Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Will Be 2 Movies

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Money talks in Hollywood and Summit Entertainment will be following in the path of The Hobbit and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by bringing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in two parts. That’s right folks, The Twilight Saga will stand at least five films strong.

Breaking Dawn is the largest of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series and it comes as no surprise that Summit is taking this route. We knew from reports late last year after the success of New Moon that they were considering breaking it into two and now it’s confirmed.

One of the hurdle’s in making this happen was bringing back all of the key cast members as they were only contracted for four movies (that and re-negotiating with Meyer). We can assume that they’ll each be getting massive paydays for this but Summit doesn’t care; they can make these films fast and cheap and make a ton of cash very easily to pay them. Heck, New Moon broke the records for largest single-day sales and Friday opening.

Melissa Rosenberg has been working on the script for Breaking Dawn and now must work on making two, with the first having some sort of appropriate semi-conclusion or cliffhanger/lead-in into part two.

The movies will be shot back-to-back in October for the obvious reasons of saving time and money and getting them out as fast as possible. Summit is apparently looking for a “high-end” director to conclude the series so don’t expect directors of any of the previous installments to return. That means, no Catherine Hardwicke, no David Slade (who’s in post-production on Eclipse) and no Chris Weitz who was expected to helm Breaking Dawn for Summit.

The biggest concern about Breaking Dawn is the challenge of adapting its graphic and adult content to the big screen for a crowd of fans that contains a big portion of very young individuals.

Summit’s only issue with their future plans of the Twilight franchise was the lack of source material to build from. This is one solution to get an extra feature out of it and after that it’ll be up to spinoffs.

Now that we know its two movies, the next step is to get both of them in 3D, right?

Expect both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn to release in 2011. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out June 30th of this summer.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This concept has worked so well for “The Matrix”. I've never read the Twilight books so maybe someone who has can clear up whether Summit is choosing the two film route is because of the length of the source material.

  2. I wonder how long it'll be until the series is rebooted…

  3. its because of the length; the book is almost 800 pages

  4. I'll admit it. I read the series, and although Breaking Dawn was the largest of the four, that in no way means that it needed to be that large. You can take out about half of the entire book and not miss a thing. The only reason I read them was because a friend told me that they were really good(which was a lie!), and because I'm a pretty big book worm, I choose to read them. When reading Breaking Dawn, I had to force my way to the end, which I felt was a great accomplishment. There is no way that this book deserves two movies, and the only reason that they are doing this is to take advantage of the teenage girls that fantasize about R.Pattinson and T.Lautner, who will pay anything to see them shirtless in a movie. They don't even have to have any dialogue, just have Pattinson and Lautner stand there for about 2 hours, with their shirts off, and I guarantee they will make quadruple their budget back.(which is really, really sad)

  5. lol =)

    • The twilight movies are the best and their should be a theird part

  6. I think you need to give some of these fans credit. While “Breaking Dawn” is my least favorite book in the series (mainly because it seems catered to the fans like a piece of bad fanfiction) I do enjoy the movies. They have been little guilty pleasures, but I actually like some of these actors: Jackson Rothbone, Peter Facinelli (love him as Coop on “Nurse Jackie”), Anna Kendrick (her passive aggressiveness in this role reminds me Kristen Wiig on “Knocked Up”), and yes Robert Pattinson (he has only recently won me over with “How to Be” and “Little Ashes”). I don't want to see him shirtless for hours on end, frankly because that's just too pale.

  7. No kidding……I'm suprised Hollywood hasn't started doing reboots of reboots….

  8. Lautner better enjoy his Twilight fame, because in my opinion, he is commiting career suicide by starring in the toy to movie 'Stretch Armstrong'. Sharkboy was a way to launch his career….


  10. First off..I think the series is amazing in it's simplicity. A Teenage girl falls in love with a can't NOT love that. Unless you are a guy..most guys are simply repulsed by Robert Pattinsons AMAZING looks..and therefor hate not only the movies..but the books as well. I'm wondering if it will be broken down into “Bella's Book” and “Jacobs Book” like in the actual book…even though they are mixed together..I think they could make that work..However I don't think as many people would come and see Jacobs movie..though fans might surprise me.

  11. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$- cannot be for artistic reasons. ( cough cough) ..sigh

  12. You're right. I'm jealous of Robert Pattinson's AMAZING looks. It's not that the Twilight films are full of bad acting and even worse dialogue… It's just I wish I could have the amazing skin tone and even more amazing hair like that of Edward Cullen, the sexiest vampire in all of cinema.

  13. Let's not forget Stuart Townsend's go at Lestat in “Queen of the Damned.” He looked hot. And who can deny the sexy-ness of Gary Oldman in “Bram Stoker's Dracula?” Then there's either Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder on “The Vampire Diaries.” I'd even put Kate Beckinsale higher on that list for her turn as Selene in “Underworld.” Pattinson's not so high up as some might think.

  14. Bela Lugosi = HOTTEST VAMPIRE EVER

  15. i have read all the twilight saga books and think it would be best to split it into two movies because it is a very long book, twice the size of twilight and they would just have to cut too much of it out if they reduced it to a single movie

  16. i have read all the twilight saga books and think it would be best to split it into two movies because it is a very long book, twice the size of twilight and they would just have to cut too much of it out if they reduced it to a single movie

  17. i have read all the twilight saga books and think it would be best to split it into two movies because it is a very long book, twice the size of twilight and they would just have to cut too much of it out if they reduced it to a single movie

  18. i really like the twilight saga so breaking dawn better be good. Also they need to find a new director soon. the movie better be as good as the book.

  19. agreed. And i adore Facinelli on “nurse jackie”. Great show.

  20. why is it out on november 18th 2011 now my whole life is RUINED (i cant wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!! aghhhhhhhhhhh)

  21. twilight is the worst book ever. the movies even more so.

    they are just splitting it into two parts so they can copy Harry Potter [ which is one of the most successful stories of ALL time. ]

    It has been confirmed that the movies will only be 45 minutes each and they are even thinking of splitting it into three parts so they can drain money out of the obsessed and violent fans who would kill another human being so they can sleep with an edward cullen cutout.

    geez. Meyer needs to keep her fantasies to herself or risk turning every single preteen girl into a mindless zombie.

    twilight sucks. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Do you know they make more of twilight movies

  22. I love twilight movies and i want more twilight movies I love to match them all the time