Twilight Spinoffs After Twilight Sequels?

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twilight saga spinoffs and sequels Twilight Spinoffs After Twilight Sequels?

With New Moon wrapping up production and its rushed release set for this November and with Eclipse beginning production next month, which will open next summer, AND with Breaking Dawn coming quickly after that, what happens next?

The four (finished) books of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga will have all been translated to the big screen. All will be rushed out within the next two years with nothing left to go on. That is of course, assuming Meyer doesn’t hurry up and finish that fifth book, Midnight Sun, which she stopped working on after an incomplete draft of it leaked online.

However, that book is just the first one all over again from the perspective of Edward as opposed to Bella so it may not be too much new – it’s more of a companion novel. What if fans want more?

Well, the one thing holding Summit Entertainment back is the lack of more books to translate to the silver screen. Or is it?

It now seems that the possibility of spinoffs is very real and come the end of the four current movies, we could be seeing more milkage of the cash cow coming our way in the form of entirely original screenplays based on the world set up by Meyer.

In a brief interview with Radar Online at the 36th Annual Vision Awards in Beverly Hills this weekend, Twilight producers Wyck Godfrey and Greg Mooradian revealed that they are entirely open to the idea of spinoffs after the main four films have been completed:

“Stay tuned. I think if our movies do as well as the first did all possibilities are out there. But right now we need to finish what we have and finish Stephenie’s vision as best we can and then let’s see where the audience demands us to go from there.”

If the movies do well, which is not unexpected, there’s no doubt that they’ll want to cash in on the built-in fanbase’s desire for more. As we start seeing the sequels roll out, there will likely be aspects of the world and/or characters that become stand-out fan favorites and that would be ripe for the making of a spinoff movie(s) to extend the franchise. We’re living in the age of franchise extensions through sequels and remakes so this is not out of the realm of possibility.

The films have a relatively low budget and are being made in mere months. Despite this being very evident in the trailer for New Moon, the movie should make a ton similar (or more) than Twilight did last fall so there’s no reason to stop assuming the sequels perform well.

One idea proposed during the interview is that of a movie centered in on the Volturi vampire guild, which is led by Aro, played by the incredibly talented Michael Sheen. That guy can lead any film in my mind and I can see a movie moving forward on that angle involving the many new characters we’ll be introduced to this Fall in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

In the novels, the Volturi rule the vampire world and play a major part in New Moon but not so much in Eclipse (could be slightly different in the film). Some other members of the Volturi include Jane, Heidi, Marcus and Caius who are being played by Dakota Fanning, Noot Seear, Christopher Heyerdahl and Jamie Campbell Bower respectively.

Do Twilighters want more films that extend past Stephenie Meyer’s work? If so, in what should they be about?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens this November 20, 2009 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is scheduled to release early next summer on June 30, 2009. Expect Breaking Dawn not long after.

Sources: Radar Online, The Geek Files

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  1. The only other movie I would be interested in watching after all the books have been done, would be Midnight Sun. I know it’s just Twilight from Edwards side, but by then they can find a better director, and a bigger budget,do to the previous movies making so much. Make Midnight Sun the movie Twilight should have been. Another chance so to speak.

  2. I’m twilighted out!!! I was a huge fan of the books, not so much of the movie, but still enjoyed the movie. I’m just sick of it at this point! The only worthwhile thing that has come out of the movies is Rob Pattinson…This was a breakout role for him and it’s a shame he is booked for the remaining three as he could be headlining more worthy movies…Please no more twilight! Just the original four books, and possibly Midnight Sun!

  3. It sounds like they plan to milk it as long as they can.

  4. No way should they do any spin offs. In the book series it ends happy ever after in Breaking Dawn that is how Stephenie Meyer’s wanted it..I would love to have her write the series in Edwards Prospective. Stephenie posted her draft of Midnite Sun and its great even tho its just a draft and it brings so much more to the series so much was left out what was in his head not just hers. No Spin offs Please your just gonna wreck it! she didnt write it so let it go Please

  5. AS a huge fan of the Twilight Saga and a constant thirst to hear more from the Cullens I would have to say I would be disappointed if the Summitt did go ahead with Spin offs. The movies are being made based on the books, which in my opinion arent as good but still hooked, therefore the only way a spin off should be made is if Stephenie decides to grace us all with another fantastic story. Maybe the best spin off she could give us would be Carlisles version seeing as he created the family and we could have his secrets revealed. Think this would be the perfect ending to the saga. However I am still really hoping Stephenie is re-writing Midnight Sun Saga as to me this is what all Twilighters want to really see. Sad the movies are being thrown out so quickly n a small budget would be much better they waited like they did with Dan Browns books to give fans a prolonged ending.

  6. I have read all 4 books millions of times and absoluely love the movies despite the editing. I think that true twilight fans cant get enough of the saga and a spin off would be great. How can we really know what stephenie wants unless she tells us herself. By the way I hope she continues to write Midnight Sun because I read it on her website and it was FABULOUSSSSSS!!

  7. A prequel, detailing the histories of some of the minor characters ( the vampires or the werewolves) would be interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Stephanie Meyers is a talented enough writer to think of anything too deep or intellectual.

    Maybe a better writer could be found?

  8. Your right Midnight Sun is fabulous and would love her to continue the story from Edwards side, after all there cant be too many twilighters who dont want to hear inside Edwards head.
    I love the films too but I must admit I felt they left far too much out of the film that was in the book, I know you never get the same effect from a film after reading the book. My partner is a huge Dan Brown fan and was bitterly disappointed with the film saying it never did the book justice. Seeing as I never read the book I was enthralled by the film. I just think Summitt could of waited a while and let the Twilight mania build up and give the fans/actors/author a film as high up there as Da Vinici Code and Angels and Demons. Afterall isnt that what the saga deserves??
    Glad you agree about the histories of the minor characters, I for one would love to hear Carlisles side of the story. Watching his family grow, his time with the volturi etc etc. Also would love Jaspers side as his history is much more interesting than some of the others. As for another author, well I’m not too sure on that one. No-one knows these characters as well as Stephenie. Not a writter myself but hey would be happy to work with Stephenie with my ideas. ha ha x

  9. I read the books, and I cannot see much that is original in them. She stole from Buffy the Vampire Slayer,as well as Angel (Joss Whedon) also from Anne Rice (quite a lot, actually…it is a thinly veiled copy of ‘interview with a Vampire ) She even stole from Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights) and Bram Stoker (Dracula)!

    There is a reason that she isn’t on the covers of any of her books. She is a 40 something mormon spinster! Nobody (least of all her legions of teenage fans) would buy the novels if her face was on them!

    She’s no J.K Rowling, a woman who is a literary genius.

    I for one can not understand how something so poorly written, with such a thin plot (a stone baby,and immortal love, forget my parents and live on deer blood forever, for goodness sakes!) ever became so popular!

    I think the only way the sequel movies will have any substance to them is if Stephanie leaves them to someone else to write.

    At least it made teenagers get their faces away from a computer for five minutes to read a book. Maybe they might be encouraged to read better literature, now!

    Sorry about the rant…but I am quite Twilighted out.

  10. OOOOER. Well if I am being honest I am nowhere near teenage years anymore and have two children myself so I guess I am just as bad as Stephenie herself haha.

    For me the books were an escape from my everday life and gave me something that was my escapism. Personally I am not a Harr Potter but I suppose the general concept of J.K’s secret worls of wizardy and goblins was taken from Lord of the Rings and Narnia if we are to go down that route. Just like Dan Brown stole his ideas and adapted them to his own. I personally feel most authors of our time take their ideas from someone else and interpret them as their own. Have you seen childrens tv recently?? I have a two year old and six year old and I have to say once you have seen one epsiode you’ve seen them all. No wonder kids of today have no imagination.
    I am not really a vampire lover so when I watched Interview with a Vampire many many years ago I wasnt a big fan of it, I’m a romantic at heart and it wasnt so much for me that it was based around the immortal more so the romance. However I can see where you are comig from and I guess Carlisle s what Tom Cruise was in Interview and Edward Brad???
    I have a feeling there are a lot of ppl out there who are twilighted out but I think that has a lot to do with the over publicity of it from Summitt Entertainments side. Think the films could’ve waited a while longer as I previously stated. However I do think the books are worth a read and will stand the test of time but as for the films atm I cant see them up there as all time classics. Bit like Grease 2.

  11. Building on ideas from previous authors or artists is one thing, that is the hallmark of a post-modernist text.

    However, ripping off other people’s characters and adapting them is another.

    Yes, they are a bit of escapism, I just wish that someone like JK Rowling who creates worlds within worlds had written them.

    I have read better fanfiction online!

    The reason the films have come out so quickly, with very little thought, is due mainly to the fact they are cashing in on a phenomenon that will not last long. The audience will have grown up, and moved on.

    If they had brought the films out carefully over 7 or 8 years like the Harry Potter films, the audience would not be there.

    The books are just not good enough to be classic texts like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter.

    They are a cheap, quick flash in the pan that is a fleeting entertainment only. The producers want to make a quick buck before the audience flutters by to the next bright shiny thing.

  12. I see you have a very strong view on this subject although I disagree with your opinion on it being a flash in the pan and audiences will have grown up etc etc. What about the Harry Potter fans are you saying they where all adults when they read the Saga?? Clearly not as you are an adult as I can see from your very intellecutal text and opinion. I am in my thirties and know people in their forties who have read both Potter and Twilight and loved them equally.
    Its very much each to their own when it comes to literature, some love Shakespeare and some love Enid Blyton. That is the broadest spectrum of lit I can think imagine. Obviously you are a potter fan and I respect that however I am not as I am sure you respect that too. For me the world J.K has created is not one I wish to visit but my son one day will and therefore I will read them when that time comes.
    As for your comment regarding timelines for films, I believe if your are a fan then no matter how long the wait you will always be a fan. Just like Friends if they wait a decade the followers will watch the reunion epsiode or like group comebacks. a follower is a follower.
    My six year old is a HUGE Star Wars fan and I think that will stay with him for the rest of his life whether it be a huge fanatical part as some people are or a small part of his childhood it is now instilled in him. Just as Potter, Narnia, Twilight and the like have effected others.
    I do however agree its a quick buck and I also think the actors who played certain parts were not charasmatic enough, in fact more like cardboard. But I think its just a shame they have rushed into the adaptation without much thought.
    I have no doubt in my mind J.K Rowling is an outstanding author and will say Stephenie is not in this league but feel she has made a worthy contribution to the lit world even if some of her ideas were “stolen”.

  13. I don’t think Pattison would go for Midnight Sun (what does that mean!) He dislike Twilight and has mocked the book in interviews and the rampant fans caused him to get hit by a car a few weeks back. He’ll want to stay as far away as possible.

    The Volturri idea is good though. Sheen is a brilliant actor and the film will present an oppurtunity for the writers to move away for the questionable novels and develop full creative control.

  14. I would much prefer Midnight Sun saga to be novels only. I doubt they would be able to convert the story as successfully as they have twice.

    Dont so much as want to know about Volturi itself more how Carlisle became involved and the stort after how he was turned up until Breaking Dawn. That would be an ineresting read for me.

    As for Pattinson I think the film has helped him with his aspirations and so I feel he should show a bit more respect towards it. As for the “fans” well these people need to understand Edward is fictional and Rob is actually as human as they are and IS NOT a vampire and nor is he Edward.
    The person I was referring to was Kristen Stewart some of her performance in th film was cringe worthy. There is a line she uses as they are driving back from Port Angeles when they see the ambulances and she says what is going on? Its like she was reading the lines from the page!! It was embarrassing. I think Rob carried her a lot through the film. Had they had more money and time maybe she would have been able to grow more and maybe they would have edited it better but a rush job is a rush job.

  15. Unless she comes out with a new book that follows Breaking Dawn, I just don’t see how any more “good” movies can be made. I’m dying to read Midnight Sun, if she ever decides to finish it. There is so much more to the Edward character than Bella and I would love to see the companion books from his perspective, but putting them into a movie would be lame!

  16. Gottarhyme I think the saying Opened a Can of Worms is appropriate.

    I would think the Bella story is well and truly over. Breaking Dawn gave her a happy ending but so many other stories could be told. On her webpage she states she wont write again with Bela being the narrator but has other avenues she would like to persue.
    As I said earlier Midnight Sun could never be made into a movie and is a god send really because would allow those people who love to be lost in their imagination conjure up the world in their own minds, rather having it shattered early by Hollywood.
    Also as I said earlier to learn more of Jasper and Carlisle would be amazing. Emmett and Rosalie is a story already told and Carlisles mind would allow you to explore all the other “minor” characters.
    My opinion however counts for nothing as I am not Stephenie Meyer.

  17. i think it might be cool to do a spinoff w/ renesmee and jacob and there life togather !!

  18. I am sorry, I teach English literature, and although I appreciate that a lot of women and young girls enjoy this series, it is in no way in the same league as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Narnia.

    I read novels for a living. If you have read as much as me, you would understand what ‘classic’ lasting literature is. There is nothing wrong with reading a trashy romance. They have their place. I enjoy reading them as much as the next person. But to call ‘Twilight’ great literature that will be read in even ten years time is to insult to author’s whose work is still read and enjoyed by wide audiences. Everybody reads ‘Mills and Boon’ too. Just because it is ‘popular’ doesn’t make it good literature. It just makes it part of pop culture.

    STAR WARS was an entirely original style of film that can be enjoyed by all audiences aged 6-60. The fact that your son loves it, is not surprising. It is so well written and crafted as a film, it has attained ‘classic’ status.

    These books (TWILIGHT) are NOT great literature. They are trashy romance novels that appeal to young girls and women because they like the idea of a perfect lover with no responsibility other than to themselves and their lover. Bram Stoker had the original idea.

    Robert Pattinson is right. He wants to do these films, then distance himself as soon as possible. I for one want to see him in something much better. He is a fine young actor in the mould of Heath Ledger, if they let him do something more interesting!

    • @gottarhyme
      I appreciate your opinion; but just as with life outside the classroom your opinion is.. well.. just an opinion. A voice among many others with just as much right to make their own.

      I’ve read more books than I care to count – authors ranging from Shakespeare to King, from McBain (ugh) to Brooks, and even Trimmer when I got bored. I don’t think there is an author out there whose books I haven’t at least tried.

      Now, would I say Stephenie Meyer is a good author? Maybe not. Would I say she’s written an unusual piece of literature. Yes.

      You state Dracula, and Buffy and Angel as being simply copied. How so? It’s a love story between a vampire and a human. There’s only 7 themes in all the books ever written. Everything is in some way deriving from other works, even Shakespeare. Even your beloved Star Wars.

      Did you even read the first book? Similarities between any other vampire is non-existent – there is no other vampire that is similar to Stephenie’s concept.

      As for love-with-no-other-responsibilities. So was Star Wars. So is James Bond. So is Underworld in a way. So are most love stories, which at it’s essence is what Twilight is.

      But hey. We’re not the teachers here Ma’am. You go ahead and give us our opinion so we know what we like.

  19. Oh, and ‘Harry Potter’ was read by adult and child audiences from the very first book.

    I read it to my kids, and became hooked. Most of my colleagues read Harry Potter. I am the only one who has managed to read all the TWILIGHT series among the people I work with.

    I was given an award for persevering. Nice story, could have been written a lot better. And the last book was rubbish.

  20. I think you will find I have not classed them in the same league, should you read my reply it will confirm I said J.K is an outstanding author and I do not class Stephenie Meyer in the same league as that. So before you carry on with what your occupation is rather than your personal preference then I would like to go back and read my reply again.
    I also stated J.k took her idea from NArnia and Lord of the Rings not compared them to Twilight in fct what I did say was its a personal prefernce some prefer Shakespeare some prefer Blyton.
    In actual fact my all time favourite is To Kill a Mockingbird and I have studied classics. To you and J.K fans her novels are timeless classics however to those of us who are not obsessed with goblins and having children run at a train head on then I am not interested in her books. That is MY preference.
    I am not sure why you are even on this site as you are not a fan of Twilight which it would seem you are more here to let the world know you can read.
    As for Heath Ledger and Rob Pattinson I think you are going down another route there entirely, up until Brokeback Mountain he was a romcom actor and would not have gained as much critical acclaim had he sadly passed away. Indeed I loved watching Heath Ledger in Ten Things I Hate About You aand up to Dark Knight which I personally feel was his greatest triumph. Again do you feel Batman is trash because it originates from a comic and the characters are not real?
    I appreciate your level of intelligence and my best friend of 14 years is an English Lit Professor so I can safely argue the toss.
    Twilight was never meant to be Harry Potter and never wil be but it has earnt its place in many peoples minds whether they be adolescent or not.
    On the whole Potter thing did J.K not rake it in when she decided to let them not only make a film but to give the adults a different cover than the children? May be a classic but one can only assume this is due to some adult readers being embarrassed being “caught” reading a “childs book”. Please note my inverted comments.
    I was actually enjoying our conversation until you misquoted me.

  21. I didn’t misquote you at all, I was making a general comment.

    I appreciate that you are passionate about TWILIGHT, but you have said that I am passionate about Harry Potter (Books you havent even read by your own admission)

    I was only using them as a comparison to the TWILIGHT saga, as the 15-16 girls YOs I teach are obsessed with TWILIGHT. For some of them, its the first novel they have ever read.

    I have four children, and I have taught them to appreciate GOOD literature. My 16 YO read all of the TWILIGHT novels, and we discussed them together. She knows they are trashy, but she liked them. Thats fine, but she also read Harry Potter, and Narnia, and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants…

    She can make an informed decision. But even she thought the last one was stupid. She was laughing out loud in places!

  22. I agree that Breaking Dawn was far fetched but then so is running round dressed like a bat or in red lycra thinking your a spider. Its a world of fantasy and its entirely judgmental.
    I never put Stephenie Meyer in the same category as Harper Lee, Shakespeare et al, I was merely stating I am not a fan of Harry Potter, however I appreciate it is a classic and will stand the test of time.
    My personal belief is if Stephenie was to continue her writing and go further into the subjects we discussed earlier then that would be more substantial and possibly created all by herself.
    Twilight the movie was an injustice to what could have been a great Vampire/romance movie. I am not disrespecting those people who worked hard and I like some of the cast also. I just feel a spinoff would take away what some people found special.
    I agree all children should be well informed and well read and I said I can see you like Harry Potter and that I will read it with my children when that time comes. However I dont particuarly want to read them.
    But I do enjoy Narnia and Mockingbird and have studied Shakespeare so I do know what a classic novel is. I remember growing up reading everything placed in front of me, from Her Benny to Are you there God its me Margaret, today Judy Blume is Jaqueline Wilson so what I am suppose I am trying to say is authors can come and go but I am sure that Twilight will/has sparked another generation of writers therefore will stand the test of time as being a launchpad for others.

  23. I love the Twilight saga. I am not a teenager and it is annoying when everyone thinks that these books have to be read and enjoyed by teenage girls only. I loved escaping into the world Stefanie Meyer created. I honestly do not see where you can say they are trashy but to each their own. On that note I just finished the Harry Potter series and while I agree that they are also good books they did not get me addicted like Twilight did. But I also agree that I do not want a spin off of Twilight. I would love to see a new book written to follow up more on Jacob and Renesme but anything other then that I don’t think will interest me.

  24. i think at all depends on your taste of movie is because me personally love twilight and i love the story and i can’t waith for new moon to come out. the story is different them most vampiers movies and the stiry can relate to alot of people and there a lesson to be learn about each book, family,love,respect,loyal,faith,hope and different point of view.

  25. Thank you Cindik, I too am not a teenager but I am sure you have read my earlier posts to see what our discussion was about. As you know I havent read Harry Potter but this is my personal preference. I was not saying Stephenie was not a good writer as I was absolutely addicted to the books and wasa left wanting more. However I do agree to a point that Breaking Dawn was at times bit OTT but as I have shown examples that are also absurd then the OTT is only up there with there craziness.
    I am a mother of two who has been through an very rough time over the course of 18months and to discover something I could get lost in brought me back to life. Yes its about vampires but it showed me more than that, it showed me that when you find your soulmate no matter who they are they are yours forever. That is why I am so passionate about Twilight not because I am a teenager with raging hormones.

  26. I never said that only teenagers would love the books, however, that aside, I know that the novels are a bit of escapism for some. I felt much the same about Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it came out.

    They are a part of pop culture, not classic texts. That is my point. The fact that the producers of the film are trying to cash in quickly on the seres of movies by churning them out quickly speaks volumes about how THEY perceive the franchise. I was merely making an observation on that score. I am also an older woman with children. I hope that people will read other vampire novels and enjoy them too.

    If you liked TWILIGHT, might I suggest Sherylin Kenyon’s Anita Blake series? Vampires, werewolves, and forbidden love. You will love them! They are my secret ‘trashy’ romance series. A lot more ‘adult’ than TWILIGHT, but no less romantic.

    The TWILIGHT series was aimed at teenagers initially. Sherylin Kenyon’s Anita Blake is definitely NOT. ;) Look them up online. They have a HUGE following.

  27. I am also an older fan of Twilight. It’s hard to explain why, escape is one reason. Even though I like more adult content in other novels I’ve read, the lack of it really works in Twilight. Edward is from a time that romance was important but sex came with being married. Old fashioned YES!! But it really works in Twilight. It is more in the way he speaks to Bella, the way he touched her, and especially the over all way he treats her. He makes mistakes but more then makes up for them.
    Also, one of the reasons their trying to get the movies out so fast is that most of the characters don’t age and the actors are. The story also run a time line over only two years.

  28. Morning all,

    Have just caught up with the discussion and I will be looking up the books you mentioned, which is the beginning of the saga as I am going on holiday next week and looking for something to engross me as much as Twilight did.
    Toreyvdv I think you have a very valid point with the ageing issue but also know make up is a miracle in the industry.
    I too loved the innocence and the lack of gore and sex, tbh it brought back all those memories long ago of my first love and how those “firsts” make you feel. Although he wasnt a vampire and couldnt stop a truck and nor did I have a stone baby lol. But if we ddnt use our imaginations once in a while what else would we have.