What Comes After Twilight’s Breaking Dawn?

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twilight saga breaking dawn two movies parts 1 2 What Comes After Twilights Breaking Dawn?

The one problem for Summit Entertainment in regards to the life of the Twilight franchise is the lack of source material to rush more films out of. As we all know, it takes them a very short amount of time to make a Twilight movie and while the franchise is hot, they want to take advantage and get as much out there as possible.

For this reason, we saw The Twilight Saga: New Moon release only a year after the first one launched a phenomenon and why we’re getting the third installment, Eclipse less than a year after that. We also know that the the fourth book in the franchise, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies to take advantage of the wallets of Twilighters, bringing the movie count to 5 in a 4-year span.

Since the cast, now popular stars, were only contracted for four films, we can assume the studio paid them all a pretty penny to sign for a 5th to allow for two Breaking Dawn pictures – A worthwhile and obvious investment after the box office takes of the first two movies.

What’s the next step though? Author Stephenie Meyer had written a fifth book, a re-telling of the events of the original Twilight from the perspective of Edward but that was released online instead of becoming another best seller. According to Meyer, that was it. No more Twilight books.

But what about the money? There’s still money to be made. More money is good. What does that mean? Spin-offs!

Thanks to news today that Stephenie Meyer has changed her mind on the subject, we now know that she is indeed releasing another novel, although it’s not exactly another sequel. Instead, the next book in the Twilight series will be titled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It will be a shorter 192-page novella which will focus on the newborn vampire, Bree, and act as supporting material for the third novel/movie, Eclipse.

In this summer’s Eclipse, Bree is played by Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland and with news of this novella coming out about her character, maybe she’ll have more work for Summit in a potential spin-off film after Breaking Dawn? Maybe not, but the material is helping some of the actors of such characters as Riley, Victoria, and Bree with their parts in the movie, directed by David Slade.

With this novella coming out for retail, breaking the mold of the 4-feature franchise, we now can expect that other spinoffs or similar side-stories could come out in the future. Will Summit take advantage and start screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg penning a script for this or other future side-stories?

All money jokes aside, the novella will be released for free online at www.breetanner.com from June 7th until July 5th and one dollar from each book sold in the US from its first printing will be donated to the America Red Cross, an absolutely worthy charity. That’s a very good gesture so no complaints here.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella is already available for pre-order and it releases June 5th.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out later that month on June 30th. Expect both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn to release in 2011.

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Head to Page 2 to see the cover of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and a snippet from Stephenie Meyer’s announcement.

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  1. They should really make a movie about watching renesme getting older and what happens with her snd jacob. You can’t end a movie like that! Please don’t. It is really bothering me whats going to happen next. Make another one with what happens to everyone please Stephenie:)

    • omg!!!!!!!!!!! i know right i totaly hope they do because im getting sick of watching the other ines sometime

    • Totally agree!!! i wanna know more about the continuation of the story especially about Renesmee and Jacob i wish that they will have a fantastic love story like bella and edward as well:)

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!! wish that Renesmee and Jacob will have a fantastic love story of their own like the one bella and edward have:)

  2. I would like to know what Bella and Edward do with their life. Renesme too. Does Charlie and Sue get married? What does Jacob do with his life? Does Charlie ever find out the truth about Bella? If so, how does he take it? What’s going in with Bella’s mom? There is alot left out there that needs answers to. Another Twilight!!!

    • I agree. There are a lot of questions, which need to be answered. The main one is what happens to Renesmee and Jacob. We need more than Alice’s vision. Love Alice and Jasper, what a great couple they are.

    • I have nothing but questions as well. I want to know what happens now that they have a child? What is going to happen since Jake has imprinted on her? I have questions with no answers. I have become addicted to this “Twilight Saga”, because it shows the kind of love a person could have, and it makes you want to have a love like they have. If only we could have such a love, right? I know I sure would like to have that.

  3. i really want to know what happens next. please stephanie realease another movie. we will all be greatful.

  4. dear stephanie,
    Can you please write another book. I really want to know what happens next with all the characters. We really have enjoyed the books and movies. Im really not a reader and i actualy went and bought your books and totaly fell in love with them. I enjoy reading because of you.

  5. We want more twilight saga’s after breaking dawn please…!!

  6. dear stephanie,
    U have nice imagination, dont stop plz, all arabs readers wants u to continue twilight saga, we lived the story and Characters

  7. Please write more another chapter and don’t worry if the vultory came again Hangcok will fight with cullens✋✊

  8. Please write more another chapter and don’t worry if the vultory came again Hangcok will fight with cullens :)

  9. I love twilight , but i am still wondering if the people will still want Bella’s gift ?

  10. I honestly wish you didn’t have to stop making the twilight movies I seen twilight breaking dawn part 2 when it came out in movie theaters and like I was asking myself why did they stop? There a lot of people that are mad because that was the last one I honestly think you guys should just keep making twilight :)

  11. Please release another Twilight. I want to see what Cullens’ doing next. I just love cullens, specially Edward (Rob). Love Story of Bella and Edward, as shown in Twilight, is heart touching and outstanding. Please make another Twilight after Brealing Dawn. Eagerly waiting for that.

  12. stephanie i think that you should do another novel on what will happen between renesmee and jacob, what will continue with bella being a vampire and with charlie and sue getting married.

  13. hi, 5 mins ago i have done watching the last part of twilight. and it melts me. like everyone says YES THERE SHOULD BE ANOTHER PART OF IT! the ending in breaking dawn 2 isn’t enough to make the people feel its done.. we need more.. so please make more.. u loss nothing yet u earn more.

  14. dear stephanie
    i am benitha. i love twilight so much. i am really crazy about twilight and i don’t want twilight to be end please make another movie please i love edward cullen character and bella,jacob please make another movie. it’s my humble request.

  15. sir, i would love to read n watch what happens to renismee life and her with jacob and the story ahead. we don’t want things to let go when we rally love them so please do write the story ahead……………:)

  16. u r doing a great job plz continue…. twilight is a heart touching story and not finished yet,so plz continue its people demand plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

  17. I love twilight and i would really like u to make another

  18. love this series

  19. I love
    Twilight saga and I have watched the last movie. I want them to make a suprise movie after breaking dawn part two. It could be about maybe Charlie and renee get back together or something

  20. Please keep the story going, you can’t end it like this !!!

  21. plz plz make another part of this movie, plz plzzzzzzzzzz

  22. Please make another book, a final one if you will… Containing how Edward and renesme will end up together and how the vampire community will be free against the monarchy of the valturi.

  23. can u make another breaking dawn movie it cant end like tht their right also if u do make one then the part wen alice shows her vison with edwards and bellas daughter resimay is with jacob and she is all grown up show another movie with tht vison pleassssssssssssssssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzz dont stop yet u got 2 show her all grown up and bellas dad finds out bella is a vampire and the valtory wont do anything and bella ends up having another kid but its a boy and the last movie u make dont put visons in the last movie

  24. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write another one! we need to know what happens with Renesmee and Jacob and how Edward and Bella get on and what they do with there lifes Please please please please please us Twilight fans need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you! I need know what’s happen with Renesmee and Jacob.

  25. Please go to the wiki site someone wrote a really good idea and you could make a whole movie about it. Or how the their of renesme being cool with humans was good but she had to go on a killing spree

  26. hi ummm i need another twilight u see my friend got the book thenfilm then wached then i saw the film and the rest and honistly i think i am ur biggest fan i love vampier films but this one is best by far i need more twilights but ithink that there will be more like every different type of stage of the moon and then that will be it but goodness i hope not please please please please write more after that. x

  27. Stephanie plz make another continuation part of twilight, I just want to see jacob becoming stronger than these cullens…………

  28. Pleasee make another twilight I’m addicted to watching them nd I luv edward there are so many more thingss u can add to make another film please stephanie I am so in love with twilight I have even started to try and write my own book aboutt it xxxx