Tyrese Gibson Returns for ‘Fast Five’

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tyrese gibson fast five header Tyrese Gibson Returns for Fast Five

It looks like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will have another familiar face riding shotgun with them when Fast Five cruises into theaters next summer. Tyrese Gibson is slated to reprise the role of Roman Pearce, an ex-con and childhood friend of Walker’s character.

Roman was originally created to fill the void left by Diesel when the actor opted not to return for 2 Fast 2 Furious. Gibson was previously approached to make a cameo in the fourth film, Fast & Furious, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from appearing.

Gibson revealed his involvement in Fast Five by way of his Twitter page – where he enthusiastically declared:

“I’m back!! Roman is back!!”

There’s speculation that had Gibson been available, Roman would have appeared in the final scene of Fast & Furious – driving one of the cars racing to free Dominic Toretto from the prison transport. Fast Five will pick up where the previous film left off, and involves the main characters (now fugitives) as they are pursued by an unyielding U.S. Marshal (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

Fast Five will be directed by Justin Lin (who helmed the previous two installments) from a script by Chris Morgan. Shooting will take place in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Despite being a blatant Point Break rip-off, the first film is harmless and forgettable entertainment. The second film has the honor of being one of only a handful of movies that had me falling asleep in the theater.

2 fast 2 furious gibson Tyrese Gibson Returns for Fast Five

Needless to say, my memory of 2 Fast 2 Furious is a little hazy. I seem to recall a lot of poorly rendered CGI cars, Eva Mendes in a bikini, and not much else.

I’ve never seen the third film and I know I watched the fourth one but I can’t for the life of me recall anything but the opening scene with the oil tanker and the climactic chase. I only know that the last scene involved Dom going to prison because I later read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia.

Hopefully, Fast Five will leave a bit more of an impression.

That said, I think The Rock’s involvement will certainly improve Fast Five’s chances at box office glory. He’s extremely watchable (even in terrible movies) and, coupled with Gibson’s return, the film should provide some great sequences for fans. Despite the fact that I’m not a hardcore supporter of The Fast & The Furious, I have to commend the filmmakers for at least trying to steer the franchise in different directions with each entry… even if it didn’t exactly work for me personally.

tyrese gibson paul walker 570x243 Tyrese Gibson Returns for Fast Five

"I'll teach this bug to fly onto MY windshield..."

Oh, and if you were expecting Fast Five to mark the conclusion of the franchise, don’t get your hopes up –  plans are already underway for a sixth film. Perhaps they’ll follow 5nal Destination‘s example and go with something like The Fast & The Furi6?

Let’s be honest, it’s no worse than the titles of the other sequels. I really think the guys at Universal have a running bet going to see who can come up with something even worse than 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Are you excited for Roman’s return in Fast Five? Is the franchise running on fumes or are you still along for the ride?

Fast Five hits theaters June 11th, 2011.

Source: Twitter via IGN.

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  1. dude fast and furious 2 was awesome! and this is some great news his character is coming back to the series!! looks like we could have another win heree

  2. “U ain’t ready Fabio!”

    • “and we ain’t hungry no more either brah, haaha”

  3. Off topic:
    Andrew Garfield is Spider Man
    I hate Sony.

  4. any more muscle and Walker is gonna start feeling like less of a man LOL

    • HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I think he is asking for Steak and Steroid sandwiches in his trailer :-D

  5. nah the second film really did stink

  6. Man!!!!! I’m all over this…..I’m a very big fan!!!! I can’t wait…. Love me some of u!!!! :-) keep up the good work…

  7. I for one believe that the FF Franchise has the potential to really make something of it’s self that goes beyond that of fancy cars, and into a world of a most wanted vigilante road crew.

  8. The first film was the only one that was acceptable. Not good But acceptable. Not Paying to watch this….

  9. what are you talking about people the third and fourth film are great movies…two does kinda suck as a movie due to the story but i dont think its the actor’s fault seriously ludacris is a great actor, devon aoki did very well in sin city…eva mendes-hitch anyone? tyrese is a much better actor now and honestly he wasn’t that great in the second movie but the guy that played the villain in the second movie cant remember his name but hes a pretty decent actor…i think the second movie could have been really good but due to the story and bad writing it sucked.

    but seriously the third movie has some pretty amazing scenes especially the ones with han who should be in this next movie as well.

    • hans dead

      • hmm..im thinkin about my last statement..what was thr timeline in the third? han died, but yet was in the fourth

        • okay anthony here’s what you didn’t understand. han died in the third, yes. but he was in the fourth because the fourth movie was supposed to take place before tokyo drift, kinda like a in the past what was going on with o’connor and what not at that time. now they are going to put it all together with the 5th and 6th movies.

        • Fast and Furious took place between the first and second movie

          • I hate wen people say that Fast & Furious is based after 2fast 2furious but bfore Tokyo Drift

            • Is that because it is… lol

          • Wrong it takes place after the second and Drift is recognized as a spin-off, not following the main story.

  10. OOOOOH!Baby!!baby! yummy!!

  11. Yesssss!!! Y’Allll Got anything to eat! We hungrrry!

  12. cant wait dis is gonna be awesome i love these movies the 5th one is gonna be the best

  13. When you said about the poorly done CGI cars I had to laugh. You hit that one right on the head. 2 fast 2 furious was terrible. How they ever made more than one is beyond me.

  14. I quite like the Fast and Furious franchise, though i have to agree the CGI brought the movie down in the 2 Fast 2 Furious. I’m looking forward to Roman returning but i hope his character is a lil more serious than the second.

  15. Maybe they should call it Fast, Furious, and Lilliputian. :-)

  16. Owkay,it’s a shame that you didn’t get to watch the third one..because it’s the most story-telling and compelling out of the 4..the reason 4 this is because it has a solid source of material,unlike the other 3 films..those that made that film said that it was basically based on the Initial D manga..I love it when films get real, and not just be some fake entertainment stuff..just finished watching the Wangan Midnight anime recently..and I’m really hoping that the fast five would be as great…the drama,the tension..the tuning…and finally bring the nissan r35 to the screen!!(fingers crossed)

  17. Use them bus tokens Partna!!!! lol Number 2 may of lacked visually but Roman cracked me up the entire movie lol

  18. Despite what one might say, I liked 2fast 2furious.
    Roman Pearce won the day with non-stop antics, and his speech is hilarous(in a good way!).

  19. You said “The Rock’s involvement will certainly improve Fast Five’s chances at box office glory” but I don’t think the series needs the Rock to be good:

    Each movie was the top grossing for the weekend it was released and
    The franchise has grossed more than 961 million

  20. the second film sucked balls the third film wasnt much better but i liked the first one and the fourth one

  21. While the 2nd movie left a lot to be desired, Im glad to see that some of the characters from that chapter are being brought back. It definitely makes me feel like it incorporates part 2 into the overall story and doesn’t relegate it to be just another forgotten sequel that one can ignore and skip over. It definitely makes me feel like those 90 minutes weren’t completely wasted and I can’t say thats a bad thing… Also, it’s about time that some of the characters from the first movie come back. It’s been way too long and hopefully Vince will answer some unresolved or at least open ended questions about what happened to the rest of Dom’s “family”.

  22. cool to see dom and rome meet