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Short version: Like Twilight, New Moon is strictly for fans of the book – for the rest of us, it’s actually worse than the first film.

new moon review New Moon Review
Screen Rant reviews The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Well, maybe the third time will be the charm.

In an earlier article we speculated whether New Moon might turn out to be a good movie not just for fans but for general audiences (maybe even guys!). With the replacement of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke with Chris Weitz on New Moon, many people were hoping for a more exciting film this time around. Unfortunately, if anything what we’ve gotten is a film that is even slower than the first one.

As New Moon opens things seem to have fallen into as close to normalcy as they can get in Forks, where Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) are a couple, even though Bella’s circle of friends still finds him and his family creepy. Bella hasn’t seen Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in quite a while and is shocked to see how he’s beefed up when he turns up. There’s a rivalry between Edward and Jacob, but nothing compared to what it will be by the end of the movie.

Bella still (idiotically) wants to be “turned” – be bitten so she can become a vampire and live forever with Edward at the physical age of 18. Edward refuses because obviously he’s smarter than she is – he’s 109 years old and with that apparently has come some wisdom. They actually joke about the fact that an 18 year old girl is dating a 109 year old guy – while it may seem silly, it’s actually true and quite creepy. You’d think he’d be (as a 109 year old) more interested in hooking up with a woman in her 30s, who’s actually experienced more of life and matured.

Edward tells Bella that the Cullens are leaving, ostensibly to protect their identities, but in reality he believes that as long as he’s around her he puts her in danger. Before he leaves he tells her not to do anything reckless – and the only reason to say something as non-sequiter as that is to set up what comes up later in the movie. Saying she doesn’t take it well would be an understatement. Bella is depressed and morose, doing nothing but sitting in her bedroom moping for months.

Eventually she pretends to snap out of it, just to make her dad happy, and while out with a friend discovers that if she contemplates doing something dangerous, risky (or hey, reckless!), Edward appears to her to tell her not to do it. So she becomes a bit of an adrenaline junkie, looking for dangerous things to do just so Edward will appear to her to tell her NOT to do it. This is a major point in the film, and frankly the more I thought about it, the more it seemed pretty stupid. First, let’s just reverse what I said earlier about Edward being wise – appearing to her ONLY when she’s about to do something risky, with the fact she misses him so much, guarantees she will engage in that behavior. Second, isn’t Bella the only person who he’s not able to “read?” He can’t read her thoughts, can’t tell what she’s planning on doing, etc? Then how the HECK does he appear to her when she’s about to do something stupid? Of course if he’s not appearing to her and she’s imagining it, then she’s having pretty vivid hallucinations and has even bigger problems than we thought.

bella jacob new moon New Moon Review

Meanwhile back on the (Indian) ranch, there are a bunch of guys who hang together and seem to worship the gang leader. This particular fellow seems to be waiting for Jacob to join them even though Jake isn’t interested. Of course there’s a reason they’re called the “Wolf Pack” and soon enough Jacob will be joining them (once he joins them, he spends the rest of the film shirtless just like them). He comforts Bella, who takes advantage of their friendship because it’s obvious he has serious feelings for her, and she allows things to progress as far as closeness and some physical affection, but keeps him at arm’s length. Eventually he, too tells her he can’t be friends with her any more and Bella is now 0 for 2 on people who said they’d never leave her – and do.

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. seth your one looney character…

    you cant put new moon in the same ball park as S W E S B,

    you cant even put new moon in the same ball park as blue harvest lol.

  2. I would love to see a documentary about the fans of Twilight. Get some footage of these people, I wanna see what they look like. One thing Star Wars and Twilight do have in common is a lunatic fringe of crazy fans. 😯
    I’ll give Seth credit for going against the grain on this thread. 😉
    Seth you have to realize that back in the 70’s/late 80’s when Star Wars became a hit science fiction films were routinely ridiculed by critics. There were only a handful of them, and they all pretty much had no taste for sci-fi films. It was a totally different world back then.
    These days critics are more in tune with different genres and can see the quality in good sci-fi/fantasy films.
    Using the “Empire Strikes Back 1981″ reviews as a baseline to make your point (IMO) is flawed…as well as comparing the gross ticket sales. If you adjust for inflation you will find that Star Wars is easily the highest grossing film franchise of all time beating Titanic and Lord Of the Rings,,,

    Let’s see how long “New Moon” survives in the theaters. Back in the day “Empire Strikes Back” played in theaters for almost 7 months…

  3. I like these movies as cheesey fun, and the last 2 books aren’t bad, with some nice ideas. However comparing them to Star Wars, any of them prequels included ( with the possible exception of the slightly pants Attack Of The Clones), is absolute heresey!

    That said, I wanted to see New Moon this weekend, and it was all sold out!

  4. Went to see it today with a group of rather obsessive friends. Whist it wasn’t as utterly, godawfully terrible as I’d anticipated, the film did have its high-points. I actually really enjoyed the fight scenes, and looking past the flaws of overkill on certain effects (At one point commenting that I was reminded of the old ‘Power Rangers’ shows I recall watching as a kid ^^; ) it wasn’t such a bad way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

    There was a rather pointless amount of fan-service, but that’s to be expected I suppose, and the other girls certainly seemed to appreciate it 😉

  5. I have been waiting for almost a year for this movie. I too thought that this was the weakest of the four books, but after months upon months of all of the hype and hysteria, found myself (in my thirties, mind you) practically giddy with all of my TwilightMoms waiting for opening day. I have always been Team Jacob, and couldn’t wait to see how Chris Weitz would do with characterizing Jacob and Bella’s friendship/relationship. Although I believe Taylor L. did a fabulous job, I am disappointed to have to ask everyone if he is the only one in this whole movie who can actually act?? And he’s the youngest! Robert was horrible, and Kristen was her usual, boring self. I think the special effects were awful, and the score could not have enhanced the mood less. The Equinox song fit the scene, as did the song played as Bella sits lifeless for the passage of time. Other than that…what was with the whimsical music playing as Edward enters the Volteri to ask about their decision? Shouldn’t the music have made us feel more doomed and desperate? Also, I could not agree more with you that the secondary characters and the splashes of humor is what kept this movie going. A friend of mine on the phone tonight said that there was just so much time between parts of conversations between Bella and Jacob or Bella and Edward that it just made her want to reach through the screen and slap them and say, “Just spit it out! Say it already! Get on with the movie!” I have never publicly reviewed anything, but felt very strongly about this since I was so hyped up about this movie. I feel Catherine Hardwick would have put much more into this movie. After all, this is a love story above all, and you could tell by watching her first movie that she got that. Her color scheme and perfect casting is what made me fall in love with not only Twilight, but the books soon after seeing the movie. She may not have the experience needed for the special effects that Stephanie could see would be needed for New Moon, but hey, Chris sure didn’t prove he knew any more than Catherine with this piece of work either. Nice guy, I’m sure, but I feel Catherine put her whole heart into Twilight. A man definitely made this movie, and I don’t know many men who ‘get’ the whole essense of the series.

  6. What about girls who are in relationships with guys who are Twilight fans? How lame is it that this guy just assumes that all people who like twilight are girls? I mean really…what does gender have to do with having terrible taste in movies?

  7. @Girl, (just curious) are you making a point about assumptions based on gender or did you actually hate the film?

    You lost me here:
    “what does gender have to do with having terrible taste in movies?”


  8. Okay, first let me say this movie is definately for Twilight fans, it is after all based on the books. :) I thought this movie much better than the first. I don’t think the first director did a good job os showing the depth of emotion between Bella and Edward. The acting was better this time around. This movie was much better at sticking to the book. I would not subject my husband to it, but if he watched he might be pleasantly surprised by the action scenes. I’ll definately buy it.

    Also, let me say this- of all the books this was my least favorite and the book did seem to move slowly. Perhaps I did not think so of the movie because I was expecting the long seperation and this time instead of being annoyed by it, I enjoyed seeing the by play between Bella and Jacob. Also, seeing Jacob half naked definately made the movie extra special for me. After seeing the movie, I actually want to read the book again, which is something I’d never thought I’d do.

    Please remember this story is a love story. If you’re looking for an action flick look elsewhere… but I’d recommend you stay away from Face Punch. 😉

  9. there really needs to be a website for Twilight “purists”. Though Summit did better this time the whole saga needs to be remade with GOOD actors & a script writer with STEPHENIE’S vision, not her own.

    Sadly Lautner was the best actor in the film and he needs to work on looking angry and mean. He was too wholesome looking after his “transformation”.

  10. my wife really wants to go see this today. Wish me luck everyone…

  11. @Tweeb

    LOL, there are plenty of Twilight-only fan sites out there. :)


    I feel sorry for ya, bud. 😛


  12. I really don’t understand all the hype for this it’s absurd. I was forced to watch twilight with my ex girlfriend and actually found it semi entertaining… ( yes my manhood is gone). But what I can’t wrap my mind around is why the coolest website in the world would review a movie like this… I really don’t consider it sci fi or action so whyyyy? I think Vic has a secret love for the books and just doesn’t want to admit it. Yup i said it

  13. @Fenix

    LOL, well we cover movies that are in one or more of the following categories: Popular, Blockbusters, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superhero, Horror, Action, etc. Twilight is quite popular so we cover it.

    Obviously it generates a lot of discussion, which we like to see on the site.


  14. Ok, I was warned but still unprepared for sheer amount of shirtless boys in this movie. It really was also way too long with unnecessary slo-mo (the first scene at the school when Edward steps out of the SUV in slo-mo to the badboy style rock soundtrack made both my wife and I lol).
    About the wolf pants, I think they should go for som breakaway Chipendales pants that they can re-use (plus it goes with the shirtlessness).
    Btw- Kristen Stewart is absolutely painful to watch in long dialogues. Painful

  15. Also Vic, the comment about “the gay guy with glitter” is a tad offensive. Anyone can where glitter, despite their sexuality

  16. Lol Panda…
    I remember listening to the director of New Moon, accept a. Scream Award, he totally reminded me of Joel Schumacher…
    Hence the shirtless wolf brothers…
    Lol, about Kristen Stewart I’ve seen her in person and she seems drug addicted…
    She was great in “Into The Wild” I have to wonder if she’ll survive the popularity of this Twilight craze ?

  17. ha! this was an awesome review!!

  18. @Panda

    Oh, please.


  19. I went to this movie last night with my girl, who’s 42, and her daughter, who’s 12. Both of them have read the books, and went for no other reason than the sappy love story. This movie was actually reminiscent to me of the first “Hulk” film that came out, with Eric Bana, to me. The similiarities were eerie:

    1) The ten or fifteen minutes of CGI, albeit mediocre, were entertaining. The other 90 minutes of the film were painfully slow.

    2) We took characters that should have been ruthless, and animalistic, and tamed them into whiny, tear-ridden wimps.

    3) The femme fatale in both films were awful. Jennifer Connelly, because she was out of character, and Kristen Stewart, because she’s a lousy actress.

    4) The father figures were completely ridiculous. Bella’s dad was only slightly more effective than the strung out looking Nick Nolte as David Banner.

    5) In both cases, the books were way, WAY better.

    I could go on, suffice to say that was a complete waste of two hours of my life I’ll never get back. If Edward really ever wants to die, I’ll gladly pound a stake through his chest just so I’ll never have to endure one of these films again.

  20. I went with the girlfriend to see it and actually thought it was alight, and improvement on the 1st one (which i was impartial too) But I liked the whole wolf pack element to it and was interested to see the writers take on there feud with the blood suckers lol… Yeah jacob was a bit of eye candy for the chicks but I thought he pulled it off in context of the films aim and demographic. Hey how many times have we drolled over Jessica alba in sin city for example! I mean it’s not the best film I’ve seen but defiantly not the worst! There was moments in there that made me shake my head and cringe (jesus the ending) But man this isn’t underworld. It’s based off a book written by a women, which is aimed a young women, romantics, and emo goth chicks! It’s something for them to indulge there fantasies, and gossip about at school and work! Let your teenage daughter or chick go see it, which was the majority in the cinema expectedly!

    I thought it did its job and would agree with a 2.5 score!

  21. Not to add fuel to the fire but I like how every “positive” review says it was better than the 1st one. Maybe that was their strategy, make a horrendous 1st movie and then make a crappy second so ppl would go “oh, well…it was better than the first”. lol

  22. Vic,

    “oh, please” yourself
    (that’s meant as a weak come-back, not a masterbation reference – knowing how much you hate that word considering your TF review)

    I try to point something out nicely and you blow it off. Nice

  23. Ogb,,, dude let the Twilight fans enjoy there film. What’s your prob ???

  24. Did I ever say “don’t enjoy the movie”? Enjoying something doesn’t make it a good movie. I enjoy the hell out of Mortal Kombat but I know it’s not the best movie. It’s a guilty pleasure.

  25. No Ogb, you didn’t but your coming off as the Twilight bully here with your persistent negative vibe,,,

    Bashing positive comments and having the point of view that you are superior because you hate Twilight really isn’t helping your credit rating. Just fyi… 😉

  26. 790 get off your high horse

    You were bashing Twilight and how gay it is a few days ago so drop the whole “defender of the Twilight fans” act

    I realize that my comments are negative but that is my opinion. I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion, I’m making observations that are relevant to the conversation and am not merely basing the movie saying “it sucks, blah blah blah”

  27. Ogb, I made my points and moved on, I’m not hanging around insulting the fans…

    Your opinion was clear 6 posts ago, now your just acting like the Ah’Ha kid from The Simpsons…

    Ah’Ha, you like a gay film,!!!