Men, Don’t Be Afraid Of ‘Twilight’

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twilight afraid Men, Dont Be Afraid Of Twilight

Guys, there’s a good chance that the significant female in your life is going to be asking (dragging) you to see the Twilight movie this weekend. I know you’re dreading it with every fiber of your testosterone-laced being, so that’s why I’m here to tell you:

Don’t be afraid of Twilight – it’s actually not that bad.

I won’t have my Twilight review up until Friday but I can tell you this: I went in fully prepared to spend a couple of hours rolling my eyes up into my skull based on what I thought would be a majorly cheesy, made-for-TV-level movie.

And it surprised the heck out of me.

I was fortunate enough to have an audience full of members of at the pre-screening. Why did this make me fortunate? Because I was fully prepared for two hours of shrieking, screaming pre-teen and teenage girls. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by a bit older crowd (nothing against teenage girls, but I had my fill of the mix of teen girls and Twilight at last July’s Comic-Con panel).

I’m here to tell you that while no cinematic work of art, I actually kind of enjoyed the movie for the most part. There were moments of unexpected and geniunely funny humor and I especially enjoyed the performance of Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen, dreamy male vampire. Kristen Stewart held her own as Bella and I enjoyed many of the background characters as well.

Of course there were a few things I didn’t like, but I don’t want to say any more than that. What I do want to let you know is that if you are a guy, this most likely won’t be a total cringe-inducing experience that will require multiple beers to clear your manly psyche afterwards. icon smile Men, Dont Be Afraid Of Twilight

Twilight opens this Friday, November 21st.

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  1. @Tina, I asked if she’d like for me to go and she quickly confirmed my suspicion that she wanted this to be a “girls night out” and didn’t want my cynical comments coming with her. She’s probably right.

    And just to be clear, I am not opposed to movies that are aimed at females, I have watched many a rom-com, and even liked a few of them. I just feel that without being engrossed in the books and the culture they create, the movie will come off as corny to me.

    @Vic, speaking of Victorian-era love stories, 3 different times last week when I came home, I found my wife watching a Victorian-era love story via Netflix “Instant View.” And these were the 3 most random-est of the random Victorian-era love stories…how many of these movies are they/have they made?!?!

    Excuse my rant.

  2. @jimmy
    Don’t blame you. This is not a movie that a guy would normally go to without trying to score points with his girlfriend/wife. 8-)

    Tons, dude… tons.


  3. We drag them to TDK and Shellhead, what do we get?

    Pride and Prejudice with sparkling vampires.

    Still, though I’ve disagreed with plenty of SR’s recent reviews, this will make it easier to see when my galfriend makes me go see it with her. I’m with Jon, though– I’m still putting up a fight on this one.


  4. Meh I didn’t have to drag my wife to TDK she was almost as excited to see it as I was. In fact a lot of women really liked TDK and were in no way dragged to see it. This however even has a decent amount of women turned off by it. My wife didn’t have much interest in seeing it, but we got the chance to see it and we took it. Like I said though the film wasn’t really made for her or I given that i’m not a teenage girl and while she is a girl she isn’t a teenager.

  5. Dan!!!

    I too am glad that I had decided to take my twilight friend with me.

    If both of my parent had went to see twilight with me, all that I would be hear is “That is lost boys” “That is lost boys” “That is lost boys”, over and over again.

    That is why the saying is true. One trouble maker is bad enough, but two trouble makers is over doing it!!!

  6. Im excted to see it. I stillhavent read any of the books but i finlly got my hands on a copy of Twilight today. I was goig to try to sped read it before I see themovie tomorrow but I think ill just wait till after. I think there are more guy fans then most people think. Im going to see the move with 3 of them!

  7. Great joke Colin!!!

    For my information!

    I have on knowloge of five twilight guy fans, but there could be more! You never know, now do you?


    I would say that reading the book before seeing the movie,will be more helpful, but that is your decision not mine to make! By the way, I have read twilight book now a total of three times and the movie comes out midnight, which again I will be there, viewing the movie myself!!!

  8. i’m a guy and i love the books, i really hope that the movie doesn’t suck, get it suck, like as in suck blood, lol, anyway, i don’t think guys should be so ashamed to admit they like twilight, it’s got action, and who doesn’t like a good love story every once in awhile, let alone one that involves vampires.

  9. Twilight review is up. 8-)


  10. I’ve started reading the book and while not great it certainly is far better than the movie so far. The movie was an over budget CW drama. I really enjoyed the show Angel,but this movie is like if Angel was set in Laguna beach and written by the gossip girl writers. The movie however is less cheesy and less teenager driven. While still mostly for girls the book is far more adult and seems as though it can be enjoyed by and audience over the age of 13.

  11. Now I don’t have anything to worry about only because I just came home from seeing the midnight showing of twilight!!!

  12. @ Tina: Yeah but what are you really thinking??

    @Rev: If you must, grab the biggest soda an candy bar, then if the situation gets intolerable you gotta a good out. “But honey I had to go!…” I know its low gals, but some guys just can’t take it.

  13. The old man, what do you mean, what am I really thinking about the movie or what am I reallything about something else???

  14. The movie really wasnt so bad. I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it on my own but it was OK. My gf loved it and she was squealing like crazy. Something that she loves so much can’t be that bad. And it did have a little action at the end.

  15. Oh my, Tina, the movie. Though, I think that ship has already took off.. :-)

  16. O, no old man! You have it all wrong! The series is here to stay, unlike the harry potter, which was long over do to of lefted!!!

  17. Yes but what you thought, you expressed in Vic’s review thread… Which you did before I got back to clarify what I meant. That’s why I said that ship sailed. You had already said what you thought, unless you have more you want to say here after more reflection? Have you seen it a second time? I’m thinking about taking my sister and niece to see it, though neither of them are aware of “Twilight.”

  18. Yes, old man! I have seen the twilight movie for a second time and I will be seeing the twilight movie very soon for a third and fourth time. In total, I plan I seeing the twilight movie seven times. Seven is the magic number!!!

    Anywho: The second time viewing the twilight movie was better only because of letting going of the finer detail between the books and the movie and because of the time differentice. Midnight movie vs. 4PM movie showing!!! I was mostlikely asleep and in shock when viewing the twilight movie during the midnight showing, but I was sure as h*** not asleep during the second time viewing of twilight!!!

    Twilight is here to stay!!!

  19. Sadly you are right Twilight is here to stay. Makes me want to cry, but it’s true we will be cursed with a sequal to this. I want to believe that the big opening was simply hardcore fans of the book and all the Tweens, but sadly there are just that many people that actually saw this film and wasn’t disgusted by how terrible it was. This film is essentially Titanic with vampires and strangely enough less depth.

  20. True twilighter will see the books created into movie, even tho the movies end up not that great!!!

  21. LOL. Well Tina if your willing to sit through it 7 times I guess my sister and niece can sit through it once. My niece has finally heard about it from her friends at school. So I guess its mandatory now… :-)

  22. It is not mandatory to see the twilight movie many of times, but the movie gets more intertaning than the first time!!!