Twilight’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ To Be Split Into Two Movies?

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Twilight Breaking Dawn header Twilights Breaking Dawn To Be Split Into Two Movies?

It looks like the The Twilight Saga franchise is taking a leaf out of Harry Potter’s book and splitting into two films. Variety is reporting that studio Summit Entertainment is considering splitting the fourth and last installment of the franchise, Breaking Dawn, into two movies – much like the Harry Potter franchise is doing with its last film, Deathly Hallows.

Sources are saying that the furthest Summit has gone with developing Breaking Dawn is getting Melissa Rosenberg to write the script after writing the first three. Of course, splitting the fourth film into two parts would mean Summit toppers, Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, having to cut bigger checks (particularly for stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson) – and there’s also the question of whether or not New Moon director, Chris Weitz, will react favorably to overtures from the company and the cast to return and shoot two films back-to-back. He directed New Moon but not the third installment, Eclipse (that gig went to 30 Days of Night helmer, David Slade), but he’s supposedly the top choice to direct Breaking Dawn.

Some issues this raises for Summit are that they need to re-open negotiations with the source books’ author, Stephanie Meyer, as well as with the cast who are currently only locked down for four flicks. With the amount of money New Moon has made so far – $473 million worldwide and counting – I don’t think the hurdle of the stars demanding huge salaries is that big of a deal: cut them their fat checks, as the series has already proven to be an absolute cash-cow. Summit Execs aren’t commenting at this time, but just note this: Variety says the primary cast – Stewart, Pattinson and Taylor Lautner – could end up landing 8-figure salaries!

Another bit of trouble with Weitz is the fact he wants to make his next film a smaller one, entitled The Gardener, also at Summit. With the “go go go!” mentality of shooting the Twilight franchise (they already finished shooting the third before the second was released!), I think Summit will want Weitz to postpone The Gardener to work on Breaking Dawn, so the studio can have the film in the can ASAP (unsurprisingly they haven’t closed the deal on The Gardener yet).

Chris Weitz directing on set of New Moon

Clearly, Summit wants Weitz desperately, evident by sources saying the job’s his if he wants it. Will Weitz postpone his considerably smaller film to do Breaking Dawn? Well, he DID usher New Moon toward amazing financial success (satisfying at least the fans of the books to no end, even if the rest of us were left out of the loop), and reportedly he felt its success redeemed and reinvigorated him after the way New Line messed around with his other fantasy adaptation, The Golden Compass.

Personally, I see breaking the last Twilight film into two parts as nothing more than trying to milk as much money out of the franchise as possible. Of course, the movie business IS a business, but I must admit I don’t like that they’re dragging this thing out. I like the first Twilight, I didn’t really care for the second (you had to be a fan of the book, I felt) and am not really excited to see anymore. It may work fine for the last Harry Potter (I’ve heard the last book is pretty “heavy,” warranting a split for the movie), but in this case, beyond money, there’s no reason to do it IMO.

I just KNOW I’m going to get berated by Twilight fans saying the fourth book is deep enough to warrant two movies… Sigh…

Do you think Breaking Dawn should be split into two movies or do you agree it’s just the studio [milking the franchise for all it’s worth? Any fans of the books out there think a split is warranted? Do you think New Moon director, Chris Weitz, should return to direct after not directing Eclipse?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is set to hit theaters just next summer, on June 30th, 2010. There’s no release date been set for Breaking Dawn as of yet.

Source: Variety

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  1. Sorry about not giving a Spoiler Alert.

  2. @790

    You are thinking of Deep Impact, In Armageddon the asteroid breaks in two and misses the earth, its Deep Impact where it ends up hitting the earth.

    But on the subject of this topic, anyone who has read the book will know, this will be a highly messed up film. Looking forward to it, because it borders on unfilmable!

  3. Ah deep impact,,, yes,,, what a classic.

  4. IMHO twilight is like 300 for women
    although it would have been great if they had adopted it into a porn franchise

  5. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Period, just go ahead and S*** on the art of film making.

  6. As an avid TwiMom I do believe that BD should be made into two movies because there are two complete stories told in the final book. New Moon is about 200 pages shorter than BD, and although I loved the movie and felt that it was about as close as you could get from page to screen, I felt that the story was a little rushed and over too soon.

    And.. so why does everyone assume that BD would have to be rated R? I do not feel the book was at all. My 11-year-old has read the whole series and loved as much as I did, as well as my mother and my husand’s grandmother. I did not feel there was anything too descriptive in the book. The actual sex is not even described at all. If basically fades to black (on paper anyway) and picks up after the fact in the next chapter, which leaves it all up to the imagination of the reader. It could be handled much the same way in a movie. I also believe there are other delicate ways to handle the other controverial subject matter.

    On another note, thank you to all who feel they have to slam the series and movies. All it does is fuel the fire, and makes it all that much more newsworthy b/c of the controvery it stirs up. Seriously though, for those of you who are really anti-Twlight, why even bother reading the articles or comments? It just shows that you too have some kind of interest in all of this or you wouldn’t waste your time.

  7. I totally agree with Stephanie(comment above) in everything she’s said!

    But Breaking Dawn is a really huge book, and making it into a movie would be really difficult. It’s a lot bogger than the last instalment of Harry Potter! & it is 3 books all in one i suppose you could put it. Bella first on the honeymoon with Edward getting married etc. (the sex part is completley controversial!! But nothing to worry about- should not be rated any more than a 12 or 15) then there is Jacobs interpretation to consider when Bella is pregnant and her suffering etc. and then there is the third section which is again Bella’s adapting to the life of a vampire and so on.

    The movie should definatley be split in two, it would be too difficult and time consuming to be all one film, i dont think I could sit through BD for 4 hours or whatever no matter how much i love it!! As much as I’m going to want it out straight away it is better for the 2 movies and i don’t really believe that it’s just milking the franchise!

    Lauren x

  8. & omg i love Chris Weitz- he’s a genious!

  9. All that will happen is they will end up doing a Harry Potter, by that I mean missing out important parts from the story, I imagine much of Jacobs story will be missed out. I bet they leave the imprinting on the child out of the film!

  10. I absolutely agree with what Stephanie said. Honestly…the book is just too long and detailed to be fit into just 2 hours. If what they’re saying is true (About how they’re doing this for the fans) then they are making the right choice in splitting it into 2 parts. If they don’t it will be too rushed and everyone that is a true Twilight fan will be extremely pissed off and disappointed. It just makes sense to split it into 2 movies because there also comes the point that it is really 2 different books in one. One part would be telling Jake’s side to everything that is happening and the other is how Bella handles the marraige, the pregnancy, her transition into motherhood, and being a newborn vampire. It just makes sense to be made into 2 movies. I love Twilight and I would be extremely pissed if they tried to stick everything into just 2 hours because there would be just too much detail missing. I would be extremely upset and I know that every other Twilight fan would feel the same way. I do not think they are trying to “milk it”, It’s just the smart way to go with this series. =]

  11. couldn’t have said it better acually Martha!

    Lauren x

  12. this is stupid it should be one hole movie and not spit up into two movies it is guy.

  13. I definitely think that Breaking Dawn should be made into two movies. The fact that this will obviously benefit Summit financially is irrelevant to me. The storyline of Breaking Dawn is simply too complex to do justice to in one movie. I would be very disappointed if key parts of the story were either rushed or skipped over completely due to time limits. I can’t wait to see the rest of this amazing Saga portrayed on screen. Bring it on!

  14. i think it should be split into two movies. breaking dawn has alot of things going on and very detailed so it will be a good choice. either way i will watch it, because i love the books and the movies.

  15. i think it should be split into two movies. breaking dawn has alot of things going on and very detailed so it will be a good choice. either way i will watch it, because i love the books and the movies.

  16. Here's the thing… Anyone that reads novels and really gets into them are going to want everything they read about on the big screen if a movie does come into fruition. Obviously, most of the time, that doesn't happen. In “Twilight” and “New Moon”, I don't think the movies represented the books as well as they could have, but I thought they were good in and of themselves. To be honest, I don't like the way Kristen Stewart plays “Bella”. That has bugged me from day one. If you notice, the character “Bella” isn't all that different from “Kristen” after watching her in interviews and such. I really don't think playing this part was a stretch for her and it showed. I liked the other actors and thought they did a good job, but she has always bothered me. But, back to my original thought… I do think the last book has enough information and action in it to be separated into two movies. I think trying to squeeze everything into one movie would take a lot of information from the storyline. That is just like Harry Potter. I am a die-hard Potter fan and have been for over 12 years (since the first book came out). I won't choose sides for “Twilight” or “Harry”, but if someone held a gun to my head, it would have to be “Harry”. Hands down. Of course. No doubt. J.K. Rowling's writing, imagery, intelligence, and heart show through in a way that very few authors can get across, putting her up there with some of the greats. Stephanie Meyer is just not on that level yet. No offense, but Jo is simply a better writer, and exceptional writer, and the Potter series are better books. However, I will say that like “Twilight” and “New Moon”, the movies don't do the books justice. I do feel that Meyer is a good writer, however somewhat green. Almost immature. But I thoroughly enjoyed the story she created and all of the characters as well. I read the whole set in less than a week because I couldn't put it down (I'm also a pretty fast reader). Either way, I think Summit execs would be completely justified in turning the last book into 2 movies, and not just to please the die hard fans. I think it's important for everyone to be able to see the whole story played out on screen. There have already been large parts cut from the movies that are pretty important to the plotline so we'll see how they make up for that in the next couple-or few-movies. Personally, I wouldn't mind paying a little extra money to see more of the story played out on screen. My only request would be to get rid of Stewart, but I know that won't happen. Maybe she is a good actress, but I just don't think she does “Bella” justice. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • I highly respect your opinion. You weren’t all: OMG Twilight doesn’t suck, I love Twilight! You stated your opinions very maturely and you had a lot of points I agreed with. In fact, Kirsten is almost no different than Bella. I never realized that. I wanted her to play Bella initially, but I changed my mind. I wish she was a little but more “softer” in personality (I don’t know if that makes sense. Like, a little bit more feminine and not so blah. I wished they kept her original eye color because the brown eye look is just yeck to me. They didn’t have to do that because Daniel who played Harry Potter remained with brunette hair rather than black. Oh well. I think if they (whom ever they are) weren’t so obsessed with pleasing the tween population the movies might have turned out much better.

  17. This is an outrage. I mean the HP series did it to stay accurate for that long book. Nothing in the forth book of Twilight even matter. This is the epitome of plagiarism!