Twilight’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ To Be Split Into Two Movies?

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Twilight Breaking Dawn header Twilights Breaking Dawn To Be Split Into Two Movies?

It looks like the The Twilight Saga franchise is taking a leaf out of Harry Potter’s book and splitting into two films. Variety is reporting that studio Summit Entertainment is considering splitting the fourth and last installment of the franchise, Breaking Dawn, into two movies – much like the Harry Potter franchise is doing with its last film, Deathly Hallows.

Sources are saying that the furthest Summit has gone with developing Breaking Dawn is getting Melissa Rosenberg to write the script after writing the first three. Of course, splitting the fourth film into two parts would mean Summit toppers, Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, having to cut bigger checks (particularly for stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) – and there’s also the question of whether or not New Moon director, Chris Weitz, will react favorably to overtures from the company and the cast to return and shoot two films back-to-back. He directed New Moon but not the third installment, Eclipse (that gig went to 30 Days of Night helmer, David Slade), but he’s supposedly the top choice to direct Breaking Dawn.

Some issues this raises for Summit are that they need to re-open negotiations with the source books’ author, Stephanie Meyer, as well as with the cast who are currently only locked down for four flicks. With the amount of money New Moon has made so far – $473 million worldwide and counting – I don’t think the hurdle of the stars demanding huge salaries is that big of a deal: cut them their fat checks, as the series has already proven to be an absolute cash-cow. Summit Execs aren’t commenting at this time, but just note this: Variety says the primary cast – Stewart, Pattinson and Taylor Lautner – could end up landing 8-figure salaries!

Another bit of trouble with Weitz is the fact he wants to make his next film a smaller one, entitled The Gardener, also at Summit. With the “go go go!” mentality of shooting the Twilight franchise (they already finished shooting the third before the second was released!), I think Summit will want Weitz to postpone The Gardener to work on Breaking Dawn, so the studio can have the film in the can ASAP (unsurprisingly they haven’t closed the deal on The Gardener yet).

Chris Weitz directing on set of New Moon

Clearly, Summit wants Weitz desperately, evident by sources saying the job’s his if he wants it. Will Weitz postpone his considerably smaller film to do Breaking Dawn? Well, he DID usher New Moon toward amazing financial success (satisfying at least the fans of the books to no end, even if the rest of us were left out of the loop), and reportedly he felt its success redeemed and reinvigorated him after the way New Line messed around with his other fantasy adaptation, The Golden Compass.

Personally, I see breaking the last Twilight film into two parts as nothing more than trying to milk as much money out of the franchise as possible. Of course, the movie business IS a business, but I must admit I don’t like that they’re dragging this thing out. I like the first Twilight, I didn’t really care for the second (you had to be a fan of the book, I felt) and am not really excited to see anymore. It may work fine for the last Harry Potter (I’ve heard the last book is pretty “heavy,” warranting a split for the movie), but in this case, beyond money, there’s no reason to do it IMO.

I just KNOW I’m going to get berated by Twilight fans saying the fourth book is deep enough to warrant two movies… Sigh…

Do you think Breaking Dawn should be split into two movies or do you agree it’s just the studio [milking the franchise for all it’s worth? Any fans of the books out there think a split is warranted? Do you think New Moon director, Chris Weitz, should return to direct after not directing Eclipse?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is set to hit theaters just next summer, on June 30th, 2010. There’s no release date been set for Breaking Dawn as of yet.

Source: Variety

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  1. OMG … six more months of hearing about this crap. My wife loves the books and even though she has seen the two movies she even says they are horrible. But she did see them. They (Twilighters) can’t help themselves. It’s a sickness. They must go. They must attend. They must assimilate.

  2. @Ross

    My last post was not a slam at you or screenrant. I understand you are doing your jobs. Just venting a little. :)

  3. I think breaking dawn should be split into two movies! It is to good and too long of a book to squeeze into 2 hours! Keep the Twilight saga going!

  4. No I don’t it should turned into two movies. They just want money, copying off my dear Harry Potter.
    They need to stop this madness!

  5. I think the last book should most certainly be split into 2 movies. I have had that opinion since the 1st one was released. The story is essentially 2 books into one in Breaking Dawn and I think making 2 movies is the only way to do it justice. Just my two cents!

  6. Oh and I love the Harry Potter series too. That one I’m not sure why they are splitting up since its the same storyline through the book but anyway I’m looking forward to seeing that as well. Just don’t know why many HP fans gotta be hatin. LOL

  7. Jesus Christ, these kind of news make me vomit

  8. Lol, maybe Breaking Dawn has already been filmed and we have no idea about that. The way they’re rushing every installment of this….

  9. I am a huge fan, however I think that the last book could be made into (1) long movie. Start with the wedding & the honey moon-( there is less than 30 minutes if done right), move onto Jacos point of view with Bella-( another 20 minutes…lets face it.. how many times do we need to really see him go back and forth to check on her). Bella gives birth, turns into a Vamp-( 15 minutes top) Then an hour of all the gathering of Vamps, Fidning that lawyer dude, preparing for the fight with Volturi, and then finally the last 20 minutes of Volturi conflict. There you have it 2 1/2 hour movie.

  10. Wow I’m sorry I ever commented. I don’t understand why you would bother to read the artcle and comment if you hate the series. I guess some people just love to be miserable. I don’t read and comment on stuff I don’t like and I don’t use vulgarity toward fans of those things. Maybe its just me but I don’t get it. Oh well

  11. Ok then. May I point out that opinions are opinions and everyone is entitled to their own. I like Twilight, some don’t like Twilight. Give it up. I think it would make sense to split up the last movie because the book was over 700 pages but I think the two would be very slow. And yes I think greed has something to do with it. That’s just something movie goers have to accept as a part of the game. (Paranormal Activity 2…sigh)

  12. Hey uhhh Annie … how about a spoiler warning before you go and tell the WHOLE synopsis of the book. Not that I care, but some may. Mainly a suggestion for any future book to movie adaptation that I may be interested in.

  13. ok.. look. why do people comment on this if they don’t like twilight !!! it doesn’t make sense !!! ugh why waste your time !!! and yes I do believe this book should be split into two movies !! The book is two books in its self….i agree with BP I like twilight and then i don’t like it… its life get over it!

  14. I think Breaking Dawn should be two movies,
    when you think about it Breaking dawn is a similar size to the harry potter 5 book, and i think that eventhough harry potter 5′s movie was good they missed out alot of stuff in that book and the way that the death was filmed was not as good as it could have been due to the amout of stuff they had to put into the movie.So i was quite disappointed in parts. And i think Breaking Dawn could be a good movie if they don’t leave any of the good smaller stuff out which may happen if its put into one movie. I dont want to see a good book be ruined by a rubbish movie.

  15. It’s a cash grab, plain and simple. Split the film into two separate films and watch the money pour in from two different box office releases, two different DVD releases & double the merchandising. It’s crap, especially since “Breaking Dawn” has such action as “Bella being impregnated by a half vampire-half human thing”. That’s pretty much what the last book amounts to.

    Although I still think that they could make it into one film, Harry Potter 7 does actually warrant two separate films. There are so many plot threads that haven’t been introduced in any of the previous films- I’d rather they put them into the movie (even a bloated 3 hour + one) then to disregard them immediately.

  16. Also Summit has gone on record with saying that they’re wanting to do spin-offs (read: unnecessary cash grabs in cinematic form) with the “Twilight” series. Specifically, they want to put “Midnight Sun”, the unfinished novel of Meyer’s into production. The book that tells the EXACT SAME STORY of the first “Twilight” from a different point of view.

    Greed is a hell of a drug.

  17. Reason being is cause the twilight saga is so popular and they know that by splitting the last movie, the biggest book into two parts it will gain the most money and it will work. Ill admit myself i would go watch part 1 of breaking dawn and part 2. if they were to bring out midnight sun i would probably go watch that as well. i dont know why but i just would. And summit are aware that people will go watch it and as long as the movies are not a disappointment then people will buy the DVD.

  18. they should split it but i am not sure how……what will the first be about??and what the second one???i think Weitz should direct Breaking Dawn cause he is an excellent director|!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Let em make ten more movies. Sparkling vampires that procreate, what do you expect from a writer who said she never even read a vampire book or knew much about the lore. Let the Twilight folks have whatever they want it doesn’t effect those of us who are not on Team Jacob or Team Emo. I do have a small amount of interest for the third film given the director.

  20. I 100% agree with Annie. I think if its a longer movie it could definitely be done in just one. No need in having two very slow movies. I love the series but do feel that by Summitt possibly making it into two movies they are taking advantage of the fans; they know we will see anything about this saga. I thought New Moon was good…but not as good as I thought it was going to be. However, with how much the actors like Chris Weitz I think they would be crazy to have anyone else do Breaking Dawn. Just my opinion…as everone else has theirs.

  21. Hi guys!!!
    I think Breaking Dawn should be one movie, because half of the book is Jacob point view. it gets a bit boring the most intresting scene are between Edward and Bella. i think one movie is enough….

  22. I dont think people, would want to watch Jacob ponit view of the Movie its always been through Bella. why would u make Braking Dawn in two parts or make the duration of the Movie longer to fit more scene…. i think two parts to breaking dawn it will drag, will the same cast will be avaible? or get bored doing the same old….People will might not end up watching it either…..

  23. Book 3 will be the best movie. Book 4 is lame. You could make it into a two parter for sure, but they would be TWO bad films as opposed to just one (without some major changes).

    Splitting it into two parts always seems like a cash grab, no matter what the property. And to some degree it is. But it is funny that there is not really an outcry for Harry Potter (I obviously know that having read both, Potter has many more plot threads to tie up than Breaking Dawn, so I am not opposed to it). There are just lots of folks that hate Twilight, and therefore hate its success and prolonging that success.

    They are doing the exact same thing with The Hobbit, though, aren’t they? They SHORTEST of all the Tolkien books! Sure, you can really get into the details of the story with two films, but I mean, COME ON! Some of that is just $$. Because it isn’t a divisive property like Twilight and has an acclaimed Director/Producer combo, no one is up in arms about it though.

    Oh well… I am no Breaking Dawn fan, but more power to em if they can somehow turn it into JUST ONE enjoyable film, let alone TWO.

  24. i think that it shud be split into 2 movies cuase in the last book they shouldnt leave ne thing out in the movie it was all good in the book so nothing at all needs to be left out


    if the movie is like the book its gotta be rated R right??

  26. I LOVE the books, and like the movies well enough – and yes, it helps to be a fan of the books to enjoy the movies. I look forward to seeing both “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn,” but there’s no reason for BD to be cut into two movies. There comes a point when movie studios go past selling a story and into pushing for all the cash they can get – I get the whole it’s a fine line of balance, blah, blah. But BD can easily be one movie and hold the book’s integrity – heaven forbid we miss a few of Edward and Bella’s gooey-eyed stares at one another (there will be plenty to keep us all happy, anyway). BD was a great book and can be a good movie…but four hours worth? That’s just not necessary.

  27. I’m a Twilight fan but in no way do I want Breaking Dawn to be split up into two movies. That’s just annoying. I hate the idea of waiting months or years between installments of a story. I would be tempted to skip part one and wait until I could watch both parts at once.

  28. I agree with Annie’s breakdown-there really is no reason for the movie to be split into 2 films-it could all be addressed easily with one. I think if it was split into two-the first one would be uber boring (ie IMO New Moon was kind of boring-I liked it-but really nothing happens-it’s a means to an ends filler-again-only my opinion).

  29. This reminds me of that scene in “Armageddon” when they blow up the one deadly asteroid only to then have it break up into two deadly pieces that cause more destruction,,, 8-O