‘Twilight’ Rumors: Movie Reboot ‘Will Happen’

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Twilight Reboot Remake Twilight Rumors: Movie Reboot Will Happen

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will hit theaters this fall, thereby ending a movie series that has become a worldwide phenomenon, hated or loved by millions of people. The franchise has definitely been loved by Summit Entertainment, the little studio that got a major upgrade from The Twilight Saga‘s estimated billion-plus dollar box office business.

Those who love Twilight have lamented the impending end that comes with Breaking Dawn – Part 2, while those who can’t stand the bombardment of Twilight in their everyday lives have already started celebrating. But no matter which side of the Twilight line you’re on, you’ve at least been conscious of the fact that the end is indeed near.

Or is it?

Rumors are flying today, as Bloody-Disgusting dropped a bomb on the film geek world with a report stating that sources close to Lionsgate (which acquired Summit early this year) are already talking behind the scenes about re-launching the Twilight movie franchise – presumably in some kind of reboot or remake fashion. BD isn’t even reporting this as rumor: the site goes out on a limb so far as to suggest that despite any denials from the studio in the immediate future, this Twilight relaunch is both a reality, and a certainty.

As quoted from Bloody-Disgusting:

They’ll deny it, right here, right now. We’ll get plenty of eggs in our face. Sites will burn us at the stake like a witch during the Salem trials. Still, the fact will remain: it’s true.

In fact, they’re already discussing it internally. It will happen.

Twilight will return. It will never leave. It is eternal. Prepare to weep for another decade.

Since that report broke, the predicted denials from the studio have indeed come… sort of. Deadline contacted the Summit/Lionsgate “movie czar,” Rob Friedman, who had the following statement to share:

“We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change.”

As is noted in the story, Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has previously said she’s open to a reboot/remake of the series (and why wouldn’t $he be?), so the statement from Friedman does the nice job of walking the line in terms of being an outright denial. If not a “remake” there are still technically “reboots,” “prequels,” “spin-offs,” etc., which could be done – any and all of which Meyer could be interested in pursuing, from both a creative and financial standpoint.

 Twilight Rumors: Movie Reboot Will Happen

Expect this debate to continue, but for what it’s worth: considering just how well the Twilight movies have done for Summit and Stephanie Meyer, there’s no doubt (in my mind, at least), that the subject of keeping the cash cow milking has at least been broached. Especially with new partner Lionsgate holding The Hunger Games franchise in its pocket. Too much money on the table for it not to have been at least discussed.

We’ll keep you updated as this Twilight reboot story develops. In the meantime:

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Sources: Bloody-Disgusting, Deadline

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  1. Good. Good. Kill the franchise.

  2. After seeing the first three via Rifftrax, I’d GLADLY take more Twilight.

    100% Serious.

  3. Maybe Uwe Boll can take a crack at it. It couldn’t be worse.

    • Wanna bet. What if Channing Tatum shows up as Edward? :-D

  4. What is the movie world coming to? They get done with a (*cough* horrible *cough*) series and then immediately turn it around and remake it again? This is lame on so many levels it’s almost mind boggling. Are these studios so bereft of ideas for movies this is all they can think to do?

    Someone needs to herd all the idiots proposing these ideas/reboots/remakes out back behind the shed and brain them with a pick axe. We need a fresh crop of people in there who actually have the ability to think intelligently and be worthy of the paychecks they are getting.

  5. This just in; consideration is being given to rebooting Twilight. Proof…that there is no God.

    To quote Rorscach. “No! NO! No, no, no, NO, NO!”

    To quote Nite Owl “NooooOOOOOOooooooooooo! (gasp)”

    To quote Darth Vader. “NooooOOOOoooOOOOOooooOOOO!”

    Then there’s these:

    The Office


    Metalocalypse: “NOoooooooooooooOoOOOOOO!!!”

    Oh yeah, Slippy from Star Fox.


    Need I go on?

    • That was a bit vague. Could you clarify, please? :-)

    • thats really stupid and offensive

  6. Check out the new Twilight Parody.

  7. Oh yeah,cause twilight is as important as god(rolls eyes)

    • Exactly. neither are important, though only one is actual real so the one that is real should be burned with FIRE.

  8. Why? Why? Why? would you do this to any man in the universe?

    • Because it’s being rebooted by Amazons. :-)

  9. Mixed feelings, I loved the first book and was horrified by how badly it was converted into a movie, so on one hand would love to see it re-done BETTER.
    On the other hand I despised the entire Renesme storyline and there is no producer/director/screenwriter on earth that could make that into a watchable story no matter how many remake/reboots/sequels/prequals they attempt.

    • Agreed!! The books are good, but not movie-material.

  10. Now we know why the vampires sparkle. It is bling sparkle.

  11. Srsly, how many ways can you interpret Twilight?

    • “Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing
      what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it
      is to have a boyfriend.” – Robin Browne (no, not Stephen King).

  12. As long as they did a whole remake(new material) with a darker tone. If we’re talking same material but different actors then no.

  13. omfg if they make more of these s*** movies ill slit my fuking wrist cause not only does my girl make me watch this s*** i have to take my sister whenever new ones come out

    • I feel sorry for you Tom. you have my sympathy

    • Cry me a hand full of tears Tom. I waste no pity on trash-mouthed pre-teens that can barely type a comprehensible sentence. As far as these re-boot shenanigans are concerned, please let Twilight rest in peace. I enjoyed both the books and the movies for what they were, instead of despising them for what they weren’t. The whole idea of remaking this series before even the BOOKS are 10 years old sounds like it was proposed by a group of degenerate lackwits with the cumulative I.Q. of an autistic hamster with rabies.

      /End rant.

  14. Personally I like the books a lot. I think a remake would be cool if they cast better actors and get it right. Honestly I’ve never seen any of the movies though but the trailers always look lame.

  15. Hahaha, I loved when you did this -”and why wouldn’t $he be?”

    I’m fairly certain they’ll keep it alive or bring it back in some way or the other. We won’t have a break, there will be never be a Twilightpocalyse. That’s the bitter truth. Just like how we know the world has to end someday, Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 will not be the end of the franchise.

    All we can do is hope that the lovers of the movies are passionate enough to not want a reboot. But then again, they will flock to see it.

  16. To quote Trunks a lil bit…”If they make more Twilight, it’ll be the end of all of us! *Super Saiyan transformation* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”

  17. awesome well hungergames has been out a few months so i guess hollywood is getting ready to plan their reboot to

  18. maybe they’ll get people that can act you know…actors, a bella that has expressions, an edward that is attractive, and a rosalie that looks like she can be the most gorgeous female on the planet…maybe

  19. I still have my heart for Hunger Games. I really do not care about Twilight and I hope everything about it ended already with the last movie.

  20. I think I would rather see what happens to everybody as time progresses like Bella’s daughter, Jacob the Cullen clan and the valtory but I could see different actors play the parts… but I am a big fan and if she decided to leave as is I would be fine as well… as fare as a remake I can’t watch different people play he parts so its a no for me…

  21. They should make a spin off just about the back stories of Alice and Jasper!

    • okay

  22. They should reboot it and have Matt Dallas as Edwaed.

  23. I think there should be another series because what’s gonna happen to renesmee when she grows up?

  24. It might be fun to see a prequel, perhaps Carlisle’s early life and him meeting/converting Esme. Or any of the other character’s early lives…even Edward. Not a remake of the whole series.

  25. again..?? :)

  26. please don’t have another twilight movies, because the representation of a vampire is so wrong and if you do, better make justice on the movie and definitely do not have the love triangle and the vampire twinkling in the dark concept. movies who did justice to vampire were priest, underworld and plently of anime who did justice, blade and possibly dracula and ven helsing.

    • Buffy The Vampire Slayer was also AWESOME and portrayed vampires exceptionally well, Joss Whedon rules!

  27. check this out, watch your favorite movies

  28. Twilight is alright..preety kool..add abit of Van Hesling themes in it.

  29. Love Twilight so much…