Stephenie Meyer & Kristen Stewart Discuss ‘Twilight’ Sequel Possibilities

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Twilight Sequels Stephenie Meyer Kristen Stewart Stephenie Meyer & Kristen Stewart Discuss ‘Twilight’ Sequel Possibilities

Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight films (and books) are in for a bittersweet holiday season – when the Twilight Saga’s final film installment, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, opens in theaters on November 16th, 2012. While some moviegoers consider the Twilight series an affront to quality cinema, the films have continually challenged box office records and brought in over $1 billion total so far in theaters.

Amidst reports of a possible series reboot, Meyer and franchise star Kristen Stewart spoke out about their feelings on potential Twilight reimaginings as well as spin-offs – most notably where the author might take the story in a possible book (and film) sequel.

Franchise leading man, Robert Pattinson, was the first to field a question about a potential Twilight reboot:

“I think it would be amazing. I would love to see that. I pity the person who would take over my role [joking about the criticisms the young actors faced themselves].“

Stewart followed up by asserting that she’s ready to see the Twilight saga come to a conclusion – unless Meyer has a good idea for further non-Bella-centric installments:

“What’s really great about this film, about turning that last page is that you have a thing that’s done and they can have it now. I feel like this is just an insider’s perspective but I played her. But if anything else happened, I’m like, please leave them [Bella and Edward] alone. They figured it out, leave them and by the end of the movie it’s so abundantly satisfying and sweet and ideal. It feels good. Like it should end. But Steph [if there is another one] I’m down. I’d be open to the idea, I’d be really interested in hearing what it was.”

Before showing off footage for her other supernatural young adult book-turned-movie, The Host, at the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Comic-Con panel in Hall H, Meyer expanded on Stewart’s comments and offered up her own tongue-in-cheek timeline for new Twilight saga installments (or franchise reboots):

“It would be really interesting in 20 years. That’s good. But I do pity the person who tries to step into these roles because it might not go well for them, I imagine, because this is what is loved [indicating toward the cast]. It wouldn’t be the same. It’d be interesting to explore.

Bella’s story is definitely told. Like [Kristen] said, it’s final. Back in the day when I was never going to stop writing about vampires, there’s a reason why this lovely lady (Mackenzie Foy playing Renesmee) was created. It wasn’t just I wanted Bella to have a baby, I was creating another one. But yah, 20 years, 20 years.”

twilight breaking dawn part 2 trailer preview Stephenie Meyer & Kristen Stewart Discuss ‘Twilight’ Sequel Possibilities

The notion of a Renesmee-focused story shouldn’t come as a surprise to a lot of Twi-hard fans who hoped that Meyer might continue the Cullen-family story – without causing further trouble for the fan-favorite Bella/Edward pair. A Renesmee plotline, especially one that comes to theaters 20 years later (though don’t expect it to actually take that long), could prove extremely profitable for Lionsgate – since it could cull both older fans as well as newly indoctrinated Twilight lovers (who were too young to take part in the current craze). Of course, a future-set storyline would also allow for Stewart and Pattinson to return somewhere down the line.

Either way, the news is by no means confirmation that Meyer will ever revisit the series (or that a reboot will be greenlit anytime soon) – and merely, for the time being, serves as an interesting peek inside the minds of the author and actors that have made the series such a phenomenon. However, should the studio actually move forward with any of these ideas, fan response will without question be mixed. Plenty of passionate Twilight supporters could be excited to see the story continue but, at the same time, others are definitely ready to see the franchise come to a close in as Stewart put it, an “abundantly satisfying” conclusion – albeit a bittersweet one.

We’ll keep you posted on further Twilight developments but don’t hold your breath for Pattinson’s Twilight sequel pitch: “What if Bella and Edward get divorced and it was kind of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing?”


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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in U.S. theaters on November 16th, 2012.

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  1. Make a twilight sequel after breaking dawn pt.2

  2. I really hope they make another book/movie with the original actors and actress’s.. there are things that ended in the last movie but also left open. Meaning the valtory did the cullens end them did they end the cullens? Did bella’s dad ever connect the dots? What about jake and renesme? And if jake a renesme end together if they have kids what would they be? Many questions have run threw my mind as well aim sure other onlooks have the same questions if not more as well…

    • it would be nice to find out how the valtory deals with finding out she has a kid with a wolf…

  3. I think they should me new twighlight movie with jacob and renesmee and all the other cast come out as well and should be so intresting

  4. I also think she should continue the series. Thre is so much left open. She could start from where the last movie ended and put more focus on Jacob and Renesmee. But obviously Edward and Bella would be in it. They r the parents. A possible voltury retaliation. I mean the possibilities are endless. If I were Her I’d write 4 more books. A continuation to the twilight series. True Edward and Bella figured it out but the whole vampire wolf pack thing is a huge story line. Let us see how everything turns out the way only she can describe it. The crowd demands more!!

  5. I hope they make a another movie because I wanna see how
    Jacob and renesmee turn out and how Edward and Bella turn
    Out. The breaking dawn part 2 movie was very great but it shouldn’t end !.
    They should make another movie to see how everything turns out!. If they
    Do it will be great!. Im a big FANN OF TWILIGT ! I ADMIRE EVERYTHING!
    I hope you guys don’t finish for good! I enjoyed watching all of them so why
    Stop now!. It’s just getting started!. I hope you guys make a new one! I’d be
    So happy and pleased!. thank you!
    SINCERLY ~your biggest fan Daniela Marroquin

  6. You need to make another movie/series because The crowds have many questions about the Breaking Dawn part 2 because How will Jacob and Renesmee worked they relationship together? Why did the Volturi said “we will not fight TODAY” Right? Then I probably say that We can wait for another continuation of that movie/series. I hope there it is. I’m a BIG FAN of TWILIGHT.

  7. I think the Twilight series should definitely be continued. We were left with a cliffhanger ending. While I do agree that it was time to wrap up Bella and Edward’s story, I don’t believe they should have stopped with Jake and Renesmee. I believe Stephenie could continue writing because their story has so much potential. She should do it while the actors are still young so they don’t have to find new ones. All I have to say is give us more Twilight!

  8. i hope they make a braking dawn part 3!!!!! :) fingers crossed !!! :)

  9. i really luv twilight i’m the biggest fan no matter what enyone says. i<3 u Steph!!!!!!!

  10. I think twilight would gross many viewers if they created a new series/saga/trilogy whatever it is! Sure Bella and Edward bid their fairytale love ending goodbye, their story is all wrapped up but what about Renesmee and Jake’s? We’ve watched their small brotherly-sisterly/best friend relationship in BD but what about in the near future? The footage of Alice’s vision got me spinning my head around. I’ve read Fanfics on Renesmee’s story and I can’t help but feel like we need to hear her(Renesmee) side of the story. If Stephenie wants a break then maybe should give it 6-7 years and begin writing when Renesmee’s Fully Grown and I’m sure Mackenzie Foy would probably be 18 by then and Taylor 27-28! That wouldn’t be wrong at all bc do the math! He’s already a pedophile but a 16 year old looking! Lol! I want twilight to return! Asap!

  11. Yes please make another twilight movie..I would love to see a spin off.

  12. I think everyone that played in it, to all the guys and girls
    Behind the scene’s that worked countless hours
    did an absolutely amazing job! From Bella Swan to Edward Cullen’s
    Relationship to the entire family’s relationship.

    I know a lot of people hate Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
    for a lot of things, but I just want to say that She an Robert Pattinson
    did an absolutely amazing Job!!

    Hope y’all sleep well and have an amazing day tomorrow and rest of the year
    Kristen Stewart an Robert Pattinson!!

  13. They should do one of two things for Twilight, one they should continue the story with renessmeeor two they should do books series about every vampire such as Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle then turn those books into films.

  14. I think Stephanie Meyer should write another book and make it into a movie. If this happens it should be soon rather than later and they would need to keep the actors and actresses the same.( Kristen Stewart, Robert Patterson, and Taylor L.) and the whole Cullen family as well as renesmee.

  15. I think that they should do a movie of all of the Cullen’s origens from how they became a vampire up to where before the first movie

  16. I have a question will it be another twilight for jacob and bella daughter in november 14 2015 in theathers cause i seen the trailer and i want to know if the girl from vampire diaries going to plays as bella daughter i just want to know im a twilight fan and im also a Teen Wolf fan so stephaine from ur point of view can u tell us will it be another twilight for ur fans

  17. The story tellers in doing a bunch of short films on Facebook on some of the Cullen’s and there origins. We should start seeing them in May

  18. Please make another one… SOON!! I think if you make one though about jacob and Reneseme then it needs to have the actual jacob (Taylor launtner) and not just a new guy pretending to be jacob because it wouldn’t be the same without Taylor being jacob since he has been through the whole series but yes I definetly think there needs to be a new twilight series centering around Jacob and Renesemes story with some appearances of the Cullens since Bella and Edward are Renesemes parents. So PLEASE make a new one ASAP Like within maybe the next year or so

  19. I think there should be a new twilight series centering around jacob and Renesemes life together. If there is a new series then it needs to have the real Jacob Black (Taylor launtner) because the movies wouldn’t be the same without Taylor as jacob since he has been Jacob through the whole series. I definetly think there need to be a new series of twilight centering around Jacob and Renesemes life’s together with appearances from the Cullen’s since Bella and Edward are Renesemes parents. So PLEASE make a new series of twilight SOON like within the next year or so maybe