Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

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The Social Network Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss twins Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

In honor of the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, we’ve compiled our favorite movie twins of all time. There are plenty of twins in movie history – some are memorable, while others are infamous.

In The Social Network, actor Armie Hammer portrays both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss with a funny and charismatic edge. I had no idea it was the same actor playing both characters until the credits rolled and a recent edition of American Cinematographer Magazine explained the process.

Some scenes used motion-capture technology to duplicate Hammer. At some points, “tracking dots were applied to the face of actor Josh Pence to help facilitate visual-effects techniques that would replace his features with those of co-star Armie Hammer.”

Now that you’ve learned a little extra about The Social Network, let’s take a trip back and remember some of the best twins in movies. Sometimes movie twins play off each other like Abbott and Costello – other films present them as foils for each other. The dramatic potential of twins is massive and provides the opportunity for their presence in any genre. Even Michael Bay (unfortunately) found a way to add a robotic touch to the genetic specialty.

Some films make the sibling relationship the core of their plot, like The Parent Trap. But many of our favorite twins fall by the wayside to a bigger story, like The Weasley Twins in the Harry Potter franchise.

If we don’t choose one of your favorite movie twins, give them a shout out in the comments section and tell us why they are on your list.


Star Wars – Luke & Leia

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Star Wars twins Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

Arguably the most famous twins of all time, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa redefined the relationship between brother and sister in the space opera. Separated at birth, they were reunited by fate – the rest is Star Wars history.

While Luke and Leia may be the most famous twins in movie history, they hardly look like twins. While this was essential to the identity issues in the Star Wars saga, it does add to the absurdity of it all. Twins separated at birth may grow to look slightly different, but the effort to cast actors that look similar to each other was clearly last on George Lucas’ priority list.

Many films would shape an entire story around the dilemma of twins separated at birth who eventually fall in love, Star Wars is so epic in scale that it becomes simply another chapter in an amazing tale. But we have their status as twins to thank for the wonderful relationship between Han Solo and Leia.


Harry Potter - The Weasley Twins

The Weasley Twins Harry Potter Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

Fred and George Weasley are two of the most beloved characters in the entire Harry Potter universe. The wise-cracking, troublemaking pranksters constantly find themselves on the wrong side of authority. But all of these traits make the duo even more relatable and lovable.

The Weasley Twins used the famous Marauder’s Map before handing it off to Harry Potter to help guide him through Hogwarts. They’re confident, funny and stars of the school, unlike their younger brother Ron, who often bears the brunt of their jokes. The Weasley’s barrage of fireworks and subsequent escape from Hogwarts during the vile Professor Umbridge’s reign is easily their finest moment.

Even amidst the constant jokes, the Weasleys do add some heart and soul to the famous cast of the franchise. Hopefully the two-part finale of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will send them off with a legacy of their own. Based on the book, it should be a worthy, emotional farewell.


The Shining - The Grady Twins

The Grady Twins The Shining1 Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

There is no question that The Shining changed the way we look at pre-teen twin girls forever. Put those girls in matching light blue dresses and it will send any grown man running in the opposite direction.

The Grady Twins have only a brief onscreen moment, but it is a terrifying moment. As young Danny rides his tricycle down the labyrinthine hallways of The Overlook Hotel, he stumbles upon a pair of twins rumored to be dead. The haunting only gets creepier when they make a simple request: “Come play with us, Danny.”

There is no question the Grady Twins are a part of The Shining‘s cinematic thumbprint. Its legacy as a classic film is due in part to the creepy kids that haunt the hallways of The Overlook. There is no discussion of movie twins without bringing up the Gradys.


Matrix Reloaded – The Twins

The Matrix Reloaded Twins Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

One of the best aspects of The Matrix films is the diverse group of characters that live inside the Matrix mainframe. The Twins, portrayed by Neil and Adrian Rayment, make up what is undoubtedly one of cinema’s most dangerous and intriguing tag teams. Their trademark white dreadlocks and “ghosting” ability instantly marked them as two of the most memorable Matrix characters.

The Twins’ appeal goes beyond the bare essentials. When the two are onscreen, they bring a snarky humor and witty back-and-forth dynamic. Beyond personality, it is their fighting skills that deserve some recognition. The two are relentless with a blade and utilize their ghosting skills in the most sinister ways possible.

While The Twins only appear in The Matrix Reloaded, they have left their mark on the franchise. Beyond The Matrix, they could go down as one of the deadliest and most exciting evil duos in movies. Personally speaking, I would love to see them in a spinoff.


The Parent Trap (1961) – Sharon & Susan

Hayley Mills The Parent Trap 1961 twins Our 8 Favorite Movie Twins & One Pair We Hate

Hayley Mills brought The Parent Trap to life, only to be glossed-over by a young girl named Lindsay Lohan in 1998. I should give Lohan some credit, she was an adorable child in the late ’90s and brought The Parent Trap to new generations of children like myself. Though, when I saw the original, I understood exactly what the remake was missing.

Mills was a child prodigy on camera. The Academy was so impressed with her performance in Polyanna they invented an award just for her – The Academy Juvenile Award. Her follow-up role was the dual part in The Parent Trap, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. A subsequent string of high-profile Disney films made her a child starlet.

Without the innovative techniques used in The Parent Trap to duplicate the same actress, we may not have experienced The Social Network‘s exhibition of Armie Hammer’s acting ability. Instead, a pair of identical twins with mediocre acting skills would have been cast to simply fit a mold.

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  1. Uh, that picture of Luke and Leia, creepy and incetuous as it is, where is it from??? Thats scene isnt in the movie, because he’s lying down in the infirmary after being attacked by the wampa when she kisses him.

    Is this another deleted scene I’ve never seen???????????

    • From the costumes I’d say Hoth.

      • Yeah its definitely on Hoth, but that scene is definitely not in the film. Very interesting, i thought I knew about all of the deleted scenes, although that one with the Lightsaber from ROTJ the other month was new to me too.

        • Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher dated for a while during filming. That’s just a photo someone snapped between takes.

          Also, Mike, uh, different sex twins are never identical, always fraternal. So it’s not uncommon for twins of the opposite sex to look nothing alike. But, then, of course, Luke and Leia weren’t supposed to be twins until the second draft of Jedi anyway, but that’s a whole other story.

          • Are you sure about that being a chance snap, Jbrose? Looks staged to me.

            • Yeah it looks staged to me too.

  2. The twins from The Matrix Reloaded? Really?

    What about the two hot twins from Planet Terror?

  3. The harry potter twins are the best! Theyre so hilarious….and the wonderland twins are cool too….

    • Rick, what do you think about Rowling’s revelation about maybe writing more books? There was us sayinbg it would never happen….

      • I would LOVE it actually i cant get enough…

  4. Good list! Could use a little more representation from the comedy genre though; most of the comedic ones here act as comic reliefs to their respective movies as opposed to being a part of actual comedy movies. There are actually two from this genre that I’d put in.

    First, Walt and Bob Tenor from the 2003 Farrelly brothers film Stuck on You. While the movie didn’t get widespread great reviews I definitely found it very enjoyable, due very much to the incredible on-screen chemsitry between Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon. The second one I would put in is Broken Lizard’s Bjorn Johnson as Landfill and Gil in Beerfest. Probably one of the most bizarre and random yet appropriate reveals given the rest of the movie.

  5. In fact does Luke ever wear that outfit in the film?

    • I think that’s the outfit he’s wearing at the beginning of the film before he gets attacked by the Wampa. We just don’t see it for very long on screen, not without a lot of snow in the way.

      • That’s possible, still I’d like to know more about tha picture because the scene isn’t in the film.

        • Has to be either a publicity still or a cut scene just before Luke heads out on the tauntaun, I reckon.

  6. Just a note…in the book The Shining by Stephen King, the girls are sisters and are 2 years apart-not actually twins. The actors in the movice were twins but that is not true to the storyline.

    • ugh, dont get me going on King adaptations!

      • No doubt. I could go on for days about King Adaptations. I will say this, the remake of the Shining was better. That was a true account straight from the book.

  7. I know I’m gonna get heat for this, but I loved The Twins from Transformers 2. You can call them “racist” all you want, but I know plenty of people from various races that act that way. Not just African Americans.

  8. Adding Arnold and Danny is brilliant!

  9. They weren’t racist! (The Transformers twins)
    They remind me of the puppet from the late 90′s Sprite commercials.

    It is a self inflicted stereotype and should be respected as such.

    • Yeah. I hated them too, but I didn’t think they were racist. Just completely unnecessary.

  10. One pair I would add is the Shobijin from ‘Mothra’.

    • never thought about that, good one. And I like the Twins from Transformers.

  11. What about Jeremy Irons playing both Beverly Mantle and Elliot Mantle from “Dead Ringers”. I can’t believe they did not make your list. Much more scary than the Matrix Reloaded buffoons.


    • Definitely! Performance of a lifetime. Should have won his Oscar for that instead of Reversal Of Fortune the following year, no question.

      • SO true, TBD. Irons was robbed in not getting the golden man for that role. Other movies have tried to mine that territory, but Cronenberg & Irons had something special in that movie. I always hoped they would team up again.

        • They did a few years later on M Butterfly, santa. Irons was excellent as ever, but the story didn’t grab me, and overall it’s my least favourite Cronenberg movie.

  12. The Twins from Men In Black

    Mary Kate and Ashley in any of their movies as kids

    Phil and Lil from the Rugrats movies.

    (rugrats and olsens seem alittle “bleh” but as a ’90s child myself i gotta give them some credit)

    Escape to Witch Mountain, 1975 or the 1995 remake, not the 2009 film

  13. Everything (including the twins) needs to be forgotten from the Matrix sequels. Those are two of the worst films I’ve seen.

    • I hated the Matrix sequels the first time I saw each of them in the theater. I watched them back to back a few years later and I had a whole new appreciation for them. I watched them both again about a month ago. The do seem to take the Matrix story from movie to what feels like a Syfy miniseries. Not so good in the theaters but I find them great to watch at home

      • Nope, they are still just stupid. I don’t like Keanu Reeves though. Ever time I see him I just see Ted Theadore Logan. Or the guy he played from Parenthood. Everything else he has just been trying to prove that he is not that stupid.

  14. how about Jennifer Love Hewitt in I Know What You Did Last Summer?


  15. you had me right up until matrix spinoff.

  16. Jean-Claude Van Damme in two films if I’m right.
    Well, ‘Maximum Risk’ is very watchable IMHO, Ringo Lam flair.

    • Yes! Van Damme as Chade and Alex in Double Impact. Definitely should have been on this list. I just hope Mike missed it by accident. :)

      • And that’s Chad not Chade.

  17. Don’t know if they’d qualify as favorites, but I’d add to the list otherwise Leonardo DiCaprio’s twins from Man in the Iron Mask, and the brother and sister from Pleasantville (Maguire and Witherspoon).

    But as for favorites, and these may not count, because they’re not actually twins but clones, but the twins, then triplets, then quadruplets from Multiplicity — love Keaton’s work on that one.

  18. Luke and Leia are NOT identical twins. They are fraternal twins. Do a little biological research on twins.

    • Actually you can have brother and sister identical twins.

      • Identical twins have to be of the same sex and mostly look alike.
        Fraternal twins can be of the same sex or of different sexes. They may look similar but usually look totally different. So it was not necessary for luke and leia to look similar. HTH.

      • here’s some information to correct your erroneous statement:


        identical twins can ONLY be same-sex.

  19. I like the twins in The Prestige.

  20. No twin town! That’s okay i’m probably the only person who’s seen it on this site

    • I have – first thing I ever saw Rhys Ifans in. He and his brother aren’t twins in that, though.

      • That’s true, but the movie is awesome!

        • Great characters. Very Welsh! I actually lived in Swansea till I was about 5…

  21. The Prestige remains my favorite Nolan film.

    • Mine too.

  22. the twin alien halfbreeds from the original V miniseries. That birth scene creeped me out the first time I saw it (when I was 7 years old)

  23. My favorite sets of twins are from Harry Potter and The Prestige. Thank you for not forgetting about the original Parent Trap.

    I also would like to see a movie with the twins from the Matrix. Don’t make it unbearable to watch like the Matrix sequels though.

  24. Wow guys, that spoiler is a real pain in the behind. I’ve seen the The Prestige, and I’m glad I have. It’s a pretty important plot part and you kind of give it away. Sure there’s a spoiler tag, but it doesn’t exactly hide the giant picture or the names.

    Might want to rethink the way you handle spoilers.

    • john,

      We do have a giant SPOILER ALERT, but you have a point – the info is directly beneath, so I’ve added some space between that warning and the title of that section.



      • I am of the firm belief that if you haven’t seen that movie you should be kicked anyway. It was really awesome.

  25. Those two contrivances from the Matrix 2? Really? I forgot they were even in the movie until I was reminded, that’s just how memorable their ‘performance’ was. It’s only partly their fault, though, the rest of the movie was terrible, too.

  26. How about Thad Beaumont and George Stark from The Dark Half?

  27. how could you not include the Macmanus brothers from Boondock Saints?

  28. What about the Kaufman brothers from “Adaptation”? Granted, they don’t have a huge presence in the film together, but Nicolas Cage gives one of his best performances as the pair. And that scene at the end is just sooo tragic.

  29. Don’t forget about the MacManus Brothers the fraternal twins from Boondock Saints!! Regardless of the flaws in direction in both films (esp the 2nd) they were very badass and memorable characters.