‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Says She’s ‘Over’ the Franchise

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Twilight author Stephenie Meyer Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Says Shes Over the Franchise

The Twilight franchise is a long way from being a failure; well over 100 million copies of the books have been sold worldwide, and the movies have grossed over $3.3 billion altogether at the box office. The series has also, however, become the butt of countless jokes and parodies, and has come under a great deal of fire for its weak, somewhat effectless protagonist and Meyers’ tweaking of werewolf and vampire mythology to make the creatures tamer and, more importantly, sexier.

The film adaptations of the Twilight novels have now reached their conclusion, though there’s already talk of rebooting the series and starting all over again. E.L. James’ popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, which is also being turned into a movie, is famously a reworking of a lengthy Twilight fan fiction, and the fairly recent flood of copycat “dark romance” novels onto book store shelves indicates that we’ll be feeling the effects of Twilight mania for quite a while yet.

Now author Stephenie Meyer has joined the ranks of people who are tired of hearing about Twilight. Speaking asked by Variety whether she wants to write more about the Twilight franchise, Meyer replied, “I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.” She added that if she was ever to write about the world of Twilight again, it would be limited to “three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died.”

Meyer has certainly been keeping busy since The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released. Her sci-fi romance novel, The Host, was also adapted for the big screen with Saoirse Ronan in the lead role, but performed poorly at the box office and was almost universally panned by critics. Meyer has also started up her own production company, Fickle Fish, and recently produced a rom-com called Austenland, about a woman obsessed with Jane Austen’s writing who goes to a Jane Austen-themed amusement park in search of her own Mr. Darcy.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Says Shes Over the Franchise

Often it’s difficult to tell whether the fans of Twilight outweigh those who despise the series, but Meyer isn’t the first person involved to denounce it. Actor Robert Pattinson, who plays pale and brooding vampire heartthrob Edward, has made no secret of his personal dislike for the character, saying in an interview with Empire, “The more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I played him. As a manic-depressive who hates himself.” He’s also pointed out plot holes in the movies on quite a few occasions and made fun of the ridiculous nature of some of the things that happen in them.

Meyer didn’t specifically mention any regrets about the way she had written the Twilight series, so it’s likely that her weariness of it has more to do with the stigma that is now associated with it. The author added that she is “interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle-earth.” Hopefully she was just speaking figuratively and we won’t be getting a Meyerized version of “The Silmarillion” on the big screen any time soon.


Source: Variety

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  1. Strange. Never heard of an author speak so harshly of their own work, even after they were tired of it. Christopher Paolini spent nearly a decade on the Inheritance Cycle and still seems to hold some passion to continue it one day, and as does JK Rowling after working on Harry Potter for so long. I wonder if Stephanie Meyer ever had any passion for her Twilight Saga.

    • I agree she digging her own grave making herself look very ungrateful and disrespecting the twilight fan fare she left everybody hanging and hoping for ( midnight sun movie) and now she’s over it what about all the people who have made it possible for her too have the status she is really showing the world how little class and heart she has good luck Stephanie sweet dreams about Edward Cullen because you will eventually need too give the public what they have wanted or I really don’t see you eating well in the near future

  2. Good.

    Meyer and EL James are such talentless hacks and it horrifies me that hordes of dumb people eat their drivel up like a starving person chasing after scraps.

    • I cant stand Twilight either but clearly they have a talent in being able to cater to certain demographics in a very visceral way. They might not be works of art, but the writing’s obviously able to effectively create the desired moods and tensions that those crowds eat up, and well enough to destroy sales through word of mouth.

      • Twilight sells well because the average person will buy well marketed products no matter how bad they are. Apple keeps releasing iPhones which are steps behind the top Android phones in tech but people keep buying it because its marketed well. Reality tv is another well marketed product that is terrible but people lap it up. Marketing is key to successful sales. Look at some of the ‘flops’ at the box office. There are some good flops that had poor marketing and some bad movies that sold well because of the good marketing.

    • Twilight books weren’t bad actually Dazz. They are well written, mushy, but well written. The movies kind of ruined it though. And I’m a not superfan, I’m just objecting to your comment about Stephanie Meyers’ talent. She’s no hack.

      • YMMV. The characters come off as strange and flat, and the humans don’t act in ways that are logical. There’s also a weak plot and bad resolutions. I wouldn’t call that well written.

  3. Its “not a happy place to be” Mrs Meyer? Well its a bit for that now isnt it. You sh** the bed now you have to sleep in it..

    Wait how does that phrase go? No I think its better that way given the situation.

    • its a bit *late for that now

    • well she didn’t do that considering she made millions

      • I understand that the franchise was very successful financially, but Meyer is obviously not wholly satisfied with the effect twilight has had on society. Thats where she figuratively sh** the bed imo.

        It was just a dumb joke.

  4. See? This is a series that is bad even without the hate bandwagon for the movies.

    It’s an interesting concept, but the execution is just god awful. I feel it is a giant slap to the face for classic characters like Dracula and Wolfman.

    • that movie was NOT a joke yall dont know a good movie from a bad yall need to watch it again………. tHAT movie was AWESOME…ALL OF THEM WAS GOOD SOOOO…. BACK OFF…

  5. It amazes me when someone creates complete and utter crap and is then spurned by the negative reaction to it. She certainly didn’t deposit her checks with this disdain toward the franchise. It’s almost as if she would prefer to separate herself from the books/movies SHE CREATED. Take the criticism for your putrid fermenting waste of an excuse for ‘art’ the same way you do the money.

  6. Robert Pattinson is actually a really good actor. I enjoy his other movies a lot, but its funny how even the author and cast despise it.

  7. “not a happy place to be”? YEAH, OK! That unhappy place made you a millionaire. Give back some of that money then! And talk of only writing about it to kill off characters? Another lame statement of false hate. You let ALL the “hero” characters live!! You had no balls to kill off any of the major “good guys”!

  8. She can hate it now because it made her rich, BUT I did not hear this hatred before she finished the books and films!

    • easy bro, dont get angry!

      sry hehe couldnt resist..

      • No, let him get angry, then point him in the direction of Meyer’s mansion complete with blueprints to whatever she may possibly use to write another 1000+ page tome of utter crap.

        • Why you gonna pick on me Dazz?
          I NEVER said I liked her CRAP!

          If it was SO NEGATIVE for her why write it? If I don’t like something I DONT DO IT! she is complaining now but I never heard this before! SHE JUST LOVED THIS WORLD BEFORE!

          • Wait, what?

            When did anyone say you liked it? I just wanted you to get angry like your namesake so you’d go all “Hulk smash” on her typewriter, laptop, computer and pens so she never writes again.

            • LOL sorry for the assumption Dazz!!!

              I get angry and smash my laptops sometimes, NOT GOOD!
              it is kind of depressing that she made that much money and she don’t even like it! AT LEAST stand behind your garbage and own it I say, just like a mistake your supposed to own it, and she just took the easy way out saying even she hated it!!
              She needs a HULK SMASH on her rich a$$!!

  9. I haven’t read or watched any of the Twilight stuff, but the general take on it seems to be that it is simply addictive, even to people who know in their logical minds that it isn’t “high quality.” Meyer managed to create a massively effective hook, so there’s that. And people chose to read it and watch it. Maybe it offered some needed escapism or made them feel better.

    As far as speaking negatively of one’s own work…on one hand, maybe it shows disrespect for the means of one’s success. But it’s her life, and if that’s how she feels, honesty is sometimes a refreshing thing to hear. Who knows.

    • As a writer myself, I’m more inclined to hate my own work the second I finish it so I can understand why she’d hate Twilight, just not why she’d hate it now after earning millions from it and after years of backlash against the books and movies.

      Maybe I’m just cynical but it seems like she’s suddenly saying this now to put the spotlight on her and her crappy books in case people have moved on and forgotten about them.

      Especially because JK Rowling has released two novels since finishing the Harry Potter series but is still being talked about as a world renowned author and nobody hears anything about Meyer ever.

    • The movies are actually pretty entertaining if you watch them with the Rifftrax commentary.

      • They need to release those RiffTrax versions on DVD or something. Unless they do and I’m just being a dope.

      • where can those be accessed? youtube? rifftrax sounds like a youtube channel.

  10. It is puzzling why she’d want to distance herself from the franchise. Why now? Oh well, I guess writers aren’t obliged to love their own work forever, but it sounds like such an unnecessary thing to say.

    However, I’m tired of people ripping at the fanbase. Every time someone calls the fans stupid you’re insulting the intelligence of my fourteen-year old little sister. She and her friends love these books, and why shouldn’t they be allowed to like what they like? Enjoying books and movies shouldn’t have to be a stressful thing to do, and you shouldn’t have to defend what you like.
    By all means, if you saw the movies and thought they were awful, that’s totally okay. But my sister happens to love these awful movies, and I’ll defend her right to love whatever she wants, without being called an idiot, to the death.

    • your sister isn’t stupid… she just has bad taste. sorry couldn’t resist. But i get where you’re coming from.

  11. These books and movies have been so bad it’s simply beyond my comprehension they have EVER made any money… Now, we had our fair share of of succcesful franchise in our day and age… Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter… all of them are great, timeless sagas that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least are critically acclaimed. The Twilight saga is an empty black hole… It’s a shame… there are so many more BETTER book series that could have become huge movie hits instead of that atrocious joke of a franchise…Nuff sai…

  12. The really annoying thing is that these films have legitimately changed the way franchises are made. How many YA fiction films are now planning splitting their end to the tale over 2 films… For Potter it was logical due the size if the book. Twi-s****, on the other hand, was purely to make more money! It’s happening with The Hunger Games & WILL continue elsewhere

  13. I’m no defending her because I’m not a Twilight fan at all… but indeed, the books are better than the actual movies, and it’s been ended in the most appropriate way. I think her sentiment came from the fact that she’s pretty much done with her take on the book, to the point that she’s starting to get irritated with people/fan who continuously asking her to keep making more. It’s her right to hate her own work, but I’m sure the pressure from all those unnecessary demands as well as negative responses from the opposite side, drove her to that particular state.

  14. It’s amazing that for all these movies have done for her, she now acts like a child star who wants adult roles. I don’t get it. It’s not like you have this whole stack of works and you deem this series to be bad. This work is yours Ms. Meyers. I didn’t hear anything like this after each book or movie came out. I think the constant scorn finally got to her. She was proud and happy when these movies made a ton of money and everyone was talking about them. Now all of that is gone but the scorn remains. (Well I’m sure she still gets royalties)
    I’m sure in the lead up to The Host a lot of the questions were still about Twilight. And when it bombed, she probably blamed it on Twilight. She had to know doing another young love movie would mirror Twilight no matter how she wrote it.
    So now she wants to slam her own work. Work that put her name in lights, made her a lot of money, and gave her freedom to do whatever she wanted with her next project. But maybe she should take a moment and think about all the people who shed there time and money to read her books and watch her movies. People who defended her work against a never ending wave of critics…. She just took a big dump on them too.

  15. I think it may have been all the parodies and crap like memes mocking her work. Maybe in her mind this Twilight world looked very serious and more mature and believable, but maybe she can’t take the criticism? It’s like if people started to mock Lord of The Rings by saying it’s another Harry Potter. I would certainly be upset.

    Have to admit the sparkling skin on the vamps made them a little flamboyant. Along with some terrible casting. I think if I were a director I would’ve scrapped the vamps and stuck with the werewolves; Jacob and his roots seemed pretty interesting.

  16. Never read the books but hated the movies (despite watching the first 3 for whatever reason) However I feel there being extremely ungrateful about the popularity of the franchise as a whole. I never heard of either Mayer or Patenson before the first movie & now there house hold names yeah the movies sucked but to be a d#ck about it and crucify the material (which one of them created & could have improved if they really wanted to)is very disappointing, She should be thankful so many women(children)enjoyed those books/movies.

  17. hahaha that’s funny, She should keep writing though because I really enjoyed “The Host” and I’m willing to buy whatever else she writes after that…

    I didn’t fund her Twilight novels and haven’t read them, but I did unfortunately get to see two of the movies and witness the awesomeness of Dakota Darkness

  18. We’re over you too. Wait, I was never in to that pile of tripe called Twilight. I did try to read The Host. As a hardcore science fiction reader with nearly 1000 books in his library, I screamed in horror after 100 pages and gave it back to my wife alone with a stern lecture.


  19. That’s all right Steph…. so are a lot of people. Oh take the Host with you on your way out, cheers love.

  20. I am no fan of Twilight but I always find it interesting when actors, authors , musicians etc. who make their fame and fortune off something like a Twilight end up hating it and resenting fans. I understand artist want to do more than one thing but nothing is worse than an artist who resents their work so much they will deliberately do things to kill it. They treat fans with content and scorn because they think they are holding them back from other things because they won’t let go. I have known authors to hate the fan backlash so much that they write one more time just to kill off every character that is loved, as if to teach the fans a lesson.

  21. She writes a series of books for idiot love starved teenagers based off classic characters in a attempt to cash in on a popular trend at the time (Vampires, Werewolves, Paranormal and Supernatural story arcs). Now that the books and movie franchise has ended, she wants to continue her writing career BUT she created her own prison in the sense that ALL her future work will have the “Twilight Stigma” on it (Probably mindless teenage dribble for idiots).

    The artist in her wants to be taken seriously in her writing, but it’ll never happen with this as her legacy… This is why she wants to distance herself from it (even though she’s made millions off it). It’s the same way actors like Jim Carrey decided to move past the Ace Ventura roles to more dramatic and darker roles, an Elijah Wood, and modernly the Harry Potter Kids decided to do roles that were very different from their famous character franchises. Funny that Stephenie Meyer has been now in Hollywood for the last decade and she just NOW is figuring out that she’s typecasted as a writer

  22. Meyer, you better keep your greedy fiction-shredding claws away from Middle Earth! Aure entuluva!! Stay back, foul creature!

  23. If she does not want twilight and dont want to write anymore books why wont she sinply SELL THE RIGHTS TO TWILIGHT AND GET RID OF IT ONCE AND FOR ALL AND SHE WILL NEVER HAVE TO BE BOTHERED WITH IT AGAIN!

  24. I am so over Stephanie Meyer. I am a huge fan of the Twilight series. I’ve read all the books multiple times and have the entire collection of movies on DVD. Ms. Meyers had a chance to that most authors dream of, and she has the audacity to throw it away. Talk about being ungrateful. She needs to look at J.K. Rowling and see how someone builds an empire from their books. I can’t imagine creating something, watching it flourish, and then talk about it like it was yesterday’s garbage. Most importantly (to me at least) she told her Twilight fans what she thought of them with her derogatory comments. If she is over Twilight than maybe she should sell her copyright to someone who actually wants to do something with it. Or at this point maybe it’s best to leave it be. I know this is one fan who is disgusted with her words. I can say this I won’t be spending one penny on any future movies she has anything to do with. Her last two movies tanked “The Host” and “Austenland” which I just heard if by accident got horrible reviews. I personally will be looking forward to writers who appreciate their fans. Especially, when it’s made them millions


  26. As I have seen all of the twilight movies more then three times in three days!! The movies are greatest thing ever!!! They make me want to watch it over and over again!! U Mrs Mayer have a great talent and I have a idea for your next twilight book or I can write but make another please!!! Breaking Dawn part 2 just leaves us hanging!! I would want to know what happens in there lives like the werewolf and there daughter!!!

  27. Im the last person in the world to read the first two books of series and the movies. I was very disappointed I will not be reading the last two. They were very boring and the storyline was predictable. I guest I shouldnt wat watched

  28. I’m sorry u and Robert werententhusastic about it series but my sister and I read the whole series 15 times we loved Edward and his sister the best THEN Bella. Regardless no matmatter how old we get we will not forget the fullness. Or it fantastic books