Twilight Sequel Already In The Works?

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new moon1 Twilight Sequel Already In The Works?Rob Friedman, CEO of Summit Entertainment is already preparing for the sequel to this November’s Twilight movie. New Moon will be based on the second novel in Stephanie Meyer’s hit book series.

Twilight reportedly cost a mere $37 million to make, and with all the hype surrounding this film (mainly from female audiences) the movie will easily make that back.

So it comes as no surprise that a sequel is already in the works. The film is breaking all sorts of records with its soundtrack already ranked in the top 5 best-selling albums on Amazon (and it’s not even out yet… it will be released on November 4th) and the newest trailer has landed 3 1/2 million views in less than 48 hours after hitting the net.

It’s risky business planning a sequel based on hype before anyone’s even seen the first film. We have no idea what the reaction of fans and critics will be and despite a built-in fan base from the book-buyers, it’s still difficult to predict box office numbers.

The studio estimates $20 million for opening weekend and many think they are low-balling with that number so that anything higher makes it look like a big win. While it’s probable that Twilight will make that much or more, it still could fall short if it flops and doesn’t hit members of any other demographics.

Me? I’m not going to see Twilight, but I know a lot of ladies who are already planning their evenings for opening night. I think no matter how good or poor the movie may end up being, the “fangirls” will be there for the sequels too, so long as they follow the books.

What do you think? Plan all sequels now now now! or wait until the first comes out?

Twilight hits theaters November 21st.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. I still think it will open big but
    one thought does come to mind,
    Eragon .
    it was suppoed to be a shoo in too.
    pre release buzz for Twilight looks pretty good but
    they should never plan too far ahead though .
    plan the sequel after you have the money in the bank.

  2. @Gary

    Eragon opened to a $23.2MM weekend – not terrible, and went on to earn $75MM US and almost $250MM worldwide (if you can believe it!).

    Currently, guess where the book “Twilight” is ranked at Amazon in sales?



  3. Wow.
    I stand corrected on Eragon then .
    The news On Twilights current ranking explains why when I wento Barnes&Noble yesterday all the Twilight books
    were Moved UP To THE FRONT!
    I am not going to see Twilight either.
    and I have never read a Twilight Novel .

  4. I wish Eragon would get a sequel,

    I actually really enjoyed that film except for two childish scenes.

  5. As a “fangirl” of the Twilight series, I think they should definitely wait to see how the first one does before planning sequels. I am actually not a huge supporter of translating the other books into films, though. I would have been a happy camper with the first book.

  6. I have no doubt that they will attempt to make a trilogy. And Im sure as long as they keep the movies low budget, they wont have any trouble recouping their losses. My sister and my wife have read all of the books, and they are both rather obsessed with them. Despite my wife’s best efforts, she couldnt get me to read them, but I’ll probably have to go see the movie. And that is where their money will come from. Obsessive fans/teenage girls and their boyfriends/husbands.
    The problem I see with this movie is the writers having to change the source material and upsetting the fans. My wife and sister already both have very detailed ideas on what things should look like, I imagine other fans would too. As a comic book reader, I told her I can attest to the fact that when it comes to the movie adaptations, writers will change whatever the studio tells them too, just to make money. They might not necessarily stick to the source material.
    If they make the movie totally different from the book, it could backfire. If not, It’ll probably pull in solid numbers. Not great, maybe 50-65 mill. all together. Solid.

  7. 60 million for a film with a 37 million dollar budget ?
    sounds like a recipe for a sequel to me.

  8. Gary, back to Eragon example

    That had $100 million estimated budget band didn’t get a sequel(yet) on $250 million earnings.

    Twilight will need more than 60 to warrant sequels – I read somewhere that in addition to the $37 million there is the P&A budget which is high.

    Worldwide, Twilight will EASILY make over 60 million though so it shoudn’t be a problem…then there’s DVD sales, TV, etc. etc. I think any movie with a big advertising budget makes its money back no matter.

    I’m very curious to see how this film opens.

  9. Although the film looks like it is going to be cheesy, I believe it will have the Titanic factor: 14-year-old girls going back again and again. It won’t make Titanic numbers, but I’m sure it will do well and do very well DVD-wise I suspect; so planning a sequel now is not too much a roll of the dice IMO.

    I plan to see it, cheese or not :)

  10. I hope twilight wins big money at the Box Office. At least the top 5 of all time…! Ive read all twilight books & their awesome.I recommend it. and watch the movie too.. i know i will!

  11. I guess i would be one of the obssessive fan girls, but thats just because the story is good. I’m going to see the movie, and if I like it I’ll probably see it twice, and then buy it. However if the movie ends up being completely craptastic like Eragon, I’ll see it once, wish I hadn’t wasted my money, and vow to never watch any sequal that may come out. This will probabaly happen, because I love books and the movies never do justice to the origional story. But if the movie ends up being good, then I’ll definatley see the sequals.

    (I won’t just watch a crappy movie b/c the book is good, and I’m sure a lot of other fans wouldn’t either.)

  12. Having read both Twilight and the Host, I enjoyed the concept that Meyer presented. However, for die hard fans of the vampire and scifi genre, her books are light in action. So far the trailers are decent but I will wait on this movie until I read the reviews.

  13. I think it will do fine.

  14. I am enjoying reading the books and will go see the movie opening weekend. that is the plan. i am wanting a sequel to be made because they are great stories…but in the truth of “Hollywood” they can start on a script for a sequel and then realize well maybe one’s enough. Esp since they will more than likely make their spendings back in the first night. as long as this adaption is well done I’d say go ahead and plan for New Moon…but maybe see the Box Office before going for the rest of the Saga.

  15. Here in the UK Twilight hasn’t yet become the hugh hit it is in the US, “YET”, I am really hoping that the release of the movie will encorage a wave of new fans buying the books and promoting bigger box office returns. I loved all 4 books I am now eagerly awaiting the movie release on 19th December.
    Having watched and loved the Trailers, I am convinced the movie will be a hugh success in the US, and hope that the British public take to Twilight as I have done…
    I would be very upset if the studio wasn’t planning on a 4 movie deal, and if like Harry Potter they can keep the same principal cast, and keep the storyline as close to the books, I see no reason way the movies wouldn’t bring Fantastic returns..

  16. Hey Elaine,

    good point – I’m sure with the release of the film – the book sales will go up super high as well – especially in its newer markets like the UK.

    Also, if this movie flies high, you can bet the actors’ new contracts will be optioned for a full set of films :)

  17. Don’t get me wrong, I love the twlight series, and I honestly cannot wait until this movie comes out…But to be quite honest I don’t think new moon would make a very interesting film.
    It has no action, romance, horror, or comedy, at least one of those is required in an entertaining film.

  18. Twilight is the “real deal.” Stephenie Meyer’s (author of the Twilightsaga books) books; “Host” and “Breaking Dawn” continue to top the best seller list. The pre-sale for the Twilight Movie Soundtrack has broken records. Fans are reporting to have already purchased their tickets for the Twilight Movie. To be perfectly honest, read the book before seeing the movie. Like all movie adaptations, there is a lot of backgrounds information in the books. The movie will not be a “slasher” like the “Saw” series, but there is blood because of the vampires. Don’t make up your mind before reading the book or seeing the movie. Just enjoy.

  19. Because the fan base is so huge for Twilight, and, because of records being broken before the movie is even released, the movie “New Moon” will be a success as well. I’m even looking forward to a combined “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” sequel.

  20. I personally think that the guys should acctually read the book before they state that they won’t see the movie and say they won’t like it. I was reading ‘A Great and Terrible Beauty’ (the trilogy by Libba Bray) and the author was talking about how she hated when books were reffered to as a “chick lit.” Personaly, I agree. I mean, even though the book may seem a little girly, guys could like it. Especially the Twilight Series! Who doesn’t love a good Vampire scene? I mean, girls read guy books, right? They even see “guy movies.” Why wouldn’t a guy like this one?
    Also, I think there will be more than the four books that are already out (for anyone who didn’t know.) Stephanie Meyers is planning on writing the books from Edwards point of view. It will be great to see what Edward was thinking during. . . well, I don’t want to give anything away, but generally speaking… I want to see what he thought during the second book.
    The movies will be a great visual, especially with the special effects.
    Please guys- don’t judge it before you’ve seen it. I bet at least half of you will like it, if not love it.

  21. I really hope that they make the entire Twilight series into movies. The books are excellent, better than Harry Potter. I hope Stephenie Myers continues to write and maybe someday write from a different characters view, ie: Renesmee’ a few years down the road after Breaking Dawn ends. What if an older Renesmee’ fell in love with a werewolf?

  22. i personally have read all 4 books being a guy i thought they where good, it kinda borders on the original vamp. mythology. being as what they can and cant do.
    but i loved the books and i hope the films will be as good .
    so in lamens terms i be right there next to the FanGirls on opening night.

  23. I am 31 yrs old and have a 13 yr old daughter who wanted to read Twilight. When she told me it was a Vampire Romance I was a little iffy about letting her read it. I read it first to see if it was suitable and was surprisingly hooked I then read the other 3 books in the series in a week. I am taking her to see the movie this weekend and hope that they don’t veer too far off the book in the movie. I hope that they make the sequels into movies also and can’t wait until they do. I think they chose the actors for Edward and Bella’s characters well and hope that there is as much chemistry between them on the screen as there is in the books.

  24. I think guys should read this just to see what it is women/girls want. Bring back chivalry guys. Woman want manners and romance. We do want you to hold the door for us.

  25. I have seen the movie and was only a tiny disappointed compared to the book. However, it’s impossible to put 500 pages into a 2 hour movie, so great job Catherine. Thank you Stephenie! The movie stayed true to the book. Loved how Edward sparkled! Would have liked to see more of the Cullens though. Where was the “dazzle” comments? I will definitely see it again and look forward to seeing the rest of the books on the big screen.

  26. I also agree with Susan. Where has all the romance gone? Even though we may be strong, independent women, we still dream of having our own fairy tale romance. We want real gentlemen!

  27. They announced yesterday that they will make New Moon into a movie. I only hope that they don’t stop there and that they make all 4 books into movies. I saw twilight this weekend and loved it, even though they skipped around a little. I can’t wait to see the next one on the big screen.