‘Two And A Half Men’ Season 9 Will Kill Off Charlie Sheen

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:47 pm,

charlie sheen two and a half men chuck lorre Two And A Half Men Season 9 Will Kill Off Charlie Sheen

With production for Two and a Half Men season 9 currently underway, details of how Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, will be removed from the popular CBS comedy have been revealed.

According to TMZ, sources connected with the show are saying that Chuck Lorre is making sure that there’s no way Charlie Sheen could ever return to the series by violently killing off his character.

While the premiere is not set to film until August 5 – and Lorre is known for making last-minute changes to the script – some of the death scenarios being discussed would include Charlie driving his car over a cliff.

As for Ashton Kutcher, sources are saying that his character, Raymond, will enter the series as the person who purchases Charlie’s home after his death. At this time, nothing else has been revealed about his character, but Kutcher is reportedly making $20 million for a single year on the series.

Even though Sheen’s antics involving Two and a Half Men have been continuously reported in every news medium, it’ll be interesting to see how violently killing off one of the series’ focal characters will be received by its viewers. While it can be said that television viewers are extremely loyal, the overt decimation of Charlie Harper may leave a bad taste in the mouth of those looking to watch an actual comedy series.

One can appropriately speculate that once Kutcher takes the stage, things will progress smoothly. That being said, one can’t simply ignore Lorre’s need to use Two and a Half Men to publicly present his feelings towards Sheen in such a passive aggressive manner.

Despite the fact that the landscape of television is filled with countless examples of roles being recast, the replacement always stays true to the series in which it’s happening – or it’s simply not mentioned. I suppose we’ll have to wait until this fall to see how violently killing off the main character plays on a comedic sitcom.


Two and a Half Men season 9 premieres this fall on CBS

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Source: TMZ

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  1. I love two and half men. I have been watching back to back episodes on DVD again. I couldnt believe it when I heard Charlie was going. I was sure they would make up and he would come back. I am glad to hear that they arent trying to “replace” Charlie now and just bring in a new character. But I wish Charlie would sort himeself out and just come back.

  2. I am not watching ever again! Never missed an episode before, however I have now deleted “men” from my DVR! Thanks Chuck you BIG BABY! Sticks and Stones my loser friend! Charlie Sheen made you not the other way around! Over the years you had no problem bashing Charlie in public……but like the little wimp you are you can handle getting back some of your on crap!! RIP 2 1/2men what a run! And no WHINER LORRIE shows for my family EVER AGAIN!!!

  3. IMHO they can “kill” two birds with one…well, you know…by having him die in some way caused by his constant drinking and illicit behavior on the show. Since it has to be sudden, guess that rules out AIDs or similar, but a heart attack, or a drunken car accident, or even a hook up with a hooker that goes horribly wrong…she or her pimp or boyfriend offs him. (oh, it’s a COMEDY?? That’s right, darn.) ANYway. Love the show, loved Charlie…until he started pulling his antics and now I’m just glad he’s been quieted…for the time being at least.

  4. Ok, making Ashton’s character buy the house? He’s the right age to actually be Charlies son. Charlie always bragged about having sex when he was very young…. They could go to the reading of the will with Alan thinking he’s getting everything and then the lawyer says they have to wait to read the will since everyone isn’t and in walks Ashton. The lawyer reads the will Alan gets something stupid Jake gets college money and Ashton gets the beach house. Everyone is wondering whats going on and to add insult to insult everyone could find out that Ashton is the son of charlie and his mother is one of the girls Alan used to be into that Charlie snatched up??? But just a thought…. Atleast keep it within the storyline people.

  5. i don’t like this at all… and right now im assuming that this is just a rumour they are ‘killing off charlie’. I think that would be such a stupid way to do things. are they really going to make the first episode with Ashton a serious one? charlie was the main character, it would be dumb to make his death a joke… they will probably show flash backs of good moments with charlie in the first episode, alan and his other family members will be sad. and then here comes “raymond” (why that name? i would choose something different Chuck everybody will think of everybody loves raymond) trying to make everything funny…. Come on, just say Charlie moved somewhere or went hiding. why make Ashton’s first episode a serious one? everybody in that show is a family member to charlie and close friend. nobody is going to take Alan, jake etc laughing, being silly seriosly because I know I won’t and I wont ever watch the show again if they do that… its just too stupid of an idea.

  6. Yes i agree with a few of these guys here. with out Chalie the show will lose it’s viewers in time. i watch the show only because of charlie’s character. i think the show should go on with Charlie Sheen, not as Ashton Kutcher.

  7. Sheen made that show without him it will have one season and then be axed. I loved two an a half men every season was amazing without Sheen I doubt I’ll watch the whole season, Chuck Lorre ill regret killing Charlie.

  8. I am going to watch the first episode of Two & a Half Men season 9 just to laugh about how stupid the show is going to be without Charlie Sheen and never watch again. After all that shows was only good because of the character of Charlie Harper.

  9. it will be comlete crap without charlie hes the cause of evrything funny and hes the main charater, it wont wor without him

  10. Can’t help but feel it would’ve been far more fitting if Charlie had died by choking on his own vomit after an all-night drinking binge. He’d then be going out the way he lived: partying way too much ;D

  11. It will not be the same without Charlie! :’(

    • I agree he shouldnt kill off charlie :(

  12. What the heck is Lorre thinking, Charlie with the other two were priceless. Does this Lorre not have any anger management skills that he could have sat down with Charlie Sheen and solved this matter? It was obvious to all Charlie was going through some type of medical/physc issue that in Canada you can not be fired for (Human Rights Issue). I have talked with many fans of the show and they have are in agreement with me they are done watching the show without Charlie Sheen.
    One other point is this not a comedy show and he is going to kill off a character. Just does not make any sense to me????

  13. I just don’t see how killing him off is comedic and even if they get serious and “respectful” which I doubt what does this do but emphasize how much Charlie will be missed on the show? The Billionaire thing was a dumb idea. So Kutcher’s going to be Mr. Nice Guy? Don’t they already have that in Alan? The contrast made it interesting between Alan and Charlie. Now instead of Straight Man Alan to Charlie’s comedian they’ll have two serious guys? And why would this billionaire who is not related to Alan & his son live with them? I think they should have had Ashton be a long-lost son. He plays the Charlie type well so why go the other way in making him an internet billionaire? I know they don’t want Charlie back and Charlie don’t want to come back but why not play it for laughs instead of going all weird with this? It would have been funny if they had him disappear and there could have been jokes about what became of him. What’s funny about getting pushed in front of a train? Do they really expect fans of the show to hate Charlie that much that they laugh at such a gruesome and stupid ending to his character? Lorre’s actions here just goes to show Charlie Sheen had a point when he mentioned Lorre took shots at him. I’ll give the show a chance cause I like the cast and Kutcher but I have the same feeling about the show as I do about SVU post-Stabler. I’d be surprised if it lasts more than a season.

    • Hell I laughed and I love Charlie’s character/persona but I thought it was quite thrilling and amusing!

  14. way to go chuck… you just lost an other viewer. TWO AND HALF MEN without charlie isnt two and half men anymore he was the only reason i enjoyed the show. I hope sheen gets an other show on the same time slot as two and half men and kick there ass in the ratings departement.

  15. hey no charlie no fun….
    fr 8 years he was there without him its not 2 n half men its jus 1 man..
    kuther cant take his place….

  16. I think it is BS that they would really kill off the best part of the show, yes charlie sheen might be a bit volgar some times, but he always has good in his intentions. Who ever this new guy might be just say thanks to him for loosing a very loyal veiwer! I vote to bring charlie back by just saying that it was a dream that he had that actualy took into consideration and changed for the better! He deservs a second chance!

  17. Wow … Two and a half men without charlie ?
    This is really bad .. I watched the first episode of season 9 and it Suck so much … Without charlie this show SUCK , Charlie is the only reason why 90% of the viewers watch this show .. because he is what the show is about.

    I hope he get a new comedy series .

    Charlie , keep your head up , Without out you THEY`LL LOSE.

  18. GAVE THE NEW T&1/2M A CHANCE AND ITS A NO GO. I mean come on People…you don’t replace someone who makes the show work and dump him in such a way ….i had to watch two deaths , one of the Charley and the show. Bye.

  19. I achally like The Idea of Walden Scmitt being Charlie Harper’s Only Biolocgocal son as Charlie does brag about Past Flings which could mean Charlie is Walden’s father so it fits as Mr Dissapointed said] and Alan discovers this in Charlie’s Diary but chooses not to tell Evelyn or anyone in order to mantain Charlie’s Secrect stay secret [My Idea!] and Rose winds up in Jail for Charlie’s Murder due to her fingerprints proven by DNA testing on his Back [when she Pushed him into the way of a oncomming Train] and The Harper Family blames Rose for Charlie’s Death and they gets a Restaining Order issued agaist her and she spends 15 to 18 years behide bars due to the Judge [have been revealed to a close friend of Charlie's quite possibley due to him receveing Dating advide about women from Charlie as a kid] making sure the verdit is Guilty,Eveylen Harper [Have been the one who made sure that Rose gets punished for Charlie’s Death, and for unexaplained Reasons crys upon seeing Charlie’s Mutainted Corpse in the morgue of Malibu [Impliing that Evelyen desite her feud with Charlie when he was alive that she deep down she Genuinely loved him. in Case for Judith she on the otner hand is deeply Saddend over Charlie’s Death but the Reason being that He [Charlie] will never see his niece due to His Death, and Alan Struggling to comming to terms with his Brother’s Death to the point that he attemts to Stragle Rose to Death Due to Rose [Allendly Being Charlie's Killer] only to get Pulled off Rose before anything bad happens by Berta but all of this should happen Comically in a Sad but Dysfuctional way. but Charlie’s Death stays the way it is but at least Charlie still Gets Justice [since of course I’m a Die hard Fan of Charlie Harper on Two and a half Men. if you like The My Idea part let me know in the comments thanks!

  20. I watch this show only for Charley Harper and Now This Show Sucks

  21. OK I tried to like the new Two and Half Men.. It has gone to hell in a handbasket. I just don’t like Kutcher in any episode so far.. No sense watching again, it only keeps getting worse.

  22. SUCKS without Charlie Sheen! I tried w/ Kutcher and it sucks! Charlie made the show. Charlie is the show, he’s epic! He made YOU LORRE! I’m done! Doesn’t matter Charlie lost his cool, and he needed help. He continued his job even in his “times of trouble”! You couldve handled it more maturely instead of killing him off the show! *** I’m so EXTREMELY HAPPY Charlie Sheen got help and recovered from his “times of trouble” and his his personal issues!!! I LOVE his new show “Anger Management”!!! Charlie Sheen will succeed and still make lots-o-money… without YOU Lorre!!! Bet you didn’t see Charlie recovering, rehabilitated and having a future! Hahaha Lorre…you’re loss!