‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Says Stop Watching, Calls the Show ‘Filth’ – Is He Right?

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UPDATE (with Apology): Angus T. Jones’ Rant & Apology Explained – Why You Shouldn’t Care

After Charlie Sheen’s controversial exit from the series, Two and Half Men had a few good months of normality.  Now, series star Angus T. Jones – who plays the “half” in the series title – has few things to say about the show he grew up on (and still works on). Specifically, he considers the show “filth” and wants people stop watching. Why? Because he doesn’t want to be on it anymore.

Jones’ feelings about Two and a Half Men were revealed in a recently-released video testimonial for The Forerunner Chronicles (above – skip to 7:39), where Jones was speaking in-depth about  about the evolution of his religious beliefs. Deadline is reporting that Jones recently became very serious about his faith.

Here’s what Jones had to say about Two and a Half Men:

If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men.

I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth…

These comments, which you’re likely to hear repeated most often, certainly do make Jones’ feelings about Two and a Half Men clear. However, Jones, who was 10 when he began working on the series, does go on to explain why he feels this way about this series:

People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.

If I am doing any harm, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be contributing to the enemy’s plan.

Yes, the “enemy” probably refers to the Devil. But even if that is the case, Jones, now 19, is simply referencing the type of series that Two and a Half Men is. Even though the show airs at 8:30pm, Two and a Half Men is a highly sexualized adult series. Sure, there are a few jokes here and there that children will laugh at, but the series is generally directed at an older crowd – as is CBS’ entire line-up (their demographic is largely made up  viewers 34+). For the most part, it sounds like Jones doesn’t think the type of humor Two and a Half Men contains is appropriate.

two and a half men cast photo1 Two and a Half Men Star Says Stop Watching, Calls the Show Filth   Is He Right?

As previously stated, Jones was 10 when he began on the series. So while viewers have been watching him mature on TV, he actually has been growing up in real-life, too. And, with growing up comes the development of opinions, tastes and beliefs. Though it may sound odd coming from the star of a show, Jones’ opinions are his to have. Homeland star Mandy Patinkin famously quit Criminal Minds because he no longer wanted to be a part of a show with so much violent imagery.

Though we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Jones will continue on the series, it does present one of the first instances of a child actor to growing up to publicly stand against the type of series he’s been working on. Actually, it’s surprising that it hasn’t happened previously. Sure, we’ve had Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus all step away from their Disney stigma. But that was, essentially, them wanting to step away from the “family-friendly” label that they were slapped with. In Jones’ case, he just isn’t happy with the type of material Two and a Half Men handles; now that the “half” has grown up, he doesn’t like what the “two” have been doing.

Still, I’m sure there are more than a few people will agree with Jones’ plea to stop watching Two and a Half Men - though probably not for the same reason.


Two and Half Men airs Thursdays @8:30pm on CBS.

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Source: Forerunner Church [via Deadline]

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  1. I’m sure he’s so appalled by the show that he will return every cent he’s made from it.

    If you like the show, watch it. If you don’t, change the channel. If he doesn’t want to be on the show, then he should quit.

    We don’t need another rich Hollywood type preaching to us, especially literally about a god that doesn’t exist.

    • My thoughts exactly. No offense to religious people, but this is a good example of the brain washing that comes with religion.

      • @Scape – Just because you don’t believe in any type of God or religion doesn’t mean everyone else is brainwashed. And you can’t start a sentence with “no offense” to someone then proceed to say everything they choose to believe in is bunk – kinda hard NOT to be offended by that.

        I’m not slamming you for being atheist or anti-religion (assumption on my part so forgive me if I’m wrong).

        • I’ve met my share of religious people, and I respect their beliefs. But unfortunatly they seem to not respect my atheism and go nuts when I say I loathe religion. They’re just narrow minded and fail to come up with serious arguments to my questions. And half of the comments on this thread prove my point.

          • @Scape – I’ve been in religion all my life, a Christian since I was 12 – I know the type of person you are referring to but we aren’t all that way.

            As for not being able to answer your questions – anyone can ask questions that have no logical answer when it comes to religion…that’s why it’s called a belief. You just don’t believe so of course none of the answers will satisfy you completely. That’s just how it is.

            As for the comments on here, none of these people are really hurting anything – they’re just supporting this kid and doing so in a religious context.

            Sorry you loathe religion but I can understand why you would. Followers of all religious faiths haven’t done a very good job of “walking the talk” – I’m guilty of it too. Cults are killing each other, militant Islamics are killing others, Catholics are molesting boys, and many other Christian sects are having affairs with underage girls – it’s not a very enticing road to travel.

            The thing is, I don’t believe in a religion – I believe in God. There IS a major difference there in my opinion.

            It’s all good though, you aren’t my only atheist friend. :)

    • It isn’t about religion as much as people putting their money where their mouth is. He has a right to dislike the show for whatever reason, and he has the right to voice his opinion (granted contractually and workplace wise I don’t think it will go over so well). But this is a guy who has made a decent sum of money for not much work from what little of the show I have seen.

      There are people struggling to survive right now and if he is as serious about his religious faith as he says then I hope he is doing something worthwhile with the money he has made off of the show over the years. Money talks, BS walks….

  2. This is NOT the first time a young star has questioned the morality of the show were working on! Kirk Cameron did it years ago and has been persecuted for his Christian beliefs ever since.

    • Being made fun of and persecuted are two very different things. Kirk is doing just fine. In fact,I can’t remember the last time i saw an oppressed/persecuted person on TV who then collects a paycheck afterwards.

      • Persecution according to Websters is ” to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict; specifically : to cause to suffer because of belief”

        Being made fun of is certainly a form of persecution, by definition.

        • Good Point

        • To shoe horn two words or phases like “make fun” and “persecute” is wrong. To “make fun” involves ridicule with words, the very words granted by our first amendment AND ARE NOT MEANT TO CAUSE INJURY (can’t stress that enough, since it’s the basis of the phrases’s def). To truly “persecute” somebody is (from webster) intended to cause injury or suffering (in this case, due to religious believes.) These are two different words. To help you, “mock, lampoon, ridicule, tease” are all found in a thesaurus under “make fun”. Not quite the same as “punish, causing injury, suffering.” Maybe next time look up both words. (see, i’m making fun of you with that last sentence, not persecuting your right to give your opinion) This is about the English Language not personal belief.

  3. I actually like the show and I like him, but it amazes me that this season he has only had one or two minutes in most episodes, none sometimes, yet he gets paid at least $100,000 per show. He was featured in only two episodes this season so far, having some pretty sexy scenes with pretty sexy dialog with Mylie Cyrus. He didn’t seem to mind. Anyway, it seems like he is being phased out of the show, so he will get his wish.

    • maybe he see’s that he’s being phased out and thought he’d beat them to it and get fired on purpose.

  4. Stick to your guns Angus! We need more young men like you!

    • If he returns every cent he’s ever made on the show, THEN i will believe him. I respect people with conviction but this guy hasn’t convinced me that he is really sticking up for what he believes.

      I’ve seen my share of hypocrites and I’ve learned to recognize that your words mean nothing if you don’t back it up with action. Otherwise, your words just serve to glorify yourself and make yourself look superior.

      I’d like to think Angus ISN’T a hypocrite but whining and bitching about the evils of a show on an interview DOESN’T make you a hero. Specially if you enjoy the paycheck.

      And I hope he realizes that if people drop the show, all the other guys working on it will lose their jobs. Jobs they need to support their families. Perhaps he’s willing to donate his succeeding paychecks (and all the money he’s made on the show) to the guys he’s putting out of a job.

      That said, I stopped watching 2 and a half men a long time ago, as both it and Big Bang Theory seems to have regressed into shows “going for the cheap laughs.” And considering it started as low brow humor to begin with, regressing

      I’m a Catholic Christian by the way, but I have a college education which is why I don’t go around acting like a parish-less preacher and instead respect other people’s right to their beliefs as long as they don’t trample on mine.

    • i agree 100%! Good for him to stand up for what is right!!

  5. they show has always been about crude double meaning jokes, but i can see where he is coming from. one doesn’t realise what they’re doing until they change their perspective and look at themselves form another point of view. i say good for him.

    the show itself starting eat produce form my rear end after they repeated the same formula over and over again (charlie meeting the right woman the messing things up). it started to loose its magic around the time the big breasted woman came into the show (forgot the characters name).

    now i just watch 2 broke girls for my dose of crude comedy, it’s way funnier and interesting :)

    • why don’t you keep your produce in your fridge?

  6. Love that Angus made a testimony with merit.

    He shows spine.

    So, why do bad things happen to good people?
    It’s called Free Will.
    In order to preserve and maintain freewill established by God
    it has to permit all things in ‘will’.

    God does not and cannot allow Himself to control all things when He grants freewill.

  7. The guy should be respected for standing up for his beliefs rather than just being another robot for money.

    As an aside, the show had witty writing and solid acting for a while. Now, the storylines are played out, and it has “the Ashton factor.” That guy should definitely be playing the lottery every chance he gets because he cannot act, and he is not funny. It’s time for the show to say bye-bye, for a number of reasons.

  8. Is it just me or is he giving off a serial killer vibe in that video? Talking about eternal damnation, filth and the “enemy”, with that shaved head and those Lee Harvey Oswald era glasses? He even has the three names! Creeps me out.

    • lol yeah kinda spooky O.o

  9. How about people just stop watching because of the fact that the show sucks ass. That seems plenty of a reason to not watch it.

  10. what a moron this kid is. no one cares

  11. Give the boy a chance folks, he obviously became a Christian after the current season was taped. He hasn’t realized yet that if you are a Christian you have no right to receive a paycheck even if you hate what you’re doing.

    I applaude him for speaking out and taking the next step to following a path that will lead him to eternal life.

    Those of you who slam Christianity have a fear of what? A loving God? I feel sorry for you all. Wouldn’t you rather believe in something and find out later that it doesn’t exist than not believe and find out later that it does exist?

    God be with you Angus

    • By the way, the first paragragh was sarcasm (for those of you who don’t know the difference).

  12. In all honesty the “kid” can believe whatever he wants. Him believing in God has no effect on my life so more power to him.
    Hopefully as he grows up he will realize his words have consequences and while he’s making $300,000 per episode there’s a lot of people who work on that show who are living paycheck to paycheck and need the show to feed their family’s.
    But like I said he’s a kid. A kid who’s grown up in the Hollywood bubble and has no idea what the real world is like for someone who’s not filthy rich. Hopefully this will teach him a few lessons about life and he’ll one day realize that when he was a 19yr old thinking he knew everything, he actually didn’t know squat…

  13. I bet he’s not serious enough to give up the millions of dollars he’s made while working on the show!

  14. Wow. I feel sorry for some of you posters on here. The kid is trying to be positive and mature and trying to choose a path of modesty and morality and you guys are blasting him? Would it be better if he drowned himself in drugs and alcohol like most of his peers? Some people here would rather see someone fail just because it’s makes themselves feel better about their own sad life. Who cares if the kid never acts again after this show. Does that make him a failure? As long as he’s happy is what’s important.

    • He can believe what he wants, and if he has such strong feelings the quit the damn show, wish everyone well and move on with your life, this video just makes him out as a spoiled rotten kid, he needs to grow up and be a man, not make some stupid video and cry like a b****

    • positive is fine, but you dont do it like this, if he feels as strong as he says, the you quit the show and wish them well and move on with your life. This video just makes him look horrible and by the way the guy next to him sure has some WACKED out beliefs himself

  15. Great, another religious fanatic, just what the world needs.

  16. If he really feels this strongly about it then he should donate all the money he has made to help the less fortunate.

    • ^^^ This.

  17. This show is still on?… (note my sarcasm)

    It’s hardly a show anymore after Charlie Sheen left. Family guy’s parody on this show is classic though.

  18. This thread amuses me greatly. The kid is 19 and has no idea what he’s doing. He’s been living a life most of us will not experience so his views are extremely skewed. His beliefs aside, he’s young and impressionable. As an atheist I find his comments comical, but they’re his convictions, not ours.

  19. Filth?? Are we in the 1940′s? Really then all you defending him should throw your TV’s away and stop going to any movie rated above PG. I see more filth at a football game than I see on this show. All you defending this kid better stop watching Game of Thrones or better yet return your Avengers Blu Ray ASAP so you wont be a hypocrite like this kid.

  20. God is smiling:) So many blessings will be accomplished with this message. I never thought very much on celebrities taking the stand for Christ and willing to put their paycheck aside to have the RICHNESS of Gods eternal salvation.
    I read over some critical comments: Bottom line is…everyone of us has a right to “Righteous Judgement”, however, we none have the right to to pick anyones life apart, especially for Christ sake.
    If we are walking in LIGHT, we need to lift up this and thank God for the many others that will be blessed by this message.
    EXTREME WARNING: Any comments of gossip are pure of DARKNESS (meaning the enemy/satan).
    The Bible says “Blessed are the ones that are persecuted for Christ sake”. God is pouring down so many gifts right now on this Child of God that money will not be the concern at all. God says, “I will provide all your needs and do not worry, for worry does not add a single moment to your life.
    One more thing, God wants all of us that are on walking in HIS truth to work together for HIS glory. I am so thankful that I have been to many different church religions and I suddenly realized how that we are all serving the same God and as long as HIS Holy Spirit dwells within me, HE will lead me where HE wants me. I am so very thankful that HE is my best friend.
    Thank you so much for sharing this message and allowing me to share too. God is so very good…. all the time. HE keeps showing up and showing out. AMEN

  21. this little twerp lost my respect…i think the shows great, and it just shows how shallow he is by saying he doesnt like the show and being all high and mighty about god and doesnt want people to watch, but hes not above STILL doing the show and collecting a check from it….yeah thats reaaaly believable, andother phony ass actor….i mean for christ sake (no pun intended) at least when charlie sheen was unhappy he left (or was fired, however it went down)


  23. I think Angus showed a lack of respect in doing this, to the cast, crew and producers of the show. He if wanted off the show, he could have just as easily walked into Chuck Lorre’s office and asked to be let out of his contract, with no drama, no bringing attention to himself. I don’t understand how he is “sticking to his beliefs” by his negative statement about his employer. Some of you have already stopped watching the show, and others are not convinced of his sudden religious morality, saying what he did, while still collecting a paycheck from a “filth” show, which makes the way he did it, not necessary. You know what, I’ll write him off right now :
    Army Dude: “Are you Alan Harper”?
    Alan: Yes.
    Army Dude: “Mr. Harper, we regret to inform you that your son Jake Harper, was killed in Afghanistan”
    Alan: “Afghanistan, he wasn’t in Afghanistan”!
    Army Dude: Well sir it seems he got on the wrong plane and ended up there. I’m so sorry for your loss (hands him a flag) On behave of a grateful nation”………………..problem solved. And they could replace him with Bobb’e J. Thompson, the kid from Role Models. @xmisfit666x , Sheen was fired for talking bad about Chuck Lorre ( makes you say, hmmmmm)

  24. If you really listen to what he says in the video ( which looked like 3 different ones edited together) He never really finishes a thought, it’s just bits and pieces from everywhere, which made it seem like he didn’t know what he was talking about, and or never really understood what it was he was reading, cause none of it made any since. What I did get from it, is HE wants to leave the show, and does not want to be a part of it anymore, that was very clear. He said he can’t serve God, and the world, it’s one or the other……if true, he must leave the show, and no one can have a problem with that. If Sheen can be replaced, so can you very easily ( I’ll take the gig if he doesn’t want it….call me Chuck )

  25. I stopped watch this show because it got lame without Charlie, not because it’s filthy….I like filthy.

  26. Seriously? Religion is the big reason? Either quit and move on or shut up. It’s religion that messes with your head. This show made his career, show it a little respect. Besides if he does quit, what else is he going to do???

  27. Good for Angus T. Jones! He is growing up and learning at an early age that God should come first in our lives. Just take a look around at the world these days and see all the terrible things going on! People will critisize him and put him down for what he is standing up for but I always tell my children stand up for what you believe even if you stand alone! He is doing something most people never do and that is grow up!
    Remember “what you feed your mind is what you become in time”!

  28. Isn’t it funny that so many people here label that show as ‘filth’ but at the same time they watch shows like Breaking Bad where they show drug abuse and other shows where people get slaughtered and whatnot.

  29. I think the guy has a right to voice his feelings towards the show, frankly it sucks… specially after Charlie left, but as some have already commented… what about the cast and crew working their asses off? Maybe he should try to talk himself out of the contract or do a #winning stunt, but this is a low blow in my books.

    And I hate it when Religion is dragged into places it does NOT belong, be it education, politics, entertainment or anything else other than where it belongs… in a place of worship and in the followers’ hearts.

    I consider Religion, any religion to be guidelines to living a good life, but it’s sad to see that religion has become a dominating part of our everyday lives.

    As an Agnostic I believe in God, just not in religious rituals/practices and definitley not preaching others.