‘Two And A Half Men’ Season 9 Will Kill Off Charlie Sheen

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:47 pm,

charlie sheen two and a half men chuck lorre Two And A Half Men Season 9 Will Kill Off Charlie Sheen

With production for Two and a Half Men season 9 currently underway, details of how Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, will be removed from the popular CBS comedy have been revealed.

According to TMZ, sources connected with the show are saying that Chuck Lorre is making sure that there’s no way Charlie Sheen could ever return to the series by violently killing off his character.

While the premiere is not set to film until August 5 – and Lorre is known for making last-minute changes to the script – some of the death scenarios being discussed would include Charlie driving his car over a cliff.

As for Ashton Kutcher, sources are saying that his character, Raymond, will enter the series as the person who purchases Charlie’s home after his death. At this time, nothing else has been revealed about his character, but Kutcher is reportedly making $20 million for a single year on the series.

Even though Sheen’s antics involving Two and a Half Men have been continuously reported in every news medium, it’ll be interesting to see how violently killing off one of the series’ focal characters will be received by its viewers. While it can be said that television viewers are extremely loyal, the overt decimation of Charlie Harper may leave a bad taste in the mouth of those looking to watch an actual comedy series.

One can appropriately speculate that once Kutcher takes the stage, things will progress smoothly. That being said, one can’t simply ignore Lorre’s need to use Two and a Half Men to publicly present his feelings towards Sheen in such a passive aggressive manner.

Despite the fact that the landscape of television is filled with countless examples of roles being recast, the replacement always stays true to the series in which it’s happening – or it’s simply not mentioned. I suppose we’ll have to wait until this fall to see how violently killing off the main character plays on a comedic sitcom.

Two and a Half Men season 9 premieres this fall on CBS

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Source: TMZ

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  1. Not a fan of the show but the headline grabed my attention. The last person in the world I would defend is Charlie Sheen but Chuck Lorre needs to let it go. Sheen got fired and is gone. So it’s time to let it go. Doing something like this keeps the drama of the spring in peoples minds and makes Lorre look like the type of guy Sheen says he is. And that’s sad.

    • Charlie sheen did nothing wrong and the show will suck because of Lorre. Alot of fans will not watch due to this.

    • Chuck Lorre wanting to “violently kill charlie’s character off” just seems like the media doing what they do best.

  2. HAHA! I can’t wait!

  3. Does Chuck Lorre know his audience? I am more of a Charlie Sheen Platoon fan than 2 & 1/2 men ( I haven’t watched a whole episode ) but making his death a tragedy seems more Grey’s Anatmony than anything a comedy like that has dealt with. Should just get the antics rolling with Ashton and keep on going instead of having a “very special” episode.

    • He just needs to bring back Sheen. The fans will quit watching due to sheen not being on it.

  4. I’m not a fan of Sheen and have never seen this show, but I agree that this just makes this Lorre guy look bad. And as far as “making sure that there’s no way Charlie Sheen could ever return to the series” by killing him off – anybody remember “Dallas”? This is TV. This just means Lorre will look even more like an idiot should Sheen eventually return.

    • Lorre IS an idiot. And there´s two options:

      1. Sheen WILL return to the show (sooner or later)
      2. The show gets canceled because no one will watch it (would you watch a show about a certain character WITHOUT the certain character?!).

      • My thoughts exactly. The Show will bomb big time.

  5. Can I just say how idiotic this would be? Turn it into such a tragedy; and handling it like a joke would be even worse. Make him leave to Thailand, go home,less in Bora Bora, ANYTHING but kill him. Like I tweeted before: To kill Charlie Harper would be Chuck Lorre’s greatest revenge. To see TWO AND A HALF MEN crash and burn after that will be Charlie Sheen’s.

    • “To see TWO AND A HALF MEN crash and burn…”

      That´s exactly what´s gonna happen.

    • The show will bomb no matter how charlie sheen leaves the show. He needs to bring sheen back

  6. Hahahaha car off a cliff! The funny thing is it WOULD be what we’d expect.

  7. I thought they would of gone along the line’s something like Charlie gambled away the house,Not driving a car off a cliff,Seems out of character

    • However, a couple of Charlie Sheens REAL LIFE cars have mysteriously fallen off of cliffs over the last few years…. There is a smidge of truth to this possiblity.

  8. Remember how well killing off John Ritter’s character in “8 Simple Rules” went for the show. Granted, he was actually dead and they had no choice. But that’s an example of how a series cannot survive after “losing” the main character.

    • It wont survive at all without Sheen. 8 Simple rules he died after 1 season not 8 seasons like this show. The fans knew there was no choice but to kill off Ritter. Everyone knows Sheen is alive and can play the Charlie Harper Rold but Lorre isnt smart enough to bring him back!

  9. Wow, I catch the show on FX a couple of times and it can get pretty funny but making him drive off a cliff is a little harsh. I can see this becoming a joke for the next decade or so. I hear it now “Or you could always Chuck Lorre the character off”

  10. This is insane. I will not watch the new ‘Two and a Half Men’ if they kill off Charlie Harper. That is the stupidest way to end NINE seasons of this show… Just because Chuck Lorre is pissed off because Sheen had a disagreement with him.

    Have him just leave town. And be done with it.

    • I could not agree more. Well Put.

  11. stupidest idea yet…. he should be off traveling with one of the past girlfriends he was serious with and ashton could be the brother of the girl needing a place to stay.
    i love the show, no problems with ashton, but chuck lorre is a prick. i hope this kills his career.

    • Good idea.

  12. @lastdragon89, That was funny. And I bet you that could become the new expression in Hollywood! Lol Like “The Jude Law”
    I hope Chuck Lorre is smart enough not to go that route :)

  13. If they’re going to kill off Charlie, it should be done in a comical way. Overdosed on coke off a stripper’s rack, for example. Better yet, don’t kill him off, but have him on some tropical island with some porn stars for a year. Ashton can be a fellow degenerate like Emilio Estevez was.

    • The funny thing about your comment (I don´t know if you know that; I didn´t until a few weeks ago) is that Estevez is Sheen´s brother…

  14. I’m thinking drug overdose or shotgun to the head, self-inflicted.

    • haha

    • i’m thinking bring sheen back

  15. Oh for Heaven’s sake…just cancel the furshlurgener show already!

  16. Why can’t they jusy kill off the entire cast, starting with Alan.

    • I agree!

    • Kill ´em all. And give us a Berta spin-off (with Megan Fox as her granddaughter). I´d totally watch that.

      • I’d watch that.

  17. Local radio station where I live made a point yesterday. Killing him off means nothing. They said Lorre must not watch tv regularly because there is a million different ways to bring someone back. Whether it be a ghost, mistaken idenity on the death, etc… They were dumb to fire him in the first place. I like Ashton Kutcher but I am hesistant he will be a good replacement for Charlie. Got a feeling this show is on its way to cancellation

  18. I actually thought of this idea when I first heard about Kutcher replacing Sheen. Do I think that this is a great idea? No. I am not sure that the show will have a enough fuel to make it past a season (half a season) with Kutcher and Cryer as the leads. I feel that the first episodewill ahve very strong ratings, perhaps the best in the series, but that these ratings will not be representative of the ratings to come. Cryer could have definitely been replaced, as could Jake (the son on the show), but Sheen was the show.
    This is the equivalent to Jerry Seinfield departing Seinfield and having the show go on with the rest of the cast- would be a cool idea at first, but ultimately would probably end up getting canceled.

    I think that the network should really step in here and intervene and tell Lore that if the show is to continue, Charlie Sheen’s character cannot be killed off. Who knows, if the season turns out a bust maybe the network and Lore will but agree that if they are going to milk the show for what its worth they need to bring back Charlie Sheen.

  19. I just hope that they show the car going over the cliff from a distance, and we hear the word “Wiiiiinnnniiiiiinngggggg” as it plummets toward the ocean.

  20. Killing off charlie is rediculous. He makes the show, it will NOT ever be the same funny show without him. He might not be sane irl but on screen he’s still genious. Ashton kutchers brand of comedy isn’t even in the same ballpark. If the show stay successful it will only be because of new younger fans that like ashton, the old true fans will probably not watch it, because it will be like a wole different show! :(

    • i agree

  21. ***snort***

  22. Maybe he fakes his own death to get away from a husband that is after blood!!

    • Sounds just like Deadmeat from Hotshots, not sure if that was the reference you were making!!

        • Kind of, he crashes the plane and gets rushed to hospital getting damaged all the way – hilarious!! What a film that is.

  23. two men => three men now .

  24. Well this show will suck. They need to bring Sheen back not kill him off. I guess Lorre was tired of making alot of money from this show because it will bomb very badly without Sheen. Warner abd CBS needs to tell Lorre to bring back sheen they own the show anyways not Lorre it would do fine without Lorre as long as Sheen is back

  25. If seen dont showup then………………i dont know how many will even watch the show atall……………………….

    • I totaly agree with you! Without Sheen this show it´s going to die too!Just a matter of time…

  26. If sheen dont showup then………………i dont know how many will even watch the show atall……………………….

  27. i wont watch