Edward Cullen Could Have Been Oh So Different

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It’s absolutely undeniable the heartthrob that Robert Pattinson has become ever since landing the role of vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight. Fans of the original books debated fiercely before he was cast as to who would be “the perfect Edward Cullen,” and when the role eventually went to Pattinson, those young teen girls instantly became enamored with him.

However – was that because he was Robert Pattinson or was it simply because he played the beloved Edward Cullen character? One could certainly argue that whoever was cast in the role was automatically going to become a heartthrob, an argument I actually agree with.

Some fans of Pattinson, Cullen and the whole Twilight phenomenon may be surprised to hear, however, that Pattinson wasn’t who Stephanie Meyer (author of the series), had in mind for the role. Oh no, it was not Pattinson, but rather another Brit actor, Henry Cavill.

Back before Pattinson was cast, Meyer had the following to say about who she saw as Cullen:

“Indisputably the most difficult character to cast, Edward is also the one that I’m most passionately decided upon. The only actor I’ve ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen is Henry Cavill. Henry was Albert, the young son in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ Can you see it? I know I can!”

The reason Meyer never took it any further than her personal thoughts and opinion on who should play the character is the fact that Cavill had changed since she last saw him:

“The most disappointing thing for me is losing my perfect Edward. … I’m not willing to relinquish Henry completely. … I propose that Henry play Carlisle!”

Cavill himself spoke recently on his “hidden Twilight past,” having the following to say about his involvement in the project:

“I’ve heard this, but I haven’t heard from Stephenie… I haven’t spoken to her personally, and I haven’t spoken to the producers.”

“By the time the movie came around, I didn’t look right for the character… No one even called me or my agent.”

I’m not at all a “Twilighter” – I haven’t read the books (I don’t intend to, either) and I knew nothing of the story, the characters or frankly hadn’t even heard of Twilight before the movie was announced. So my lack of knowledge of the books would lead me to not understanding the inevitable obsession with them. But to my shock and amazement, I didn’t just like the movie, I really liked it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Knowing also nothing about Robert Pattinson, having only seen him as Cedric Diggory in a couple of the Harry Potter movies, and even as a guy, I was also surprised to find myself strangely drawn to his alluring persona as Edward Cullen. I thought Pattinson did a great job with the character as far as I could see.

However, would it have made a difference if another actor had played the character? Well, yes and no. As I said above, the character was going to be popular no matter who played him (I’m sure there are droves of folks who would disagree with me on that one), but I have to say I don’t think it could have been pulled off much better by someone other than Pattinson. Whether it was his performance or just Pattinson’s natural persona, I’m not sure, but from where I’m sitting he did a pretty impressive job with it.

So Twilight fans: Was it Pattinson who made Edward Cullen a heartthrob or would he have been one no matter who played him? And do you think Cavill would have made a good Edward?

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  1. Robert Pattinson is popular because he is Robert Pattinson not because he played Edward Cullen.

    Robert does a great job with every character he portrays. He is an excellent actor, musician and guy.

    Tabs xo

  2. I think yes Roberts fame came with playing Edward Cullen to the T. I dont think they could have gotten anyone to capture Edward better. His expressions, his alluring looks, it all fits. He is the perfect Edward. Not to mention just like Edward, He is a heartthrobb.

  3. I think Robert Pattinson did a great job. Kind of a pre-hottie in Harry Potter and exploded in Twilight. But at the same time, Henry Cavill is a good actor too and I think it would have been super sexy for him to have played Edward Cullen! He’s great in the Tudors… I hope to see him in more.

  4. Edward is an alluring catacter, read the books,please! Robert is very magnetic, that’s why he is so…edward!

  5. I believe that “edward” is a very handsome, talented actot. I feel in love with him in Twilight. even though i am a grown woman and happily married it would be nice to really have a love as true as the one in the book.

    • Me too.I am 42 years old, hapilly married to a very handsome man and recently I have fallen in love with Edward.I think pattz is great but cavill could be even more hotter.

  6. Althought I think that Pattinson did a phenomenal job, and I have to admit I am now one of the fans obsessed with twilight, partly because of him …. I do agree with you. Anyone who would have played the part would be instantaneously popular. I mean its a classic yet forbidden love story that any girl could get wrapped up in. I think that females would have fallen for whomever played the part … either im still glad it was Pattinson.

  7. I live in Port Angeles Wa.(I have been to Forks. it is a crappy one stoplight town in the middle of nowhere.) it is nothing like the book. They made the best resurant in town look like a hippie hang-out(Bella Italia). We do not go on vampire hunts (But we might start hunting the stupid fans who go aroud Port Angeles and Forks screaming “oh my god! WE ARE ACTUALY TOCHING THE BUILDINGS IN PORT ANGELES(or Forks)! GET OUT THE CAMERA!”)
    I cant stand the fans….

  8. I don’t believe that any other actor who would have been cast as Edward would have become an instant heartthrob. If so, then Hollywood has the guaranteed formula for star-making. If it were that simple, there would be more heartthrobs running around.

  9. Have you ever seen a great book got destroyed by the horrible movie made from it? Not all actors can portray lovable characters, only certain ones are suitable for the role. There couldn’t have been anyone more suitable than Rob to play Edward. If it was anyone else, the movie wouldn’t have been the same.

  10. I think Rob’s allure was amazing. I have read the books and they are awesome. I am a twilighter and proud of it. I think he made Edward. It was a perfect match. He is charming and beautiful just like Edward. Wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  11. @ Tabitha,

    Pattinson wasn’t on any movie blogs or tabloid covers (on a weekly basis no less) before Twilight, so it is that movie and him playing Cullen that launched him into world-wide stardom.

  12. @ Rob Keyes

    But the thing is when Robert’s name was released to play Edward Cullen, there was a really big petition against this. Stephenie Meyers had to step in before things calmed down.

    Then Robert did such an outstanding job acting as Edward Cullen. He made everyone change their minds, and now even people that signed that petition are his fans.

    Robert is an excellent actor and very easy to look at.

    Tabs xo

  13. Listen here BUB Robert pattinson beat 3,000 ppl to play edward cullen in the movie TWILIGHT… if you dnt like him wel then nobody likes you and you can all go fall in a ditch and die!!!! he is awesome hott and he has an angelic voice!!

  14. i love him and if u dont then go die!!

  15. by the way dont take that seriously…. but yall need 2 appreciate him a little more!! he is hott and awesome and he has an angelic voice!!!

  16. I would agree that Pattinson did a great job, and i would also like to point out that he had already made a huge number of fans after his role as Cedric in the Harry Potter movies.
    Henry Cavill did not only not look the gae, but even when he was younger, he didn’t seem as fitting as Pattinson for the role.
    Any actor who would have played Edward would have become popular, although he would also have to be brilliant with the role to win the approval of the fans of the books.

  17. Intersting question. The character of Edward Cullen is highly beloved by Twilight saga readers. The movie was successful because it already had an established loyal fan base of readers, and justifiably so. If you read the books, you’ll understand why that’s the case. Any actor who landed the role of Edward would have an advantage of gaining immediate heartthrob status.

    But the real test of Pattinson’s heartthrob status and future value in Hollywood is whether or not he can bring in the box office dollars that match or exceed the amount Twilight made. If he can do so in other leading roles aside from the Twilight Saga movies, then he has a strong case that it’s really him as an actor/celebrity, and not necessarily because of his lone association as Edward Cullen. I guess we just have to stay tuned to figure this one out.

  18. I usually don’t blog, but I felt compelled to comment on this question. I am a 32 yr. old married woman and proud to be a Twilight Fan. I actually saw the movie before reading the books. It was Robert Pattison that made the movie. It was because of him that I went out and bought the 4 book series. While reading, I could only imagine him in the novels. The story itself is the best love story ever written, but it was Rob who bought it to life. If not for him and his compelling acting I never would have realized how great the novels actually were.

    • I totally agree — although i read the books before i watched the movies, i have to admit that while reading, i was imagining edward to look almost exactly like rob!!!! no one is more perfect for edward

  19. I live in Port Angeles Wa.(I have been to Forks. it is a crappy one stoplight town in the middle of nowhere.) it is nothing like the book. They made the best resurant in town look like a hippie hang-out(Bella Italia). We do not go on vampire hunts (But we might start hunting the stupid fans who go aroud Port Angeles and Forks screaming “oh my god! WE ARE ACTUALY TOCHING THE BUILDINGS IN PORT ANGELES(or Forks)! GET OUT THE CAMERA!”)
    I cant stand the fans….

  20. Sox. I got a wierd sense ov humour

  21. I, personally, like Rob, but… I like the book. The movie could’ve taken 1 year and I would’ve thought the same thing as b4.

  22. I don’t have anything against Rob, but I would have liked to see Hayden Christensen play Edward.

  23. Yes, Henry Cavill could pull off a nice Edward – a sexier and more handsome Edward.. however, if that was the case, then we won’t have any comparison, right?

    I think Robert Pattinson did a great job in portraying a teen vampire who is smitten and stalkerish.. He was almost perfect for Edward and didn’t the book described him as lanky and pale? and boyish, yeah!

    Henry Cavill – even at his younger years was born to scream sex even in front of the camera. and it would be hard to believe that Edward is a virgin (or celibate – but he’s a virgin, right?)

    • I do think cavill has a stronger sex appeal, in fact it would very difficult not thinking about sex when you see him .He is amazing!!

  24. I’m a little late on this, but Josh Keaton… would have much more suited the role. Patterson looked too old and his face was too square and bulkily cut looking. I did not enjoy the movie as much purely because Patterson creeped me out honestly. And Kristen as Bella didn’t help any. Bella was supposed to be naturally pale, and though she dressed plain she was supposed to be really fragile looking and pretty.

  25. Robert.pattinson.did.a.great.job.as.Edward.Cullen.he.is.alsome.so.he.was.right.for.the.job he.has.great
    Talent everyone.loved.him

  26. Robert.is.charming.funny.good.loookinng.no.wonder.teenagers.adore.him