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Last night, as if it was some global event at 10PM ET, the MTV Movie Blog unveiled the art and official title for the second chapter in the Twilight series. From this point forward, it shall be addressed as “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon” – although the new art leaves out the “‘s.”

The name and art for the second installment includes some changes but retains much of the concept from the first – there’s nothing to get too excited about here. Fans will likely enjoy the same font though it has changed to an orange tint. There is also a subtle crescent moon and the release date of Nov. 20, 2009.

See it for yourself below.

twilight new moon logo.thumbnail New Moon Art And Title Change

As I said, nothing too thrilling, but I suppose it’s worth noting the changes in color from blue to orange, distinguishing the first from the second. The five-word official title is an extension of author Stephenie Meyer’s, simple “New Moon.” I don’t know about you, but to me the title seems really pretentious – what’s wrong with just New Moon?

twilight new moon phase nh New Moon Art And Title ChangeIf viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, the occurrence of a new moon means it has completely darkened and has already begun waxing on the right side. The way it’s shown on the poster is actually the end of one moon and not the beginning of a new one, but we can’t expect the production company in charge of designing the graphics to consider something like that–no, that would be all too much. Along with the vampires of the first, the next installment will also feature werewolves–who, in common folklore, manifest during a full moon. Hopefully, new director, Chris Weitz will get something this right and make it a better film than the first.

Summit Entertainment’s official synopsis reads:

“Bella Swan is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen, but her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with Jacob Black. Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the world of werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and finds her loyalties tested.”

Actors, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will reprise their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Filming is set to begin March 23, 2009 in Vancouver and by May, will move on to Volterra, Italy.

How will Twilighters respond to the name change? Does the extension really make a difference?

Source: MTV Movie Blog

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  1. I think the name change is stupid.

    There really is nothing wrong with New Moon. :/

  2. I agree. ‘The Twilight Saga New Moon’ doesn’t sound right to me, they shoud’ve just left it how it was

  3. The Queleute werewolves aren’t really werewolves; they’re “shape-shifters” Don’t ask me why Meyer let all the characters call them werewolves until the final book.

    And–Twilight is not a saga. It doesn’t take place in an alternate reality or on another planet and it does not really span generations.

    Movies that reamin faithful to crappy source material can’t help but be crappy, in spite of some hard work on the part of the actors.

  4. I think the name change isnt that big of a deal, but at the same time it is unnessisary. The people that will be going to see this movie will definatley know whitch saga it belings to. Even if they didnt, its not like its not all over the internet and news. Oh well, hopefully this movie is better than the first and if not we always have our books:)

  5. It really does sound like they’re trying to make it sound more “serious” by calling it a saga. Personally I think it comes across as kind of uppity.

    Just call it “New Moon.”


  6. I don’t really see the “The Twilight Saga” additional all that uppity. To me, this is just old-fashioned packaging of a product. They’re making sure those that actually saw the first film (and have no real knowledge of the books) will make the connection with the second film. Frankly, it will be interesting to see if the filmmakers are more successful with the Twilight series than others were with the Anne Rice inspired “Vampire Chronicles” which tried this kind of branding with the first film but then failed to follow through on it.

  7. “If viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, the occurrence of a new moon means it has completely darkened and has already begun waxing on the right side.”

    I thought a New Moon was just a completely dark moon, meaning that the moon shown in the picture WOULD be the beginning of the New Moon. Once it begins waxing on the right side, THEN the New Moon is over.

  8. Well, we all know that we’ll just call it “New Moon” anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. But they still could have just left the name alone.

  9. I Personally think the whole thing is stupid the books and the movies

  10. I agree, Vic-it seems like they were trying to make it darker and more… intriguing, I guess.
    It seems kind of silly to have added that to the title-it’s not like people can’t figure out that it’s part of the Twilight series. But whatever works.

  11. It should be “New Moon” and nothing more. Who gave them the right to change the title? What foolishness.

  12. @Maverick
    For clarification, if the right side of the Moon is dark then the light part is shrinking, and the Moon is referred to as waning–the end of one lunar phase.

    If the left side of the Moon is dark then the light part is growing, and the Moon is referred to as waxing–or moving toward a full Moon from a new Moon.

  13. yes, its a mouthful now,

    Hey Kelly do you want to go see the
    twilight saga new moon tonight?!

    And can someone answer this one question,
    Are the jonas brothers playing music in new moon? This rumor has been lurking around every gossip website.. I’m ripping my hair out. I want to know if its a lie. IT BETTER BE A LIE.
    Can someone please confirm?

  14. I just wanted to point out the comment about why Stephenie allowed the Quileutes to call themselves werewolves for so long. They didn’t know there was a difference. Edward was the one who actually made the distinction, and he only did that when he was talking to Aro. Before that point, it didn’t matter, but the Volturi had a history with “real” werewolves, and Edward was avoiding trouble. :)

  15. This book when I read it made me cry… Very detailed and I couls not put the book down and I love the logo now it looks great!!

  16. It makes sense. They want people to be able to make the connection of Twilight with New Moon. This was the best way to do it, in order to attract more viewers. And I doubt many people are going to say that, I know me & me friends will always say only New Moon.
    But WATS WITH THE CRESCENT MOON?? I sure do hope that I’m not the only one that goes crazy everytime I see it!! Ummm the title is New Moon, so why in the world would they include a crescent moon?? Nothing to do with anything if you ask me. I freaking hate it!! :(

  17. To me it will always just be known as “New Moon”. It sounds better that way.

  18. well, obviously they’ve added “the twilight saga” because twilight was such a big hit .
    if people haven’t read the books but loved twilight , they might not realize that new moon is the next one in the series or something .

    adding the extra three words kind of ties them together .
    but i guess its better than if they where to call it ‘twilight 2′ haha .

    but ehh, the books called new moon, so as far as i’m concered, so is the movie .

  19. Guys…. I can’t beleive Jacob is gonna be her new boyfriend!!!! I haven’t read the book so I am not sure why Edward isn’t allowed to be with her!!

  20. i dont get it y u people judge it by its name even though it is a stupid name. but all i care about is that its gonna be a good movie because i fell in love with twilight and on the relaese day to theaters i’m going to see it:D

  21. personaly, i don’t think they should change the name. On the otherhand I hate that in some movies they arn’t able to stick to the exact story for times sake, but I can’t wait to see New Moon anyways. When i was watching the trailer I was literaly shaking with excitement and anticapation.(I was also trying very hard not to scream.)

  22. Isabel, advice, read the book. It explains everything.