‘Two And A Half Men’ Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

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two and a half men ashton kutcher Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

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The moment has come to say goodbye to Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) and say hello to Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) in the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere.

With all eyes watching this highly publicized transition of characters, will Chuck Lorre be able to reinvent his hit CBS sitcom with a new character serving as the lead, all while still maintaining the same type of quality storytelling that the series’ fans have grown to expected?

And, more importantly, will Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake’s (Angus T. Jones) roles change now that an internet billionaire owns Charlie Harper’s house?

After months of debating, the potential future of Two and a Half Men will be revealed in the season 9 premiere.


Despite the fact that the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere isn’t a true representation of what the series will become without Charlie Sheen on board, what is presented is a cringe-worthy attempt at Chuck Lorre trying to satisfy a childish need to have the final word in one of television’s most public feuds.

With a poorly realized opening that awkwardly presents the funeral of Charlie Harper as a disgustingly humorous soiree, all hopes of Lorre competently executing the extremely difficult transition from Harper to Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) were lost, as the inability to even acknowledge the importance of the character in the series lead to a flurry of STD jokes, and a disturbing acceptance by all to a murder confession.

charlie sheen two and a half men season 9 premiere Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

In a surprisingly brief moment of humanity, Alan (Jon Cryer) eventually provided a much deserved eulogy to the character that helped make Two and a Half Men the television hit that it is (or was). Unfortunately, this moment served to be the only realistic response to the grave themes presented in the premiere.

Making sure that the brilliantly conceived idea of tackling the topic of death remained throughout the 30-minute comedic sitcom, Lorre decided that the best way to introduce Ashton Kutcher to the series was with a failed suicide attempt and a haphazard backstory.

With the general consensus amongst the series’ many fans that Kutcher is unable to capably serve as the new series lead, Lorre never once attempted to prove the vocal majority wrong. Instead of focusing on creating a new character in Schmidt and, in turn, reinvent certain elements of the series’ appeal to viewers, Lorre chooses to introduce him as a distraught, heart-broken billionaire… that will happily have sex with any woman (or women) willing to keep him company.

alan jon cryer two and a half men season 9 premiere Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

In that respect, it feels like Lorre’s decision to axe Sheen from the series was never followed up with the appropriate discussion about how the show will grow and evolve through this debacle. The question about replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men was never whether or not they could replace him; it was always about how they would replace him. In an age when television has elevated itself to become a beautiful storytelling medium, audiences have grown to expect a certain level of respect from series creators.

While simply replacing Charlie Harper with the characteristically similar Walden Schmidt allows the writers to continue with minimal changes to the actual thematic execution of Two and a Half Men, it fails to give its audience the respect it deserves, by providing them with the opportunity to find a new reason to enjoy what the series currently represents, not what it used to be.

two and a half men cast photo1 Two And A Half Men Season 9 Premiere Review & Discussion

For all intents and purpose, Lorre has decided against using the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere to build a new foundation – from which the series can continue. Instead, the ability to publicly ridicule Charlie Sheen through his now-murdered character Charlie Harper served as the driving force of this episode.

In that respect, Lorre has won: Charlie Sheen (through Charlie Harper) is an STD riddled, panty wearing, exploding bag of meat. Congratulations. But now what? What happens next? What will the series now become?

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As it currently stands, Two and a Half Men appears to be poorly realized copy of the original. Despite CBS being generally known for securing high ratings for all of its comedies – no matter the quality – one has to ask themselves how much longer this series can last the way it is, especially when a series creator is willing to sacrifice quality to simply “one-up” their enemy.

Two and a Half Men airs Mondays @9pm on CBS

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  1. Well at least they did have a chance with the last two episodes to make the show great again… Alan going crazy, pretending to be charlie and as someone said they had the chance to bring charlie back right there…

    This latest episode, the 9th one of the season, was actually funny until it alan woke up and it was all a dream. So back to status quo, Walden is still there and no charlie back…

    The Walden character really has nothing to offer the show, should have just continued with the original cast like ann suggested. One good thing about the last few episodes is that we’ve seen less of walden.

    • Well at least they did have a chance with the last two episodes to make the show great again… Alan going crazy, pretending to be charlie and as someone said they had the chance to bring charlie back right there…

      No, he wouldn’t go crazy, he just lets his Dark Side come out now that he’s no longer in Charlie’s shadow, and he ends up being just like Charlie.

      Also Alan would be getting all the royalties from Charlie Waffles’s kids’ records, and he could take over as Charlie Waffles etc.

      The fact is, however, that Chuck Lorre doesn’t have the talent or creativity to come up with a new edge like that, even when it’s biting him on the ass in that final episode where Alan shows he isn’t so nice as he pretends.

    • i quit watching this show after charlie’s gone ….. so mediocre …!! no offends ashton is a good actor but just dont fit in ….!!!

  2. I’m expecting 1 of the 2 following things to happen.
    1. Charlie gets re-hired to either save the show, that combined with the fact everybody is highly pis$ed off and disapointed with the new version of 2 1/2 men.
    2. Charlie gets a butt load of money to come back and do the series fanalie, playing the whole thing off as if he or Alan dreamed the whole Charlie’s dead and Walden/Ashton moves in. Kind of like the way they did Patrick Duffy on DALLAS, remember they killed Bobby Euing / Patrick Duffy off, he got run over with a car by either Pam or Sue Ellen’s sister, they then ran a whole season with Bobby/Patrick Duffy being dead, all the fans got mad and wrote in complaining. It too was CBS’s top rated show at the time not to mention the top rated show on the air at the time as well as CBS’s bread and butter just like 2 1/2 men is/was the top rated show on TV and CBS’s cash cow. Anyway when they killed Bobby off ratings fell badly. The 1st episode of the next season opened with Pam in the shower thinking she heard Bobby, she gets out of the shower and theres Bobby, turns out she’d dreamed the whole Bobby’s dead season. Another example, A couple years ago the CW planned to cancel Reaper, fans got ticked off and sent them a message in which they simply sent CW a sock as in a sock like you wear on your foot pointing to Tyler Labine’s charicter Bert ‘Sock’ Wysoki. CW got flooded with socks and got the message loud and clear and in turn renewed it for a second season. Heres something fans of 2 1/2 men can do. Send a snail/postal mail letter to – Chuck Lorre C/O 2 1/2 Men WARNER BROTHERS STUDIOS 4000 Warner Boulevard Burbank CA 91522. ALSO send one to CBS 524 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019, Word of advice though, try not to be to hatefull as it would probably go in the trash before being completly read but DO let your opinion/feelings/thoughts be heard. Remember there IS power in numbers, the more people that writes in the better the odds we get the show WE like back, also give them the address to this site and others like it. As for season 9 like it is, it helps some to drink a 6 pack while you watch it, drinking the first 2 or 3 before it starts.

    • That’s a great idea!! Everyone that send in a letter, might also want to reference this Site. Perhaps we might see it appear in one of Chuck’s Vanity Cards.. :-)

      At the very least, if Chuck is not already aware of this site…it will give him the opportunity to have some interesting reading.

      I have no doubt that Chuck is a very intelligent individual…I find most of his V. Cards very ammusing. So there is hope that 2.05, may return to 2.5 Men or just get canned!

    • “Demi is a beautiful woman”

      I’d say a HANDSOME woman LOL

      Anyone who played a Navy Seal cannot ever be considered more than that– including Charlie Sheen ROTFLMAO

      (Wow, talk about 3 degrees of separation X-D

  3. I think it’s a shame that Charlie was fired. It’s just not the same with Ashton, but Charlie have done some serius mistakes in his past, and it is his own fault. There is to many changes in the new, the house is changed and everything. It’s not ‘Two and A Half Men’ any more. It’s whole new show He made. But I miss the old Two and A Half Men.

  4. The new show is horrible. Get Charlie back. Pay him whatever you have to.

  5. We enjoyed the old 21./2 men ,but the new show is very disapointing I hope you have enough money to get Charlie back!

    • There ISN’T enough money to make Charlie work for that hack Chuck Lorre.
      You could give him more than than the show generates, and he wouldn’t do it IMHO.
      He got $125 million for the show, how much more does he NEED?
      If he came back for money, he wouldn’t have Tiger’s Blood, he’d have a lapdog-liver, a jellyfish-spine and a whore’s heart.

  6. I completely agree with the consensus! The new Two and a Half Men (THM) sucks really bad! I would hope they get Charlie back. He made the show a success!

    • There is NO WAY they’re going to get Charlie back. He got 1/8 BILLION dollars, why the hell would he go back and work for Chuck Lorre, a guy he hates?
      The show had 8 good years, but Charlie doesn’t give a crap about the show, it’s not his life; he obviously enjoyed doing it for the money they paid him.

      He’s got more money than God, whey would he go back? Hello, WINNING!

  7. As someone who has been following two and a half men, I feel cheated – if they couldn’t work things out with Charlie Sheen, who admitedly yes, behaved like a jerk at the time but regardless, he made the show work – then it should simply have been cancelled, with a tasteful conclusion.

    For example, this is what they could have done. Alan and some of the other cast are at the home and they replay some of the best bits over the first few seasons as memories been discussed by Alan and whoever etc, and then,as a tasteful dig at the real Charlie, at the end hes in hospital for over doing it with the partying etc and finish it there as to whether or not he comes back, leave it open. That buys a bit of time to see if CS and Chuck can sort out their differences, if yes, in the next part the memories are from the latter series up to the present and CS comes back at the end from hospital, making a fresh start – if no, its tastefully concluded with C Harper being commited to a nut house or something or going to prison for drug induced bad behavior for some whacky comical reason – now that would have been at least more dignified and sophitsticated than that funeral scene farce!

    What needs to happen now – in my opinin – is they should either bring CS back on, or put the show out of its, and our misery!

  8. TRUE, the show was better with Charlie, will he be back, maybe…who knows, just have to wait it out. as for the show as is, theres a very good reason for a television being made with a channel selector and power button. If you don’t like the show your watching either turn the channel or turn the TV off. as for me I’ll keep tuning in every week to see what they do as long as 2.5 stays on the air. Yea I’d like to see Charlie back on the show, but its not up to me. About the only thing viewers can do to be heard is write to CBS/WB and Chuck Lore. I posted the addresses a while back. They DO read their mail, and they do pay attention because the viewer is the ones that pay their salary.

    • True, it’s not our train-set; viewers have to realize that shows come and go regardless of how much you like them, and creative differences are always a possibility.
      I wouldn’t bother writing to them, since there is NO WAY they’re getting Charlie back, EVER. Neither one is going to apologize, so there’s too much dissension for Charlie ever to come back on that show. I think he’s tired of television, and so he is unofficially retired for now– i.e. he’s no longer playing the role of Charlie Harper….. he’s LIVING it!

  9. The appeal of 2.5M was that it was every man’s dream, i.e. being Charlie Sheen.
    Now that he’s gone and replaced by “Kelso 2.0,” the show sucks ass. I watched the first episode just to see how bad it would suck, and I was surprised that it sucked even worse than I expected.

    Face it kids: CHARLIE’S NOT COMING BACK.

    It’s possible that Charlie faked his own death, but it wouldn’t make much sense since he had no reason to do that. He didn’t WANT Rose to quit stalking him, obviously. He’s dead and that’s the end of it.

  10. Read Lorre’s vanity card #371…..! Sounds like he’s talking about the show.

    “Sometimes when I drive past a (TV show) that’s going out of business, I’m struck by an overpowering wave of sadness…….”

  11. Guess people are just ignoring the no profanity and personal attacks rule – this is just get stupid, being a British soldier I’ve heard some really stupid comments in my time but some of you are in a league of your own when it comes to stupid comments. Grow up ffs!

  12. Oh no, someone who’s never met me and knows nothing about me thinks I’m brainless – yeh, like I’m going to go crying to the padre. Get a life ya raj!

  13. Ok any other inate stupid comments, children?

    • Hainesy,

      All comments that you are referring to have been deleted (they were all in fact coming from the same person) and they have been banned. Apologies for letting that many pile up – they were quite… vocal within a short period of time.

  14. Ashton Kutcher has “The Sitcome Curse,” i.e. whenever someone plays a man character on a long-running hit sitcom, they can never really be on another hit show, since they are too associated with that character. Every time I’ve seen it, tried, it’s failed; the Seinfeld characters bore this out.
    Here Ashton Kutcher plays basically the same character from That 70’s Show, and trying to also replace Charlie as the star of the show.
    So he started out with two strikes, and the horrible writing is a swing and a miss. If the show hasn’t been cancelled already, it’s only because some people will watch anything just by force of habit, maybe they’re waiting to see if Charlie will come back… right after Elvis.

  15. Has anyone noticed that the number of viewers is at it’s lowest point since the NEW 2.5 Men started? As of January 16, 2012, it’s at 12.9 million viewers, down from its premiere episode of 28.74 million viewers. And Lorre wants ASSton to return for another season!!!

    • I was just watching some old DVD’s of “That 70’s Show,” and I don’t think Ashton Kutcher ever had any other talent other than shown in that series; but it was nothing without Topher Grace.

      Same with 2.5M, i.e. they both Jumped the Shark when the main character/actor left the series.

      So Ashton is “The Curse of the Second Banana!”

  16. nobody can replace charlie sheen, the caractor was him in real life

  17. Sorry Ashton, You just don’t have what it takes to replace Charlie. Although, I don’t think anyone could. He was sooooo good in that role and he made it his own. Reruns will have to do for the next few seasons!! I still love to watch reruns of Two and 1/2 Men and New adventures of old Christine. Keep’em showing!

  18. Some people said that Kutchar was a good actor… I watched one episode of That 70s Show, along with a Movie.. Killers, and he sucked then too!!!!!
    The only episodes of 2.5 men that have been any good at all, were the ones where Kutchar was all but absent from the screen!!
    I feel for Angus, Jon, Holland & Conchata!!!
    Looking forward to Anger Management!!

  19. Some people said that Kutchar was a good actor… I watched one episode of That 70s Show, along with a Movie.. Killers, and he stank then too!!!!!
    The only episodes of 2.5 men that have been any good at all, were the ones where Kutchar was all but absent from the screen!!
    I feel for Angus, Jon, Holland & Conchata!!!
    Looking forward to Anger Management!!

  20. Bring back Charlie the new series is just not creating the ambiance

  21. This week’s episode had the lowest ratings of the entire series by far(11.92) if that’s not an indication that this show is going downhill, I don’t know what is. I used to love this show, but now the nicest thing I can say about it is that i’d rather watch it then Curb Your Enthusiasm(which has been WAY past it’s prime for the past 3 years or so) Cryer and Jones manage the occasional laugh, but without Sheen they just look lost, Walden feels like a human version of the Great Gazoo in that his interactions with the other characters feel very “alien” it’s like he’s on a completely different planet and his character makes no sense. The new supporting characters suck, Zoey is nothing but a collection of lame outdated British jokes, Walden’s ex-wife was just an annoying harpy, and what the hell happened to Judith and Herb? at least seeing them might’ve made the episodes more watchable.

    Also the humor has been dumbed down way TOO much, I love lowbrow humor(hell I actually liked Bucky Larson) but this show has gotten far too stupid even for me(something I never thought was possible) way too much emphasis on gross-out/toilet humor, the episode with Lindsay vomiting was just disgusting, seriously, did anyone actually find that funny? I will say that Bertha is still funny, i’d certainly rather see her get more screentime than Walden.

    I hope the ratings keep dropping when the show returns in a few weeks, then maybe Lorre will get some common sense and hire Sheen back next season and either get rid of Kutcher or demote him to a supporting character, i’d prefer the whole season by written off as a dream Alan had while in a coma, or do the Rose keeping Charlie as a sex slave story(she faked his death so she would never again have to worry about other women coming after him) and if Sheen can’t come back for whatever reason, then introduce a new character, say Charlie’s long lost daughter who it turns out is named in the will and ends up inheriting the house, the daughter becomes a female version of Charlie(i envision Lindsay Lohan playing her) and Alan is once again back to being subservient.

    • I agree with you 100%.

  22. I don’t like the Season 9 because, as a fan and a viewer of all previous seasons, it’s hard for me to get used to not having Charlie Harper, especially when I know there has been “personal” conflicts involved. Charlie Harper was great in the show, and the whole point of having 2.5 men was about Charlie, Alan, and Jake. I just don’t like big changes like this… I think they should have simply ended the show in the eighth season.

  23. Just another thing to add:
    A sitcom is not only about a no-matter-the-cost laughter. It’s also about revealing deep, sad realities of human relationships in social life. In Season 9 Alan, without Charlie, is intolerably, disturbingly sordid and undignified, and the show is disturbingly low in comedy
    I sometimes wonder maybe continuing the show without Charlie Sheen is a personal concern of the producers rather than having a successful sitcom. I don’t want to be naive and overlook internal complications within the show personnel, but I know what I feel about Season 9 is just not pleasant. I’m quite sure there are many people out there who would agree with me on this matter.

    • I’m one of those people who emphatically and totally agrees with you.