Twilight Saga: Eclipse to Start Shooting Yesterday

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new moon eclipse Twilight Saga: Eclipse to Start Shooting Yesterday

You might remember a post written by Screen Rant guru Vic Holtreman back in February, which begged the question “Just How Fast CAN They Make a Twilight Movie?” in reference to the news that The Twilight Saga: New Moon was going to be released just one year after Twilight, with the third film in the franchise, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, aiming for a release date just SEVEN MONTHS after New Moon!

Well, today we have an official answer to Vic’s question: almost faster than you could write that post, Holtreman.

Empire reports that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is slated to start shooting on August 17, 2009, with the principal shoot scheduled to end on Halloween 2009. That means that the third Twilight film will already be in the can almost a month before the second film (New Moon) is even out in theaters!

Of course, this ├╝ber-rushed shooting schedule is Summit Entertainment’s way of cashing in on the Twilight franchise while it’s still at the height (if you could call it a height) of its popularity. And Twilight fans, I’m sorry (Screen Rant has struck a tenuous truce with you guys in recent months), but if you think that this is anything but a BLATANT money-motivated exploitation of this series, you are deluding yourselves. For all the crap we’ve gotten in the past for slamming The Twilight Saga, it looks like the studio doesn’t care any more about the (alleged) “quality” of Stephenie Meyer’s books than a male over the age of sixteen does (if the f/x in that New Moon trailer are any indication).

Still, I’m sure some Twilight fans have already convinced themselves that Summit Entertainment is simply catering to their rabid desire for more Edward-Bella-Jacob creature-on-creature action. I won’t try to shatter that illusion any more than I already have. Plus, the news that 30 Days of Night director David Slade (above) will be helming Eclipse has made me slightly curious about the film (just slightly).

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is slated for release on November 20, 2009.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is slated for release two days later on June 30, 2010.

Source: Empire

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  1. Ya know, I think you take the title movie “critic” a little too seriously! It can actually stand for “critique” and not just “Criticize”.

  2. So true wickamo, I am so looking forward to the next movie, I think only a real fan of the series would understand!

  3. I think people are overstating Vics role as a film critic.
    He reviews movies as part of his duties here at Screen Rant
    But he is not STRICTLY a film critic .
    Its just part of his job running this site .

  4. Vic didnt write that article Kofi did.
    Kofi is not strictly a critic either.

  5. @Wickamo

    Gary’s right, I didn’t write this post – and I think you’re taking your role as a commenter on a movie site a little too seriously. 8)


  6. The Twilight movies suck! I’m not even a critic and I can easily realize that. In fact, my wife is a huge fan of the books and she’s even gotten me to read them and I don’t think they’re half-bad. But one look at the trailer and we BOTH could tell that the first movie was gonna be horrible. It looked like Keanu Reeves could act circles around these guys!

  7. Its no ‘Wuthering Heights’, thats for sure!

  8. I am SO HOPING that the studio nor the director butcher “Eclipse.” It’s my favorite of the four books largely because of the beautiful dialogue that occurs between the characters…Edward and Bella (“Compromise,” “Selfish”), Jacob and Edward (“Fire & Ice”) and other great snippets. Some of Stephenie’s dialogue is simply BEAUTIFUL PROSE.

    The selection of Slade of director makes me a bit nervous. Given his other work, it’s hard to see how he will due justice to what is essentially a beautiful love story. I’m hoping the vampire gore isn’t overly emphasize to improve the “action/adventure” side of the movie.

  9. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (sigh)

  10. ..i guess you would have to have read the books to realize that vampires can’t age and the young people who are playing them are aging so it would only stand to reason that the movies need to be made quickly…and if it is all about the money….who cares…they are in the business to make movies, make lost of money so they can make more movies…so you people here have something to rant about…hehehe and you all get paid to do what you do or do you work for free…

  11. the books are better, i actually saw the first movie before i read the books and i prefer the book over the movie. i am excited to see the rest of the movies, though i am certainly not expecting them to be any good… bad acting is a pet peeve of mine, though i like seeing the books “acted” out on screen, and so therefore yeah… i’ll go

  12. I agree with audra. I saw the twilight movie before I had even heard of the books. I thought the movie was great until I read the books and it turns out they are so much better. Twilight is still great though and i can’t wait for the other movies but the books are my favourite.

  13. *hears distant guitar in the background playing old school funk* Money Money Money Money….Moooooooooney… This franchise is making the Trump proud. Who needs quality when you have mass production?

    @audra, you’re so right dear. Don’t get me started on Kristen’s portrayal of Bella. Oh well, maybe it’ll be better this time. I have to think they got a higher budget…I just have to…

  14. I thought the effects they used in the New Moon trailer were still unfinished or something.. I’ll be pretty disappointed if that’s the final product.

    If you think the MOVIES are just being slammed out for profit, you should see some of the merchandise..

    Oh well. I don’t plan on going into the cinema to see this with high expectations anyway.

  15. Tori,
    Opinions are key to screenrant,but, Ouch! I personally love New Moon (Team Jacob, and Seth), but you don’t see me slamming on Breaking Dawn because Bella turns. I am Team Jasper as well but i wouldnt slam just cause i think the trailor is bad, though i dont like the way Bella says “Kiss Me.” in the trailor, i still plan on watching it because things can change, Quote “Judging before having Facts is a sin, Don’t let it get the best of you”.

  16. Yeah I didn’t know Twilight was a book when I first saw the movie. loved the movie read twilight; loved the book even more and read the rst of the series within a week! My favorite book is Eclipse! I really don’t have a team, more torn like Bella was in the books! I love Edward but just the way Jacob was and what he brought out of bella and the way he really did care for her makes me feel for him, especially in the end of Eclipse and beginning of Breaking Dawn and through the rest of the saga when she picked Edward over him. But with people talkin about the movie, twilight could have been better! I think New Moon looks like its going to be good. but whether its a great movie or okay movie the book will ALWAYS be better than the movie, and not just in the twilight saga, its any movie that was made from a book! Thats how it always is, books just have far more details then the movie, no company can make a movie with every little detail, I mean i wouldn’t mind sitting through every detail of the twilight saga on screen though! and Edward is soo hot, but I think Jacobs hotterrrr!! ♥ ;)

  17. hi, i think the movie’s are great, of course the book always is beter than the movie, i red them all, although i can’t wait new moon, eclipse, breaking down. the actors are the best.

  18. Of course they would be trying to dish these movies out faster then I could ever type. This world is all about the money and summit is a business, so what is the number one rule for a business: SELL SELL SELL …so hats off to them for making beautiful business decisions. Funny thing is that I love the twilight franchise but I am not deluded into not knowing how summit is consuming my money. So, unless anyone is judging me for my money choices, (which is mine to make) I knowingly will enjoy the rushing of these movies.