‘Two And A Half Men’ Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

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two and a half men ashton kutcher Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

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The moment has come to say goodbye to Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) and say hello to Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) in the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere.

With all eyes watching this highly publicized transition of characters, will Chuck Lorre be able to reinvent his hit CBS sitcom with a new character serving as the lead, all while still maintaining the same type of quality storytelling that the series’ fans have grown to expected?

And, more importantly, will Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake’s (Angus T. Jones) roles change now that an internet billionaire owns Charlie Harper’s house?

After months of debating, the potential future of Two and a Half Men will be revealed in the season 9 premiere.


Despite the fact that the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere isn’t a true representation of what the series will become without Charlie Sheen on board, what is presented is a cringe-worthy attempt at Chuck Lorre trying to satisfy a childish need to have the final word in one of television’s most public feuds.

With a poorly realized opening that awkwardly presents the funeral of Charlie Harper as a disgustingly humorous soiree, all hopes of Lorre competently executing the extremely difficult transition from Harper to Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) were lost, as the inability to even acknowledge the importance of the character in the series lead to a flurry of STD jokes, and a disturbing acceptance by all to a murder confession.

charlie sheen two and a half men season 9 premiere Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

In a surprisingly brief moment of humanity, Alan (Jon Cryer) eventually provided a much deserved eulogy to the character that helped make Two and a Half Men the television hit that it is (or was). Unfortunately, this moment served to be the only realistic response to the grave themes presented in the premiere.

Making sure that the brilliantly conceived idea of tackling the topic of death remained throughout the 30-minute comedic sitcom, Lorre decided that the best way to introduce Ashton Kutcher to the series was with a failed suicide attempt and a haphazard backstory.

With the general consensus amongst the series’ many fans that Kutcher is unable to capably serve as the new series lead, Lorre never once attempted to prove the vocal majority wrong. Instead of focusing on creating a new character in Schmidt and, in turn, reinvent certain elements of the series’ appeal to viewers, Lorre chooses to introduce him as a distraught, heart-broken billionaire… that will happily have sex with any woman (or women) willing to keep him company.

alan jon cryer two and a half men season 9 premiere Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

In that respect, it feels like Lorre’s decision to axe Sheen from the series was never followed up with the appropriate discussion about how the show will grow and evolve through this debacle. The question about replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men was never whether or not they could replace him; it was always about how they would replace him. In an age when television has elevated itself to become a beautiful storytelling medium, audiences have grown to expect a certain level of respect from series creators.

While simply replacing Charlie Harper with the characteristically similar Walden Schmidt allows the writers to continue with minimal changes to the actual thematic execution of Two and a Half Men, it fails to give its audience the respect it deserves, by providing them with the opportunity to find a new reason to enjoy what the series currently represents, not what it used to be.

two and a half men cast photo1 Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

For all intents and purpose, Lorre has decided against using the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere to build a new foundation – from which the series can continue. Instead, the ability to publicly ridicule Charlie Sheen through his now-murdered character Charlie Harper served as the driving force of this episode.

In that respect, Lorre has won: Charlie Sheen (through Charlie Harper) is an STD riddled, panty wearing, exploding bag of meat. Congratulations. But now what? What happens next? What will the series now become?

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As it currently stands, Two and a Half Men appears to be poorly realized copy of the original. Despite CBS being generally known for securing high ratings for all of its comedies – no matter the quality – one has to ask themselves how much longer this series can last the way it is, especially when a series creator is willing to sacrifice quality to simply “one-up” their enemy.


Two and a Half Men airs Mondays @9pm on CBS

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  1. nowy sezon bez Charliego jest kompletna lipa.

  2. This season is an absolute failure beacause of the extremely untalanted Ashton Kutcher, he should’ve sticked to the person who made this littlke boy famous( Demi he should be kissing your toes coz he doesn’t deserve what he’ve got) Charley Sheen is the one who made this show, without him is meant to die!!!

  3. I used to love watching Two and a Half Men,but sorry even with all the drugs and booze Charlie Sheen was the best Ladies Man, and even though I still love Ashton Kutcher as a funny Man ,he is a slap stick Comedian and just doesn’t fit the Bill as a flamboyant womaniser …..I don’t like watching the show any more as it’s lost it’s appeal ..but thank you for the Years of fun and laughter with Charlie Sheen in it…with him I will watch the re runs over and over again

    • Ashton took a very difficult position you have to remember it was a job no body else would want to take on!!so hands up to him!Charlie is only human not super man!we all have our issues s*** happens!

  4. Kutcher sucked in “that 70′s show”, he stank in that horrendous “movie”(if you can call it that) Killers… The only two things that Kutcher ever did in the world of showbiz, that were any good, were The Butterfly effect & marrying Demi… But he managed to screw that up.

  5. Kutcher sucked in “that 70′s show”, he stank in that horrendous “movie”(if you can call it that) Killers… The only two things that Kutcher ever did in the world of showbiz, that were any good, were The Butterfly effect & marrying Demi… But he managed to mess that up.

  6. Kutcher was horrible in “that 70′s show”, he stank in that horrendous “movie”(if you can call it that) Killers… The only two things that Kutcher ever did in the world of showbiz, that were any good, were The Butterfly effect & marrying Demi… But he managed to mess that up.

  7. Kutcher was horrible in “that 70′s show”, he stank in that horrendous “movie”(if you can call it that) “killers”.. The only two things that Kutcher ever did in the world of showbiz, that were any good, were The Butterfly effect & marrying Demi… But he managed to mess that up.

    • WTF? I tried to post ONCE, but I kept getting a message saying that my post had failed… Sorry

  8. New two and a half men – new writers! Should all be fired! No jockes! Vomites!

  9. Well folks, we just passed episode 920, the season has not been all that great. A laugh here and a laugh……………there, total all the laughs of season 9 and you might equal that from a single episode from previous seasons. There were really only three funny times in 920, When Jake and Eldrige were arguing over whos Grandma would eat whos…. if they were cannibals (yea right, like nobody knew what the writers really meant HA!) Chuck even referenced it in his closing vanity card. 2. Eldridge talking about loving Grandma’s pie, ‘as in dessert’ (but again, we knew what the pun was.) BUT the absolute BEST laugh I got was the pillows on the couch that Ashton/Waldon was sitting on, The first pillow has Ctrl written on it, the second pillow has Alt written on it, then, there sits Ashton/Waldon in the spot were the word ‘DELETE’ would appear on the next pillow. I’m sure there are some that dont know what the three words are for so I’ll explain. When the words/keys Ctrl, Alt & Delete are pressed in sequence on a computer it re-boots/re-sets it, this method is mostly used when the computer is running like JUNK & locks up, the only other way to straighten the computer out is a ‘cold boot’ a cold boot is done by completely shutting the computer off then back on with the power button and is ALOT harder on the computer. But seriously, I wonder why Ashton was sitting in the ‘delete’ spot, instead of one of the other two? I thought it was funny. Another thing, ‘The electric suitcase’ idea, they did the very SAME thing on The Big Bang Theory, just called it something else, and in my opinion TBBT is one of the WORST shows ever, I’d rather watch the old show ‘My Mother The Car’& it really stunk. I did see two interviews with Charlie Sheen on the internet recently, dont know how fresh they were. One of them he was talking (sending a message to Chuck) saying he wanted to come back to the show and work, whatever it takes. The other he said he’d realised he’s loosing no longer winning, everybody else is ‘winning’. AGAIN I DONT KNOW HOW FRESH/NEW THESE WERE. cant remember were I saw them youtube maybe. It was sorta agrovating to hear Ashton is making more $$ than Jon Cryer AND WANTS EVEN MORE. Angus/Jake is the best talent on the show right now & should have the best paycheck. Chuck or was it CBS (Maybe both)wants to run the show for at least two more seasons. What the heck happened to Herb, Judith & Rose? Another websight I ran across was asking people what they wanted to see in the fall lineup, I replied ‘HEY CHUCK & CBS, swallow your pride re-hire Sheen & put Ashton on the couch or a hide a bed.’ I know he’s got anger management in the works but I think he could handle both, especially if he’d go easier on the women, booze and drugs. Seems like someone was telling me Charlie is trying to straighten out (get off the drugs & booze) I hope & pray so cause he was really worrying me when he left 2.5, Above everything with Charlie I want him to live. & he was looking pretty rough for awhile. I think TV gets worse every year, these days theres more channels than ever, but not much worth watching most of the time, seems the fall lineup was better when I was a little kid and we had 3 or 4 channels to choose from, & being a kid, if the president was on your TV viewing was screwed. IF I ever get rich, I’m launching a channel of my own! I am looking forward to TNTs new Dallas series, hope its as good as the old Dallas, BUT I dought it, anyway, thats a discussion for another day & a diffrent forum. The best to you all! Ron H

  10. Don’t know if anybody else has got wind of this so I’ll spill it. 2.5 Men has plans to do at least some episodes whith ‘a ghost’ of Charlie, the way I understood it should be comeing soon, maybe tomorrow April 16.? didn’t get a clear shot on when just the fact it’s in the plans. Unless Chuck/WB or CBS has changed their minds & changed or pulled it. This is VERY SOLID INFO, I might have learded more but my stupid computer updated its video driver & was in the process of reseting before I knew it it had done started the reset process. I’m a computer builder,programer & technicion, But I also have insomnia & have been going for more than two days (nobody’s perfect), mostly running computers & as most all days DOING RESEARCH this weekend I chose both Titanic & 2.5 men. actually they have some things in comman. Both were grand, Both have sunk, ep 920 aired last, Titanic sank in 1912 (Just match the 2 numbers) Charlies ghost set/suppose to appear soon. Titanic is ritles with ghost stories. However, Charlie isn’t planned to do the ghost or he wasn’t anyway. BUT NO BS This is, well I cant say but lets leave it at it came from ‘CLOSE’ to the show.

  11. OH WELL, in case anybody didn’t get the number pun the #1 is missing in the 2.5 Men ep number (another ghost?) duhh, winning!!!<–Couldnt resist)

  12. Monday night’s 4-16-2012 episode 921 of 2.5 Men was the WORST I have saw EVER. ZERO laughs, the only 2 FAIR spots were when Jake & Eldrige came through the kitchen door smashing Allen against the wall breaking his nose (Old style slapstick comedy)& Ashton’s scene in the kitchen after failing to fix breakfast to suit the kid, then mocking her accent. Other than that it royaly STUNK. Reading Chuck’s vanity card #385 at the end, sounds like Chuck’s having problems making his woman happy in the sack. On the up side, NEXT WEEK Allen is to be visited by Charlie’s ghost while he’s in the hospital. That will be interesting, PROVIDED THEY DO IT RIGHT!

    • Well, since Charlie left, when have they ever done it right? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER!!! Don’t understand how you can even still watch this sorry excuse for a show.

      • Dolores, I can answer that question with ease. The reason I still watch is mainly because I hate all the reality TV crap. 2.5 is nowere close to as good as it use to be, but I’d rather watch it than ANYTHING on reality TV shows. As to Ashton vs Topher, no contest in my view, Topher wins hands down. Topher has the ability to make his character seem real. Ashton has the ability to make his character seem like a joke. But Topher don’t seem to do as much acting for some reason. I wish he would do more, I wish That 70s Show would reunite with all actors in tact.

        • I understand what you’re saying, but that’s a major part of the reason why the numbers for the show are fairly high and why it’s probably going to be renewed for another season, which really, really good shows get the axe. I’ve seen so many comments from posters saying that they don’t really like the show but that they’re basically compelled to watch. Go figure.

          • I meant to say “when” really, really good shows…

  13. CRAP! Sorry everybody, I got the date wrong for 2.5 men episode 922, When Alan will see Charlie’s ghost. The real airdate for ep922 Tital
    ‘Why We Gave up Woman’ is scedualed for airdate 4-30-2012,NOT this coming monday. I had not had any sleep and simply mis-read it before. sorry I screwed up.


  15. Just finished watching 2.5, Alan had a heart attack and saw ‘Charlies ghost’ visit him in the hospital. Waldens girlfriend is a b–ch though. All and all, not bad. Not Sheen good either though.

  16. Really Ron…. Not all that bad? The show stinks, it’s more than run it’s course! Sheen may have gone off the deep end… What’s Lorre’s excuse… TBBT, is a great show… And at this point Chuck’s decision has been made for him… 2.5 Men is deader than Charlie Harper!

    • Shaggy, I respect your opinion, so please respect mine, especially when I say this. I think Chuck’s TBBT is crap. I think we can agree though, it’ll be nice to watch Anger Management.

    • One more thing Shaggy & also amusing, at least to me & SOME of my family. Both my Dad & brother’s names is Charles Harper, SERIOUSLY, This is true. My dad goes by Charlie & my brother is called Chuck, always have been. My dad use to be a big time boozing, whore chasing womanizing party animal. Both are also very comical. However, I’m the musician. All this is really true. It makes watching the old Sheen episodes more amusing for me. Myself & brother are a lot like Charlie & Alan, as far as our joking prankser moments toward our mom. But neither of us is a deadbeat sponge & my mom is a very good, honest woman. OK, My mom will say something, me or my brother wil reply, with some profanity of course. She say’s WHAT DID YOU SAY. the other one of us will reapeat it EXACTLY, she will reply, I heard what he said, I meant for HIM to repeat it without cursing. We have carried on like this for many years, WAY before 2.5. Its hallarious to do. All this makes the old 2.5 about like watching our selfs.

  17. 5-1-2012 2:30pm I’m watching re-runs of That 70s Show on ABC Family. I have always liked this show, it reminds me of some personal times of my own in the 70s. I just finished watching ep724, Topher Grace’s last full episode, He moves to Africa (kind a corny & was to be the beginning of the end of the show.)BUT, Thats not the reason for my post….well, maybe partly. In the same episode Kelso (Ashton Kutcher)drives Jakie to Chicago, winds up hanging around, Hyde travels to Chicago to suprise Jakie & propose marrige. Hyde knocks on the door, Jakie says come in, SHE IS REALLY SUPRISED, Kelso (Ashton) comes in carrying a bucket of ice wearing only a towel. In shock the ice bucket jumps in kelso’s hand throwing the ice over his head. HERE IS THE POINT OF THIS WHOLE COMMENT. It was clearly STAGED terrible acting. Which reminded me of other CRAPPY acting on the 70s show ALL FROM ASHTON. The rest always did a good job. This brings me to a question I was wanting to see if ANYBODY AT ALL has a answer for. How in the word did Ashton get to be more popular than ANY of the rest of the actors on that show? Not only that. How did he get hired to replace one of the best known actors in the world on the biggest & most popular comedy show on the air? Does ANYBODY know? I have seen Ashton do a pretty good job, with some things, but he is some what cheesy. Topher was the real star, but somehow Ashton has passed him. I was just wondering. Answers anyone?

    • I don’t think that ASShton has passed him at all – he’s not even close; maybe only in terms of continuing to be a moron. With a net worth in excess of $10 million, I would say that Topher is doing extremely well (but just keeping a low profile, as he’s always done). He’s had starring roles in at least 7 top notch movies, including Win a Date with Tad Hamilton; In Good Company; P.S.; Spider-Man 3; Valentine’s Day; Predators; Take Me Home Tonight; The Double; The Giant Mechanical Man (currently in production); and The Big Wedding (pre-production). He also won the Screen Actors Guild & Breakthrough Performance Awards (“BPA”) for minor role in Traffic; and won BPA for In Good Company and P.S.; had cameos in Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve; and a minor role in Mona Lisa Smile. He has also hosted Saturday Night Live.

      I would say that ASShton couldn’t even begin to fill Topher’s shoes on the best day of his life.

  18. 2.5 Men is Done! Hopefully the Actors, playing the roles of Alan, Jake, Bertha & Evelyn will have had the time to “get their ducks in a row” and move on to better things!
    Continuing this sad, sad show…. verges on seeing any great Act slip into Oblivion… Like Muhammed Ali, or Elvis… Not knowing when to call it a day…. I say “verges” because 2.5 Men was NEVER as great as The King, or The Greatest…. But, it was pretty darn good!

    • Shaggy, Evelyn would be perfect as one of JR’s women on TNT’s new DALLAS show. In this role her 2.5 men stye acting would be perfect. Plus everyone is already use to her in this light.

  19. This should be fun, The best I remember reading Charlie Sheen’s new Anger Management is suppose to be on Thursday nights…….CBS is going to put 2.5 Men on Thursday night. If they are in the same time slot. I predict Sheen will STOMP Chuck….Lets watch the fireworks & get ready to rumble, the gloves are comming off. Lil’ chuck, I’d ask for Mondays back if I were you, before Charlie kicks the crap out of your ‘tin can’.
    By the way this last episode went, I think they were writing it as if they had already been cut, that combined with the fact Chuck’s card said ‘Gone Fishin’ with a picture of him fishing. I believe they thought it was done over for them.
    Jon Cryer & Ashton Kutcher should have signed the original 2yr contract instead of a 1yr. That way if WB or CBS decides to cancel it they’d still have to be paid for 2yrs regardless of the show running or not. Now they locked 1yr, if it’s cancled their un-employed with no income, stupid idiots. I saw the writing on the wall as did most of the country.

  20. Season 9 definitely sucks. When there was a problem, they should have found someone just to replace Charlie Sheen, not deleting the character.Lindsay is also too boring, Allan became more sucker and he is also not funny anymore.There absolutely no fun anymore. I am not going to watch a new season

    • Tunc, I think that Justin Hartley, the guy that played ‘Green Arrow / Olver Queen’ on Smalville would have been a better if not PERFECT choice as Charlie’s replacement. He’s got nice looks & he proved he could play a boozing, womanizing party animal VERY well in a few episodes of Smallville when ‘on the show’ his character went off the deep end. Justin is who I would have chosen anyway. But, if they had wanted someone favoring Charlie Sheen, who could act as well. Why not hire his Brother, Emilio Estevez? They do favor, but don’t look exact. With either actor, Justin or Emilio they could have played it off using plastic surgery as an excuse for the look change. It wouldn’t been the first time Hollywood just replaced a actor or actress. But it’s been rumored that Charie Sheen might actually be on the very final episode or ‘series fanale’ whenever they finnaly pull the plug on 2.5 men. Will it happen? Who knows, right now nobody does for sure. As for 2.5men now AS IS, Angus Jones is the best talent they have. He is a good actor, has been from the start.

  21. 2.5 men is lost between season 1-8, I’m very sorry to say that the laughter is over!

    Get well Sheen, waiting for anger management .

  22. So I just watched all 9 seasons and I must say what a failure season 9 is. Seasons 1-8 I would be bursting out laughing left and right and I felt like part of the family. Season 9 was disgusting getting just one laugh out of me by Jon Cryer. As I watched each episode I kept checking to see how much time was left, it was hard to watch. It shows just how sad the writers are over charlie.

    Face it Charlie is that show period. Foolish to think they could bring in some boy toy and continue the success.

    Season 9 is a waste of your time so just skip it if you havent already watched it.

  23. Well, before watching season 9 , I read lots of negative comments, so I expected it to be a real favour. However, i gave it a try and frankly speaking, i like it. And Ashton has his nice moments of play too. Maybe less catchy phrases and jokes , and Alan seems to have lost whatever self respect he ever had, but all in all it works quite fine for me.
    Don’t know why majority of comments here are so negative.

  24. I think the fans of the real Two and a Half Men, which is actually dull but promising show called, Anger Management will abandon this particular production which we should actually be calling: Ashton and Jon Trade a Lot of Somewhat Stupifying Script With Each Other.

    I mean… retired actress Kathy Bates dressed up as Charlie Harper? Really? Really? Calling in back up from bimbo gold digger and professional ACT-tore, Jenny McCarthy? Yikes!!!

    I’ll take my chances with Anger Management. Fresh unknown actors vs. tired actors trying to reprise what was already a tired show by the time Sheen had his meltdown.

  25. we have lost it in season nine ,two half men is dead because the new face cannot march Charlie Sheen ,the new fellow has walked naked but he fake, lets face it ,he not gifted in comedy

  26. Well guys all know that people don’t like the truth and producers and not no different so c’ya in reruns guys….charlie


  28. hmph what the heck i luves charlir so much its a flop with walden bring back charlie i mean u can do so jake grown up and becomes charlie lol do anything bring him back he was so so good

  29. I watched the latest episode on Monday evening and felt that the writers had either lost their way or have run out of ideas. There are many dozens of ways to use the new charicter yet the team seem to have decided to change the format with no real direction. Alan is such a talented actor that he coukd have been used so much better. Sorry, but I think I shall now need to find something else to relax to on a Monday evening.