‘Twilight Saga’ Spin-Off Already Being Developed

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Twilight TV Show Sequel In Development Twilight Saga Spin Off Already Being Developed

In a stunning, and yet completely predictable twist, it seems that Lionsgate isn’t just optimistic about The Twilight Saga continuing beyond Breaking Dawn – Part 2: they’re already developing the next chapter. Exactly how the Twilight brand will be delivered to the public once the movies wrap up isn’t clear, with past rumors ranging from sequels to a complete reboot.

Considering how responsible Stephenie Meyer is for bringing horror, supernatural, and vampire literature to the forefront of young adult fiction, it’s not hard to see why Lionsgate/Summit is eager to get the most out of the franchise. But will a TV show, spin-off series or potential sequels be viewed in the same way as the nearly-completed film series? Call us optimistic, but we’re not ready to condemn it just yet.

While The Twilight Saga‘s unwillingness to end has been a given for months now, the confirmation from Moviehole‘s sources claim that things have moved beyond simple brainstorming. There’s little to go on besides the fact that the studio is “already on to the [Breaking Dawn] follow-up,” and the possibility that future films could simply be set in Meyers’ fictional world, focusing more on the Wolf Pack. Taylor Lautner’s star power will certainly be tested if that proves to be the case.

We’ve been predicting a spin-off following Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee since the first hints were dropped at Comic-Con. That direction moving forward makes far more sense than the proposed ‘reboot,’ since an attempt at simply re-telling the story would be transparent to nearly everyone (we hope). Lionsgate/Summit had shrugged off questions about Twilight‘s fate post-Breaking Dawn by claiming that the future of the story rested with Stephenie Meyer, the creator of the series. In other words, if she had another story to tell, they’d be interested in bringing it to the big screen.

That impending payday has proven to motivate even the most respected authors into finding another chapter to put on paper, but Meyer’s current absence from the proposed sequel raises a few questions. At present the author is seemingly focused on the film adaptations of her follow-up series, The Host, so her direct involvement in whatever Lionsgate/Summit has planned is only an assumption. Whether Meyer find herself writing new books or simply earns a ‘created by’ credit, it’s clear Twilight fans have more to look forward to.

Twlight Spinoff Bella Renesmee Twilight Saga Spin Off Already Being Developed

The rise of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games seemed to position the series as a veritable successor to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s on-again, off-again romance. The once-competitive studios behind the film adaptations have joined forces, and that alone could be enough for a bit more optimism. With TV credits like Mad Men and Weeds under Lionsgate’s belt, there’s no reason to think that a Twilight TV series following Renesmee into adulthood must appeal to the same narrow demographic as the films, or that the same names and talent must be attached.

An optimist could say that Lionsgate will bring their own sensibilities – the ones that turned Hunger Games into one satisfying film – to the somewhat lacking Twilight Saga. We’re not ready to claim that a TV series using the same fiction holds promise, but we can all agree that it’s a better idea than a Taylor-Lautner-helmed werewolf flick. Although that might be worth seeing for its own reasons.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in U.S. theaters on November 16th, 2012.


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Source: Moviehole

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  1. Personally, I think it’s a terrible thing.

  2. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no non o no no no no no and NO! thank you

    • Word!

  3. F**ck me….

    Dear Twilight franchise
    Your not the Harry Potter franchise.
    F**ck you.

    Now we got this and 50 shades of grey, ugghh….
    sigh sigh sigh…Darn you stephanie meyer…

    If I drank or smoke Id be drinking and smoking heavily right now.

    • So your point is? Harry Potter has to be the only franchise in the world? Jezz,grow up!

      • If Harry Potter and Twilight were the last two franchises of the world-

    • I’ll be happy to join you Cody.

  4. I apologize to any of you twilight fans out there, but I hate this franchise.

    • You do not need to apologize to them, they should be apologizing to us!

      • lol

      • I think anyone who doesn’t like Twilight series shouldn’t be here at all, or adding there two cents worth on a “TWILIGHT conversation….

        if you don’t like the franchise then please go someplace else, and let people enjoy what they want in peace!..

        there is absolutely nothing wrong with the franchise ( NOTHING, let me say it again…nothing is ever perfect!) or will ever be perfect.

        so all of the twilight haters should take all of there negative remarks and leave, it’s not going to stop the franchise from growing or making more books/movies. :)

        • I’m 63 years young & I really enjoyed the Twilight Saga & am looking forward to the last BD. I would probably watch any other new movies with Bella’s child growing up. And Taylor is good in this and in Abduction. Robert is good in Remember Me. And Kristen was good in Panic Room, Twilight and any others.
          I dont remark on their personal lives cause we dont know all the facts & its really none of MY business.

          • I think that’s awesome Sandy , I wish there were more positive people in the world like you…YOU are what this thread needs! a positive reaction. I think this franchise could be revived. maybe with a different writer, I dont care… but the characters and the story have a life of its own… and I agree with you on the fact that their personal lives are none of our business. cheers to you :)

            • U r all rite this is lik the holy grail. Bringing bac the new chapter of their lives. 1. Once they find someone to direct or produce the third half I think of breaking dawn 2. Now what they’re going to do is they have people vote what would you want to see more of the sequel of twilight half the population want to see Jake and Bella’s daughter about how the romance begins or how the relationship begins, since they didn’t show it on breaking dawn two they just showed a little glimpse of it so does everybody agree what I agree if so, comment on me

    • You know what I don’t understand of people who don’t like Twilight? Why do they complain? I mean,you don’t like it,but still you complain as someone forced you to read and watch all the books and movies. Is there someone with a gun pointed at your head obliging you to read every article about this franchise? I guess not! So how is it going to change your life if the Twilight franchise never existed? You’re worst than the over reacting fangirls O_O

      • No, but it takes money away from, frankly, better movies that will never be made or are delayed indefinitely (like all us Community fans are afraid NBC will eventually do, or any Firefly reboot now) because the studio involved (Lionsgate in this case) sees a simple cash-grab and would rather like GUARANTEED money than a risky proposition. I’m not saying that Twilight is the worst thing on the planet, and if forced to watch I’d probably find SOMETHING redeeming (I found some redeeming bits in stinkin’ Transformers 2 even), and I’m sure the storytellers involved (actors, actresses, directors, adapters {writers}) all did their best to make a good movie, but it’s just not for me and combining the fact other ORIGINAL projects get turned down (It IS a franchise based directly off one four-book series, even comic-based movies have more to go on i.e. The Dark Knight trilogy or The Marvel Cinematic Universe), like I said before, it is a point of contention. If it was made with a smaller budget and the fans (as a whole, I’m sure you’re a wonderful human being in person) weren’t so annoying I would’t even care.

        But I guess it comes down to a matter of opinion.

    • Its okay, some of us understand people have different opinions than ours

  5. If the Twilight fandom was smaller, I wouldn’t hate this franchise. It would just kind of be there, and not for me. BUT, it is SO huge, and fans PRAISE it SO much, that I can’t help but hate it!Im not talking to the fans who just enjoy this series. It’s the fans that LOVE and say how “amazing” this franchise is, that I can’t help hate this series and talk about how overrated this franchise is!

    As for a spin-off, it’s clearly just to make money, and nothing more. Look, there is hardly any material and character development here. I was SO looking forward to this series ending this year, but I guess that’s not happening…

    • Are you serious? You obviously don’t know the Twilight fandom! The most of the Twilight fans (90%) doesn’t want this kind of spin-off. They’re just happy with the end of BD part II. You and the other people portray Twilight fans as histerical teenage girls,instead they’re against this “marketing project” of the spin-off.
      And it’s so mature of you to hate a Saga because of its fandom. WTH! It’s easy to avoid if you want!

      • Actually, it’s not. In the age of technology it’s shoved at us almost 24/7 with the masses of teenage girls and advertising that throw it at us. I saw your comment above, and even if the majority of the fanbase isn’t hysterical teenage girls, there’s enough that we just can’t get away from it unless we build a cabin in the middle of northern Canada without internet, cellular, telephone or television service, and who’s going to go to those lengths and sacrifice the enjoyable things those services offer to avoid Twilight and Twi-Hards? So instead we complain, and as a fan you can feel contentment that we’re “missing out” on one of your favorite pastimes as a comfort if you need one.

        • maybe you should do that then Vick…lmao

          • [Removed by Moderator]

            • haha maybe you should grow up and stop being a jealous tween … lmfao

            • @Vick – Don’t fuel their fire. I’ve addressed Nyx.

              Paul Young – Moderator

              • Sorry, and thanks.

  6. Yeah, not good at all.

    The fact that Robert Pattinson’s best acted role was being killed in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire says a lot. I also agreed with Stephen King when he said that Stephanie Meyers is one of the worst writers in literature’s illustrious history.

    • Watch Robert Pattinson in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. He was actually good in it (I didn’t think it was possible considering his idiotic performance in Twilight)

    • Robert Pattinson best acted role was praised at CANNES,you know :) Tipycal prejudices against Twilight Actors (who are doing so great in their careers,btw,but you’ll never admit it ’cause “they’re Edward and Bella”)

      • I think Kristen Bell and Robert can do great for themselves (I liked Kristen a lot in Runaways) but Taylor Lautner is hopeless.

    • And Kristen Stewart’s best role was as the daughter in Panic Room.

      • I disagree. Kristen Stwert’s best role was the one where she pretended to be faithful to Robert Pattinson in real life. What a joke that was. That’s her best performance, even Oscar worthy.

    • I’d say one of Pattinson’s best roles was in Remember Me. That movie was so compelling, I actually forgot that he was in one of the poorest movie franchises of all time for the two hours I was watching.

  7. errrm, blech?

    /excuses himself while he goes to the bathroom to toss his proverbial cookies.

  8. Those who made Harry Potter were not this ignorant, Jesus Christ.

  9. Please no another reboot or whatever would just be awful but I guess this decision is going to be made wether or not breaking dawn part 2 is a success.

  10. I rather see the hungers games trilogy and the Harry potter franchise than to see twilight again it a waste
    of time

    • I’m the first one to say that this spin-off thing is the worst idea ever,but even if they do it,you’re not obliged to watch it,you know. No need to compare Twilight,to HP or THG all the freaking time. So childish!

      • Childish thing is to tell a person to not compare one franchise to other franchise. That’s his opinion,so you better respect it.

          • You are perfectly within your rights to like it just like I’m perfectly within my rights to hate it. Lol :)

      • Libra is definatley a fan of the sparkling vampires.

          • Wall, considering that all three “Star” series’ are far superior, I’m sure they are. They do, however, have the right to state their opinion about sparkly vampires on a post about an ill-conceived continuation of an ill-conceived movie series based off an ill-conceived piece of “writing” (see where I’m going with this?), the same as you to post your opinion. So DON’T say we’re wrong and DON’T tell us to go somewhere else.

              • @Nyx – Best I can tell YOU are the only one on this thread who is “trolling” by responding to every single person whose opinion on this franchise differs from your own.

                We get the point. You love Twilight and any spin-offs that may come from it. Please stop responding negatively to people on here who don’t share your enthusiasm.

                Paul Young – Moderator

                  • @Nyx – No one is bullying anyone for being a fan of Twilight – they are making fun of the franchise as a whole. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just happen to REALLY like the franchise and there’s nothing wrong with that either but you can’t take it so personal. I encourage you to go look at all your comments again. Almost all of them are simple negative responses to people who dislike the franchise and add nothing to the conversation. People are entitled to their opinions and as long as they don’t break our rules, they are free to post them here.

                    Paul Young – Moderator

                    • @Nyx – I saw that earlier this morning and have already removed it and banned the user but thanks for the heads up.

                      Have a great day.

                      Paul Young – Moderator

  11. As a fan I’m interested in seeing how this turns out, either the wolf pack or renesmee (if it is her the pack will still be there because of Jacobs imprinting) would make a interesting story with the right writer

    • That’s funny. Libra said Twilighters (I guess that’s right) would not like this decision.

      • Twihards is the offical term I believe.

        • nope it’s Twilighters, Libra was right you are wrong! its the twilight haters that labeled them twihards ( which is clearly wrong)

          • Well considering I JUST heard the term, “Twihard” used on national TV as part of the normal vernacular today means it IS both an official and correct term.

            You an the other “Twlighters” might not like the derogatory overtones but you usually don’t get to choose your nickname. That doesn’t discount it’s legitimacy, use and correctness however. ;)

            “Trekkers” continually try to pull the same crap vs the “Trekkie” name stigma and this is the exact same situation.

            • You know, I’m really trying my best to hold Kahless back after that jab at Trekkers. He keeps saying something about disembowel, blood feud, etc….; all in Klingonese. :-D

              • Oh Klingon, PLEASE don’t tell me you are a self proclaimed “Trekker”.

                • Trekkies are the guys that wear the suits, ears, etc…; Trekkers just know everything about Trek. I don’t really care though, I just love Trek.

    • That sounds like a good idea majindaniel, I think they should definitely do that :)

  12. Libra, you don’t have to reply to every comment in here just to defend your twilight franchise. I don’t hate twilight,but as a film critic, we have to at least see every movie that comes out every week. Twilight movies just sucked. Especially the second one, that is the most boring film of all time,


  14. It’s time Wesley Snipes took out those fake daywalkers.

    • I’ve been saying this for years. :-)

  15. I highly reckommend “Reasoning with Vampires” tumblr it shows just how badly written these books are. It’s ridiculous how many flaws this series has. Rifftrax is the best pointing them out (I mean the one thar are the most evident in the movies) so I’m waiting for some more Twilight content. I can’t believe just how bad and unintentionaly creepy this series is. So I’m waiting for some more comedic brilliance from the cast. Even the posters for the upcoming movie is so funny. Every single one of them.
    I’m convinced the’re doing it on purpose.

  16. I’m not against this. I actually like them for all their obvious awfulness. Eclipse being the best by MILES. This might be the first example I can think of where the franchise would benefit from moving as far away from the source material as possible. Breaking dawn part 2 is already looking far more exciting than the book for this reason.

  17. Noooo, stop spreading this trash into the world! Stop it.

    The books were a crime against literature and the movies are an even bigger crime. It’s such a low quality dirt.

    It’s really horrible, stop it already with it. Someone get Blade or the Winchesters and just kill them all off.

    • +9,001

      • +googolplex

  18. Enough already… It worked as a franchise for the 1st few films and was mediocre yet passable entertainment. However if there is going to be yet more winsome vampires being all melodramatic for a PG13 rating to each other and not much else happening I say I won’t be watching any bit of it. This is coming from the demographic its aimed at too, being a woman who goes to the cinema nad has a passing intrest in all things vampire.

    • Yeah you’re right but crap melodrama has its time and place and for me this is it. I don’t watch the soaps and when I do get to catch one I find them lacking in vampires and telepathic wolves. So I guess I’m glad these movies exist to stratch that itch. As a 30 year old married man I feel a sense of shame for enjoying them though. What’s the worst thing you love that you know is terrible and indefensible but love anyway?

      I will see every resident evil and transformers movie at the cinema until the day I die. This is wrong

  19. The question is…. Can ’1′ twilight fan really reply to all the comments on this forum that tell it like it is, that ‘The Twilight Saga’ is absolute rubbish and should never have been made lmao.

    • Please don’t call it “saga”. Meyer just isn’t very educated. It doesn’t fit to any description saga which are either norse legends or just more modern epic tales, or even a story of a family taking place over the years.

      • I thought a saga was anything beyond 3 movies. Lol

    • Venger, nice.

  20. They forgot to mention in this report that this will also be a Blade spin-off. The studio broke Wesley Snipes out of prison in order to film this spin-off massacre. No vampire or werewolf is safe.

    • Oh, so it will be a 5-minute movie? :-D

      • Blade’s gotta track them 1st; one by one. So, it’ll be a 20min movie with an intermission.

  21. There are worse things in the world. At least this attempts to tell a story. Paranormal activity 4 has forced me to critically reappraise every movie I’ve ever seen. Worst film I’ve ever seen. I’ll take more twilight films please

  22. I don’t hate these movies… at all…
    but seriously, WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING?!!!!!
    and yes, I actually screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO instantly on my head T_T

  23. I think it a good idea to do a spinoff. I would want a Jasper/Alice movie.
    It would start with Japer in the civil war than lead to Alice in the psycho ward then meeting in the cafe and ends with them joining the cullens.

      • Yes! Go to a POV of Japer looking down at her coffee and then seeing a pool of ash pour into her cup in slow-mo. Then when she looks up BAM! her head gets sliced off by Blade.

      • or Hellboy!!!!

        Hellboy 3: To Kill A Sparkler

        • Turn the whole movie around. Hellboy vs Blade! A twist they won’t see coming.

            • You probably won’t see this because earlier you said you won’t post anymore, but I’ll say this anyway. We are just having fun. There are people who would do the same with Star Wars or Star Trek; in the case of Trek, I would just reply to them with my Kahless the Klingon persona and have fun insulting them in Klingonese. Same thing with Star Wars, except I would post as Vader. It’s all done in fun.

  24. This just shows me how many young girls are spending mommy and daddy’s money at the movie theater.

  25. Agreed.

  26. A spin-off, or anything of the Twilight universe, is not necessary whatsover. Let it die out and let’s get on with The Hunger Games, which is a story much more worthy of following than Twilight ever was. Now, KATNISS is a girl with REAL troubles.

    • I don’t get what the big deal is.. twilight was ok. hunger games was ok. but I wouldn’t go as far as labeling them as good.

  27. If Meyer isn’t writing the script, then maybe going backwards–looking at the history of the Volturi (Vulturi?)–might be a decent film.

  28. Wow, that would be great!! I left the theatre wishing that the Jacob story would continue. I hope our dream comes true and that Taylor comes back to the screen! Btw, I am NOT a teenager.

  29. If they make a supernatural action movie about the cullens fighting the volturi…that would be awesome!