter disappointment and upset when I learned what the writers were really doing. It’s like they all died twice! Double whammy! So no, didn’t not like the very end and will re-write it my way in my own head.

    Now as for the whole Jacob-MIB thing, I’m disappointed with that story-line as well. I expected them to be way more than a set a twins born within hours of their mother’s shipwrecked-wash up on the beach, and then her brutal murder shortly after by a woman who was supposed to be the acting ‘guardian’. I expected them to be so much MORE. And we saw the murdering guardian mom’s death and she kinda left Jacob in the dark himself, and yet then he supposedly gained all this wisdom and supernatural perspective – where from? His absentee, turned black-smoke monster brother? A brother that wants to leave but now can’t, a lighted core he couldn’t find until all of a sudden he could, and the blood-thirsty quest to kill but not kill his brother. All under a set of rules that aren’t really explained. Who’s making those up, and who is enforcing them? If they are supposed to represent good and evil, why are they both doing so much direct and/or indirect killing? Why is Jacob sticking his fingers in people’s lives and screwing them all up? Why did they show the island sunk and at the bottom of the ocean and then not actually put it there? If someone can come to the island and have the chance to really screw things up, traumatize the whole world, having the ‘cork’ safely in place and at the bottom of the ocean where it’s unlikely someone would happen across it, might just be the best place for it.
    And yes, I am also disappointed that so many questions remain unanswered and I’m left to make up my own answers in order to satisfy my own curiosity and give myself closure.

  12. OMG, I totally love this video, it is so funny, and amazing, and it pretty much covers all my frustrations regarding the series. I mean, I’ve never been obsessed with finding the ANSWERS, but there’ve been some questions that have been bugging me since day one. I mean, I think that Claire flash-back episode with the psychic was the first one, (and probably the only one), where I felt more connected to a twisted-creppy-misterious thing happening off the island, in one of the survivors past, rather than to a twisted-creppy-misterious thing happening on the island. And I waited, and waited and waited for some sort of explanation for the psycich’s words, but OF COURSE the producers never gave me one. I guess that one possible explanation would be that, maybe, if it hadn’t been for Kate’s return to rescue Claire and bring her back to her son, (that unbroke the “you, and only you must raise Aaron” rule ), very bad things would’ve happened indeed. I mean, the only reason Kate went back for was so that Aaron could be raised by his birth-mother, the way that he should’ve been, all along. If it wasn’t for that revelation? of hers, she would’ve stayed and, probably, no one would’ve been able to return, because, in order for them to crash back on the island, they had to recreate the circumstances of their first crash perfectly, more or less. So, without Kate on board, maybe the other Losties wouldn’ve crashed, Jack wouldn’ve killed the Smoke Monster and something really, really terrible would’ve happened to the world. Of course, this explenation isn’t nearly satisfying without taking it to the extreme of saying that all the other things that led to the return of the Oceanic 5 would’ve happened with or without Claire being a part of it. But this explanation IS kind of a long shot, I mean… the psychic never seemed to know more about the Oceanic Flight 815 that the simple fact that it was going to CRASH. It was never clear to me wether he knew or not that Claire was gonna survive that crash, leaving her with no other choice but to raise her baby, or he was so desperate because of Claire’s uncooperation with his plan that he thought the only thing left to do was to get them killed. His worries always seemed to surround the baby, and only the baby. He said that the baby had to be raised by Claire, under her good influence, and kindness. After that speech, I was under the impression that if he wasn’t going to be raised by Claire, he would’ve become some kind of evil person, that he would’ve become the threat, doing the terrible things the psychic was so afraid of… I don’t know. What do you guys think about this unanswered question???

  13. Dennisse, I know it ruins it when someone says “It’s just a TV show where the writers/producers just tried to play with our minds.” but that is pretty much the truth of it. They came up with it as it went along. Sure, they had ideas, and had a purpose for most characters, but of course when you get into Time Travel, things really get hairy. But as for time traveling back to the 70’s and the whole thing “What happened happened” (meaning the very first episode when the plane crashed, there had already been a Jack, Kate, etc. on the island 30 years prior) but do you mean why didn’t those of the “Others” didn’t recognize them? Probably because they didn’t realize people in a picture from the 70’s were the exact same people standing in front of them. The whole question can be like in Back to the Future “Why didn’t Marty’s mom realize Marty, even before he was 17, was the Marty ‘Calvin Klein’ that she knew in 1955 for one week?” When you see someone growing up from a baby, you just aren’t going to think that, let alone believe it.

  14. I could write a show where two people meet one day, and the next day they meet and don’t know each other…with no explanation. Because I wrote it. Maybe I just didn’t want to explain it.

  15. The reason they used Libby, Charlie and Boones names is because they were all dead. Therefore incase anyone in the world found out the rest of the survivors were still alive the families of Boone, Charlie and Libby wouldn’t be disappointed when they found out they didn’t survive. It was already announced that they died.

  16. I just finished watching Lost on Netflix and I now have way more questions than answers. That’s why I’m online, trying to find answers. Some of it has been explained, some not. I’ll keep searching. My deal is that NO television show (even The Sopranos or The Wire, which I watched twice!) totally took over my mind like Lost did. I watched the finale last night, and woke up 3 times during the night asking myself why this? why that? It’s crazy. I got way too involved in this show and its characters. I cried every time one of them died, cried when they reunited in purgatory (which I didn’t even understand till I started my search), cried at the end of the finale. I’ve not had a TV SHOW affect me this way. Made me think way too much!!! But, I loved it, but would have to be nuts to watch it again!

  17. Why is there a symbol on the shark fin that looks like the dharma symbol? On the second episode on season 2 when sawyer was trying to get to the big part of the raft.

    • It was probably a joke on behalf of the writers but can also be seen as an animal that was used in the experiments that The Dharma Initiative carried out that included Rabbits and Polar Bears. It was stamped property of Dharma Initiative!

  18. I was curious about the scene when Jack goes to the lighthouse and is supposed to turn the dial to #108. There must be a name associated with that. They said there was an imminent new arrival to the island. I may have missed that.

  19. I nailed the mystery on the head in the first few shows and said that they were all dead and in some kind of purgatory. Yet the twisting and winding of the story made me forget about the side of the plot. But i guessed it ans was led astray by the producers.

    I watched everything from the beginning here in the UK. That was in the fall of 2005 I believe. We got it a year later.

    For the third of fourth time i am watching the whole show and am not “getting” certain parts of it. What is the smoke-monster? What is the monster in season one? It was not the polar bear that tore up trees so what was it? Did i miss something? How did the black Rock end up that far inland?

    There were many moments i cried watching lost and many were i was laughing my ass off. As entertainment they did an excellent job since i am watching it again.

    I really do feel cheated a bit when it comes to the end as if they hurried it with the ending and tried to tie all ends but could not do it.

    I have more questions after watching the show than i had during it. It was only by coming to the internet that i got the answers on the numbers. SPOILER ALERT——— That they were the numbers of the people that the others wanted. You would have had to slow down the film at exactly the moment in the cave when that revelation appeared with the numbers next to the names. That is a bit cheap if you ask me since i missed that completely.

    The MIB/Jacob thing just confused the heck out of me.

    I remember the OMG moments such as seeing Hurley on the telly in Sun’s show and how all of their lives were intertwined yet separate. How nearly every show had at least one OMG moment that made me not want to wait till the next show.

    It really was a magical show and one of a very few that i really got exited about. The West Wing was another show i love.

  20. I still think that viewers shouldn’t have too much of unanswered questions after watching the whole series. It means that the story is having serious issues. Just think about movies like Back To The Future. They did showed time travel but all the questions are answered at in the movies itself. It didn’t need any fan made site to help many people to answer the questions.
    Main question in this series was, were they all dead all the time. Most of people answered that they weren’t, but died in different situations one by one – not at a time. Then how they were interacting with other living people. We did see that plan takes off the Iceland with some Sawyer, Kete etc. It means they saved. And Hurley, Jack stayed on the Iceland and died. So why they shewed dead in the last episode. It didn’t explained when Kate, Sawyer etc. died. I think people who supported this series are just die heart fan that don’t wanna admin this series sucks.

      • Very interesting take on the plot and makes the ending more satisfying if you read it that way. I’d prefer to read it that way. The writers, though, deny they were dead all the time. They were lost people lost on an island and their experiences gradually helped them ‘find themselves’ if I understand the writers’ intentions.