‘Two And A Half Men’ Adds Charlie’s Long-Lost Daughter as Series Regular

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two and a half men adds woman cast Two And A Half Men Adds Charlies Long Lost Daughter as Series Regular

It’s been two seasons since Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper character left Two and a Half Men, and while the show has effectively moved on – plugging Ashton Kutcher into the lead role while continuing to perform in the ratings – Chuck Lorre and company now find themselves in a somewhat familiar situation with Angus T. Jones leaving the show, or at least, lessening his presence.

So, what’s a 10 year old sitcom to do when it loses another one of its three original stars? Well, first they thank their stars that Jon Cryer is as durable as a cockroach in a nuclear war and immune to the allure of a viral video breakdown, and then they go on the lookout for a new cast member – a female cast member who will play Charlie Harper’s grown up secret-sin-baby.

So, which actress will get this plum gig? Unfortunately, we have no idea right now, but with regard to her origins, Deadline reports that:

The girl, in her late teens or early 20s, shows up on Walden Schmidt’s (Ashton Kutcher) doorstep searching for her father. She claims to be a daughter of the house’s previous owner, recently departed perennial bachelor Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). I hear the girl will eventually move in with Walden and her uncle Alan Harper (Jon Cryer).

two and a half men adds woman charlie sheen Two And A Half Men Adds Charlies Long Lost Daughter as Series Regular

With Charlie Harper’s penchant for carousing, this development can’t come as a huge surprise. The show even played around with this scenario in the season 6 premiere, “Taterhead is our Love Child” when Rena Sofer appeared as one of Charlie’s many, many ex-flames, brandishing an 8 year old to try and get money out of Harper. This time, though, the writers are obviously choosing to commit a bit more, but the question is, how will they do it?

Will she act like or be made to resemble Charlie Sheen’s character? Is she going to court Walden and/or lovingly pick on Alan? How about this: now that there are two guys and a girl, are we destined to see a Pizza Place? Maybe there will be no real change at all and the successful status-quo will remain.

Sadly, we won’t know the answer to these questions until next season, but it’s fun to speculate and wonder in which ways this new character will be utilized to try and kickstart a show that may or not need it.


New episodes of Two and a Half Men will return to CBS in the fall.

Source: Deadline

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  1. And this shoe has officially jumped the shark. I give it one maybe two more seasons.

    • Whoops! That’s show.

      • lmao! i thought you were making a clever amalgamation of “the other shoe has dropped”, and “jumping the shark”, but i see what auto correct did there!

    • LOL, it’s jumped the shark long before dude.

    • the point being that this show survived Charlie Sheen…and has survived well…a new day has dawned in TV…jumping the shark is long gone…this show has staying power and the ratings show it…way to go Chuck Lorre for hanging in there and not only surviving but in a way,showing the world that Television not only has an edge,but a whole new beginning…

      • Just because a show survives, and is still able to generate a lot of money, doesn’t mean its still good. Look at the prime examples, like Star Wars, or American Idol.

      • Just because a show survives, and is still able to generate a lot of money, doesn’t mean its still good. Look at the prime examples, like Star Wars, or American Idol.

        • I agree somewhat. American Idol is a great example. Still generates the ratings but the show is just awful. Unfortunately though people seem to love their reality TV no matter how dumb it is. Another example is that Teen Wolf show on MTV. Just awful writing and plot details but yet it gets huge ratings. That’s just the way things are going now a days.

          • That would imply that the show was once good. So teen wold doesnt apply

  2. What? Whaaaaaaaaaat? Whatever, couldn’t possibly get any worse than before.

  3. Maybe they should have had a little girl or something. Jake stopped being as relevant or funny as before when he got older in my eyes.

    • That would put it right up there with the “lets replace Rudy Huxtable” train of thought. That didn’t work out either. I think they tried it on Full House too, with the twins of Jessie and Rebecca.

  4. Perhaps when Charlie Sheen wished the show good luck after his departure, he really put a curse on it.

  5. This crap is still on the air?


    They can add a dinosaur who plays in a speed metal band for all I care, it still won’t be funny.

    • That would improve the show so much. Someone needs to call the networks heads.

    • My only concern.. They’d want to use a T-Rex, which is just silly. No way those tiny arms can properly shred. My suggestion would be a velociraptor since the arms are more better suited. And for the show’s finale, the raptor could eat everyone after signing a record deal with a major label.

  6. Easy answer – find a way to bring Charlie back. Easy solution – show will skyrocket in ratings (possible scenario – Charlie appears at the door looking thin, worn out, and really rough – Rose apparently left him on a deserted island after being mad that he cheated on her after they married. Pretended he died. Easy and ratings will come back immediately – guaranteed!

    • Can’t do that. At the funeral it referred to him as being pushed in front of the train in France and Rose did it and watched him die.

      • To be fair since when has Rose ever been known to tell the truth? I mean she did explain how he exploded like a meat bag so that’s nothing to say she didn’t just want people to believe she murdered Charlie,

        I mean for someone who deeply disturbed the guy as much as Rose it stands to reason Rose would think that death was too good for a person like Charlie.

    • Charlie can still be brought back somewhat realistically, as realistic as the show is anyway. Charlie could have somehow survived being pushed in front of a train. Or with Rose being as crazy as she is, she could have mistakenly pushed the wrong person in front of the train or something. There has to be a good story though. Maybe she was on medication and thought she killed him. And maybe Charlie fled the country to get away from her and is whoring around Europe or something or is hiding from her after being caught cheating. Who knows.

  7. well at least their not getting miley cyrus as a regular thank god for that

    • +1

      Most annoying character ever!

  8. Does anyone else see a comeback as corny as when Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower after being killed the previous season?!

    I can see them trying to bring Charlie back in some way. They know the show is CRAP without him!

  9. It seems they are scraping the bottom of the barrel now pulling every idea out of a tophat blindly. How is this show still on air it’s a wonder why it has not even been pulled yet. They have to notice the extremely low ratings for the show it’s impossible not to. Besides I would take Ashton Kutcher in any other shoe but this. This is going to the lowest form and rate of comedy.

    • Extremely low ratings? Granted it’s not the number 1 show like it was in its heyday, but it’s usually in the Top 20 still and usually wins its time slot.

  10. Chuck is only keeping this show on the air to spite Charlie. He wants to show that it could survive without him and it is only surviving because CBS has no other comedy’s to fill its spot.

  11. Why not a Charlie Harper spin-off show if all else fails.

    • I can’t see Chuck and Charlie ever seeing eye to eye on anything ever again. Charlie Sheen didn’t just burn that bridge he blew the damn thing up and put a hill in the middle.

  12. This is stupid. The show has fallen so much. It should have already ended after Charlie left. But seeing as ratings are still high for a CBS comedy, its still on air. Idk whose watching it, but it seems many people left and new people came just for Ashton Kutcher who is the WORST actor ever. Oh well, maybe this addition to the cast will finally kill the show.

  13. This show was great when it came out–funny, edgy and nothing was really off-limits. Pioneering TV for the 21st Century. Sadly, the show has long-since outlived it’s usefulness. Season 8 (Charlie’s last-stand, if you will) was rather pathetic & in retrospect, the star’s destructive lifestyle was clearly evident. Having said that, it became abundantly clear that Charlie Sheen was the sole driving-force behind the show’s success. The ‘Alan’ character became an even more wretched leech and I honestly kept waiting for him to surgically sew his lips to Walden’s ass. It was embarrassing to watch—and aside from the only funny episode where Charlie came back as a woman (and that was only done as well as it was through the dark-comic genius of Kathy Bates) I have found no reason to waste my time on this vomit-fest. Angus T. Jones was smart enough to get out, his religious experience aside. And all I can really say is that “Two-And-A-Half-Men” has earned 3 Strikes–and should be put out of it’s misery. Mr. Lore, you made good TV at one point, but this show only produces more crap than the monkey-house at the zoo & needs a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ tag.

    • Exactly. With the path they chose post-Sheen, the show quality has generally been dire with occasional good episodes.

  14. so they will be changing show name to “two and a half WOmen”?

    • Either that or she was originally a son and a got a sex change.

  15. This… Thing! WHY WONT IT DIE!?

  16. I have not seen the show since Charlie left.

    Perhaps they could get Dakota Fanning.

  17. Amanda Bynes = WINNING! She’s nuts as well!

    • Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Benson would work.

      • +1

    • Amanda Bynes ‏@AmandaBynes 11h

      I’m Not Crazy

      Haha. I knew it!

  18. Close the series. Its good but not the same without sheen.

  19. The show is just not the same without Sheen. First off, the basic premise does not work – Alan would not just move in with a stranger. Also his entire character development has been thrown out of the window. Clearly he was always wimpy compared to Charlie but with Walden he is just pathetic.

    Also, the thing that was best about this show was the disjointed family backdrop and the relationship between Charlie, Alan, their Mom (who I always thought was brilliant on the show) and Jake is just not present anymore. A far better approach to continue the show would have been to have Charlie give Alan money in the will – because it is shown many times that he actually does care about him, he was just an ass to Alan for his own entertainment as Alan was his brother, he didn’t really hate him – and for this to be used for Alan to get a medical degree. This would result in the full development of the character and he would assume the Charlie role due to his new confidence. Jake should then at whatever age he was have knocked someone up and had a baby boy. They could have ended season 8 like that and started season 9 with the kid being 4 or 5. Jake could have joined the Army still. This would have resulted in the show still being about the Harper family and that has been lost in the new seasons. This would create a new dynamic but a really fun one I feel. A plot twist like the one being brought in this new season could then have still been brought up. It works as it is related to the Harper family.

    It’s a shame that Lorre just looked to place a big name in the show to keep up that ratings. Some of the new episodes are good, but overall it lacks the charm and originality that the show started with and an aspect that many people could relate to – the unconditional love of family. The original idea was sooo good, it is a shame when something falls so far from grace! I mean how does a female charcacter fit into the lead cast of two and a half MEN. That kind of character should have a supporting role with a season long story arc! Ahhhhhh!

  20. I tried to watch it a couple times after Charlie was gone, but the writing was so bad that even the canned laughter had to be pushed into laughing. Actually though they lost something in the writing at least a year or so before that. It used to be a clever show with a lot of really funny one liners that Charlie could deliver with his great timing sense. It used to be a real belly laugh kind of show until the producer went wack job and changed it

  21. OOOOHHHH COME ON…end this show already, I have to say that I am guilty of watching the past two seasons, but this show is garbage..

  22. I don’t know why all the fuss about Charlie leaving. The show is a rancid pile of cow dysentery regardless of his presence. I believe that people who like this show should have some of their constitutional rights revoked.

  23. To say the truth i give the show a oportunity to see if it was good but them it focus way too much on Walden that every other characters were simply not relevant anymore like judith, herb,rose even jake and they have cool guest stars like steven tyler now there aren’t even guest stars. The show now is exaggerate things WAY too much to try to make it funny.

    Plus when i watch this “charlies Daugther” i knew this was going to rock bottom and losing creativity.

    R.I.P—Two and a half man

  24. Show not the same with out Charlie…

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  26. Its little funny how one triesto make there be a twist by adding that charlie having long-lost daughter but its understandable that charlie wanted to protect his daughter from well evelyn
    not jenny getting messed up like he was and it would be amusing if Charlie faked his death if
    ran then if he returned back if found out his daughter spent time with evelyn and charlie going crazy and also protective trying to get his daughter away from evelyn that would be understandbale and it would be fun if CHARLIE returned back in the like 2 episodes of two and a half men a way to end it with charlie coming back if charlie really faked death if many just asumed he died and not disguised himself maybe travelled around thats alL.