‘Twilight’ Rumors: Movie Reboot ‘Will Happen’

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Twilight Reboot Remake Twilight Rumors: Movie Reboot Will Happen

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will hit theaters this fall, thereby ending a movie series that has become a worldwide phenomenon, hated or loved by millions of people. The franchise has definitely been loved by Summit Entertainment, the little studio that got a major upgrade from The Twilight Saga‘s estimated billion-plus dollar box office business.

Those who love Twilight have lamented the impending end that comes with Breaking Dawn – Part 2, while those who can’t stand the bombardment of Twilight in their everyday lives have already started celebrating. But no matter which side of the Twilight line you’re on, you’ve at least been conscious of the fact that the end is indeed near.

Or is it?

Rumors are flying today, as Bloody-Disgusting dropped a bomb on the film geek world with a report stating that sources close to Lionsgate (which acquired Summit early this year) are already talking behind the scenes about re-launching the Twilight movie franchise – presumably in some kind of reboot or remake fashion. BD isn’t even reporting this as rumor: the site goes out on a limb so far as to suggest that despite any denials from the studio in the immediate future, this Twilight relaunch is both a reality, and a certainty.

As quoted from Bloody-Disgusting:

They’ll deny it, right here, right now. We’ll get plenty of eggs in our face. Sites will burn us at the stake like a witch during the Salem trials. Still, the fact will remain: it’s true.

In fact, they’re already discussing it internally. It will happen.

Twilight will return. It will never leave. It is eternal. Prepare to weep for another decade.

Since that report broke, the predicted denials from the studio have indeed come… sort of. Deadline contacted the Summit/Lionsgate “movie czar,” Rob Friedman, who had the following statement to share:

“We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change.”

As is noted in the story, Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has previously said she’s open to a reboot/remake of the series (and why wouldn’t $he be?), so the statement from Friedman does the nice job of walking the line in terms of being an outright denial. If not a “remake” there are still technically “reboots,” “prequels,” “spin-offs,” etc., which could be done – any and all of which Meyer could be interested in pursuing, from both a creative and financial standpoint.

 Twilight Rumors: Movie Reboot Will Happen

Expect this debate to continue, but for what it’s worth: considering just how well the Twilight movies have done for Summit and Stephanie Meyer, there’s no doubt (in my mind, at least), that the subject of keeping the cash cow milking has at least been broached. Especially with new partner Lionsgate holding The Hunger Games franchise in its pocket. Too much money on the table for it not to have been at least discussed.

We’ll keep you updated as this Twilight reboot story develops. In the meantime:

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Sources: Bloody-Disgusting, Deadline

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  1. I literally can’t wait for the next Twilight film after Breaking Dawn, Part 2! If it isn’t like released next year, I’m going to like kill myself.

    • So…then, they won’t have to release it anymore, right? 😉

      • hahaha

  2. Oh sweet jesus….

  3. Mein Gott!

    (you have to imagine a loud, glaring bolt of lightning striking right after my comment, immediately followed by a close-up on a Germanic woman’s severe face, a la “Young Frankenstein”.)

  4. Please no more reboots/remakes!!!

    • please no more TWILIGHT!!!

      the hell with remakes and reboots.. just… no…more… TWILIGHT!!!


  5. When you reboot a series, you do it because you (the director/producer) believe there are alternative and (possibly) deeper themes not discussed in the original. But… Umm… Twilight…. lol

  6. While the movies are terrible adaptations of the books, any movie would be a terrible adaptation of the books. Some books should stay books, Twilight is one of many that should have remained in their original form.

    • Because they’re terrible books.

  7. Looooove Friedman’s response.

    “But this will be the last one unless that should change.”

    Might as well have said “This is a thing we are not doing unless we do it.” What? What kind of a crappy response? Just say “No comment,” dude.

    • That is indeed a retarded response like wth

  8. And this is why I believe Stephanie Meyer is freaking greedier than George Lucas at this point. Maybe I’m a bit biased but at least I’ll gladly support Lucas and the universe he has created over Meyer’s sub-par writing skills any day.

    • They both have sub par writing skills lol. I say they are both equally greedy. Meyers has released multiple versions of her book since the film snd Lucas changes 5 things and re-releases Star Wars every 8 years.

      Lucas might be worse because he created an entire pre-quel trilogy to sell toys and tie-in merchandise (tv shows)

  9. Creative Bankruptcy. Hollywood haz it.

  10. I keep waiting to hear the announcement that MTV is developing a TV Series based on Twilight.
    MTV loves them some Twilight…

    • At this point in film history I wouldn’t be surprised about MTV announcing a Jersy Shore movie.

      • THERE WAS ONE! SyFy channel released something called Jersey Shore Shark Attack! It was awesome. Awesomely bad. There was so much self-tanning and bad shark puns… oh and “Snookie” or “Nookie” got eaten by a shark. Like I said, awesome.

    • Dont get me started on MTV. They love to make our kids dumb. It gets no play in my house.

      I remember when MTV was actually music related. Now its crap.

    • holy hell, this literally went all the way across the screen lol

  11. i love the “unless that should change.” it’s like saying “this is that, unless it’s not.” transparent ambiguity.

  12. If i were in charge of the films and wanted to reboot it i would go another way, instead of having the whole thing redone on the big screen go the way of the others and make a television series, even though i hate Twilight and think that Vampire Diaries are much better with True Blood being the best of the three, i think this would change the format but i still think Twilight destroyed the vampire myth (Sparkling Vamps?)


  14. How can they reboot this so soon? It’s not like they’re licensing issues like Spider-Man and at least that has tons of stories and villains to build movies around. Twilight is through and through a trilogy (unless they’re going to make original stories in the universe for film only)

    • Money. They could reboot Harry Potter tomorrow and it would make a billion.

      • Im not a huge Harry Potter fan (nver read the books) but if they did a prequel series with Snape,Harry’s Dad and the rise of Voltemort I would watch it.

        • that would be really cool but it would have to be jk Rowling authentic for it to be a full success with a lot of Potterheads

        • Actually, there is enough Snape, James & Lily (Harry’s Mum and Dad) and Voldemort material from books 6 & 7 for a pequel.

          I can’t believe there are still ppl who haven’t read the books! They are vastly superior to the movies.

          • lil..

            Yea, I never got into the books. My sister did and it became a tradition to see Harry Potter together and she always filled me on the book-to-movie differences — in painful detail. lol

            But i always liked the James&Lilly, Snape and Voldemort background story. I liked them better than Ron & Harry. Hermoine was my favortie Cos she actually paid attention in classes that can save your life lol

      • yup

  15. Whats sad is they will reboot it and every teeny bopper that saw the first series will line up to see the next one. This is a cash grab. Capitalism at its best.

    I wish there was more taste in holly-weird.

    • if every teeny bopper who saw the first one lines up to see a reboot/remake, then the problem is OBVIOUSLY not with Hollywood.

      • true

  16. Maybe they should reboot Hollywood and employ some people with original ideas.

    • “Maybe they should reboot Hollywood”

      lol, I concur

  17. they’re thinking a reboot/remake will make money but it wont.

    honestly, everyone thought battleship would make money coz its a transformers ripoff, and transformers fans are stupid and will see it. but they didn’t.

    same if they do a harry potter remake. the potter fans would be disgusted and refuse to see it. the rest will feel no need to rewatch the same thing again.

    same with this.

    reboots work with superhero films coz they have new stories to tell all the time. and even the ones they repeat can be retold VERY differently (eg. nolan’s joker vs burton’s joker). such is not the case with novel adaptions.

    even if they choose to diverge from the novel’s plot, the teeny-bopper fans are gonna hate it.

    • this is true spider man has 70 years of mythology to draw from and the comics have told and retold the stories in many different ways

    • I think what you’re saying is partly true, but I reckon a whole lot of people WOULD go and see it just to see what they’ve done differently to the originals, its why a lot of people go and see remakes of things I think

  18. Twilight with zombies. Its gonna happen.

    • Could the Earth at least wait until Django Unchained is released? I would like to see that movie before the apocalypse…

      • I’ll talk to Gaia, and see if she can hold off until then; but if they do start the Twilight reboot before Django, she may have no choice. 😛

  19. Captain Planet, he’s a hero.

    • I would watch a live action Captain Planet. I say Chris Evans would make a good CP, he could play it Human Torch style.

  20. *In Darth Vader voice*


  21. Of course they’re rebooting twilight. Otherwise who is MTV going to give all their movie awards to???

  22. The only way I’d be welcomed to a Twilight reboot is if it’s with different actors. Y’know, ones that don’t look constipated and have a little emotion?

    • Unfortunately the biggest attraction for fans is not the Twilight Saga itself but the actors. Without Rob, Taylor and Kristen, Lionsgate would be looking at a major fail. Hopefully these three have enough sense not to get involved in a reboot/remake.

    • Well I think different actors would be a given.

  23. I can’t handle more sparkling vampires. I simply will have to give up and only watch TCM and AMC.

  24. I hate to admit it, but I am a Twilight fan. That does not automatically make me a “teeny bopper”, though!
    Sometimes people have their guilty pleasures and Twilight just happens to be one of mine.

    Anyway, I think a reboot/remake is a terrible idea! Summit/Lionsgate are being absolutely ridiculous if they truly are considering this! I doubt fans will approve, as Ajanta said, “same if they do a harry potter remake. the potter fans would be disgusted and refuse to see it.”. And anyone who hates Twilight will end up hating it a whole lot more if they reboot/remake.
    Again, as Ajanta said, “they’re thinking areboot/remake will make money but it won’t.”.

  25. A reboot of Twilight? Really?! Only if BLADE makes an appearance, otherwise Heck NO!

    • Team Blade, FTW! 😮

    • Throw in some Buffy as well:

      “I fell in love with a vampire, too. Then I kicked his ass and stabbed him into a hell dimension. And my best friend had a werewolf boyfriend but then she turned gay”.

  26. They are dumbing down our future and their not wasting any time; and what sucks is the teens don’t even know good material from bad, like Twilight was written, well aware of its capitalism purposes. And the young readers have no idea that what they are reading isn’t even well written, but thats why they have Lautner take off his shirt, so 14 year olds forget that the story is crap, their distracted by a shirtless guy, that’s kinda gross how it all comes down to big creepy corporate bosses sitting in a room, stacks of money everywhere, deciding on shows and movies geared to our children.
    And MTV? Giving Twilight awards like its Titanic. I have lost faith in the dm industry

  27. Honestly, I’d kill to see a movie remade where they bring in the same actors, use the same script, sets and costumes, and then refilm the whole thing with slightly different camera angles. Just for the lols.

    This could be that film!

    • “See it like you’ve never seen it before… 36 degrees to the left!”