Men, Don’t Be Afraid Of ‘Twilight’

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twilight afraid Men, Dont Be Afraid Of Twilight

Guys, there’s a good chance that the significant female in your life is going to be asking (dragging) you to see the Twilight movie this weekend. I know you’re dreading it with every fiber of your testosterone-laced being, so that’s why I’m here to tell you:

Don’t be afraid of Twilight – it’s actually not that bad.

I won’t have my Twilight review up until Friday but I can tell you this: I went in fully prepared to spend a couple of hours rolling my eyes up into my skull based on what I thought would be a majorly cheesy, made-for-TV-level movie.

And it surprised the heck out of me.

I was fortunate enough to have an audience full of members of at the pre-screening. Why did this make me fortunate? Because I was fully prepared for two hours of shrieking, screaming pre-teen and teenage girls. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by a bit older crowd (nothing against teenage girls, but I had my fill of the mix of teen girls and Twilight at last July’s Comic-Con panel).

I’m here to tell you that while no cinematic work of art, I actually kind of enjoyed the movie for the most part. There were moments of unexpected and geniunely funny humor and I especially enjoyed the performance of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen, dreamy male vampire. Kristen Stewart held her own as Bella and I enjoyed many of the background characters as well.

Of course there were a few things I didn’t like, but I don’t want to say any more than that. What I do want to let you know is that if you are a guy, this most likely won’t be a total cringe-inducing experience that will require multiple beers to clear your manly psyche afterwards. icon smile Men, Dont Be Afraid Of Twilight

Twilight opens this Friday, November 21st.

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  1. Dissapointing Vic,
    I was So Looking forward to getting Drunk at my local movie theatre on Friday!
    Seriously though,
    Glad its good.
    Or at least better then expected .
    Care to guess Twilights opening weekend Box Office ?

  2. Well it wasn’t GREAT, but it was far better than I has anticipated.

    I have NO idea what this thing might do opening weekend… better minds than mine are having a hard time predicting it.


  3. This seems like a good time to talk about our favorite vampire films.
    Nothing beats the original for me.
    Bela Lugosis Dracula.
    I am a real fan of the classics .
    They call them that for a reason .
    I also liked Shadow of the Vampire.

  4. I’ll save myself the agony of seeing the same plot of a movie I’ve seen hundreds of times. This movie looks terrible. I don’t understand the hype.

  5. Good to know a man didn’t die watching it. I’m sending this to my brother so he won’t refuse to come with me. Haha

  6. Patty, do your brother’s spam filter a favor and don’t put “this won’t drain you of your manhood” in the subject line.

  7. @Gary; Hard to go wrong with Lugosi’s, but “Horror of Dracula” has Cushing and Lee. Maybe not up to cannon but excellent never the less, and I think easily scarier. Certainly a worthy competitor for top of the list.

  8. not a fan of romantic vampire flicks and thankfully, neither is my partner. Maybe I’ll watch it when it drops on DVD/Blu-Ray, but i doubt it.

    I am quite frightened however if i go see it i’ll combust into a pile of dust (buffy style) however i doubt it, because apparently, vampires can do the whole “day thing” now.

  9. I’ll probably see it, the “female In my life” has read all the books. She recounted the stories to to me and they don’t sound too bad. The writer (name I don’t know) did make some changes to the whole vampire lore that I’m not sure I agree with, but they did allow the story to move in ways it couldn’t have otherwise.

    If the whole book series is made into movies it will get better. The story line gets more intense in the later books. I can remember (this is embarrassing) bugging the “female in my life” to tell me what was going on in the books as she was reading them! ;)

  10. To be honest in my opinion there has never once been a good movie with vampires. They have all been very disappointing. They either go for cheesy romance, overly bloody gore horror, or amped up heavy metal soundtrack garbage. I’m not saying it was good, but so far I think the best movie with Vampires was sadly Van Helsing. At least it was what it tried to be.

  11. hehe,

    I have to take my GF to see it this weekend so that’s a bit of relief.

  12. Thanks Vic. While my wife has no interest it looks like it could be a chance for some guys to get “partner points” by asking her if she wants to go before she “tells” you to go. :)

  13. Nice and spoiler free report, I like!!!

  14. Good to know! But I’ve already excused my b/f and will take my daughter ;)

  15. @ Daniel F; I liked “Van Helsing” too and particularly the camp woven into the story. Sort of reminded me of “House of Frankenstein” which isn’t all that great of a vampire movie, but a fun monster ensemble.

  16. Although your words do put me at ease a little bit, I’m still going to try and avoid the teenage girl frenzy Twilight this weekend. But I do want to see it just because of the insane hype it’s receiving. Maybe a 10am matinee showing on Sunday morning?

  17. I’m one of those guys having to go see this film. I was tremendously worried, but your words have calmed me Vic. Still, I don’t plan on telling my wife it might not be so bad. After all, I need something to guilt her into seeing My Name is Bruce with me in L.A!

  18. Hey!!!

    I thought the show was intitled my name is earl!!!

    Did I miss something here or what?

  19. Good to know that my boyfriend isn’t going to die while i drag him with me to see it this weekend =] he’s been patient while i was reading the books and even tried to seem interested lol so hes allowing me to drag him. thanks!

  20. Looks, like a good movie. Even though i’m a guy.

  21. Thank you!
    Lucky you, no screaming.

  22. Just watched the movie and gotta say I disagree Vic. Sadly it wasn’t very man friendly at all. In my opinion it was everything every red blooded man in America thought it was gonna be and more. This is coming from a guy that once in awhile doesn’t mind a girly flick. I’ve seen a few in my time and enjoyed them. This however is a Teeny booper girly flick that sadly delivers nothing but moments for little girls to enjoy. I went in with an open mind. Like I said I like some girly movies and this review had put my mind at ease a bit. I came out very disappointed.

  23. Got to admit there aren’t many brilliant vampire movies that spring to mind. They are often cool but flawed – Blade and John Carpenter’s Vampires.

    Nosferatu was good though, and the one they did about it with Dafoe as Orlock/Max Shrek. Can’t remember the name.

    Two excellent tv series always come to mind though, and no, not Buffy or Angel, if liked those.
    Hellsing (anime) and the short-lived but impressive british show Ultraviolet.

  24. I just don’t understand!!!

    Why not let your teen skip school on Friday?

    This midnight showing of twilight is a one in a life time chance!!!

    I won’t and I am not going to mis this for the world!!!

  25. My wife will be attending the midnight showing tonight with her teacher buddies and I will be safely and soundly cooped up on the couch watching war movies that she hates. Vic, my wife read all of the books and I found myself wanting to know more about them as she went along, but without reading them, I have heard that the movie comes off as cheesy.

    Can you confirm?

  26. Good question dan and I am surprised that your wife isn’t draging you to see the movie, but anywho!

    For me I can’t wait to see the movie tonight at midnight! The movie for me with out even seeing the movie, would recieve five stars, but for you, I would say that the movie would recieve a three at the most. Twilight is for teen girls, mothers and grandmothers, but not for man for any age. There are twilight man fans, but very few. I would say that the reviews so far would be mostly written by man, only because of the low review stars that the movie is recieving, but trust me by tomorrow those stars will rise off the charts!!!!!

    I hope I had answered your question dan, if not I am sorry!!!

  27. A pack of wild horses loaded with cases of Sam Adams couldn’t get me to see this movie. This looks like something that should be playing on The CW after Gossip Girl. Thank GOD my girlfriend doesn’t want to see this garbage. She’s more a James Bond type of girl. :P

  28. Yes, it’s cheesy, but there were things I liked about it. The point of my post is that it wasn’t as painful to sit through as I had anticipated. I mean wild horses couldn’t drag me to a Victorian-era love story movie and this was nowhere on that level.

    I didn’t say it was “Rambo.” 8-)


  29. avoiding this