‘Two and a Half Men’ Being Rebooted Without Charlie Sheen

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charlie sheen two and a half men chuck lorre ‘Two and a Half Men’ Being Rebooted Without Charlie Sheen

Despite losing Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre is attempting to save his hit television series from cancellation by rebooting the franchise with a fresh new face, and a larger part for co-star Jon Cryer.

With CBS set to reveal their fall television line-up to advertisers this May, Chuck Lorre has finally revealed his Two and a Half Men reboot plans to the studio, network and, most importantly, the only “man” left in the series’ title, Jon Cryer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, someone on the inside revealed that Lorre has told Cryer that the Two and a Half Men reboot would not only mean that his character would have a much larger role, but that they will also be introducing a “new, yet-to-be-cast character.”

Amidst the various Charlie Sheen/Two and a Half Men news out there, rumors have been circulating that there have been talks with Charlie Sheen to return to the series. While both Lorre and Warner Bros. have adamantly denied these rumors, CBS President Les Moonves has been known to overlook transgressions for the better good of his network (and bottom line). Still, Lorre has stated that there’s no way Sheen will return.

At this point in time, neither CBS nor Warner Bros. have hinted whether Two and a Half Men will return for an eighth season – even with a reboot. That being said, good money says that it will return – if for no other reason than profitability. To this day, Two and a Half Men is still one of the most financially successful television series on the air.

chuck lorre charlie sheen two and a half men ‘Two and a Half Men’ Being Rebooted Without Charlie Sheen

Chuck Lorre and Charle Sheen

Of course, if (read: when) Two and a Half Men returns to the air, Lorre will still need to replace Sheen. Even though the television landscape is filled with attempts at replacing integral characters, nothing of this scale has been attempted before. In respect to Charlie Sheen’s talent as an actor: he is the reason why people tuned in to the series. Even with the title attempting to give credit to the two additional characters (or one and-a-half men), Charlie Sheen was the reason why people watched week to week.

While Lorre may believe he has a plan to continue the series’ success, it’s hard to believe that would be possible when the main attribute for its success, Charlie Sheen, is gone.

Despite many rumors, there aren’t any actors currently in the running to replace Sheen on Two and a Half Men. We’ll let you know as soon as that changes.


Expect Two and a Half Men to return (in some fore) this fall.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. The problem is that Chuck Lorre is a idiot. Charlie made the show and without him the show will flop

    • I have to agree. I only watched the show b/c of Charlie Sheen’s character, and I lost all interest now that he’s gone.

    • agreed without sheen the show will fail

    • Yep. If the star of the show is butting heads with the writer fire the writer. Lorre needs to go.

  2. I heard they’re looking at Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven, and Bob Saget to be replacements.

    • No, not Jeremy Piven. I want to remember him as Ari Gold and not that guy that Jon Cryer bitches to every week.

      • I think that without Sheen, that the show will flop no matter what. But all three of those actors would be well suited to play the part and would give the show a snowball’s chance in Hell.

  3. More or less, the producer is buying time to restructure the show with this concept.

    He knows that reguardless of Sheen people will tune in to see what the hells going on with this show.

    During that time, he can gauge what road/cast to go down, if its a crapfest, at least this gave them a final season.

  4. This is gonna turn out badly. Sheen was the glue and the character all others revolved around so trying to replace him is not gonna work.

    It’s funny, they freely admit it is one of THE most profitable franchises in their history but are not willing to do what it takes to KEEP it being a cash cow. Sheen has already said that if asked, he would be willing to return, so Lorre needs to swallow his stupid pride for everyones sake.

  5. @Mongoose, Sheen may have been the glue but he’s totally nuked down that bridge. Lorre would loose all respect as a human being if he gave in a welcomed Sheen back to the cast.

    No that’s just not gonna happen, mainly cause Sheen’s currently on a national tour promoting/joking? his hates and one of the them is Lorre. Not to mention he’s totally psychotic.
    Sheens, dead inside, he’s a zombie.

    • “Lorre would loose all respect as a human”, I doubt that very much.

      • Yeah so do I. It’s called a sacrifice for the greater good and he would be seen as the bigger man imho. Literally hundreds of people work on that show, not just the actors, so he would be saving everyone’s jobs.

        Instead he is going to let his pride and inflated ego get in the way and most likely kill the show off in the process. Talk about selfish on a number of levels.

    • It takes 2 people to fight. Charlies a crazy crackhead so he can’t help it but lorre should be an adult and end the fight. Give the star what he wants part of which is more money for the rest of the cast and be done. The show goes on everyone makes millions more money and everyone wins.

  6. You want to keep it interesting? Bring in Gary Busey as John’s Uncle or something. lol

  7. What if Owen Wilson was Sheen’s replacement?

    • I wouldn’t be able to watch the show with Owen. I’d be too distracted by his nose.

  8. what if Emilio Estevez was the replacement?

    • no, he died in an episode of two and a half men.

  9. I wouldn’t mind if they made it so that Alan was less of a ball less little punk. Maybe make him more like the “Bad Alan” character that appeared in one episode where he was, for the most part, robbing everyone in his family for money saying he was investing it in something.

    As for Jake he’s actually my second favorite character after Charlie. If they’d make him less of an idiot character & just make him more like Charlie (which for the most part he is) then all they’d need to do is find like a funny third man or just another cute kid. If anyone remembers Jake did say that his stupidity was just an act to keep the upper hand on Charlie for money & Alan to get off his back. :\

  10. I’m actually interested to know this: so all of you 2 1/2 Men fans don’t care that Sheen not only publicly called his boss several anti-semetic names, but was arrested (and convicted) because beat his wife to a pulp? That doesn’t factor into it at all?

    It’s just curious to me that Oscar winner Mel Gibson can have a couple of stupid moments of verbal rage and and his career is potentially down the toilet.

  11. I say CBS should just end the show because it wouldn’t be the same without Charlie Sheen plus the show has had a good run.

  12. Since Sheen’s outbursts and actions, I’ve stopped watching the show and this includes reruns. If they brougth back Sheen, I would not watch the show. Personally, I have always felt that Allen, Cryer’s character, made the show since several key storylines involved his stupidity and follies. Where as Charlie just sleeps around and drinks.

    Either way, the show needs a lot of freshness added to it.

  13. Haim Levine should give it up. Just go and create another tin can. How hard could it be?

  14. The reason- the only reason- I watched this show was Mr. Sheen, Jon Cryer, who cares? It’ like ordering steak and getting bolgna. This show has jumped the shark, it’s over.

  15. The studio can’t just end the show it would cost them a lot of money because of the contract clause (play or pay) mean even if they cancel the show they still have to pay the actors and producers/writers.

    but charlie sheen really didn’t say anything really offensive he just put out there that Lorre changed his name from his birth given Hebrew name

    and they only have something like 8 to 11 episode left so will see what happens either way it will end