Charlie Sheen Loved ‘Two and a Half Men’ Premiere; Gets $125 Million Settlement

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:47 pm,

Even though 27.7 million people tuned into the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere, opinions about whether or not the series could continue without Charlie Sheen have been split: some like it, some many didn’t. Fortunately, there’s one man that absolutely loved the premiere: Charlie Sheen.

Sources close to Sheen spoke with TMZ and said that not only did Sheen watch the Two and a Half Men premiere, but that he loved it! And what about watching his pseudo funeral on television? Sheen said that it was “eerie but fun.”

While Sheen didn’t mention what he thought about Ashton Kutcher’s performance in the episode, he did make sure to note that he thought the introduction for Walden Schmidt “…was the best intro for a new a character on a TV show of all time.” For what reason, you ask? Well, Sheen excitedly explains: “[He] was revealed through the dusty exploded smoke of my remains.”

For someone that was fired from the television series he helped make a hit, Sheen is sure in good spirits. Of course, perhaps the $125 million settlement between him and Warner Bros. Television, the studio that produces Two and a Half Men, helped that along.

When Warner Bros. Television fired Sheen from Two and a Half Men, they noted a specific morals clause for allowing them to do so. In response, Sheen explained that while a morals clause would allow them to fire him, he didn’t have one in his contract. With the two parties taking opposite positions, Sheen filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. Television.

Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher on the season 9 Two and a Half Men premiere Charlie Sheen Loved Two and a Half Men Premiere; Gets $125 Million Settlement

After months of legal fees, it appears that a settlement has been reached, though no papers have been officially signed, as of yet. In the settlement, Sheen would receive an upfront payment of $25 million for his work on Two and a Half Men season 8. Additionally, Sheen will also receive $100 million over the course of 7-10 years from profits related to the syndication of the television series – in which he starred in 180 episodes of.

With Sheen working on his new television series, Anger Management (based on the movie), and a guaranteed $125 million dollars over the course of 10 years, perhaps being portrayed as an exploding meat bag in the Two and a Half Men season 9 premiere isn’t so bad.


Two and a Half Men airs Mondays @9pm on CBS

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  1. 125 Million!!!!

    No wonder Sheen is laughing is backside off!! He really is winning. Just goes to prove it’s not always a good idea to sack people.

    • That is so true!

  2. The show will likely be in syndication beyond 7 to 10 years.
    And Charlie will continue to be paid similarly for rerun shows.
    The show will probably be syndicated as long as he is alive.

    • Yeah. Especially since he probably won’t live another 2 years. LOSING!!!

      • Too true, Kryptonic. I worded my post to hint at that possibility.

      • I wouldn’t count him out yet. Charlie – WINNING!!!

    • It will never make it, without Charlie.he is 1 of the best actors in holltwood. Regaurdless of what people might think. Only reason there were viewed it they were tinyboppers. I turned mt tv off when it came on.

  3. Charles Sheen is a class act!

    • WINNING!

  4. Wow 25million the guy is a rich hoe!! Winning!!

  5. Charlie Sheen is honestly the most awesome actor ever. Liked he said on his roast. The drugs didnt kill him, the Hookers didnt kill him, nothing can beat charlie sheen. When he dies his legend will live on far after he passed away. Charlie sheen isnt winning. He has already won

  6. CARLOS ESTEVEZ is an old has been. No. It’s not like he was ever such a hot property to begin with. He’s just a fraud! The only thing he ever had going for himself was this lame sitcom. And he couldn’t even play the game right so that he could keep THAT going! Losing!
    Notice now that all he’s been doing is kissing A$$?? What happened to the “tiger blood” CARLOS?? The only reason CARLOS ESTEVEZ is playing like a girl now, is because he’s getting 125 million dollars from the producers and CBS. Suuuuuure. How sincere. He’s playing nice now saying things like ” I don’t blame them for firing me ..” yadda yadda yadda! What a fraud!
    He’s got his 125 mil , but nowhere to go. No show. No talent. Just his cocaine and his deluded ego. He’s a nothing. SO glad the show did great in the ratings w/out him. Good bye CARLOS ESTEVEZ. Lock yourself up in your mansion and do your blow. Smack around a few chicks since that seems what you’re best at.

    MAN OF STEEL 2013 !!!


  7. Dear Mr Miserable( Kryptonic ). You sound really bitter and twisted. If you have 125m on it’s way to you it really doesn’t matter if you’re a has been. He’s now a rich has been ( he was anyway ), and a richer than YOU’ll ever be.

    It doesn’t really matter if he sits on his backside and drinks meths all day.
    Good luck to the guy. He won the studio lost!

    • Money doesn’t make a person happy, nitwit. CARLOS had money before the 125 million. Was he happy? Is that why he smacks women around and has a violent track record of violence against women? Seems to me the only reason you kiss his a$$ is because he had his lawyers draw up the money from CBS. Wow. Now that’s talent. Go on, kiss his a$$ all you want. It shows that you only revere him because of his greed. And because as long as you get paid , the ends justify the means. You have lousy taste.
      CARLOS should just change his name back to ESTEVEZ.Apparently he’s ashamed of his own ethnicity. His brother Emilio didn’t change his name. His brother is a bigger man. CARLOS is a coke fiend and a wife beater. That much is documented in writing. By law enforcement.
      He’s a low life, talent-less hack.
      It would appear that YOU are just envious of any person who can get away with stealing 125 million dollars. Quite a feat for anyone who is a degenerate. Your jealously comes out in the form of being a sycophant.
      If you had any respect for yourself, you’d get off from your knees and zip CARLOS’ fly back up. Wipe your chin.
      Keep on kissing CARLOS ESEVEZ’s a$$. You can kiss mine while you’re at it.
      That. Is. All.

      • Lol who says “nitwit”? Whatever, just stop talking Kryptonic you’re annoying.

      • You are way out of order, Kryptonic.
        Your unjustified personal attack of Phil
        discounted everything you had to say on this.

        • Oh so true. Probably just jealous!

      • Whoa, I think you just crossed the line. Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

      • Simpleton,

        Charlie changed his “stage” name to honor his father. Why not change your name to honor your father. Everyone knows he is latino, it is of public record of what his birth name is. Martin Sheen changed his stage name in fear of being tyecast in his youth.

        The 125 million lawsuit was not namely for Charlie but actually for the production set who temporarily w/o pay when filming was put on hold. In the end of the day Charlie (or Carlos you so affectionately call him) is a good guy.

      • Kryptonic,

        Watch what you’re saying, dude. You’re over the line.

        And Phil, you could have made your comment without adding “twisted.”


      • If money doesn’t buy happiness, either you don’t have enough or you’re not spending it right. And for $125 million TAX FREE, he’s got enough!

        And Charlie is REALLY going to be happy when he’s laughing his ass off after the show TANKS without him– which it is doing as we speak! Demi Moore’s cradle-robbed husband is NOT filling Charlie’s shoes at ALL, but just giving us a cheap warmed-over helping of leftover Kelso…. that’s what you get for replacing tiger-blood with Chuck Lorre-bile!

        Charlie’s like a guy who sold his tickets to the Titanic for 10 times what he paid for them– i.e. it’s a WINNING-WINNING situation!

  8. lol, looks like Mr. Tiger’s Blood will have the last laugh after all!

    • Yea, go Charlie!

  9. Whoaaaa, that’s a lot of money for the sitting at the couch at home!!!

    Charlie rules. Is this the best deal in tv history or what (well moneywise I mean)?!?!

    Charlie is the absolute master. He was also the best man at the Roast last monday. Did you guys see it??

    I put the transcript of Charlie’s lines online

    • Way to go, Charlie – WINNING!

  10. CHarlie Sheen is a sad human being. The only thing he is “winning” is he is next up in the “Death Pool” at my office.

    • Jealous much?

  11. Personally, I think Charlie was just being tactful when he said that he loved the (cringingly awful, in my opinion) premiere episode, which is a lot more than I can say for his former co-stars.

  12. Charlie Sheen was always winning. He had the people behind him. And the people hate corporations.

  13. The show is not the same with oit charlie. He made the show.

  14. The only reason everyone is still talking about the show is because of Charlie Sheen. He has made it famous and has not only made money himself but a hell lot more for Warner Bros.

    Frankly I don’t care how Charlie may be on a personal life (unless he is a pedophile or a murderer). Because I don’t know him personally and I don’t his wife either. And I am pretty most of you here don’t know him either personally, so stop judging people unless you planning to get married with Charlie.

    I know Charlie as one of the great hollywood actor, and that exactly the reason I like and respect him.

  15. There is no one out there to replace charlie on this show, not after he fitted and played the character so well for so long.(it was simuler to his lifestyle) Almost everything that he’s played in has been good. And its obvious he beat cbs on this. As an actor i think he’s great, as a person an uter failure. What a great example for younger generations, and very classy. Classic case of losing while winning.

  16. i love charlie sheen. Im from Malaysia. Im really love until i watch season 9. and its realy crap.. without charlie, there is no two and a half men. please bring him back..