Head for the Cellars! Twister 2 Could Be Coming (In 3D)

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twister 2 header Head for the Cellars! Twister 2 Could Be Coming (In 3D)

Don’t shake your head as you read the title to this article. You KNEW that eventually this announcement was coming, so don’t act surprised. Back in 1996, a storm moved into theaters and Twister was its name.  Sucking up close to $500 million in worldwide receipts, it was inevitable that a sequel would be made. The weird thing is, it’s taken 15 years for the talk to even begin circulating, and that is truly odd for Hollywood.

Bill Paxton (Frailty, Big Love) recently spoke with Premium Hollywood about his ideas and research for a second Twister film and, I have to say, the man really seems to do his research pretty well. In the first Twister movie, the story revolved around a group of scientists trying to deploy their technology inside of a tornado’s vortex to help gather data on how the weather beasts are formed and ultimately develop a more advanced warning system to alert towns in their destructive paths.

Twister had a handy amount of destruction in it, but it also had a fairly decent amount of science; Paxton seems to want to focus on the destruction  for Twister 2 and that’s where I think the film will ultimately flop. Paxton says he got the idea for a sequel from a recent trip he and former Twister co-star Scott Thompson took into the Ozark Mountains to follow the path of one of the worst tornadoes in history, the 1925 Tri-state Tornado. You can read the full rundown of events surrounding that tornado HERE.

Paxton tells Premium Hollywood:

“So we just [took that trip] to kind of get some ideas, and from that I kind of extrapolated an idea for a sequel. And I kind of put that together into a format, and now we’re kind of waiting to see if that’s going to move forward. That would need Steven Spielberg’s blessing, ultimately, and they probably won’t take it to him ‘til there’s real studio interest, but I think the 3D applications of that could obviously be pretty amazing.”

Personally, I like the destruction aspect of films but honestly, it sounds like Paxton is pushing for more of a 2012 “disaster porn” approach with Twister 2 - but maybe I’m reading him wrong. Most, if not all, of the action sequences in Twister were completely unbelievable but utterly fun to watch. Who doesn’t remember the flying cow shooting past the truck window? That being said, I think audiences are now more educated to the actual science behind extreme weather, which will make telling an interesting story that much harder.

Discovery Channel has the hit reality show Storm Chasers, which has been on for 3 seasons and has managed to inform a large viewing audience as to how things actually happen behind-the-scenes while chasing storms. They even managed to get one of the more popular extreme storm chasers, Reed Timmer, on film as he sat in his vehicle while a tornado passed over him in the finale of season 3 (and no, he didn’t get out and strap himself to a pipe with a leather belt).

So what does Paxton think will happen with the story and humor in Twister 2?

“I think you’d still want to have a lot of the dark humor and all of that, with the flying cows and everything. I think you could kind of intrigue people more by getting into a little more of the lore and really understanding. I just think there’s a lot more to explore there.”

We’ll see Bill. I have my doubts that Twister 2 will be anything but a 3D ridden, over-the-top SFX visual bonanza with a spattering of mildly humorous dialog tossed in…but I could be wrong.

What do you think about a Twister sequel in 3D?

No dates for Twister 2 have been set.

Source: Cinema Blend, Premium Hollywood

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  1. I believe a new movie Twister 2 sounds exciting and awesome. Because I love tornadoes and I own the first movie Twister, which I watch lots of times. My favorite sceen in the first movie are all of them but my very favorite sceen is when they go after the F5 tornado because the F5 was awesome and my favorite from the Fujita Scale. This F5 always had ways to be smart and I loved how it chased Bill and Jo thru. I hope in the sequel there could be another f5 and a few more twisters to blow things around and to show many how to respect the wind or the wind will blow something back.

  2. I would love it if there is a number 2 Twister Movie with the Same People in it Except Melissa she was not much of a Actor in the First Twister,
    But Bill and Jo were made for this movie. They were Both Great,
    I want Twister 2 . now in 2011.

  3. My favorite movie ive been waiting and waiting and waiting for #2 for years hope it comes out : )

  4. I wore out twister the video and make sure that when it is on tv to watch it. I think a 2 would be great as long as they had most of the original people in it. It doesn’t have the same affect as if they substituted people. Kinda like the movie tremors. They had Reba in the first one then poof she was gone. I would be great if Paxton and Hunt were definitely not sub

  5. Hey is twister 2 gonna be the reg twister just 3d or is it a complete differant one :)

  6. I seriously cant believe that people think that what happens in Twister is how chasing really is (especially since that God forsaken show on the Discovery Channel exists now which is alot closer to real chasing, but still wrong)… I was 6 years old when this movie came out, and I thought it was BS then. I’ve been doing REAL chasing for 5 years now, and it makes Twister look even more stupid now. We DONT need a Twister 2 to further the misperceptions about chasing and severe weather.

    • dude its called a MOVIE for a reason, its entertainment, nothing has to be down to an exact science in cinema unless theyre doing a documentary so chill out and who cares if u chase tornadoes ur never gnna be able to fully understand or predict them to the fullest, and ur sure as hell never gnna find ways to slow them down or stop them so why dnt u get a real job and stop whining about stuff they get wrong in movies

      • Do you really think thats what were trying to do? Stop tornadoes from happening? I think that deserves an LOL.

  7. Justin, what is REAL tornado chasing to you??

    • Real chasing is driving 15,000 miles every year when your not even guaranteed a tornado or even a storm. Doing your own forecasts, taking every chance to chase that there is. Not this BS portrayed by Hollywood. I travelled 17,500 miles this year while chasing.

  8. Justin, you and your passion for storm chasing is admired and most probably, envied by many readers here. Your drive to collect the miles and forecasting on your own is quite the feat. However, I would prefer you to take notice towards the top of the page where, a heading can be found. The heading, is actually a reference that indicates what you should be commenting about. While the fact remains that you are a die-hard storm chaser that does things by the book is fantastic, it does little to engage the topic of a movie starring the original cast in an updated “Twister 2″ that many of us, are extremely positive towards. I wish you continued success in your real-life storm chasing.


  9. hi there i hope soo i hope they will have it on a 3d blu-ray disc make it for nintendo 3ds on a 3ds card like tekken 3d movie on the nintendo 3ds and have it on mspot and htc wach app both suport 3d movies on 3d phones and 3d tablets and have it movies on demand service also suport 3d movies like comcast 3d service

  10. I watched the original “Twister” until the VHS started to fade, i was 6 when i watched it the first time, im 16 now and its the best movie i’ve ever seen to date about something naturally occuring, make a twister 2, just make the movie better

  11. I hope to god that they make a second twister, and i would qlso be sure to buy it when it comes out on dvd.

  12. I hope to god that they make a second twister, and i would also be sure to buy it when it comes out on dvd.

  13. I believe they are shooting some scenes at Oakland university. I drove by and there where cars flipped everywhere and a storm chasing tank parked infront of what to appeared to be a mom and pop auto parts store. It looked sick

  14. I would like to see the first movie in 3D

  15. I love the movie Twister and hope Twister 2 will be coming out soon with the same actors. I don’t know what took 15 years for Twister 2, but hope it will be out soon.

  16. Twister is my fav movie of all time , I’d love to see a sequel ! The sooner the better I say , bring it on . Gotta keep the same actors but .

  17. Bring it on looking forward too seeing it,sounds
    like a great movie.Surprise it hasn,t came out before

  18. I would love if twister 2 came out i had the vhs tape of twister i watched it so much it faded so i bought the dvd.

  19. I love Twister and so does my son, he asks me mom is there gonna be a Twister 2? I’m like not sure, i hope so. I would love to see Twister in 3D , it is still to this day one of my favorite movies, and would love to see a sequel. I mean would could it hurt, there are way more stupid movies out there that waste money and i think this one specially being a 3D would bring in a lot of people. My son keeps wishing and wishing a Twister 2 will come out!!!!

  20. I can’t get n2 3D stuff

  21. Id love to see a sequel…Im surprised there wasnt one soon after the first..I really hope they have the same cast they all had great chemestry..They should open with parts from the first one and then fadt forwrd 15yrs later..I also think jo should be the reluctant one going into this movie but eventually gets the bug and jumps in like the brainyac she is and we all screem an clap..someyhings holding her back that happened in the first movie but shes never told anyone not even bill but finally breaks free from the terrior thats haunted her all these years..

  22. I have been waiting for years for a part 2 to come out. As I was leaving the theatre after seeing Twister I thought for sure that a part 2 was coming. I have been so disappointed that the sequel never came to be. I was excited when I saw Bill Paxton on a talk show saying that he would love to act in a sequel. He was saying that he would want the movie to have he and Helen Hunt aka Bill and Jo have a daughter together, and have her interested in Tornado chasing as well. I so hope that they do proceed with the movie, and in 3D that would be just amazing!


  24. Please please please bring out twister 2, I am a massive fan of twister, I think it’s a brilliant film, I love bill Paxton and Helen hunt they fantastic, I love tornados, I think they r very interesting things to watch, I would love to go tornado chasing and also I love to meet both Helen and bill, I am a massive fan, I really do hope that u do bring out twister 2 because for sure I will be at the cinema watching it and also I will defo have it on DVD please I would live to be notified of this new movie thanks from Karin tear

  25. Everyone please Join this facebook page “Twister 2 fan base to try to get a sequel” TO help make it happen https://www.facebook.com/pages/Twister-2-fan-base-to-try-and-get-a-sequel/207265239308043