‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Clip Reveals Nick Fury

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ultimate spider man animated series details Ultimate Spider Man Clip Reveals Nick Fury

With Ultimate Spider-Man swinging onto Disney XD April 1st, Marvel has released a new clip to give fans a sneak-peek of its new Marvel Universe programming block.

Airing alongside the second season of  The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Ultimate Spider-Man will focus on a teenage Peter Parker who’s only been Spidey for a year.

The fledgling Spider-Man (voice of Drake Bell) has a few saves under his belt, and a growing list of super-villians itching to squash the spider, but has yet to reach his superhero potential. Enter Nick Fury, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. (voiced by Boston Public’s Chi McBride) – who will act as a mentor to young Peter by offering him the chance to step up his game and train to become “The Ultimate Spider-Man.” Fury’s training will pair Spider-Man with other teen superheroes from the Marvel Universe – Nova, Power Man, Iron Fist and White Tiger – in a good ol’ fashioned team-up.

Crafting the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is a creative super-team comprised of current Ultimate Spider-Man comic writer Brian Michael Bendis and Paul Dini of Batman: The Animated Series fame. Man of Action producer/writers Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau, and Jeph Loeb (Ben 10) will round out the team – serving as supervising producers on the show.

Here’s a first look at Ultimate Spider-Man - featuring Nick Fury in all his badass-ness:

Other familiar voices joining Drake Bell and Chi McBride, are Heroes star Adrian Pasdar, who will voice Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steven Weber (Wings) as Norman Osborn, and (reprising their Marvel movie roles) Clark Gregg as the cartoon equivalent of Agent Coulson, and J.K. Simmons once again playing J. Jonah Jameson – the sourpuss editor of Daily Bugle (in the three Sam Raimi-led Spider-Man flicks).

The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series will bear some similarity to its popular Ultimate Spider-Man comic book counterpart, but will not follow the same story lines which, SPOILER ALERT, saw Ultimate Peter Parker get killed off and replaced by the current Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Instead, according to writer Paul Dini, this series will feature a “redefined” Peter Parker – something movie fans will get as well, in this summer’s blockbuster film The Amazing Spider-Man.


Ultimate Spider-Man premieres April 1 on Disney XD.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. This looks like junk. Spectacular Spider-Man should never have been cancelled.

    • Whoa I so agree with you. When i heard about this show i was excited because the comics are great, but then i saw this clip and it all went to s***.

  2. This looks alright to me, and I think paul dini is great

  3. This is NOT the Ultimate Spider-Man. It´s just some crap Jeph Loeb came up with. Just like Ultimatum. This is an offense to Brian Bendis, Mark Bagley and any Ultimate Spider-Man fan.

      • “It is not an adaptation of the long-running alternate universe comic, the only thing they seem to have in common is how the Green Goblin is being portrayed. It is not going to be exclusive to Spidey characters, it is going to contain heroes and villains from all over the Marvel Universe. It is not going to be a Spider-Man solo show.”

        If it´s not a Spider-Man solo show, why call it Ultimate Spider-Man? And why do they call it Ultimate Spider-Man if it´s not an adaption?

  4. When I heard Jeph Loeb was named to head Marvel’s TV programming I dreaded it, he can’t even write a good Marvel story line. I wish he would go back to DC and write Batman again. I hope I am proven wrong and this turns out alright. Does anyone know if the Avengers are going to get new team members in season 2?

    • Spoilers!
      Yes, Ms. Marvel and the Vision will join the team. The Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom will cameo, as well as the red Hulk. Also some Avengers will get new outfits. Thor will look like his current comic book counterpart, Cap (who´s actually a Skrull) will don his Ultimate costume.

      • pfft, those aren’t spoilers, just awesome news! So I take it then they are going to explore the Ultron storyline? Probably one of the Avengers best foes and the movie would do well to use this story arc!

        • Well, for some people those are spoilers. So I wanted to make sure that people who don´t wanna get spoiled don´t get spoiled…

          • I was spoiled and enjoyed it very much:) Can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  5. Ok besides the Venom movie this will be the second comic book entertainment event that I think should not have been made.

    Did he ‘smash’ through the Title sequence? This is reminding me of The Electric Company …..

    • Yes, it should have been made. But in the form of the “Ultimate Avengers” movies, not as an animated show aimed for kids. With characters that didn´t even appear in the Ultimate Spider-Man books.

  6. So am I missing something? I have never read the Ultimate comics but does Spidey really need SHIELD to train him? I always thought after he was bitten he just became that good.

    I have a bad feeling this will turn into the marvel version of, “Batman The Brave and the Bold” where Spider-man will team up with a random Avenger/SHIELD agent every week.

    • You should really read the Ultimate Spider-Man. It´s pretty realistic. Peter even admits that he´s not really ready for all that stuff and that SHIELD or the police have to “clean up” after him every other time he defeats a villain.
      And at the end, just before Peter gets killed, he gets trained by Cap and Iron Man.

      • Trained by cap and iron man? I thought Iron Man just gave him the Iron Spider suit and didnt train him? I could be wrong…

        And the training didnt do much if hes dead… ;)

        • Iron Spider suit was given to Spidey in the original universe. The Ultimate universe is a re-imagining. They killed Spidey to differentiate the Ultimate universe from the original universe, because clearly some genius people can’t comprehend the fact that they’re different.

          • I am a fan of the 616, not so much the ultimate, I havent read much for years, so if my facts are a bit off forgive me, I dont have the time to buy comics that cost more then what they are worth… Good to see that you do though.

            • Actually I don´t buy comics anymore. 23 pages for almost 4 Dollars (plus the import price) are way too much IMO. I download them or I buy paperbacks.

              But you should really read the Ultimate Spider-Man and The Ultimates. You won´t regret it, believe me.

              • Not a bad idea… What site would I get a good price?

      • wow you comment on here alot, bored?

        • Says the one who wasted their time with that pointless comment….

  7. And this is the problem I have with modern day children’s programming. Spider-Man 90′s followed by Spectacular Spider-Man and now to this? A Spider-Man who fights floating words that appear from nowhere?! C’mon!

  8. Looks like a steaming pile of crap…

    Examples of why I think so…
    1. Breaking the forth wall (tossing aside the words spiderman)
    2. Lame dialog (“Today wouldve been his birthday”)
    3. THAT ultimate… Do I really need to point out how dumb that is? I guess Nick Fury is like Domino, or it was just a lucky shot and he played it cool as if he could do that 100% of the time.

    The voice for Fury was pretty good I thought though, the rest sucked.

    • I’m not sure breaking the 4th wall is a bad thing. As long as they don’t go to the Deadpool extreme, it can be just fine and actually fits with Spider-man to an extent.

      • Ok… Even if i agreed with you, #2 and #3… This would be a show for kids only under 4…

        The people responsible for this should be ran over by a truck carring nuclear waste but live long enough (clinging from the headlights and grill) to witness the truck hit HEAD ON with the pokemon factory…

      • Actually, the “breaking the 4th wall” thing is probably what he does in the comic books, those squared boxes when he “talks” to the reader (or himself). But all those scenes that I´ve seen from that show, they just suck and have nothing to do with the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books.

      • then be prepaired to be OVERWHELMINGLY dicappointed!! The 90′s animated series peter or Spidey was talking to himself within his head, but allowed us to hear it so that we could follow along. But this new series right off the bat made me think that I was watching Deadpool, and waiting for him to rip off the mask & have the scarred face. The reason for that feeling is because for one while he’s fighting he has a lot of hilusinations where he’s a chi-bi or just wearing his full costume under other clothes (dressing as a reffery for example), somehow stops time to speak directly to us, has a mirror personality that insults him (I’m not joking his relfection spoke to him), plus a small pink (evil) Spidey that sits on one shoulder, and a small blue (good) Spidey that sits upon the other. The way that these to characters interact is almost completely identical to how DP’s voices interact. Also another aspect is the fact that Spidey has yet to fight anyone from his rouges gallery. So far they’ve shown 2 of his villians, bastardized another, & force him to team up & fight other villians of other major heros. It feels like a Deadpool Team-Up comic was forced to showcase itself as a Spider-Man down graded less ingaing, non-story telling version of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends + S.H.I.E.L.D. Gadgets.

  9. I had assumed with Disney running the show, the animation on Marvel animated projects would improve…I was mistaken.

  10. Looks kool

  11. SERIOUS?!?! What the hell was that??? Bring back a great Superman animated show since we get a new film anyway in 2013.

  12. They should have never canned spectacular. It was ,in my opinion, ONE of the best shows of our time.

    • what the heck? i really have no clue what your response was about.

      • He´s just a troll. Don´t pay attention.

  13. I would want try to defend this show, really I would, but after seeing this, I really can’t.

  14. Very cheesy dialouge…”How awesome?” – “THAT awesome!” *groan* with Paul Dini and Jeph Loeb on board I expected something way better. I sincerely hope the show turns out better than this ‘first look’ would suggest.

  15. I don’t know what to think of all these new Marvel shows … one that I really enjoyed was Earth’s mightiest heroes…
    Most of them, as well as the live action movies, are heavily influenced by the ultimate universe anyway .. thus, I wonder what new things these shows can offer.

  16. I had high hopes for this but it just looks like hot garbage. They should’ve finished out spectacular,

  17. This cartoon looks like CRAP. It’s hard to take it seriously when the character designs are so goofy. Spiderman’s mask expressions? Wow. I can’t believe all the hype behind this series.

  18. Total crap.
    I’ll still check out the first episode just to be sure, but from what I’ve seen, this shouldn’t be on Disney XD, they should put it on Disney Jr (the one for kids under the age of 5).

    At least we still have Avengers:EMH season 2 to look forward to.

    • They’re planning on cancling EMH soon I think in order to push USM into the spotlight. -__-