‘Two and a Half Men’ Season 11 Confirmed; Angus T. Jones Not Returning as Cast Regular

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Two and a Half Men Angus T Jones Two and a Half Men Season 11 Confirmed; Angus T. Jones Not Returning as Cast Regular

A consistent ratings juggernaut for much of the last decade, there was little doubt that CBS’s Two and a Half Men would be see a full-season renewal for the fall of 2013. However, speculation has run rampant as to whether former child-actor Angus T. Jones (The Rookie) would return to show with leads Ashton Kutcher (Jobs) and Jon Cryer (Due Date).

Let said speculating end, as it looks as if Jones has opted not to return as a regular cast member. Reports indicate that he may occasionally appear as a guest star, but Two and a Half Men will soon be lacking its “half” more often than not.

CBS confirmed via Twitter that Two and a Half Men has been renewed for season 11, which is set to air this fall. The network also announced that Angus T. Jones has decided to leave full-time employment with the show to pursue a college degree – a move that he has put off due to his obligation to the series. Jones is currently in negotiations to appear in a number of guest spots.

There is no doubt that Jones’ decision was affected by the November release of a video featuring his religious testimony, in which he decried Two and a Half Men as “filth.” Despite a public apology to his co-workers, many wondered whether his time with the series was running short.

This is, of course, not the first time that Two and a Half Men has experienced the controversial departure of one of its leads. In 2011, Charlie Sheen was dismissed from the series after a vicious dispute with creator Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory). Sheen subsequently embarked on a series of highly-publicized meltdowns that have resulted in the actor becoming something of a cultural punchline (see his turn in Scary Movie 5). Kutcher was afterward brought in to replace Sheen in the show’s lead role.

Two and a Half Men Original Cast Two and a Half Men Season 11 Confirmed; Angus T. Jones Not Returning as Cast Regular

Having already reconfigured itself more-or-less successfully after the sudden departure of its lead, Two and a Half Men will no doubt soldier on without Jones. Before his absence was confirmed, rumors began circulating that Miley Cyrus might take his place as a cast regular. Plans to retool the show have no doubt been in place for months, just in case Jones finally decided to abandon ship.

Despite this, one has to wonder whether the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men should start readying to close up shop. With two of its original leads gone, the dynamic of the show will probably be all but alien to longtime viewers. At this point in its life-cycle, a sitcom needs to either reinvent itself drastically or fade into late-season obscurity. Can the writers and producers of Two and a Half Men spin Jones’ departure into a successful revival? Only the fall premiere will tell.


Two and a Half Men will continue to appear on CBS on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.

Sources: CBS [via Deadline]

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  1. Which would make them a man and a half down

  2. To be honest i never bothered with the show after Sheen left so the show kinda died there for me. As for Angus well it seems like the show is quite dead without the numbskull son, rip.

  3. This is why Seinfeld stopped while still on top. No one ever talks about how it went downhill or got stale.

  4. This show, without Charly Sheen, its only rubbish. Kutcher was the worst option

    • No :D watch all episodes and stop hating :P

  5. Cancelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it already.

  6. They just can’t let this show die. It’s passed it’s time, but they keep it on life support for reasons no one can explain.

    • Reason it is kept on life support is because Chuck Lorrie will do anything to keep it on even if ratings are low because he is a very vindictive person. If Charlie Sheen had left show without Lorrie’s feelings being hurt, the show would have been canceled right there and then.

  7. Well this sucks. I just really hope they dont replace him with Miley Cyrus character. Omg i cannot stand her the eps that she was in was the worst eps of the season. Ill still watch it cause it still gives me the laughs and its better then most of the crap thats on today. Alan and berta ftw

    • Better than most of the crap that’s on today? LOL, I’d have to disagree. This show has become one of the biggest pieces of garbage on television.

      • This is the show that is both! The biggest piece of garbage and STILL better than everything else on TV. Says a lot about the other shows it’s better than…

  8. While I can believe that the show was renewed, based off of quality, it shouldn’t have been. I admit, I have been following the show, bit not because it is good, but rather because I watched it for years and before SHeen’s departure and am curious to see what happens next (and the occasional chuckle from Jon Cryer’s character)

    While the show has defintely dropping quality, I attribure a lot of it to the Walden Schmidt character. He is just too plain and boring, just your do-gooder ric boy, whoo wants to watch that? If they could make (or could have made) his character more interesting I think that the quality of the show would not have diminished as much as it has.

    Nevertheless, this show really needs to end soon, its WAYYYY past overdue

  9. I stopped watching this show the minute Charlie Sheen left…..errr….was fired. It’s a shame too. This role was perfect for Sheen and he was perfect for it. Too bad it had to come to an end. His new show just isn’t as good. He needs to play the bad boy, playboy role that he had on Two and a Half Men to be good on TV, IMO.

  10. I’m not surprised. After his rant he kind of had to walk away. He shunned the show and told people not to watch it and he used religion to fuel his words. I know he’s young but he shouldn’t have said any of those things on camera. If I was the big boss I would be pissed off.

  11. A good tv show gets canceled after one season. A tv show past its prime keeps on going. Tv execs….OI!

  12. Miley Cyrus was so friggin’ annoying on this show. Hated hated HATED her character. If she is added as the new “half” then the “whole” of me will no longer be watching.

  13. Never found this funny at all. One of many US imports I haven’t liked (Big Bang Theory being another) but I’m gonna assume that ego kept this show alive after Sheen left so that Lorre can claim to be the better man or something.

    I mean, despite not being funny, Sheen was the only watchable thing on the show so what does that say about it since he left?

    They might as well cancel it now.

  14. I didn’t even know the show was still on .. lol
    This show is just dead air since Charlie Sheen left, and as for bring on Miley Cyrus? Unless she has had a sex change op. then how can she be the 1/2 man …wait I retract that last line, not going there …
    Anyway just cancel the show already.

    • a women technically is ‘half’ a man

      • you don’t know what “technically” means do you?

  15. I’m still shocked that the show even got picked up after its pilot, let alone garnered a massive audience!!!
    Is this really what passes as funny & entertaining these days? Sad.

    • Haha, 100% agree. It’s one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, I watched a few episodes when it was in it’s apparent prime (Charlie Sheen was still there) and thought it was total crap even then, the humour is so broad and stupid.

      2 guys that live together, One’s successful with the ladies while the other one is a complete dork, throw in a dumb fat kid who makes fart jokes, cue laughter track!!!! That’s it???? That’s what gets you 11 Seasons and to the number 1 sitcom position in America.

      All I can say America, is at least you saw sense and decided to bring back Arrested Development, now that’s a GOOD comedy, can’t wait

  16. cancel it already. the show has been dead since sheen left. thats the truth. the older episodes make me laugh because of good writing, and good casting choice.

  17. Woow…He’s really grown up with the show..

  18. Oh for god’s sake just cancel the damn show!

  19. they could replace that kid with Justin Bieber and it still be hilarious

  20. Let the show die! But the Half man has only been in a few episodes since season 9, I certainly wouldn’t count him as a regular anymore. Let the show die its so incredibly crap now! And now it seems that Big Bang is starting to suffer from overly ridiculous humour that just doesn’t fit the characters. Chuck Lorre has really started screwing up his properties.

  21. This show needs a reboot and/or to be canceled, Sheen was the show, angus t jones was good when his character was a smart kid… mr Lorre cancel it reboot it

  22. I only watch this show because I love Jon Cryer. I have watched him for years, love Charlie Sheen too. The worst thing they did was let him go. So I watch out of loyalty to Jon Cryer, as the show is so bad now. And if they add Miley Cyrus I may have to stop. They are screaming desperate.
    If they added a female character, Jaime Lee Presley would be fun. At least she would get along with Berta. At this point I don’t care about the kid. They barely have him on anyway,

  23. I think they had no choice but to fire Sheen he was incredibly rude to Lorre he even said that Ashton Sucks he would later apologize for that but he has some serious problems as for season 11 i can’t wait to see what happens but i agree with you guys if they add Miley as a series regular i don’t think i can watch it anymore

  24. A lot of long running shows in the UK rarely end with the same cast they begin with. That type of culture keeps the show fresh with new faces and writers. Some mainstream examples would be Dr. Who and Downton Abbey. In this case, I wouldn’t mind them rotating Chuck Lore to another project. lol. I consider myself pretty chill, but some of the humor in this show is getting really old and immature. Like how many peni- and fart jokes can you take?!

  25. I happened upon and watched the entire interview during which Angus T. Jones talked about his conversion. Not ONCE did he trash or rant the show. It’s amazing what is made up that’s not true. Angus as rather peaceful and content, focusing upon the transformation in his life and what he wants to do with it in the future.

  26. I can’t wait to see what happens! I love the show and i’m so excited about them adding a female into it! I’m definitly watching season 11 now! The fact that they are trying proves that it’s worth watching! Hopefully they add in some valuable life lessons though.

  27. Angus Jones has not appeared in most episodes of season 10 so, ¿what difference does it make anyways?

  28. It is so time to cancel this show!

  29. Its not two and half men anymore its just two men Charlie made this show good I watched it when Ashton joined the show but if miley Cyrus joins this show I will not watch it you can’t take Jake and charlie out of this show