Twilight Vampire Evolves as Darwin in X-Men: First Class

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The already-large cast of X-Men: First Class grows one mutant stronger with today’s report of Edi Gathegi (Twilight, New Moon) joining the party.  Prior to Comic-Con 2010, the most recent additions to the First Class roster included Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and Kevin Bacon as the film’s feature villain.

According to Deadline, Gathegi will play the character of Darwin, a relatively new character to the Marvel Comics universe having only been introduced in 2006 by creators Ed Brubaker (writer) and Pete Woods (artist).

Darwin’s power of  “reactive evolution” makes him one of the greatest survivalists since his special abilities allow him to literally adapt and evolve to fit any circumstances, and this isn’t limited to his physical attributes. His powers, intelligence and knowledge can evolve on the fly as well and there isn’t really a known limit to what he is capable of.

While I like Gathegi joining the cast of X-Men: First Class, I dislike the character of Darwin. His powers are too strong and undefined. For the comic readers out there, he’s one of the reasons I stopped reading Peter David’s X-Factor series. I don’t understand the necessity to include such a new character to a prequel movie when there are so many other (and more appropriate) characters that could be included. Not too mention, Gathegi is just over 30 years of age, much older than the primary cast of mutants.

I am however, interested in seeing how they adapt the character for the movies and whether his physical appearance will frequently change, requiring possible prosthetics and make-up changes.

Filming is now set to start at the beginning of September and we still await the announcements for who will play Cyclops and Jean Grey. Gathegi joins a cast which already includes:

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Prosthetics??? Make-up changes??? It’s the 21st century mate… you know they’ll just use cgi..

    • LOL.. And since when they just use cgi whitout make-up?!

  2. Darwin? Really? Odd choice.
    Hopefully it’ll make sense in the movie

  3. so Singer did manage to get one Twilight boy in

  4. If this doesn’t tween this film to its core I don’t know what will.

  5. WTF!!! LOL!!! FOX is really loosing it!

  6. An actor is an actor, and having Darwin in the movie will only make it better. I’m really digging how they are spanning out to lesser known characters. Also, Darwin is my favorite member of the team so I am a little biased about this news.

    • Michael,

      Do/have you followed the Xmen? Was Darwin part of the Xmen when they were considered the “first” class?

      That is why people are mystified, confused about what is going on with “First Class” as it is not really first class.

  7. If they are doing the Hellfire Club then there is know telling if he will be an X-man or part of the Hellfire Club. In X-men Evolution I was surprised at who was in the Brother Hood. He had Sabertooth and Pyro… no big surprise there but then he came with Colossus and Gambit. So you never know what they will do until it is all said and done.

  8. Isn’t Taylor Lautner joining the cast?

    • No, he won’t be but they did try for him – scheduling conflicts.

  9. Cyclops and Jean just cannot be in this film, unless it is a reboot, because they keep calling it a prequel, and if they are hiring actors in their 30s to play Xavier and Magneto, then surely Scott and Jean would even have been born if this is in any way to follow continuity with the previous 3 films.

    Why not just call it a reboot and be done with it?

    • Because within all the people at FOX with contacts/hands on this film there is not a enough grey matter to form a pea sized brain capable of creating enough power to create coherent thought.


      • On that, I believe you are absolutely one hundred percent correct.

      • Is it that Aknot or is their just so many hands trying to get their input in that it’s messing up any chance of being coherent?? Reading across the net I’ve been wondering just how much input Feige and Marvel has on this as well as Ms. Donner! The reason I say this is that at one point I found a quote by Feige that an X-4 could be done and another that he would like to see some other popular story lines get made, like new mutants. I’m sure contractually Marvel has to give Fox assistance in developing marketable movies out of the franchise. However, I’m beginning to believe that its become Marvel’s internal policy not to actively pursue reacquiring the franchises. Right now Marvel’s plate is full and they would rather have another studio make semicrappy movies and keep the X-Men brand in the public eye, than reacquire them and have to wait until some plates become empty to develop a relaunch. Like it or not having two studios exploiting your properties is better than one even if you have less than optimal development of the properties. They’re looking at it far more from a business standpoint than as fans. The executives are fans only to the extent that they can exploit the property for money.

        Like it or not and I hate it when I see evidence of this kind of stuff but the X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and to a lesser extent Hulk, Punisher, and Blade have been sacrificed on the alter of ambition to get Marvel where it is today.

        • Words of wisdom from the old man. I think you’re absolutely right. Marvel Studios just couldn’t handle anything else on their plate at the moment.

          As of late I’m even starting to get anxious and skeptical over developments with The Avengers.

          As for X-Teens, well it’s Fox. What else is there to say that hasn’t been said hundreds of times before?
          What a sad state of affairs.

          • Thanks Magnetic Eye I’m hoping if my theory is right that it eventually gets turned over, because it still presents a sad state of affairs for the true franchise fans. Here’s to Fox coming to its senses somehow in the near future. If the fans can make a difference in this next round of films then the accountants might see sense to cut these guys off. With successes like “District Nine” and “Paranormal Activity” some Controller somewhere in the bowels of the company will start questioning the course they’re steering and perhaps put the brakes on efforts with low profit margins. Fox needs to get back to doing what they know how to do, and stop trying to imitate Warner and Disney/Marvel…

  10. No jubilee or warpath?

  11. Just confirming that I’ll only watch it after I get it for free at the library. This is just a movie with X-men characters, not an X-Men movie.

    • Agreed. Agreement to the Nth power. Maybe you should produce this movie, T. You have a better grasp on things than FOX. You would make a better movie. When is FOX going to come to terms with the fact they constantly burn Marvel fans.

  12. I didn’t know a thing about the character, but now that I have background on him, I am unimpressed. With all the characters, would this late addition have any screen time and will folks know who he is or supposed to be? I agree that there are better, more fan loved characters out there.

    That said, the character can still be adapted to the screen. It might not be as bad as we think.

  13. figures they find a way to weasel a twilight vampire in there. $50 says this is fox’s doing trying to suck up to twilight fans… all I can say is this guy better be in the hellfire club

  14. This guy is actually the best actor in twilight…..he did a great job,sucky film,sucky role,good actor though……

  15. Does anyone else think this movie is turning too pretty? I mean all of these people are so perfect. They seem almost too perfect. I know these characters aren’t suppose to be ugly or anything but they will have a lot of teenage stuff going. It seems to me that again the teenage girl audience is the main target for this film and that saddens me. I also think the cast may be to big. They really are trying to get every mutant in this film.

  16. Darwin?? Really?? Its seems to me that this movie is already headed for disaster in the same manner as X-Men 3. We have such great stories out there with mutants we all know and love. Darwin should NOT be in this movie. Period. Come on guys. The story is there. Just tell it.

    • They messed it up too badly to tell it straight out of the comics. They’re forced to make something up. Few fans are going to think much of it. It’s like T said earlier; “This is just a movie with X-men characters, not an X-Men movie.

  17. Obviously it doesn’t make sense put Darwin in this movie.

    But about the comics, I like the character, it’s a power that gives lot of opportunities of stories to tell. About “too strong and undefined”:

    “too strong” => Superman and Hulk are doing fine with that :)
    “too undefined” => I like that in a character! Of course, this undefinition must be evolved by the creators as years go by (not randomly changing powers back and forth in the best wait to fit the next arc)

  18. Edi Gathegi did an okay job in Gone Baby Gone and not to bad in and Death Sentence. I was just hoping the movie was going to focus on the original X-Men excluding Bobby Drake(Ice-man) because they screwed up his story line in the previous movies.

    • Darwin sounds like an interesting character though, his powers seem off the chain.

  19. Lmao lemons…..

  20. The more they disclose this film the more sick in my core i get!!ThE SCREWEING UP WHAT COULD OTHER WISE BE A GREAT FILM..THIS GOING TO SUCK LEMONS BIG TIME!!!

  21. They can’t do the comics for all kinds of reasons, yet their using the “First Class” title!*.? They might as well call it “X-Men: In The Beginning” because if you walk into the theater expecting “The First Class” story you’ll be disappointed…

  22. I’d love to see Apocalypse be the primary Villian and force Magneto and Professor X to band together to defeat him since APOcalypse is incredibly powerful in the comics.

  23. I’m sure they are using Darwin because there are so few black mutants in the Marvel universe let alone black heroes whatsoever. Your comment about not liking Darwin because his powers are too strong strikes me as suspect. If he was white would you still feel the same regarding his powers? You stopped reading a wole series because of one character?

    • Okay it’s a reply to a 2 month old post but this has to be said, Talan7, and that is: why is it that you bring in the issue of race when there is no mention of race in the original post? I haven’t had much reading on western comics, but Darwin’s powers seem to allow him to do ANYTHING. The guy is as overpowered as Sagat on SF4 (ie: very overpowered).