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Short version: Like Twilight, New Moon is strictly for fans of the book – for the rest of us, it’s actually worse than the first film.

new moon review New Moon Review
Screen Rant reviews The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Well, maybe the third time will be the charm.

In an earlier article we speculated whether New Moon might turn out to be a good movie not just for fans but for general audiences (maybe even guys!). With the replacement of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke with Chris Weitz on New Moon, many people were hoping for a more exciting film this time around. Unfortunately, if anything what we’ve gotten is a film that is even slower than the first one.

As New Moon opens things seem to have fallen into as close to normalcy as they can get in Forks, where Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) are a couple, even though Bella’s circle of friends still finds him and his family creepy. Bella hasn’t seen Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in quite a while and is shocked to see how he’s beefed up when he turns up. There’s a rivalry between Edward and Jacob, but nothing compared to what it will be by the end of the movie.

Bella still (idiotically) wants to be “turned” – be bitten so she can become a vampire and live forever with Edward at the physical age of 18. Edward refuses because obviously he’s smarter than she is – he’s 109 years old and with that apparently has come some wisdom. They actually joke about the fact that an 18 year old girl is dating a 109 year old guy – while it may seem silly, it’s actually true and quite creepy. You’d think he’d be (as a 109 year old) more interested in hooking up with a woman in her 30s, who’s actually experienced more of life and matured.

Edward tells Bella that the Cullens are leaving, ostensibly to protect their identities, but in reality he believes that as long as he’s around her he puts her in danger. Before he leaves he tells her not to do anything reckless – and the only reason to say something as non-sequiter as that is to set up what comes up later in the movie. Saying she doesn’t take it well would be an understatement. Bella is depressed and morose, doing nothing but sitting in her bedroom moping for months.

Eventually she pretends to snap out of it, just to make her dad happy, and while out with a friend discovers that if she contemplates doing something dangerous, risky (or hey, reckless!), Edward appears to her to tell her not to do it. So she becomes a bit of an adrenaline junkie, looking for dangerous things to do just so Edward will appear to her to tell her NOT to do it. This is a major point in the film, and frankly the more I thought about it, the more it seemed pretty stupid. First, let’s just reverse what I said earlier about Edward being wise – appearing to her ONLY when she’s about to do something risky, with the fact she misses him so much, guarantees she will engage in that behavior. Second, isn’t Bella the only person who he’s not able to “read?” He can’t read her thoughts, can’t tell what she’s planning on doing, etc? Then how the HECK does he appear to her when she’s about to do something stupid? Of course if he’s not appearing to her and she’s imagining it, then she’s having pretty vivid hallucinations and has even bigger problems than we thought.

bella jacob new moon New Moon Review

Meanwhile back on the (Indian) ranch, there are a bunch of guys who hang together and seem to worship the gang leader. This particular fellow seems to be waiting for Jacob to join them even though Jake isn’t interested. Of course there’s a reason they’re called the “Wolf Pack” and soon enough Jacob will be joining them (once he joins them, he spends the rest of the film shirtless just like them). He comforts Bella, who takes advantage of their friendship because it’s obvious he has serious feelings for her, and she allows things to progress as far as closeness and some physical affection, but keeps him at arm’s length. Eventually he, too tells her he can’t be friends with her any more and Bella is now 0 for 2 on people who said they’d never leave her – and do.

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Again, the problem with these films is that 1) the books are horribly unartistic and unimaginative and 2) horrible acting. But no, people still go and see it because they want to “have fun.” Well, I tell these people that they are what’s wrong with America and it’s art forms by being entertained by pure crap. I just wish people would actually pay attention to what they are doing and watching.

  2. New moon the movie is better than twilight because it follows the book and the look of the whole movie is better..even if hardwicke had the bigger budget she would have sucked cuz she is mentally ill. Non-fans need to realize that this is the most boring book because even though Jacob might be this big muscular guy, the whole dialogue between them that takes place for 80% of the book is so boring. I might be the biggest Jacob hater in the world. Only thing about the movie is girls are shallow so of course the fans are gonna go nuts over his muscle but his character is so dumb and childish so I could care less for him. The real fans (team Edward fans) get to enjoy this movie
    somewhat though cuz we get to wait in suspense for Bella and edward is reunited. I’m sure they will leave out alot of the cute moments between Edward and Bella at the end for the sake of time and because the movie is gonna make Jacob look better than he really is cuz summit really wants to get this rivalry going between Jacob and Edward. So this will be Jacobs
    movie and many fans will hate that (but will still love the movie as a whole cu Edward gets the upper hand in the end) and critics will complain that the movie
    was boring cuz there wasn’t enough Edward and Bella. Unfortunately Bella has to act like an idiot in this movie so non fans and critics will be disappointed. But next movie should be much better in terms of action and plot for the non twilight fans. But I think
    they are gonna make new moon as good as they can.

  3. As Jared above mentioned this movie does make Jacob look like a better guy than he really is. But, that isnt a bad thing. It makes people realize more why Edward and Jacob dont like each other *besides the fact they both love Bella* Though some people say the book and the movie was boring, I quite enjoyed it. This movie is not only for book fans. Many people will like this movie. Though some people just went to go see Jacob take his shirt off, maybe they will understand the story. The book, New Moon, was not 80% it depends if you like depression. Plus the book is very artistic and imagative. What is more imagative than “teenage” vampires? I felt that the director did a much better job than the last director. The last director sped the story upa nd that was the worst thing the last director could do. This movie was a bit longer but it told the story with more detail and accually made it some-what like the book. I loved all 4 books. And over-all I loved the movie. But, thats just me and I am a true Twilight fan *not the kind that hangs posters and obsesses over the guys* And I thought all the actors/actresses did their parts with great feeling. I hope I encourage many people to go see this great movie/or read the descriptive book by Stephanie Myer.

  4. Wow Vic this is too bad. Kind of shaping up to being a season of promising titles that have lousy.. well, everything. Confusing and annoying, boring story with lousy effects, insufficient character development combined with effects overkill, and a holiday film you can’t exactly take the whole family to. Even the seasons first animated story gets little love, granted it’s not a holiday show. Well I guess their’s “Avatar” but then “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” opens Christmas. Oh and “Sherlock Homes” will have the “Iron Man 2″ trailer, well maybe, right?… ;)

  5. Its worse than the first film? Jeez, I didn’t that was possible.

  6. Hilarious review!

    Wow! its all about Bella, and her forbidden angst…
    (Who give s a sheet)

  7. This is great news! But if I see it (and I know I won’t), I wouldn’t rate it any higher than 1.5 or 2. Seriously, who expected this to be any good?

  8. @Iron Knight,,,
    You didn’t see the trailer clearly targeted at gays and 15 year old girls?

    I mean Come On!,!!
    Lol,,, 8-)

  9. hahaha

    “worse than the first” lol

    …wait are you serious?!

    I work in by UCLA and they had the premiere there…I’ve never seen so many high school girls wearing black in one place lol.

    It’s crazy how these “pop culture phenomenons” overshadow everything that relates to quality and talent.

    I will watch the movie to judge for myself. I’m 99.9999999% it will be horrible but I’ll give it a shot. Having read the review, it’s a little generous to give it 2.5/5. And if it is in fact worse than the first, I will be surprised.

  10. Ogb, you work in Westwood, were practically neighbors,,, 8-)
    I’m in Burbank.

  11. I’ll make sure to stay away from Burbank then… :)

    I kid, I kid

  12. Just to point out to the Twi Hards posting really long posts, we all glance at your 20 minute pieces of art for about 5 seconds and go onto the easier comment to read (normally from a Twilight hater)

  13. Well, I’m going to see it on Monday. Why? Because I enjoyed the books, and the first film, while badly directed, has an interesting atmosphere.

    And to all the people who think Bella and Edward’s relationship is creepy, they are in love. Simple as that. It fuels all their actions, however stupid they may seem.

  14. WOW, Avatar is overhyped crap, but yay, it’s Twilight! lol.

    :-D I will never leave you alone SamBeckett!! haha. I’m kidding with you man. But I’ve always wondered why fans of the books will watch the movies when they’ve done such a bad job of putting them on screen. I would think that you fans would be a bit insulted by that…

  15. I get the feeling you and me, we’re going to be doing this forever!

    Personally, I hope New Moon is better than the above review, it is after all, only the opinion of one person. I think the last book, Breaking Dawn, is an excellent book. And my god are they going to have trouble making it as teenagers movie, should be a proper adult film.

    I do not think Twilight is the worst movie I have ever seen, far from it. That title is always reserved for Quantum Of Solace.

  16. i hope that those who are talking so badly about the movie have read the books… if not you have no reason to talk, but then again ignorance is bliss… the story line is incredible and very very creative. for someone to be able to make such a creature like a vampire or even a warewolf seem so realistic and believable is amazing. the movies are amazing and deserve every fan, viewer, and dime that they recieve.

  17. @emily

    I agree with you but I get the feeling not many others on here will.

  18. Really? Glittery skin is realistic and believable??

    Damn, why didn’t I think of that before, I could be a millionaire!! :-P


    So… that makes you The Joker, and I’m Batman? Sweet! :-D

    And about Quantum of Solace, lol, what a stinker that was… Bring back Martin Campbell, he knew how to treat the 007 franchise…

  19. I may not love TDK as much as some, but it some great lines, like that one. Glad it was appreciated!

    You know some people love QOS! Did you see all the great reviews? Weird!

  20. I’ll try be brief. I’m a nerdy fan of the books. Didn’t care for Twilight the movie so much-but I found I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed New Moon the movie. The book was “meh” at best for me-but I found the movie more entertaining. I definitely see where non-readers/fans would be completely confused by the movie though-ie the hallucinations / the volturi suicide plan, etc. And totally concur that the periphery characters are more interesting. But, as a fan-I really did have fun with it.

  21. But its worse than that! I remember seeing reviews in magazines and online, saying it was better than Casino Royale!!!

    Bond 23- Death Waits For No Man

    Director- Pierre Morel

    Bond- Daniel Craig

    M- Michael Gambon

    Moneypenny- Billie Piper

    Q- Patrick Stewart

    Blofeld- Liam Neeson

  22. Ken J. if you have the time perhaps you should check out ScreenRants own review of QOS. I was just disgusted to find it 4 out of 5! Disappointed!

  23. I’m really starting to think that Martin Campbell is the only person who knows how to direct a good 007 movie. The Pierce Brosnan movie all sucked big time except for Goldeneye, which was directed by Martin Campbell. Then Casino Royale came out, also directed by Campbell, and again it was great.

    And I like Judy Dench as M. In both Campbell directed Bond movies, she was M and she was great as the person who calls Bond out on his arrogance and womanizing attitude. Her lecturing Bond is refreshing because even though we want Bond to be the guy that outsmarts and outwits the badguys, it’s no fun if he’s just untouchable, so it was nice to have a woman put him in his place every now and then, lol.

    But yah, in the non-Campbell directed ones, she’s just there and not very interesting at all. That’s why we need the whole team back!

    I miss the old Q, he was another person that could lecture Bond and “slap his hand” when he touched something he shouldn’t, he was like his grandpa, lol. RIP.

    I loved the Q scene in Goldeneye where Bond kept messing with everything, and Q keeps scolding him, then he picks up this thing that appears to be a sandwich and Q is like “Don’t touch that!” and snatches it from him, we’re all thinking it is something really dangerous and Q is trying to prevent Bond from blowing up the lab, then he’s like “that’s my lunch!” :-D Great gag…

  24. DrSamBeckett says: “That title is always reserved for Quantum Of Solace.”

    No, you mean “The Three Amigo’s.” No? Ohh worst movie you ever saw. I could have swore you saw that one. Well what about “Ishtar” surely… you never saw that either? Well surely then “Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate” would be the default top stinker….. come on… you never saw that one either.

    Man you have a discriminating worst movie list…

  25. Ken J

    Some of the best scenes in Brosnan’s Bond movies were between Bond and Q.

    I just think hanging onto Judi Dench is pointless if they dont do the character justice. I would have her killed off at the beggining, Bond trying to find her killer and uncovering a bigger conspiracy, leading him to his nemesis Blofeld.
    But at the end reveal that she hadnt died, just retired.

  26. Wait….Patrick Stewart as Q? When did this happen.(Note: Last Bond film I watched was Tomorrow Never Dies.)

    lol from twilight to Bond films. That’s how much we don’t care for twilight and it’s mockery of the entire history on the mythology of vampires.

  27. Always time to talk about Bond!

  28. Idk, I’m an actor and I found New moon to be much better on an acting basis. Visual Effects were far from cheesy. Twilight effects were cheesy, not new moon. All in all I was suprisingly hooked from start to finish because Chris is by FAR a much better director. Congrats because I have now turned from hater to fan. I enjoyed the fast paced scenes because twilight was a snorefest full of drama. This has some suprisingly good action and romance. And hey! There’s even a plot XD Lol

  29. @790 WHOA there with the borderline homophobia.
    shirtless children does NOT mean “targeted at gays”.
    and trust me, gay people know when a film is crap, or it is based on a crappy book.

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