‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Trailer: Fun-Looking Spider-Man Cartoon

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Ultimate Spider Man Trailer Ultimate Spider Man Trailer: Fun Looking Spider Man Cartoon

While Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man won’t be hitting movie theaters until early July, Ultimate Spider-Man – Marvel’s new animated series – is premiering on Disney XD in less than a month.

Today, a nearly three-minute long trailer for the forthcoming series was released on Marvel’s website, with an extended look at Spider-Man’s friends, foes, and his new suit of spider-armor (the same suit of armor created by Tony Stark in the comics during the mid ’00s).

The Ultimate Spider-Man trailer shows us a Spider-Man (voice of Drake Bell) who vaguely exists in the world created in the various Marvel superhero films of the past five years, including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and the upcoming The Avengers.

Iron Spider Armor Ultimate Spider Man Ultimate Spider Man Trailer: Fun Looking Spider Man Cartoon

Nick Fury (Chi McBride) is Spider-Man’s mentor, preparing him to be the best supehero he can be — and maybe even an Avenger someday? Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is undercover as Spider-Man’s principal. Peter Parker’s boss, J. Jonah Jameson, is played by the beloved J.K. Simmons, who also played the character in Sam Raimi’s films. Plus, Doctor Doom shows up, which is always a good time.

Check out the trailer below:

So far, the show looks like a healthy combination of continuity from the classic 616 Marvel universe and the more modern Ultimate universe, with a style more reminiscent of your typical Saturday morning cartoon. As a huge, huge fan of Sony’s cancelled  Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I heard they were making an entirely new cartoon instead – though hiring Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) to help guide the show was certainly a step in the right direction.

Ultimate Spider Man Cartoon Peter Parker Ultimate Spider Man Trailer: Fun Looking Spider Man Cartoon

That said, the footage we’ve seen so far – in this trailer, the Nick Fury clip we posted last week, and at NYCC – looks to be extremely fun, extremely energetic, and best of all, genuinely funny.  If there are any remaining concerns, it’s that the trailer is a bit too energetic, like a ’90s cartoon that’s trying to be “extreme” (count the number of times “ultimate” is shouted at the viewer).  However, at this point, I’m willing to chalk that up to overly zealous advertising.

Ultimate Spider-Man premieres on Disney XD @11am on April, 1st. Will you be watching, Screen Ranters?

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Source: Marvel Dot Com

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  1. I am so VERY disappointed currently, after watching that promo.
    THIS is what was decided upon to replace Spectacular Spider-Man?? I’m having flashbacks to the 90’s
    Sony should have just gone with the new, Hispanic version of Spider-man if this was the style of show they wanted to put out.

  2. Meh this looks like it deserves to be on Nick Jr.

    • I agree.
      And it’s a shame… this show had potential IMO.

      At least (like Vader mentioned – and like I mentioned a few weeks ago), we still have season 2 of Avengers: EMH to look forward to.

      • Who knows? Maybe Jeph Loeb messed that one up as well?

        • How are they able to make a spider-man in the Avengers universe? I thought a different studio held the rights or does that not include animated productions?
          Basically if it does and they’ve come to some sort of ‘agreement’ then could the same be said about the Avengers Movie?

          • Sony lost the animation rights, I believe.

          • The animation side of Marvel has nothing to do with the live-action movies…
            ‘Marvel Animation’ is Marvel’s current animation subsidiary, and as far as I know, they have the rights to all characters….

            • I’m pretty sure they don’t have the rights to X-Men.

              • I thought that as well, but then remembered that in 2009 Marvel Animation released a TV series called “Wolverine and the X-Men” as well as the animated movie “Hulk Vs” (which featured quite a few X-Men characters like Wolverine, Deadpool and Sabertooth among others).
                And last year, they brought out two anime tv shows called “Wolverine Anime” and “X-Men Anime”.
                Also, during Avengers: EMH season 1, Wolverine had a cameo, and it’s been confirmed that in season two (SPOILER ALERT!!!) the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will make appearances (END SPOILER ALERT!!!)

                I believe Fox had the animation rights for X-Men a while back, but somewhere along the line (nearing the start of 2009 2009), Marvel must have regained the rights…

                • He wasn´t called Wolverine in the show. But you´re right, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be in the A:EMH cartoon.

                  And I don´t think that Fox ever had the animation rights for X-Men. W&XM was produced by Marvel.

  3. I had high hopes for this but after watching the trailer I’d prefer watching spectacular spidey. I mean really a web slinging motorcycle. I’ll check out the premier and go from there. At least April 1st is also the premier of avengers EMH that show is awesome!!!

  4. The little bits like when he changes into a toaster and back into his normal self kind of reminds me of the Teen Titans cartoon that was on a little while ago. and its clear why they’re adding the spider-bike is so that when it comes time to making toys based on the show that’s what they can go for first. i agree though they should have just stuck with the whole Spectacular Spider man series, although i didn’t think much of the opening theme or episode i really liked it but unlike most who come and comment i’m gonna wait until about half way through the series to say whether or not i actually like it.

    • I agree about how it was a little similar to Teen Titans when it had that toaster blip. To be honest, I am looking forward to this show. I know everybody wanted more spectacular spidey, as did I, but I can see this show being good.

  5. Are they gonna kill him, too?

  6. Guess you can say it is more attracted to kids but sadly I cannot say if I can watch this but will try though. Cannot wait for the avengers second season.

  7. Psht! Can you hear that? That´s the echo from my facepalm.

  8. Are you guys crazy it looked great yea the voice actor could have been better but overall the action looked Great lets give the show a fair chance before trolling>

  9. Wow I am surprised that there are people here who liked the Spectacular Spiderman.

    Anyway, in my opinion all they need to is rerun the 90s version as it is THE definitive Spiderman in my opinion and maybe continue from it with the same cast and everything with today’s animation.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. None of today’s superhero shows can top BTAS, 90’s Spidey, or 90’s X-Men (even though, some of the eps for X-men could be a little weak in voice acting). The only modern superhero show that has come remotely close imo is Young Justice

  10. i prefer the 90’s animation actually. The 1994 spiderman was very good. The voice of kingpin was perfect.

    • Well, considering that Peter Parker was only like 14 when he got bit by the arachnid, Spider-boy isn’t to much of a stretch. I really don’t mind the young humor of this show. I do disagree on the whole Brave and the Bold connection. I can’t stand that show. I really hope that this new series is nothing like that. This show looks promising and I will give it a chance.

      • I think he was actually 15, but your point remains.

      • I was under the impression he was more like 17-18 because I believe he was a high school senior.

        • When he unmasked himself in Civil War, he said he’d been Spider-Man since he was 15.

          • I call it a bit of retroactive BS because it really doesn’t fit with the original comic. Not that anyone is wrong and Marvel can obviously change the details any way they want but it just doesn’t match unless Parker was moved ahead and graduated well ahead of others.

            Really makes it hard to keep track of anything reliably when it seems to be continually in a state of flux.

        • I really hope that you are not referring to the Rami Spider. In the comics and most cartoons he got bit at the end of his sophomore year, spent his summer becoming Spider-Man, and came back for his junior year.

  11. Y’know, for good or for bad I probably won’t end up watching it. Disney XD has a VERY BAD Rep when it comes to the way they treat and run their shows, randomly changing the times without announcement, simply not running them at all, running them in the extremely late night spot and then cutting every few Episodes…I was watching Naruto Shippuden on there, just to have it cut, moved and even occasionally replaced by some of their other drek(The Suite Life of Zach and Cody)and frankly, I’m just damn tired of finding something I like and then being jacked around by XD and their psychotic methods of doing things.
    Thanks but No Thanks.

    • All of that schedule changing probably gave Spectacular Spider-man low views. Thus, causing it to be cancelled.

      Bet this is all Disney’s plot.

  12. it looks like pure crap. I am sick of revamps of this character to appeal to new audiences to sell merchandise. I know tweaks are necessary to keep it fresh but this is a deep fried duke entree.

  13. The only things I really take issue with are the motorcycle, and the casting for spidey. I don’t know about any of you, but I am definitely no fan of Drake Bell

  14. Watching all of the trailers for this really makes me wonder why they cut Spectacular SM even more.

  15. 1 2 3 4 Ultimate Teen Titans Go!

  16. This reminds me of Iron Man:Armed Adventures and i can’t stand that show.

  17. this looked really cheesy to me. i’m 44, and i loved the old ’67 series when they showed the reruns when i was 5 and 6. i watched a couple of those episodes on netflix the other day, and WOW! how lame! i’ve watched a few bits of all the animated superhero shows on netflix, and to me, the best ones i’ve seen were the spider-man that was on mtv a few years ago with Neil Patrick Harris doing the voice of spidey, and avengers: EMH. (i complained about that show once, but thanks to some prodding from the avenger, i gave it a couple more episodes, and i have to say it’s pretty good) i guess i just dont care much for the style of animation on tv these days. i love family guy, and the way they filmed the star wars spoofs was amazing. i wish more animated shows had that kind of a budget to work with.

  18. The animation looks good but the rest looks very kiddie friendly. Hopefully they will keep the animators and get better writers.

  19. Definitely kiddie friendly but will still give it a shot. Not so crazy for Drake Bell being the voice but do love the fact they are bringing in the Iron Spider costume.

  20. They cancelled Spectacular for this! Maybe I shouldn’t be too hasty, I thought that show was too kiddy when I first watched it, but it got better so much better as the seasons progressed. This trailer makes it look “campy,” and Drake Bell’s voice is annoying already.

  21. too kiddy for me but looks pretty funny

  22. I’ve seen it and it’s actually pretty cool. You guys ar ejust being ignorant and won’t give it a chance.

    • some people can’t. they simply cannot except the fact that things change. so of course they’re gonna hate on whatever they replace it with. i truly enjoy it far more this most of the garbage that come out nowadays. plus, ava’s hot. i totally think she should be peter’s girlfriend.