Ubisoft Shows Off Three Minutes Of Avatar Game

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avatar the game james cameron Ubisoft Shows Off Three Minutes Of Avatar Game

Ubisoft is excited to finally be able to demonstrate some gameplay footage for their upcoming video game tie-in for James Cameron’s Avatar and they want to know what you think!

The tweeted the announcement earlier today and linked to the video which you can watch below. The footage is introduced by Ubisoft Executive Producer, Patrick Naud.

Check it out after the jump!

The intro reads as follows:

Today, were throwing you into the Pandora rain forest, one of 16 different environments in the game, as a member of the Resources Development Administration, or RDA military.

I’m glad Ubisoft is making this tie-in. As we know, the vast majority of movie-based games tend to fall on the side of suck but this looks good. Ubisoft is known for making beautiful looking games and I expect the same from them here. That and the fact that it’s based on James Cameron’s largest and most anticipated project ever – they want it done right.

As for the footage, the graphics are certainly up there but I wonder how much of a system hog it’ll be on the PC. The gameplay wasn’t anything new, nor was the dodge-and-shoot basic boss battle. The scenes hint at what we can expect from the movie in that bad people will be killing life on the planet, Pandora.

We also get a good luck at the robot and its weapons, along with a Hornet chopper which is flyable in the game.

Poor indigenous creatures, what did they do to you?

What do you think of the footage?

Source: Ubisoft

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  1. looks eh OK

  2. Looks awesome. The night time bioluminescence is amazing and there’s apparently TONS of side missions and RISK style playing you can do. Definitely enough game play for hours upon hours. Already preordered

  3. The Pandora planet just looks cool at night. Visually it looks good would like to see more footage when begin a Navi’s player how do they attack and what are powers do they have

  4. The footage looks good especially the night scenes .Looks a nice visually game

  5. Ubi Soft makes good games so it should be good. Looks fun.

  6. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Ubisoft makes good games?? You mean how they took the ultra-cool ultra-realistic Rainbow Six games from Redstorm Entertainment and turned them into the run-of-the-mill run and gun arcade crap with spawning enemies we know as Rainbow Six Vegas? Then release super buggy PC ports because they’ve abandoned the PC gaming market and only care about the console fanboys since console games cost $20 more than PC games with worse graphics and fewer features meaning developing companies can spend less money on a game and get more in return? Oh yah, Ubisoft is awesome, I love them…

  11. @Ken J,
    You forgot to mention the unplayable travesty that was Far Cry 2.

    I’ve left plenty of comments on game sites warning of buying ANY game by Ubisucks after getting ripped off on that one.

    I don’t care how ‘awesome’ it is or isn’t..they’re not getting any more of my dough.

  12. Exactly, those idiots don’t care about the players, if they make money off of it, you’re not getting any support what-so-ever…

    And their forums censor people from mentioning problems with the game… I’ve seen plenty of people get their posts deleted because they are frustrated with the game not working and try to tell everyone about the problems a game has…

  13. Besides,
    Crysis 2 is coming out and it’s the first game to use the new CryEngine 3. ..And it’s part of a trilogy, who cares about Avatar!)

  14. Avatar fans care about Avatar

  15. Personally, I’m more of a realistic war sim type person like Operation Flashpoint, but I do enjoy other types of shooters like Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2 and the ones after it. But didn’t really like Crysis too much, played the demo and wasn’t too wowed by it. I mean, the graphics are gorgeous, but not too into the gameplay…

  16. @ Ken,

    While I can’t comment on the forum stuff (I don’t use their forums), I do agree that I miss the older more tactical R6 style of games.

    But what you’re saying applies to ALL developers. Every game franchise has moved to consoles and has become severely dumbed down as a result with less customizability, less options, less features, etc. (The exception being the Blizzard who can charge as much as they want and delay delay delay as much as they want on the PC)

    Ubisoft makes pretty good games under the Tom Clancy name, compared to the competition on the consoles and their Assassin’s Creed game was awesome, despite it becoming repetitive.

    The sequel to that is something to look forward to along with the next Splinter Cell.

    Look at all the movie tie-in games that have come out by EA or Sony and have been beyond bad. I’ll take Ubisoft making one over them any day.

  17. You can’t say “all.”

    Valve is dedicated to the PC. They port their Half Life games to the consoles, not the other way around, and you see that since the PC versions are usually the most polished and best looking versions of their games.

    I’ve been generally happy with Codemaster games, they seem to make games for PC and console, and the PC version of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is said to have better graphics (duh) and also more multiplayer options. So it looks like they didn’t forget the PC players at all.

    The makers of Bioshock released BS on all systems like Ubisoft and everyone, except you can tell the game has been optimized to run smoothly on whatever system they are coding for, so they don’t slack on the console OR the PC. And in fact, the PC version supports DirectX10 and have many graphical advancements that are not available for the consoles, so they didn’t forget the PC either.

    World in Conflict was also made for the PC, I can go on and on. I have nothing wrong with people making games for consoles, they make more money on it. It’s just good business, you know there are people who are soooo lazy, or oblivious, that they are willing to pay $20 more for a game with less features and worse graphics, just so they can plug and play instead of having to install a game. So why not take advantage of them? But that doesn’t mean for a game company to neglect a whole market, that’s just laziness, it’s not like they won’t make money from it, they are just trying to save time and effort. Pure laziness.

  18. See I prefer the consoles… I don’t find the difference in graphics that noticeable, or not enough to ruin the experience anyways.. and the extra $20 is worth not having to constantly update my computer to play the latest game. Plus I can’t stand mouse and keyboard gaming outside of RTSs… it always felt like whack-a-mole to me.

    …of course I’ll be eating these words once Starcraft 2 comes.

    as for the Avatar game, it looks pretty if not uninspired in the gameplay dept.

  19. Speaking from a game programmer’s/player’s POV the physics and shader’s look good, though it does heavily favor the Turok game that was released on next gen consoles a few years back. The majority of the game industry is about money, no matter how much people try to to say people don’t get into the industry to make money, money is the bottom line and those people who say that cliche can stuff it. As far as valve is concerned they’ve some what turned into a conglomerate with their Steam Application, which helps them stay in development on games for longer than the standard 2 year development cycle. Every game deployed and bought on Steam has a percentage going to Valve, otherwise you would see rush games from them PC side due to budget issues. Ubisoft is hit and miss, but I think the game should be decent.

    I’ve only upgraded my grfx card one time to enhance l4d and COD4 and only spent $90. So unless you want super real game play and to basically just brag about your comp you can have HD quality game play for under $200 (after pc purchase)

  20. @Darthmalnu

    Funny, my computer is 3 years old and I’m playing all of the latest games. And the logic that you have to keep updating your computer really has no ground since at any given generation, any console that comes out is already at least a generation behind the PC hardware available AT THAT TIME. So 3 years from then, that console is still the same hardware, which means every multi-platform-game you can play on that console you will be able to play on that same PC… Basically, as long as the console will last, so will your PC. The only reason to have to upgrade the PC is if you want to play games that either don’t have a counterpart for the console since it’s too graphically demanding for the consoles, or if the PC version of a game has graphic settings that exceed those of the console version. In which case, you could simply turn the settings down to match how it looks on the console and it’ll run fine on your old computer.

    I’m not trying to change your mind, some people prefer consoles, I’m just pointing out that argument against PC gaming is flawed and has no basis.

    About the controls, I find that the best use of keyboard and mouse is in shooters. Like in real life, I aim from target to target in a quick snappy motion, you can’t simulate that with a joystick, since it has to sweep from one point of aim to the other. I feel so awkward playing shooters with the joystick, sweeeeeeping from one target then sweeeeeping to the next, wtf? who moves like that? SNAP from target to target, don’t waste time sweeping in a fluid motion, lol.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve died because it took too long for me to turn around thanks to the joystick, when with the mouse, one swing of the wrist and I’m turned around. Why do you think so many console shooters have some “turn around” button, but of course that turns you around exactly 180 degrees, what if you need to turn 170 or 200 degrees, then you’ll still need to adjust. With the mouse, you can turn all the way around or anything before or after that all in one quick motion.

    And in terms of precisions, I’ll be trying to aim at someone far away with the joystick, if I’m just to the right, I’ll move the joystick left, but it’ll move too far to the left, so I move it to the right, it’ll move too much to the right, it literally takes me like 5 tries before I can hit the guy, while with the mouse, I can move as much or as little as I need to get that perfect headshot everytime without fail.

    Fighting games suck with keyboard and mouse though, that and sports games. Good thing I don’t like those types of games, lol. Shooters are of my type of game and nothing beats the keyboard and mouse in that category. I can see how the Keyboard and mouse will be good for RTS’s but I’m not too into those anyway, so that doesn’t matter to me at all.

  21. I agree with the one guy that CryEngine 3 is the future. Crysis was great but people really tend to overlook farcry 2 just like they did the first one. That engine will be the true next gen experience with photo realistic graphics and finely tuned physics as well as insanely intelligent A.I. I wouldn’t bet on anything else unless Valve comes out with half life 3 or bungie creates a new engine for Halo Reach which of course would be awesome. Oh and I think this game looks really lame. I love ubisoft and what they put out but they just attached themselves to this because its james Cameron. The movie looks amazing though im seeing it first day.

  22. @Ken J

    Just to make it clear, I’m talking totally personal preferences here. In my mind,like twice constitutes as “constant upgrades”. I remember being like “whoa whoa whoa, I have to upgrade from Windows 98!?! Eff that noise!” and started playing alot of Goldeneye on N64… and then Halo happened (and I got a little *ahem* obsessed) thus making sure I’d never go back. Obviously I’ve upgraded the PC a bit since then, but I couldn’t get into the controls.

    I guess it just comes down to what you’re most comfortable with. I used to be wicked at shooters on PC, but I’m absolute crap now. Whereas I’m an exceptional shot with a controller. Obviously I’m an Xbox 360 man… and let me tell you, that thing is a hunk of junk, and yet I still prefer it to the rest. Though I do envy the wonderful modding capabilities of the PC. The way I’ve been seeing it is the time I’m saving by not being able to mod, is time I can spend with, you know, my wife and kid or something…

  23. @darth

    Yah, I know it’s your preference, I just wanted to clear up that commonly expressed myth about PC gaming. And you just kind of said something inadvertantly. You said you didn’t want to upgrade your PC, so you started playing Goldeneye on the N64, then you saw Halo, which was on the Xbox… So technically, you had to “upgrade” from the N64 to the Xbox… Isn’t that the same thing monetary-wise except you didn’t have to actually install anything? You just bought a whole new system? Anyway, just saying, hehe… :-)

  24. the grapics no fault there of course but i feel that the way they have played it out is just to commin in games no a days theres no playing of the avatar that i can see which i find very disipointing. i think they needed to lay it out of more a assasins creed type game as in he gets in the machine and plays as the avatar and then we should get to make a decision on what side we what to be on the pandoran side or the earth side kinda like a cross between rpg, first person shotter and martial art style fighting game. as in when you chosse the pandoras side you fight like the martial art kinda thing earth side its more a first person shotter.

  25. the grapics no fault there of course but i feel that the way they have played it out is just to commin in games no a days theres no playing of the avatar that i can see which i find very disipointing. i think they needed to lay it out of more a assasins creed type game as in he gets in the machine and plays as the avatar and then we should get to make a decision on what side we what to be on the pandoran side or the earth side kinda like a cross between rpg, first person shotter and martial art style fighting game. as in when you chosse the pandoras side you fight like the martial art kinda thing earth side its more a first person shotter.