‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ Trailer: Vampire Weddings, Romance, & Sex

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The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 teaser trailer Breaking Dawn   Part 1 Trailer: Vampire Weddings, Romance, & Sex

While the Royal wedding for Prince Williams and Catherine Middleton may have garnered a lot of attention this past April, the REAL marital celebration of the year for millions of people will be that of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her immortal vampiric lover Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in this fall’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

The official teaser trailer has been unveiled for the penultimate entry in Summit’s Twilight movie series, which promises to feature all the ham-fisted romantic atmosphere (with some delivery, this time) that fans of the franchise love – set against the luxurious tropical backdrop of Rio de Janeiro, where Bella and Edward spend their honeymoon.

As the Breaking Dawn movie synopsis puts it, Bella and Edward “finally give in to their passions” on their honeymoon – and it’s thereafter that things start to get a little weird. Fans of author Stephenie Meyer’s source material are more than aware of the bizarre complications that arise during Bella’s resulting pregnancy, including the gruesome deed Edward must perform in order to save the life of both his wife and unborn child.

Franchise staple screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has already made it perfectly clear that most of said graphic moments will occur off-screen in Breaking Dawn – a cinematic equivalent to how Meyer shifts from Bella’s perspective to that of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) during the pivotal birth sequence in the original novel.

However, before all that goes down, Bella and Edward get to enjoy their simple but luxurious wedding and honeymoon together. So those of you expecting Part 1 of Breaking Dawn to be all about supernatural horror and gore need not apply.

Check out ┬áthe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 teaser trailer:



Oscar-winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters, Dreamgirls) took over the directorial reigns on both halves of Breaking Dawn, but – judging by the trailer – he hasn’t drastically altered the visual style from the last two Twilight flicks (New Moon and Eclipse). Given that Condon recruited a highly decorated creative team to help bring this supernatural romance franchise finale to life, there’s little reason to doubt that Breaking Dawn – Part 1 won’t look or sound as impressive as any other upcoming tentpole picture.

It’s the content, not the style, that distinguishes the first half of Breaking Dawn from just about every other blockbuster-in-the-making on the horizon. Case in point: most people associate dramatic choir trailer music with footage of mind-blowing CGI effects and awe-inspiring set pieces (see: the theatrical previews for Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2). So seeing that kind of musical accompaniment with scenes of wedding invitations being sent out, Bella and Edward spooning beneath a tropical waterfall,┬áJacob ripping off his shirt in the rain, Bella discovering her unnatural pregnancy – and everything else in the Breaking Dawn trailer will definitely prompt laughter from people not already deeply invested in the Twilight series.

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Teaser Clip Breaking Dawn   Part 1 Trailer: Vampire Weddings, Romance, & Sex

Obviously, at this point, you’re either pumped to see the Twilight finale – or you really could not care less. So fans at least can take comfort in knowing that Condon and his filmmaking team look to do justice to the original Breaking Dawn novel (and all that implies).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hits theaters on November 18th, 2011. Part 2 will arrive a year later on November 16th.

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  1. This movie is a failure i hope it tank

    • Dude grow up. We both no it wont, and its not for our demographic. Im not a fan of the content, but its not the worst thing out or even close. Grow up and stop the meaningless bashing.

      • Isn’t all of the “ranting” on this site just meaningless bashing?

        Because everyone on this site hates most of the movies that are discussed, but it doesn’t stop the film from making more than any of us will in our lives.

        So telling that guy to grow up is a hypocritical statement, because you along with everyone else on this site takes part in “meaningless bashing.”

        • I don’t seek to meaninglessly bash anything other than people acting like children- which generally is forbidden here anyway. So I warmly support Prophet King stating the facts. This film and its ilk are not being made for us. It’s for an entirely different group of people, and if they enjoy these films, then that’s what counts. Some of them won’t, and that’s okay. They can discuss why it’s no good. But to openly insult a film you neither see nor have any emotional or mental investment in is trivial at best.

          Personally, I like that they’re at least trying to take these films seriously and seeking to do a good job with the source material provided. They clearly take a measure of pride in their work and want to make a good product.

        • Uh no. Not all the bashing on here is meaningful. There are several users whom I dont agree with, that have valued and thoughtful criticisms. Its about using your brain and speaking with a thought, not a meaningless statement without intellect. So no, its not all meaningless bashing. Im far from hypocritical in my statement on this subject. I feel as if users like you just like commenting on topics you dont care about. There making your presence meaningless.

          • and the above reply is for @Gary

  2. Vampires DO NOT Sparkle! EVER. I’ll stick with True Blood thank you very much.

    • Vampires don’t exist- AT ALL! you can make up what ever mythology you’d like. You can be origional or cliche. guess we know where you stand. BTW I like TB too. they aren’t exclusive.

      • This argument is trivial- ENTIRELY! While you have a good point about True Blood and Twilight not being exclusive, Chris #1 has an absolutely valid point in that traditional European vampire lore states that a vampires withers and dies. If I’m not mistaken, it’s in a cloud of fire and ashes. While this same lore sometimes says that a gypsy’s sock will drive vampires away, it’s generally accepted that sunlight burns them and kills them. While I appreciate that Twilight has its own twist on this concept, I find it’s hard to take sparkling seriously. Many feel this way.

        • But it doesn’t change the fact they don’t exist, and you can make up whatever mythology you want with them. Who cares if the “majority” don’t like it?

          • It’s not a matter if the majority likes it or not. It’s a matter of whether or not the creature they claim is “INSERT MONSTER HERE” is actually the creature they claim it to be. In example, if it is called a ghost, it’s a ghost. It’s not an alien or Godzilla. It’s a ghost. If you give your ghost scales and a phaser and it’s from space, it’s not a ghost!

            • But it all goes back the fact that a person can put whatever spin they want in the mythology. There were zombies (souless beings) in Resident Evil: Afterlife that were able to swim and tunnel through the ground. And yet, nobody had any complaints about that film calling them zombies. The same went for Land of the Dead (I think it was that film) where zombies were wielding guns. I haven’t heard anyone complain about that. But when someone makes it where vamps sparkle, everybody bitches.

              • See, I’d call shenanigans on those, too. I didn’t see those because I heard they were absolutely awful and I didn’t feel like spending money on them. In those cases, the problem is not that they are making zombies capable creatures, but the fact that they are giving these creatures advanced capabilities to wield weaponry. In certain contexts, these might be able to work. But the fact of the matter is that to call a creature something it isn’t defeats the point of the name entirely. I’ve had this issue with movies, shows, and books. And I’m not the only one that has this issue.

                • ::Sigh:: We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this b/c I’m just repeating myself, and getting on my own nerves lol.

                  • Agreed.
                    In the end, everyone has their own view on things. And that’s wonderful. Furthermore, I have to give you a firm pat on the back for discussing articulately, calmly, and intricately. You did quite well, and in the end we reached the only true compromise. =)

        • Nichtus, you’re quite wrong about the sun hurting vampires in traditional eastern european vampire lore.

          That was invented, by the movie industry, with the film Nosferatu. Hah. Ironic, yes?

          Vampires are creations and inventions much like King Arthur legend, which has as many iterations as there are authors who write about him. They can be concocted however the author pleases, in whichever way he/she desires. That’s the fun.

          I prefer White Wolf’s gaming system over every other form of invented mythological vampire – but I enjoy the genre of Vampires itself as well, and I have zero problem accepting the myriad forms that the creators create.

          • Eh, can’t be right 100% of the time. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. My point still stands that taking a creature away from what defines that creature renders it that creature by name alone. Also, I agree- White Wolf’s version of the vampire is absolutely fantastic. Their ideas on spirits is quite a lot of fun as well- it’s a pity that Wraith was pulled off the market..

      • Exactly! Vampires are FICTIONAL creatures. You can make up whatever mythology you want with them. The same goes for werewolves.

        • Thing is, if you tweak the mythology TOO much, it is only the creature in name, and the nature of the damn thing is ENTIRELY different.

  3. Oh dear. I am a hater, but I’m not gonna waste time. Let’s just get on to part 2 and be done…

    • Can he get an amen? 8-)

      • Amen!

  4. Honestly. We all know that the hype for this movie will be more than the actual movie…
    and also.. Am I the only person that thought that Pattinson looked like a little awkward school boy in the wedding scene?

  5. I have never laughed so hard at a movie trailer in a while. SOOOO RIDICULOUS. It’s like they’ve done our job for them.

  6. Im actually looking forward to this. As a fan of movies in general, I dont turn a blind eye to stuff. Whether it sucks or doesnt, I will see it. This one actually looks very very good.

    • It doesn’t look too terrible, no. I’ve said time and again that out of all the Twilight books and films, this is probably the one I’d give a chance to, just to see how they choose to cover it. It sounds like they’ve glossed over most of the more interesting bits (at least in part 1), it might still serve as a good example of how to do and how to not do certain things.

      • I personally like the full turn around Bella does at the end of Breaking Dawn. I won’t spoil it, but she’s a complete badass.

  7. I can’t wait until this series is just over with and done

  8. Omg I am going to love this movie

  9. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  10. I would find it hilarious if a audience member were to stand up and speak in the theater when the priest gets to the part “speak now or forever hold your peace”.

    • That would be EPIC. Obnoxious, sure. But EPIC.

  11. iknew a woman from screenrant was going to write about this
    no way a male in screenrant would write about this.
    i didnt evn bother seeing the trailer just wanted to see if any dudes left a comment lol.

    but honestly i wish blade would crash the wedding and say
    “its open season on all suck heads” and then start blasting slicing heads off LMFAO!!!! i’d give my left nut to see that.

    • How do you know a female wrote the article? Sandy can be a male name too.

    • ben,

      I hate to burst your bubble, but Sandy is a guy. Roth is the only young lady on staff.


      • well you learn something everyday :)

      • I question your managment.

        Making a poor guy have to do this :)

        • Heh, well, if I’m being honest, I still find joy in getting to be professionally snarky about Twilight. 8-)


  13. I cant believe they are going to show them “doing it” alot of 10 year old girls see this stuff. wow.

    • They showed the “nude” (in quotes b/c the actors weren’t really nude) scene in The Deathly Hallows, which I’m sure there were young kids there as well.

    • Besides, there’s sex scenes in almost ALL PG-13 romance movies, which 10 year olds go see.

    • Ricky. Man. Have you not been watching any PG-13 Romance films in the last 16 years? 1 sex scene is like mandatory in each film.

      • Yes but twilight will go all out i assure you. Im guessing the sex scene will be about 5-7 min just you wait. They have time to kill i mean theyre splitting it so yeah… lol

        • All I can think of to say involves rude refernces to porn involving vampires.

  14. someone needs to stake this franchise in the heart already. BA-DUM-CHHSH

    seriously its aweful. one of my best friends has a 13 old sister and her obsession with this (and anything tweeny for that matter) makes us want to stab our own eyes out. kids today lack taste.

  15. is blade in it?

    • If he was, the movie would last 10 minutes. 8-)

  16. lets talk aobut a good movie am i the only one that thinks they should not have shown the deathly hallows scene that they did?

    • That scene was the best thing ive ever seen on TV

  17. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed that hard… the part when Lautner gets pissed, starts running, and decides he needs to take of his shirt. Classic

  18. If you hate Twilight, watch my short film! Watch it if you like it too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcPXNx85fRs

  19. I just realized that it’s not the movies that I dislike so much, it’s the fanbase. I’ve watched the first movie and read the first book + a bit of the second one. Just another mary-su vampire romance novel, like the thousands out there, equally detestable and ignorable.

    But the bloody fanbase.

  20. So did robert and taylor really kiss?

    • That’s what I heard. Like I needed any more reasons to skip these movies. :-)

      • yeah i did i watched the mtv movie awards last night and taylor and rob kissed.

        • Actually they faked it according to some ppl.

          • I didn’t watch the award show (better things to do), but I’m sure it was on par with that weak Madonna/Britney Spears kiss.

  21. lol oh im srry
    didnt mean to offend u sandy
    if it helps my name is gay
    not me just my name lol.

  22. I can’t wait to see it!! It looks awesome!! :)

  23. Can’t wait to see this scene lol;) luv vampires ftw vampires woop woop lol x x x x x am a gypsy xxxx

  24. Very excited for this movie to come out! I also am going to pick up tickets here
    http://breakingdawn.alturl.inf… if you guys are interested you should check it out.