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Short version: Like Twilight, New Moon is strictly for fans of the book – for the rest of us, it’s actually worse than the first film.

new moon review New Moon Review
Screen Rant reviews The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Well, maybe the third time will be the charm.

In an earlier article we speculated whether New Moon might turn out to be a good movie not just for fans but for general audiences (maybe even guys!). With the replacement of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke with Chris Weitz on New Moon, many people were hoping for a more exciting film this time around. Unfortunately, if anything what we’ve gotten is a film that is even slower than the first one.

As New Moon opens things seem to have fallen into as close to normalcy as they can get in Forks, where Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) are a couple, even though Bella’s circle of friends still finds him and his family creepy. Bella hasn’t seen Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in quite a while and is shocked to see how he’s beefed up when he turns up. There’s a rivalry between Edward and Jacob, but nothing compared to what it will be by the end of the movie.

Bella still (idiotically) wants to be “turned” – be bitten so she can become a vampire and live forever with Edward at the physical age of 18. Edward refuses because obviously he’s smarter than she is – he’s 109 years old and with that apparently has come some wisdom. They actually joke about the fact that an 18 year old girl is dating a 109 year old guy – while it may seem silly, it’s actually true and quite creepy. You’d think he’d be (as a 109 year old) more interested in hooking up with a woman in her 30s, who’s actually experienced more of life and matured.

Edward tells Bella that the Cullens are leaving, ostensibly to protect their identities, but in reality he believes that as long as he’s around her he puts her in danger. Before he leaves he tells her not to do anything reckless – and the only reason to say something as non-sequiter as that is to set up what comes up later in the movie. Saying she doesn’t take it well would be an understatement. Bella is depressed and morose, doing nothing but sitting in her bedroom moping for months.

Eventually she pretends to snap out of it, just to make her dad happy, and while out with a friend discovers that if she contemplates doing something dangerous, risky (or hey, reckless!), Edward appears to her to tell her not to do it. So she becomes a bit of an adrenaline junkie, looking for dangerous things to do just so Edward will appear to her to tell her NOT to do it. This is a major point in the film, and frankly the more I thought about it, the more it seemed pretty stupid. First, let’s just reverse what I said earlier about Edward being wise – appearing to her ONLY when she’s about to do something risky, with the fact she misses him so much, guarantees she will engage in that behavior. Second, isn’t Bella the only person who he’s not able to “read?” He can’t read her thoughts, can’t tell what she’s planning on doing, etc? Then how the HECK does he appear to her when she’s about to do something stupid? Of course if he’s not appearing to her and she’s imagining it, then she’s having pretty vivid hallucinations and has even bigger problems than we thought.

bella jacob new moon New Moon Review

Meanwhile back on the (Indian) ranch, there are a bunch of guys who hang together and seem to worship the gang leader. This particular fellow seems to be waiting for Jacob to join them even though Jake isn’t interested. Of course there’s a reason they’re called the “Wolf Pack” and soon enough Jacob will be joining them (once he joins them, he spends the rest of the film shirtless just like them). He comforts Bella, who takes advantage of their friendship because it’s obvious he has serious feelings for her, and she allows things to progress as far as closeness and some physical affection, but keeps him at arm’s length. Eventually he, too tells her he can’t be friends with her any more and Bella is now 0 for 2 on people who said they’d never leave her – and do.

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Nope, my last comment brought up a completely different subject as far as the review goes.

    Lol, so it’s okay for you to bash the film as long as you move on?

    I hope you see how ignorant and homophobic you sound.

  2. Ogb says,,,

    “So it’s okay for you to bash the film as long as you move on?”
    Yep as I don’t want to be a d-bag and insult others for their opinion. The film doesn’t deserve my energy,,,
    “I hope you see how ignorant and homophobic you sound.”

    Are you high ogb? As that makes no sense,,,

  3. Again, I never said someone’s opinion is wrong. Look up my posts.

    Your posts however do indicate a lot of homophobia (reference of the increase in numbers of posters when entering west hollywood, “ah’Ha you like a gay film”, etc.)

    Btw, thanks for turning this into a trivial, message board feud. This is my last reply to you.

  4. 790
    I think it’s the use of the word “gay” in a derogatory way.

  5. Gheesh you guys are frekeing retrads.

    @Panda I work around gay people all day long as I work in the entertainment industry. (Get over yourself)
    Your position towards me and even Vic is ridiculous.
    To say that my comments are offensive is bs. Your playing the gay card,,, Panda,,,

    Obg is just bored it seems and instead of burning ants he’s taking shots at Twilight fans…

  6. What position? I just pointed out the gay comment in the was a little offensive. He didn’t care, fine. I didn’t attack anyone, and I didn’t call anyone a homophobe. What’s with the defensive attitude?

  7. Lol, maybe that gay comment should have been avoided, hahaha. And I thought I was the one that says controversial things…


    Awesome link about twilight haha

  9. I’m sick to DEATH of the “homophobia” card, I really am.

    As to the gay reference in my review, I’m pretty sure that it’s more likely that a gay guy would cover his body in glitter at a gay pride parade than a straight guy would in, well, any situation.

    Lighten up.


  10. No one is talking about your comment right now Vic

    Lighten up

  11. No offense intended on my part Vic, I personally don’t care about the whole gay thing, but I still recognize how controversial the topic is. I finally figured out what comment you were talking about that you deleted, and I find it a little humorous that you felt that was out of line but bringing up politically charged statements isn’t. :-P

    But it’s not my website, so that’s why I didn’t “complain” about it, just laughed about it to myself. haha. :-)

    Anyway, I’ll just stay out of the whole discussion regarding homosexuals… lol

    Regarding the movie, they keep showing commercials for it, and it just looks so cheesey, I really don’t see what the big draw of this whole teen love story with vampires thing is. It’s like they are taking the whole Romeo and Juliet “Oh, she’s dead, now I am going to kill myself” but she’s not really dead story and threw in the vampires and werewolf gimmicks… Come on, seriously? My friend watched it, and liked it, but even she was like “why would he decide to kill himself without verifying that she’s really dead?” She says he basically gets like a phone call about it and that’s enough to convince him, lol. Seem contrived to me…

  12. I’ll talk about the comment…

    What’s with the hostility? Can someone not point out to you that one of your comments is a little offensive to a class of people? Maybe you don’t care or maybe it was your intent to offend someone, but I didn’t accuse you or 790 of that.

    You’re explanation above is as rediculous as your dismissal of my statement. If someone is picking up a nickel off the ground would you say “look at the Jew picking up a nickel”? Might that be offensive to someone? What you said in the review is on the same level. I didn’t know if you realized it and I pointed it out, without accusations. You don’t care if it’s offensive? That’s your business, it’s your article. Someone else saying it’s a “gay film” in a negative connotation is offensive, whether you chose to believe it or not. It doesn’t mean insult was intended, but it was offensive.

  13. @ Vic

    Haha yea I hear ya I was sorta giving you a hard time :)

  14. My son wanted to see NM, and I went to see 2012 again. Afterwards, he said he should have gone with me. I took his mancard and shredded it. :-)

    That was just a joke people, no offense intended.

  15. So true:

  16. Hi everyone! Haven’t see the film yet. My 23YO daughter works at the cinema, and she says wait a few weeks because the fans spend so much time screaming at the screen, you can’t hear what’s going on anyway!

    My 16 YO daughter(one of those fans) went to see it, and said it was disappointing as there wasn’t enough ‘Edward’. Its a bit like Beatlemania, isn’t it? We love her anyway, bless.

    But even she realises that it is a phenomena that is cashing in on its popularity among screaming tweenies and 30,40, and even 50 something Romance junkies! Bless ‘em all!

    I have read the books, and as they are churning these films out like cheap candy, one has to wonder how they will deal with the final book in the series which has a plot along the lines of: Edward and Bella marry, have an indestructable baby that talks as soon as it is born, lives on blood, and is made of stone, named ‘Renesme’ (a combination of Renee, and Esme) which Jacob (the werewolf) falls in love with…yes, and we were worried about a 109 year old vampire who fall in love with a 16 yo!, But Jacob has to wait a few years ’til shes old enough to have sex with, but in the meantime becomes her devoted slave until she’s big enough to boink!

    Meanwhile, in the book, Edward and Bella marry, leave her parents behind to grow old alone without her, while she stays forever young with Edward in their secret cottage of luuuuurve.

    I just wonder how the paedophilia is going to be dealt with, or are they going to leave the last trashy novel out of the films?

    One can hope that good taste will prevail, but as money is involved, I doubt it.

  17. How many of you went to see this film again? Looks like it’s number 1 for 2 weekends, although it dropped %70. The only movie I went to (Ninja Assassin) got hammered, which is understandable since it was Thanksgiving. Never did understand the reasoning for them releasing that film during this timeframe.

  18. Just read some of the earlier comments sheesh you kids are making too big a deal of such a minuscule comment. In defense of Vic, if some guy in real life was walking around with glitter on than theres a 99.9 % hes a fag. I’m no homophobe but thats the truth. Give the guy a break you people are ruthless

  19. @gottarhyme

    I hear there’s a LOT of crazy stuff in that last novel.

    BTW, where’ve you been? I don’t think I’ve seen you around in a while. :)


  20. @Vic

    Aren’t you a little old to be watching (and then slagging off) New Moon, which is aimed at an audience of teenage girls?

    Shouldn’t you be out playing bowls with the rest of the geriatrics?

  21. @Steve

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh! SO very witty… you hurt me, you hurt me bad.

    And aren’t you a little “male” to be “slagging off (to)” New Moon?

    What would you have said if I gave it a really bad review instead of a middle of the road critique, Einstein?

    And FYI, there are plenty of young reviewers who gave this far more of a beating than I did.

    Now why don’t you scoot back home to mama.


  22. @Vic

    I’ve been doing ‘stuff’ (work is a necessity unfortunately) You don’t know the HALF of the crazy stuff that’s in that last novel! It reads like a really bad fanfiction. I didn’t mind the first three, although I think other authors are far better, and much more creative in the vampire genre.

    All I can say is, Stephanie really has tapped into the motherload of poor taste, and it scares me… ;)

  23. @gottarhyme

    Haven’t read any of them, but I’ve heard that the 4th book is pretty much off the rails compared to the other three.


  24. @Vic

    You have to read them…it might give you some insight into why these fans are so irrational about this!I am off to the Antarictic on an ice breaker over christmas. I won a trip! Hope they have good films on board. :)

  25. I dont care what anyone says i loved the first one so much that i became a huge fan, and when i read the books i was in love lol. The first and second movie both were very good people who have read the books know the second is not as happy go lucky as the first where they first fall in love and i was very happy for what was put in the new moon from the book they kept very true to the book some of the script was even right out of it so i was very happy and loved it cant wait for the third.

  26. I loved this review, was so hilarious. I did catch Twilight (1st one) but couldn’t relate to it. Sorry to say the conversation was a no brainer between Edward and Bella and it was really depressing

  27. I haven't read through all of the comments, because there's too many to read and I want to comment NOW (ha.) but I will say this – first, Vic, Edward doesn't actually APPEAR by her side, it's just a hallucination/imagination thing. This is made very clear in the book. And second, it was a terrible movie. I loved all four books (New Moon being my least favorite, though) and think that the movies are doing absolutely no justice to the books. Although, the more I read (and re-watch) the story, the less I like the character, Bella. She's weak, helpless without some sort of man and unable to form independent thoughts and feelings. She bases her self-worth on what her boyfriend thinks of her and while a lot of 14 or 15 year old girls feel this way, this is something Bella, the character, should start growing out of to be a good role model for all the young fans. Even in the books, she makes me cringe the second time around, because she's a weak female lead. Sorry to ramble. Loved the review, though.

  28. The cinematography was definitely better (undeservedly so), but the fact remains that they're still working from Meyer's source material. Of course it's going to suck!