What Comes After Twilight’s Breaking Dawn?

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twilight saga breaking dawn two movies parts 1 2 What Comes After Twilights Breaking Dawn?

The one problem for Summit Entertainment in regards to the life of the Twilight franchise is the lack of source material to rush more films out of. As we all know, it takes them a very short amount of time to make a Twilight movie and while the franchise is hot, they want to take advantage and get as much out there as possible.

For this reason, we saw The Twilight Saga: New Moon release only a year after the first one launched a phenomenon and why we’re getting the third installment, Eclipse less than a year after that. We also know that the the fourth book in the franchise, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies to take advantage of the wallets of Twilighters, bringing the movie count to 5 in a 4-year span.

Since the cast, now popular stars, were only contracted for four films, we can assume the studio paid them all a pretty penny to sign for a 5th to allow for two Breaking Dawn pictures – A worthwhile and obvious investment after the box office takes of the first two movies.

What’s the next step though? Author Stephenie Meyer had written a fifth book, a re-telling of the events of the original Twilight from the perspective of Edward but that was released online instead of becoming another best seller. According to Meyer, that was it. No more Twilight books.

But what about the money? There’s still money to be made. More money is good. What does that mean? Spin-offs!

Thanks to news today that Stephenie Meyer has changed her mind on the subject, we now know that she is indeed releasing another novel, although it’s not exactly another sequel. Instead, the next book in the Twilight series will be titled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It will be a shorter 192-page novella which will focus on the newborn vampire, Bree, and act as supporting material for the third novel/movie, Eclipse.

In this summer’s Eclipse, Bree is played by Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland and with news of this novella coming out about her character, maybe she’ll have more work for Summit in a potential spin-off film after Breaking Dawn? Maybe not, but the material is helping some of the actors of such characters as Riley, Victoria, and Bree with their parts in the movie, directed by David Slade.

With this novella coming out for retail, breaking the mold of the 4-feature franchise, we now can expect that other spinoffs or similar side-stories could come out in the future. Will Summit take advantage and start screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg penning a script for this or other future side-stories?

All money jokes aside, the novella will be released for free online at www.breetanner.com from June 7th until July 5th and one dollar from each book sold in the US from its first printing will be donated to the America Red Cross, an absolutely worthy charity. That’s a very good gesture so no complaints here.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella is already available for pre-order and it releases June 5th.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out later that month on June 30th. Expect both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn to release in 2011.

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Head to Page 2 to see the cover of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and a snippet from Stephenie Meyer’s announcement.

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    • I love the twilight-breaking dawn movies .It is one of the best movies that’s been out so yes the other movie may be good but it can get better then thoses . It’s a perfect love story that can go on because there love as anyone can see is forever. So please bring more!

  2. Why did they stop making twilight

  3. Why did they stop making twilight my child watch twilight every day

  4. Why did they stop making twilight my child watch twilight every day.

  5. Why did they stop making twilight my 9 year
    Old child loves twilight.

  6. Stupid this did not answer my question

  7. Stefane needs to get writing …

  8. so happy thete will. b e more

  9. Why did you stop making the twilight series I loved them they should at least make one more

  10. absolutely loved all 5 movies and the books … i watch twilight every weekend and cannot get enough … Edward (Robert Pattinson) ahhhh … gorgeoues !!! im hoping there’s another movie/book that will be released …

  11. Make one more pleas

  12. I think u should make a breaking dawn part 3 because i just love twilight and when the valture” said that they wont fight today but we will and when alce saw jacob & renesmee future”

    • I agree with u they need to make one of the future.

  13. I think that that there sould atleat be a breakingdawn 3. i love the the movies. PLIZ MAKE MORE!!!!!

  14. Who’s on team jacob/

  15. I really wish there were be more movies cuss the serice because I really like the serice and the got better and better

  16. Waxing cresent

  17. can you please make another twilight movie because breaking dawn part 2 didn’t have reseeme an Jacob getting married and iam a big fan of the twilight series

  18. they so should be making another movie following the life of renesmee and how alice had forseen the future in breaking dawn part 2 i so didnt watch twilight until my kids wanted to watch it and then i watched the entire series to catch up and omg i just want to watch it all the time those who didnt like breaking dawn whatever it was so cool please do one on renesmee

  19. You know to have a spin off would make things a bit bad. This is my reason in the book Jacob gets married to nessy but let’s say you write that book in that the book you put the capture comes and fight them for real this time because a wearwolf n vampire are enemys and that’s against the vampire law to marry a werewolf.so all the family come together again to fight but Nessy has more powers and as well Bella. But Nessy has a half vampire half wearwolf and that baby is older and that baby ki

  20. Kick ass by her kool powers and can turn into a wearwolf..now there’s your money!

    • Yay now they can make more

  21. Please make another twilight those are my favorite movies.I’ll be very mad if they don’t make another one.

  22. They should really make one of the future, like renessme future growing up as a vampire

  23. We want more movies they are goooood

  24. I think they should make another twilight… I want to know what she is like now that she’s older…

  25. Starts off bella an edward are hunting with reneseeme theyvarevteaching her how to finally hunt animals cause she wants blood not human food anymore , so after she gets her first kill and get her blood the all run back home , they all then are back at home ready to celbrate renesseme birthday and suprise her . They walk in and suprise her she then thanks her family and alice skipps in with this beutiful big cake and tells her that she better make a wish , as he blows the candels out renessme closes her eyes and make her wish . Everything thing then gos black with 6 years later and then a pair of eyes show up it renessme they are yellow like the golden sun she then turns towards jacob kissing him nd eventually looks towards bella and edward giving then hugs the back ground is on la push , she wish she and her fanily will all be together one day, and it shows a lknger version of alices vision , she then touches alice hand and thanks her she sends the thought to alice , bot even notickng but alicedoes she then pauses and is frozen for a few minutes , and just cone back to reality , and smiles . Later that nught renessme went for a walk with jacob in the forest and they talk , jacob ask renessme to cone back to forks with him and start a family if ther own , renessme is now apearance of 17 but actually is 21 . So she says yes and she leave a note , statin why she left . Alice that night focuses on the wish that became a memorie to renessme and focuses on to the future , and find out the volturi ckme fir her and jackb they are goin to fight whi ever gets in there way they are gojng to finish the cullen clan , she see the leader aro establishing something with the guards no one atays alive kill them , jane later say even alice and he says yes . She then warns the rest and they gather wittnesses to hell them stand against the vilturi and be prepared to fight this time , cause dont underestimate them this time , emmett and rosalie leave that night with carlise and esmme to fjnd canpires to stand with them , in canda emmett and roslie find the colls clan with an amazing gifted vampire called cobbie , can steal the power of another vampires ability with a single touh causing them to be without an ability until he touch another person l, his little sister livia able to control the jnfluence if bad and goid lukbkn whkbever she lays her eyes in, and the rest obthe family are normal vamps, essme then travels with carsile to alaska to get the denalis and zenna and safraina , while they are doing that alice and jasper prepare clans that come to meet them tobatand fir the right if love , freedom and also some find that werewolfs and vampires history should end and come to gether as allies as the volturi dont stand fonit the y travel closer and closer to destroy them , bella then worryies that jackb and her might be in danger so edward an her travel to warn them , they reach fork and ckme to jacobs house and renessme comes out the door , wkndering what wrong , as they tell her to come jacob morphs into a wolf and lolks at renessme , pretty much saying im with u abd they all run off into the trees heading back for to alaska , as they explain while running jacob howls to the sky , in the distance wolfs howl . Later intothe movie they finally reach the house and the sun just goes down evryone is all waiting outbfront of the house alice ahead staring intothe tree lines looking confused on both sides , as thy get closer she yells there almost here , a sudden greyish fog came lingerjg across the snowy forest grounds , bella lifting her sheild in evryone , the shawdow of gurds come sneakingout of the bushes , they come steping out aro a head , stating his opinon after he gets done talkjng he start walking closer and closer they all stand with preparation of fighting aro stops and simply turns around and raises his arms and whispers attack , thy all start running , so does the cullan and others toward then alice the jumps up and cartwheels over a wolf takeling a guard , jasper fighting when th tree all cath in fire around him and alice they then get surroundd in a cirle of fire moving closer , emmet then goes chargjng at demitribwhen alec shoits his fog hitting emmett layin him in the ground shakin in pain rosalie then ckmes ul and theows him towrds a wolf , leavjng him to be riped apart emmett gets ul an ckntinues to fight rosalie then get holded down on the ground being seconds away from bejng burned when carlisie jumps over and kills them , he hwlps her up esmme stabd by renessme and jacob and see aro moving in toward them she then try to stop him when he has to guards gab her and throw her to the grounf and jacob and renessme then run jnto the forest and guard behind them bella comes landinng out of the tree with edward stopin this goons , alice and jasoer finish the guards an jump iver the flames in time, and help the coll clan and denelis kill the rest of vampires the three leader then ckne face to face with edward an bella and jacob and renessme aro ran at edward when jacob cam up beside ciuad ripkng him apart and marcus walks ul to bella swings at her and then stands there and allows her to burn him ark then loos ober and see his dead brothers theowing edward into a river bella infrontbofbrenessme stand and bella confront aro guards over powrring alice and japser and the rest come filling in behjnd aro with torches, she then notces jane say pain he quicly shelid her and renessme , kepping them safe but aro , not noticing jacknb ckmjng frkm the side and also be shellild ed he ckmes up and attack saro when edward comes in and jumps up and kills him , alice then is up jn the tree and drop the fire on the body below the vampires bot noticnthe fire clmejnfont hem destroyig them . . Alice then smile back at renessme and says happy birthday , ad she handed the peice of vake to her , the end ( it was another vision ) but eventually it is gojgto happen leaving another movie possible for stephanie myer :) and reply and leg ne not if ther are any ideas that could also be added tk make it better an also im typing iff iphone and hand reallg sore so some word might not be spelled right,) thanks and inuit bu the way in cobbie

  26. :( sad SM should really write some more, :(. There is so many possibilities for everyone. Would be great to hear Carlisle’s Story or Alice’s, Obviously Ness and Jakes and what happens to Leah.. Would be nice to hear her story :). Good storyline would be if the Voltori created a vampire that was able to copy others gifts and are not able to control them and come to the Cullens to help.. :) hope SM will write some more ..soon please :)

  27. What’s going to happen to Jacob and Renesmee and the test of the family. I hate that in part two of breking dawn it cuts off I would love to know what happens to them do they get married do the have kids or what please bring the back and thanks for the book and movies they are the best books in the world. That you so much

  28. What’s going to happen to Jacob and Renesmee and the rest of the family. I hate that in part two of breking dawn it cuts off I would love to know what happens to them do they get married do the have kids or what please bring the back and thanks for the book and movies they are the best books in the world. That you so much