‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Says Stop Watching, Calls the Show ‘Filth’ – Is He Right?

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UPDATE (with Apology): Angus T. Jones’ Rant & Apology Explained – Why You Shouldn’t Care

After Charlie Sheen’s controversial exit from the series, Two and Half Men had a few good months of normality.  Now, series star Angus T. Jones – who plays the “half” in the series title – has few things to say about the show he grew up on (and still works on). Specifically, he considers the show “filth” and wants people stop watching. Why? Because he doesn’t want to be on it anymore.

Jones’ feelings about Two and a Half Men were revealed in a recently-released video testimonial for The Forerunner Chronicles (above – skip to 7:39), where Jones was speaking in-depth about  about the evolution of his religious beliefs. Deadline is reporting that Jones recently became very serious about his faith.

Here’s what Jones had to say about Two and a Half Men:

If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men.

I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth…

These comments, which you’re likely to hear repeated most often, certainly do make Jones’ feelings about Two and a Half Men clear. However, Jones, who was 10 when he began working on the series, does go on to explain why he feels this way about this series:

People say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch.

If I am doing any harm, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be contributing to the enemy’s plan.

Yes, the “enemy” probably refers to the Devil. But even if that is the case, Jones, now 19, is simply referencing the type of series that Two and a Half Men is. Even though the show airs at 8:30pm, Two and a Half Men is a highly sexualized adult series. Sure, there are a few jokes here and there that children will laugh at, but the series is generally directed at an older crowd – as is CBS’ entire line-up (their demographic is largely made up  viewers 34+). For the most part, it sounds like Jones doesn’t think the type of humor Two and a Half Men contains is appropriate.

two and a half men cast photo1 Two and a Half Men Star Says Stop Watching, Calls the Show Filth   Is He Right?

As previously stated, Jones was 10 when he began on the series. So while viewers have been watching him mature on TV, he actually has been growing up in real-life, too. And, with growing up comes the development of opinions, tastes and beliefs. Though it may sound odd coming from the star of a show, Jones’ opinions are his to have. Homeland star Mandy Patinkin famously quit Criminal Minds because he no longer wanted to be a part of a show with so much violent imagery.

Though we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Jones will continue on the series, it does present one of the first instances of a child actor to growing up to publicly stand against the type of series he’s been working on. Actually, it’s surprising that it hasn’t happened previously. Sure, we’ve had Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus all step away from their Disney stigma. But that was, essentially, them wanting to step away from the “family-friendly” label that they were slapped with. In Jones’ case, he just isn’t happy with the type of material Two and a Half Men handles; now that the “half” has grown up, he doesn’t like what the “two” have been doing.

Still, I’m sure there are more than a few people will agree with Jones’ plea to stop watching Two and a Half Men – though probably not for the same reason.

Two and Half Men airs Thursdays @8:30pm on CBS.

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Source: Forerunner Church [via Deadline]

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  1. Ha ha I knew before I read the story it was about religion.

    • Religion or not there is a huge amount of scientific empirically based evidenced that supports the mental and emotional harm that television (specifically sexual exploitation and crude humor) has on individuals of all ages; especially adolescents. Heck, look how Charlie Sheen turned out.(Yes, he was pretty bad before, but after living that script life for years, it’s no wonder he had a mental break)

  2. wow…..

  3. I personally loathe religion myself. Not because a belief in a God is stupid, but because belief in a certain God is stupid. Some believe in Jesus, some believe in the father of Jesus, some Odin, Thor, Zeus, Hades and so on, they make this God a person, and call it usually “he”. If a God did exist, do you think he would choose to be something as flawed as a human being? God is supposed to be a perfect being.

    I don’t believe in a God, but I completely accept that one might exist. It can never be disproved, and I’m fine with that. People who believe in such a thing probably does so because they’re born into it, or they just can’t fathom how the universe started. I myself, like everyone else don’t know how it started either. But let’s say a God started everything, where did he/she/it come from? What did he/she/it come from? To me, this is a question that will never be answered, because it simply can’t be understood

    • See, that’s where I stand too.

      We have no evidence to prove if God exists or who created “Him” but we do have evidence of The Big Bang and me being a science nerd, I enjoy every new discovery that leads us closer to finding out more about that.

      On the other hand, I also believe there is a God (whatever you choose to believe God is) that looks out for us, gives us guidance when needed whether or not we’re answered in whatever way (sorta like telling someone about a problem you have and the weight being lifted due to you letting go by talking about it).

      Now, what Angus is doing here is to be applauded because he’s standing by his values but the problem is, how long has he had this feeling? Did he come to this conclusion on his own or was he guided by other, more devout Christians?

      Religious folk can’t talk against “filth” such as sex and violence because honestly, not only are those two things in our nature, not only is sex encouraged so as to procreate according to many religions, you’ll find a lot of sex and violence in The Bible and other religious texts that are a whole lot worse than what we see on television yet fundamentalists and devouts argue that “filth should be off our screens to protect the children” while giving those same children a copy of their religious text featuring mass murder, sodomy, rape, incest and whatever else you can think of.

      As long as we all get along and don’t actually indulge in forced sexual practice against someone’s will or hurt others physically, shouldn’t that be the main concern of both religious and atheist alike instead of arguing about what’s on TV?

    • That last sentence really should be emphasized more often.

  4. Hypocrite is …as Hypocrite does! I wonder when he’s going to QUIT and GIVE all the money BACK?! Funny how money makes you tolerate the so-called untolerable.

  5. Just lost respect for this kid.

  6. Amazing the kind of animosity which is stirred up when one person actually takes a costly stand for what he believes. He doesn’t say the gov’t should ban the show. He’s not callously bailing on the program in the middle of its filming schedule. He’s simply expressing what he – as a serious Christian – feels about the content of this series. I have tremendous respect for this young guy – a whole lot more respect than I have for other celebs who glibly reference their “faith” in Jesus and then proceed to crank out, for years on end, films or music which repudiate everything He taught. I haven’t seen a specific explanation for why he doesn’t simply quit the program, but I suspect there are some kind of contractual obligations involved; or perhaps he doesn’t want to leave the rest of the cast, etc in the lurch half-way through the season. If he callously disregarded whatever contract he’s signed and walked off the set, I promise you he’d be criticized for not keeping his word. If he put Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer in a career bind by bluntly refusing to appear any longer in the series, I can guarantee all the Bible-bashers would be snottily quoting Scriptures about “love” and “kindness toward others”, etc. Well, Jones’s deepened faith in a God Who is holy has clearly put him in a bit of a bind and he is attempting to respond in a way that he thinks is right. His observation that things we put before our eyes for “entertainment” undeniably have an effect on how we live is irrefutable. Two and a Half Men IS a filthy show. Anyone who genuinely wants to follow Jesus Christ shouldn’t have anything to do with it — that’s not complicated, it’s commons sense for anyone who takes Biblical Christianity seriously. It’s curious that Mandy Patinkin drew comparatively little flack for ending his alliance with Criminal Minds. His decision, from what I can tell, didn’t arise from necessarily religious convictions. Angus T. Jones, however, has committed two upnpardonable sins (a pair of the few “sins” secularist America any longer recognizes): he had the audacity to actually apply his CHRISTIAN faith, beyond mere words and in the most practical of ways. And he has taken a swipe at the culture of sexual promiscuity worshipped by our society, too boot. The sophisticated set can’t abide that, no, no, no. Had Angus T. Jones dissed Two and a Half Men because he felt it was anti-woman or racist or “homophobic”, he’d be the toast of Tinsel Town today; or, at the very least, most folks will accord him quiet, if grudging, respect. Instead, he’s reminded entertainment-revering Western culture that lots of folks believe Jesus Christ is real, that their belief carries challenging responsibilities with it, that sex is not just a toy to be played with or the punchline for a lewd joke. That is what has gotten people ticked off. Nobody has to agree with Jones, of course; but anyone who professes “tolerance” for multiple viewpoints yet trashes this young actor for living out his heartfelt beliefs, is anything but tolerant.

  7. this is crazy. this kid…

  8. I’m sorry but this just comes across as a little arrogant. It’s like the kid feels that he’s suddenly so self-enlightened that he can authoritatively deride the show that he worked on. I’m not objecting to actors finding that they personally do not like the work they’re doing, but the way he speaks, it just sounds like “Oh yeah I was clueless before, now I’ve found like the absolute right answer to things and I’m not afraid to yell on and on about it!”.

    Also, has he quit the show yet? It’s pretty poor taste to start trashing a show that you’ve been working on before you’ve made that clear to the people working on it and quit, and it’s not like he was mistreated or being bullied on the show (as far as we can tell).

    • He’s young though.

      I know I’ve said some outspoken things in my life, especially when I didn’t have a filter due to youth.

      • I don’t blame him for being young and ignorant, but it’s still annoying that he thinks he knows it all already. Especially since he’s being given a platform and microphone to express it – which only reinforces his notion that he’s got it all figured out already.

  9. Two and Half Men is ‘filth’ in my opinion too, but not because of anything religious, its just an un-funny, dumb show.

  10. WOW!!! the future Timothy Mcbay here. From a psychological point of view you can see where he is going with this.

  11. I was careful not to say that this kid was in a cult but after researching the forerunner chronicles and the leader (interviewer in the video) Christopher Hudson it looks like at very extreme views of Christianity and border line cultish

  12. Wow, lots of easily offended atheists here. I was always of the impression that atheists and others who despise or even hate religion folks believed they were above all the religious kooks because they were tolerant of those with differing opinions unlike those supposedly religious fanatics. Looks like that differing opinion is only OK if its ant-religion?

    It says a lot that many here feel the need to identify this as “extreme” and cult like behavior. I guess that necessary in order to make yourself feel better about having a different opinion then Jones here. So long as you label him the religious fanatic who’s in a borderline cult then you can feel better about yourself. So long as we can label others as extreme and undesirable we can avoid asking the tough questions of ourselves that we don’t want to have to answer.

    I’m not saying I agree with Jones but one thing I certainly am not doing is labeling him as something derogative just because I don’t like his decisions. Then again I haven’t succumb to the group think like programming of the mass media like so many have.

    • “Then again I haven’t succumb to the group think like programming of the mass media like so many have.”

      Or the group think-like programming of thousands of years of worship in religious buildings such as churches and imams.

      Can’t insult the atheists and then use a statement that could easily be applied to religious folk too. What you see in mass media today is akin to what’s gone on for millenia in religious circles.

      Mass worship in church?
      Say hello to massive ratings hits such as X Factor.

      Performing ritual sacrifices to gods?
      Say hello to the celebrity culture that builds someone up then knocks them back down again.

      Religious groups insulting something they don’t understand?
      You get the picture.

      I’m not gonna call him a hypocrite because he seems to genuinely believe what he’s saying and with a convinction that shows that he means what he says. I’m also likewise not gonna call him out and demand he gets fired because why deprive someone of work regardless what they do and say?

      I do think the show should end though, not just because it has always been painfully unfunny but because he’s 19 now, Two And A Half Men has now become Three Men. Unless Kutcher’s character has a long lost child they bring in or they find a midget house guest.

    • I agree with you that people shouldn’t be so offended by it, but I don’t really like your assertion that everyone who’s offended or disapproving of him are just sheep succumbing to group think.

      I don’t think his behaviour is cult-ish, really. Plenty of regular people have somewhat strict conservative views like this. The annoying thing, probably, is that he’s young and he’s obviously just gotten into his current beliefs – yet he’s trumpeting them like he’s discovered the answer to life or something. It’s a little arrogant, but to me it’s not about the religion. It’s just about how the whole thing feels a little self-important.

      It’s like a young kid who discovers teen shows and then can’t shut up about how awesome the ‘older kid’ stuff is and how lousy kid’s programming is in comparison. It seems premature.

      Also I think it’s valid to say that it’s not particularly professional of him to trash a show that, as far as we know, he still works on. He made a contract to work with the show, if he really hated it that much, he could ask to be released from it before taking aim at it. It’s bad faith.

  13. i respect that about his faith and religion but what happen to this kid to make him said that i still wacht that show with or without him it still funny to me

  14. If you don’t believe in a god or just God, good for you. Religion is a set of morals and beliefs. Not facts. This guy is entitled to his own thoughts and beliefs. If he doesn’t like what’s going on, he’ll say something and/or leave.

    I’m religious, but I don’t strictly follow my beliefs 100%. Nobody does because nobody is perfect. I mean, there are people out there that bash a religion because of the big bang theory. But even that isn’t entirely accurate. I don’t think we’ll ever find out and honestly, who cares? What happens if we did? It contributes absolutely nothing to how people live and act today.

    Why do so many people trash religion to begin with? If you don’t believe in it, you don’t believe in it. Just live your life the way you feel it should be lived

  15. “…one of the first instances of a child actor to growing up to publicly stand against the type of series he’s been working on…”

    Umm Kirk Cameron ring a bell?

    • Yep, Jones is “one of the first.”

  16. Good on the kid for saying how he feels. Many of us would not do that. He is very right though. The show is filth. I have never understood the draw.

    • this show is MORE dirty than it used to be.

  17. except he is right the show is filth and all of you not supporting him are proof of how messed up our culture is saying that womanizing anf masturbation is alright. no! it isn’t that is basically all the show is about and Angus is right showing that crap is intolerable

  18. Thank you Mr moderator! You must have a tough job. I won’t add my opinion because it would not do any good. However, may I vote to close the comments section? If these are the kind of ‘discussions’ that this site is evolving into, then I will stop reading.
    – a daily Screen Rant reader

  19. I’m glad young Mr. Jones has developed a conscience…I wonder if it extends to his refusing all that “filthy lucre” they pay him to act in that “filth.” IF SO, good on ya! If not, you’re just another hypocrite, who gives the Body of Christ (the true Church) a bad name.

  20. Hey I’m not a big fan of tow and a half men obviously I’m a girl but your too big for the show now so what cha tripping about? And u said u love black people what about your own your own kind? Wow sounds like u need a little counciling as well buddy

  21. Hail Satan!

  22. Ok, so having said that “Two and a Half Men” is filth and that you don’t want to be on it and it’s soooooo horrible, maybe you should give back the millions of dollars you made while being apart of this “filth.” Get rid of that money or keep your mouth shut.

  23. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but
    I find this matter to be actually something that
    I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me.

    I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  24. Two and a Half Men sucks because it is stale, unfunnily crude and infects CBS like Seth MacFarlane infects FOX. People like Chuck Lorre and Seth MacFarlane are the reasons why I gave up on any new TV shows, closing myself off in “the comfort of the days when TV used to be good…or when TV shows actually had meaning”. If Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory and Family Guy are representative of the average television show today, then I weep for any good show that I will end up accidentally missing. For now, I will stay in my old media loop.

    As for the religion thing, I went w/e.