Will ABC Return to Twin Peaks?

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twin peaks header Will ABC Return to Twin Peaks?

Despite having been off the air for nearly two decades, the series Twin Peaks remains a cult favorite that continues to seduce new fans with its mix of horror, mystery, and offbeat humor. If series writer/co-producer/executive story editor Robert Engels has anything to say about it, you haven’t seen the last of that puzzling town and its quirky cast of characters.

In an interview with Moviehole, Engels indicates his desire to resurrect Twin Peaks in some fashion:

I think if we could figure out a way to do it, I think everybody would have fun going back. You just don’t want to do Return to Mayberry. It’d be a miracle to get the whole group back together again but I think, all things being equal, they’d say ‘I’m in’. I certainly would.

Apparently this goes beyond Engels’ own optimistic speculation – the network is interested as well:

The network will come to me and say ‘What do you think about this?’ Thing is, all the writers and directors from the show have gone to have nice careers, and none of them will want to come back and do, as I said, Return to Mayberry. When people think of Twin Peaks they usually think of it as this show about a town full of weird people… and that it was quirky. But I think what they’re forgetting is that it also had a lot of heart. There was so much emotion to it. It’s a quirky town, sure, but there’s so much more in it – and it gets lost when people try to revisit that.

twin peaks 02 Will ABC Return to Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks originally aired on ABC – the network that just bid farewell to Lost. Engels touches on the fact that Lost owed a great deal to Twin Peaks and would probably never have existed without it. So as ABC tries to find a way to fill the void left by that pop-culture juggernaut, it seems natural that there’d be some discussion about the possibility of resurrecting Twin Peaks.

Engels stresses that all of this is conditional on the participation of series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, but goes on to confirm that Lynch has long maintained his interest in these characters and their world.

While there are no concrete plans at the moment, the fact that there’s even interest in bringing back Twin Peaks is pretty exciting. If you ask me, the first season is some of the best television ever produced. I know fans remain divided on the second season, and while it definitely falters a bit, they had some intriguing ideas in play. It’s common knowledge that with declining ratings, the network required them to reveal the identity of Laura Palmer’s killer halfway through the season in an attempt to lure viewers back. Unfortunately, this severely complicated and hindered other story lines that were developing.

twin peaks 01 Will ABC Return to Twin Peaks?

I’m not sure how much of a difference the original story arc would have made on viewer’s reactions, but it’s a shame that Twin Peaks was axed before it had a chance to find its footing again. Say what you will about the movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but I enjoyed quite a bit of that as well.

Check out the rest of the interview for more of Engels’ insights into the show, the film, and the future of Twin Peaks.

Would you be up for a return to Twin Peaks? Would the show fare better now than it did in the early nineties? Would you prefer they leave it as it is? Sound off below.

Source: Moviehole.

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  1. What about Twin peaks mix in with some Alan wake (:

    • how about no…how about he comes up with something differnet and original instead of updating/rehashing..ruining my fond memories of that great show

      • a remake would be awesome

        • No, no, no remake! NO! The actors, the locations, the 90′s feel, the campy yet offworld feel to the shooting and the cutting.. Absolutely no remake of this! It’s a sacrilege to even think about it! :)

          Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me, despite some people do not like the movie, go together as a indeniable bundle.

          I would *hate* to see something so quirky, deceptively mystifying and captively entertaining, just because its so out there by today’s “standars”, be destroyed by some corporate profits-only production/script personnel. *shudder*

          When I watched the final, it ending with ‘how’s Annie?’, I felt awful, wonderful, disturbed and fulfilled at the same time.
          One can imagine the series of event’s that would pass from there on. What ever would happen to Cooper and every other character alive. All of that is best left for imagination. Also the story of Bob and Mike and their origin. The story for Laura ends there. And the movie made the that end so much more thorough.

          Remake would be like making remakes of Charlie Chaplin films: More colour? More special effects? More 3d perhaps? Who would play the part of CC or Virginia Cherrill? Would we be so much more immeresed in the world of 1920′s? It would be telling the story with modern means, not better, and thus obscuring what the original ever was.

          A somekind parallel series of Twin Peaks perhaps? With the same themes, maybe further elaborating to the nature of events?
          I doubt there would be a director/team that would be anywhere near up to the task, if Lynch wouldn’t be willing to do it allover again. If the script and story will not be received from the heaven’s, like ‘cooper cooper cooper’, it will not be good.

          Let Twin Peaks rest as it was imagined. Let us return there, at some point in the future, as it is, but let us also dream up completely new places and stories just as wonderful and more so. That’s a much higher challenge!

          • twin peaks sux

  2. In some ways, I’d love to see a return to “Twin Peaks,” but I find it hard to imagine they could ever lure back enough of the original cast to make it worthwhile. My worst fear would be ABC or another network trying to reboot “Twin Peaks.” I could very easily see an attempt to revive the show resulting in that instead, and that just seems pointless.

    I think it’s worth noting that it would face a greater battle for viewers now than it did back in the day. Many great shows on TV now have adopted some of the qualities that made “Twin Peaks” great and pushed beyond. I think the greatest example of this is the show “True Blood.” That the show is very much “Twin Peaks” with vampires.

  3. No way. Leave Twin Peaks be. Bringing it back is a ridiculous idea. Especially just after canceling Happy Town.

    • the brough back dallas and that went fine so twin peak could do ok to

  4. Anybody see that Downfall show last night on ABC?

    Downfall its not just a Tv show.

  5. It would be nice to know that Audrey did escape being blown to bits in the bank (she tied herself to the vault) and that the Good Dale Cooper fights off the Bad One/Bob. That said, aside from tying up a few loose (?) ends and *maybe* the return of some characters…

    It is understandable to have a new crop of characters. However, I have doubts on ABC. I’d much rather have it on cable, where they could get away with darker material. But if ABC does give Peaks another shot, I hope they don’t bounce the slot around.

    But I repeat: IF THEY DO, waste little to no time in wrapping up some plot threads and how they relate to today, just get it done. Worse comes to worse, fans get the finish, almost twenty some years in the making.

  6. I know cynicism is the readily available weapon of choice these days- I wield it myself quite often. So I understand the initial reaction to this news being “leave it alone”.

    BUT… for me it’s not like Twin Peaks has an untarnished legacy. There are probably already more mediocre episodes than there are good ones. I also don’t see how it would ruin anyone’s memories of the original run.

    Did any Knight Rider fans lose sleep over the numerous attempts to bring back that property? Did it change their feelings for the original show?

    If this comes to fruition and it doesn’t work, it’ll be a footnote in Twin Peaks history, not a tragic epilogue. The chance that it turns out decent would be worth the risk as far as I’m concerned.

    If they approached it as a sequel rather than a reinvention that would greatly help their odds. They wouldn’t even need all the original characters to return. In fact, it’d probably be best if they didn’t.

    I don’t like the idea of a new crew coming in and exploiting the name of something we love just to make a buck. I DO like the idea of Lynch and co. telling a brand new story set in this world. I think that could work.

    There have been numerous Twin Peaks clones, no doubt about that. Happy Town was certainly one of them. I think that’s what Engels is getting at when he talks about people misinterpreting what made the show work. It’s easy enough to duplicate the superficial things that made the show groundbreaking, it’s harder to make something as resonant.

    My interest in this is affected greatly by who’s involved behind the scenes. If what Engels is implying is true, for the moment I don’t think this is terrible news.

    • And hey, nobody would force you to watch. =-)

  7. In the red room Laura Palmer told Dale Cooper that she would see him in 25 years… sounds good to me!

  8. I can’t see Lynch make a wrap up set of episodes. You would only get that story in a peripheral way. Never the less Cooper solved that case and this would be another, like lily says 25 years later. You really only need a few of the principles back if that’s all you could get. People do a lot of dying and moving on in 25 years. If they’re smart they’ll get Lynch/Frost to work up a story ark ahead of time and that would appease producers and suits that want to see where things are going…

    Heil the audience might even like to know something like that exists too…

    Ronnie Rocket forever…

  9. The Owls Are Not What They Seem

  10. I don’t think David Lynch would go for it. Ultimately as long as he was involved it would be different, but personally, I would only want to see it come back if ABC gave him license to do what he wanted, and if they committed in advance to a run of shows. It would do much better on cable, where Lynch could be more adventurous and where he would get more time. Ratings would be high I think. Ultimately, it is intriguing, and you could revisit some key characters. However, I think ABC would want it to revolve around the new class at Twin Peaks high, and they would probably want the characters to be cliche. Ultimately, I do not trust ABC, and I expect Lynch does not either. So, in the end, it is all just fun speculation.

  11. I’d like to be excited about a revival, but after seeing Joss Whedon’s vision ruined with Firefly, I cringe at the idea of David Lynch becoming another victim.

    I really love Lynch’s work (especially Eraserhead), I really love the world of Twin Peaks, and my imaginary boyfriend is Dale Cooper. So many shows have similar characters and storytelling styles. Twin Peaks was a gem because it diverged from the path everyone is so familiar with, and that made it unique and interesting and mentally engaging.

    Lynch’s work is amazing because he abandons the approach of “this is what people like, it’s always done this way because we know people like it, so I’m going to make sure to include all these elements so people will drink it up.” He approaches storytelling in his own, unique way.

    Just look at The Angriest Dog in the World– that comic ran in newspapers for years, and it had the same 4 panels every day, and it was nothing at all like the other comics that filled the paper. It violated almost everything we assumed needed to be present in a comic, like scene changes, movement, action, visible characters, etc. An entire family came into existence, lived their lives, and became familiar to us without ever appearing in a panel, and without that angry dog ever moving from its spot. And, in Lynch’s brilliant subtle way, it gave us an oblique look at the shadow of humanity.

    ABC, please bring Twin Peaks back, trust Lynch’s vision, and don’t sweat it if a few of the actors can’t return. This will be far more valuable if you don’t go fiddling and mucking it up and painting it to look like everything else on the air. Its uniqueness will give it the edge that makes it stand out from the competition. Both older people who first asked “Who killed Laura Palmer?” 20 years ago and the younger generation (like me) whose friends got them to watch the series last year will rush to see the remake/sequel of this remarkable show.


  12. YES! Bring back Twin Peaks! Setting it 25 years after the climax of season 2 would be spot-on, the timing is right, and there are SO many stories to tell if the writers get it right. BRING BACK TWIN PEAKS!

  13. this could be great. just a handful of old cast and new fbi agents investigating the lodges. poof new show

  14. Yes, please.

    Spoiler Alert, if you haven’t seen TP yet.

    Fade in. Not only was Ghostwood built, it now includes not only the country club, but also a housing development, a second high school, and, of course, a shopping mall (half way between Fairvale and Twin Peaks.) And, of course, all this sprawl took out Glastonbury Grove. The portal to the Black Lodge now lies underneath a coffee kiosk. Or, maybe, underneath the High School girls’ locker room. Audrey enjoyed a successful career with the FBI, and is now back running for the U.S. Senate, or mayor, or maybe just TP sheriff? This would give her the resources needed to help solve the string of serial murders dating back to 1990…

  15. YESSSSSS!!!! BRING BACK TWIN PEAKS!!!! It totally would make sense at 25 years. I think many fans would love to tie up some of the MANY loose ends from the first two seasons… And just get the cast members that are willing to come back, you don’t need everybody. Keep it dark but don’t go any darker and don’t go to cable. Agent Cooper’s character is one of the best that has hit the small screen, so if there is a way to get him back, DO IT!! Pick up with new characters in today’s world to mix in with the old and just give the audience clues along the way what has gone on for the last 25 years (maybe a more peaceful time, until recently type of thing) where the show would start up again with weird things happening. Also, very important that you keep the Musical Themes the same, maybe slightly updated. Agent Cooper was the hero you could get behind, so we need him back, and please allow Bob to be defeated! Bring back Twin Peaks!!

    • I agree and since Coop was trapped in the lodge the last time we saw him one of the core mysteries initially can be if this is the good Dale or not.

    • You are right I know you wrote this 5 months ago but still your right

  16. Sou brasileiro e muito fã da série. Twin Peaks, Lost e Seinfeld, sem dúvida, são o top 3 das séries de todos os tempos. Seria a maior genialidade de David Lynch voltar com Twin Peaks 25 anos depois, cumprindo a profecia de Laura Palmer na sala vermelha. Seria simplesmente genial.

  17. they should reboot it

  18. Me and my sister have been watching twin peaks for the past thew weeks and I don’t get why they had to end the series how it ended I think they should of made a third series about cooper killing some people like “leeland Palmer” and “Bob” did he should of been with Andre at the end if they were only going to only make 2 series’s David lynch please make series 3.

    • Your wrong you b****! Are why did I kill myself a b****. How’s Annie!

  19. If Lynch was involved, Id say go for it!!!! That would really get me excited. Without Lynch, forget about it! David Lynch IS Twin Peaks, he is the one e-s-s-e-n-t-i-a-l element.

    • HBO might be a better venue for a return to twin peaks – But I think it would have to be a modern day setting(maybe some flashbacks to relevant events and what not ) -

      one haunting thing in the Finale episode: Laura (in the black lodge) tells cooper “we won’t meet again for 25 years” – that’s just two years away!!!

      It would be incredible if they could pull it off WOW

      • o didn’t know somebody already wrote what i wrote – still – Man so many questions are setup on that final episode it’s very sad the show got killed – Now I’ve never seen the movie: a walk in fire, maybe a few questions are answered there – but like what about the white lodge? Tragic man just tragic – he’s to hoping for a masterpiece of a show returning in the near future

        • The movie is called Fire Walk With Me.

  20. Yes, please do a TV special to show us what happened to the folks in Twin Peaks 25 years later and how Dale Cooper has overcome BOB. Mark Frost, David Lynch, 1990s show actors, and people with money, I plead to you, let it happen please… We really need you to forget your reservations and come together for the viewers. We love you and want you to give us a happy or at least hopeful ending to this very dark story. The good should win over evil. Please, please, please, let us see it.

    • Who says he overcame Bob?
      This is why it can’t be remade or continued. You interpret it your way in a land of rainbows and unicorns, I imagine a darker place. Whatever ends up getting made leaves us both disappointed.
      Leave it be.

  21. Yes… but not on ABC.

    Network TV ratings are in the toilet… and the only thing that succeeds these days on the big three are really moronic reality shows (American I Dull) or really broad sitcoms (Big Bang Theory, Modern Family).

    Give it to AMC or FX, or better yet, to Netflix. They’re the only ones doing quality, groundbreaking stuff anymore.

  22. My log knows something.

  23. Please bring back Twin Peaks!!!! I agree with the person who said “If ABC doesn’t want to…give it to Netflix”. This was too great a tv show not to continue. Will we ever know what happens with Dale Cooper, Big Ed and Norma, Donna, Audrey and all the other great characters????

  24. I would prefer they leave it be. I like having some of the questions left unanswered, it leaves more to the imagination. If everything is explained, what are you left with to want? Certainly there could be more stories, but it is all too clear what the network would probably do.
    David Lynch also is probably completely against the idea. He has other plans for himself and his carrier and I am sure none of them involve bringing the series back.

  25. Twin Peaks was a true CLASSIC! There was never anything on TV like it before, and there hasn’t been anything like it since.

    As far as bringing it back, I’d say the timing is perfect (25 years later, like Laura Palmer predicted). It is doable, but in my opinion it would only work if David Lynch and Mark Frost run the show (with full creative license). The world of Twin Peaks could only be revisited under their scope. It could even just be a mini-series just to fulfill the prophecy, and maybe further explore that “good vs. evil” battle within Agent Cooper. And, while I understand some new faces would have to be cast, it would be a deal breaker if some of the originals were not on-board (Kyle MacLachlan, for instance). Then again, maybe having such a cliffhanger finale is, in part, what has made it so popular over the years…

    Still, I’m not sure ABC deserves to air it, given what they did to it back in the early 90s (someone above mentioned Firefly, and I agree network TV is not the ideal venue for innovation, or playing outside the rules of conventionality). I’d also vote for cable (as if I had any say ;P)

    I would certainly give the show a chance if it came back.

  26. It would be intresting seeing dale Cooper as killerbob,entering twin peaks through the black lodge,and a lot’s of mysteries unwrapped.Maybe visits from extraterrastrials as well…?