What Comes After Twilight’s Breaking Dawn?

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twilight saga breaking dawn two movies parts 1 2 What Comes After Twilights Breaking Dawn?

The one problem for Summit Entertainment in regards to the life of the Twilight franchise is the lack of source material to rush more films out of. As we all know, it takes them a very short amount of time to make a Twilight movie and while the franchise is hot, they want to take advantage and get as much out there as possible.

For this reason, we saw The Twilight Saga: New Moon release only a year after the first one launched a phenomenon and why we’re getting the third installment, Eclipse less than a year after that. We also know that the the fourth book in the franchise, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies to take advantage of the wallets of Twilighters, bringing the movie count to 5 in a 4-year span.

Since the cast, now popular stars, were only contracted for four films, we can assume the studio paid them all a pretty penny to sign for a 5th to allow for two Breaking Dawn pictures – A worthwhile and obvious investment after the box office takes of the first two movies.

What’s the next step though? Author Stephenie Meyer had written a fifth book, a re-telling of the events of the original Twilight from the perspective of Edward but that was released online instead of becoming another best seller. According to Meyer, that was it. No more Twilight books.

But what about the money? There’s still money to be made. More money is good. What does that mean? Spin-offs!

Thanks to news today that Stephenie Meyer has changed her mind on the subject, we now know that she is indeed releasing another novel, although it’s not exactly another sequel. Instead, the next book in the Twilight series will be titled The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It will be a shorter 192-page novella which will focus on the newborn vampire, Bree, and act as supporting material for the third novel/movie, Eclipse.

In this summer’s Eclipse, Bree is played by Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland and with news of this novella coming out about her character, maybe she’ll have more work for Summit in a potential spin-off film after Breaking Dawn? Maybe not, but the material is helping some of the actors of such characters as Riley, Victoria, and Bree with their parts in the movie, directed by David Slade.

With this novella coming out for retail, breaking the mold of the 4-feature franchise, we now can expect that other spinoffs or similar side-stories could come out in the future. Will Summit take advantage and start screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg penning a script for this or other future side-stories?

All money jokes aside, the novella will be released for free online at www.breetanner.com from June 7th until July 5th and one dollar from each book sold in the US from its first printing will be donated to the America Red Cross, an absolutely worthy charity. That’s a very good gesture so no complaints here.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella is already available for pre-order and it releases June 5th.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes out later that month on June 30th. Expect both parts of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn to release in 2011.

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Head to Page 2 to see the cover of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and a snippet from Stephenie Meyer’s announcement.

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  1. Hopefully nothing

  2. Amen

  3. Who Cares? The entire series stinks. The sooner this stuff dies, the better.

  4. hmm…don't have any complaints as People would have considered Twilight to be just another Vampire novel if the movies had not turned out to be so bad

  5. Hopefully she finishes Midnight Sun… or even continues with the Saga. The people who claim the series is no good are just sick of their girlfriends wanting a gentleman like Edward … or ogling RPattz. And the girls who say it sucks just want to seem cool & detached and like they aren't following the crowd 'cause they're 'badass.' Don't read entirely through a Breaking Dawn article if you hate it so much…. just to be rude. What's the point?

    • you r totally right!

  6. Damn hit the wrong button, no I dont like this. ROFL at gentlemen like Edward and Rob Peterpufferson, fans act like they know these actors jsut because they act proper on cam or some one publishes a goody two shoes story abou them. Pfft get real, for all you know these gentlemen could treat people like crap behind the camera. LOLs.

    Only read the title article. The point is we have the right to voice our dislike for crappy ass movies like Twilight saga.

  7. I've been hearing about this damnable series since my junior year of high school. I'm about to finish my first year of college. I'm tired of them and I can't stand Meyer…

  8. Movies are rarely even as good as books. And these books are awful, so naturally the movies are worse. I'm a writer trying to break out in publishing, so trust me when I say I read a bit of Twilight and found myself getting truly furious at the crappy descriptions.

    • i agree 100%, its the worst writing that I’ve seen in years, I’ve read alot of books, that was made into movies and they where all very dissapointing, the books are usually MUCH better than the movies. but with this one…. I’ll rather watch the movie than pick up 1 of her books again… I think shewrote a paper for school and that example got published. Vampires are a old Romanian legend, and the writing should have honerd that..

  9. I understand and can appreciate that you like these books. I can also say from a literary and sociological perspective that the books are truly awful and that the only reason you like it is because most of the human race is mentally unsound in one form or another. For example, I have a very malicious and cruel sense of humor, while you consider a psychotic sparkly bastard with anger problems to be a gentleman. I've heard good of Rob- won't knock him. But Edward Cullen, as a fictional character, is nothing short of a sociopath. He's obsessive, manipulative, cruel, and shallow. Bella is even worse, as she accepts all these awful and malignant traits as perfectly “charming”. As do you apparently.
    The humorous part here is that, psychologically, Bella has self-esteem issues so intense they border on a mental disease. If you can relate to her, I suggest you see a psychologist immediately.

  10. I'd watch the Twilight movies if there was a certain 'Daywalker' in it. I'm sorry but vampires don't glitter they suck blood and avoid the sunlight, if I want to watch a vampire movie that takes place in Alaska I'll watch 30 Days of Night, TYVM. having gotten that off my chest, I think I get my vampire fix by watching True Blood.

  11. Love it!! But would still like to have the other story also “views from Edward” to still be written and published. Cant wait to see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I hope the twilight saga continues with Edward,Bella,jacob and the whole Family after Breaking Dawn. Stephanie Myers is smart, so I know she can continue the story after Breaking Dawn with them with there child and Jacob story line. A true Twilight “mom” fan…

  12. oh, the horror…

  13. Summit is trying to milk it for all it worth lol

  14. Summit will be nursing on the teets of this long after they have scabbed over and dried up. For the life of me I cannot fathom how much cash it took to get a real director for the coming film. Of course if the studio came to me and said we will give you boatloads of cash and you have to do it in 6 months I would probably sign up also.

  15. Nice preemptive straw man argument for anyone who disagrees with you.

    However this series, both movie and book, takes a titanic dump on the vampire and lycanthrope genres.

    I don't know where to start. The poor pacing, the logical inconsistencies, characters that aren't three dimensional, poor CGI effects, flat acting. Not to mention the whole abstinence undertones of the books. Also, the shirtless lycans who don't become either pants wearing wolves or naked humans post transformation is really funny, like having your homoerotic cake and demurely eating it too.

    Do I have to mention that two of the most violent types of characters in fiction are rendered mostly toothless? Most of the best action happens off screen, but there is no catharsis that audience gets to witness first hand the awesome savagery of the vampire & lycan. The series is basically the literary and cinematic equivalent of blue b@lls.

  16. Twilight's 15 minutes ended at 12:01 am, Jan. 1st 2010. I'm so ready for this series to disappear.

    I couldn't get through the first 20 pages of Twilight because it was difficult for me to tolerate the crappy way it was written. I'm also a writer who's attempting to break out in publishing, and (imo) Twilight is an object lesson in how NOT to write a vampire novel.

    • Sissie – I know what you mean. I think the overall idea of the series is original but the details and characters are sorely lacking. To make up for the one-dimensional characters and poor script Meyer went into overdescriptive mode. Four adjectives in a row? Thank you, but no! I am also trying to break into the publishing world and for seven plus years I’ve been slaving away at a vampire novel. Now because of this crap I don’t even want to think of it; people would just say I’m trying to make a buck off of Meyer’s franchise.
      It’s astounding to me that this series has become so popular.
      I will be the first to admit that I picked up Twilight when it was first released – I once owned a first edition (sold it). But that was before I grew up and realized I shouldn’t pout and preen and sit on my butt all day long waiting for some emo prince to fall desperately for me. All I’d get out of that is a bigger butt.
      People can argue all they want that heroines throughout time were all head over heels for some guy. I say to them, try out Pride and Prejudice. Read a little Dorothy Parker. Want a love story that truly transcends time? Put down The Notebook and pick up Atonement.

  17. Yeah- just based on this trash, I entirely replaced vampires in 2 of my stories.
    It's good to see a fellow intelligent writer around here. ^_^

    • Wall of text much? See what I mean people? It DOES matter what today’s youth is reading, if they end up typing like this.

  18. answer to the topic is……poo poo in the shoe that makes it feel like goo

  19. I”m a fan of the series,but once breaking dawn is done, that should be it. No spin off's, crap like that. Whatever the author decides to write about or add afterwards should be kept in print, because they cant seem to get it together just to make these damn movies. New moon is rushed, and it shows. again, Im a HUGE fan of this series but I think they can step up the potential of this series on film. but when it's done, it's done, time to move on.

    • Meyer is very involved in the filming process. She has rights to final word on almost everything. This includes casting, CGI imagery, script and choice of directors. So yes, it is at least in part her fault.

  20. whats wrong with sociopaths??? Name ppl in your life who aren't manipulative, or who can be obsessive about some things???ANd one time or another,who isnt shallow??? give me a freakin break, almost all vampires in stories are manipulative, cruel in some way or another, obsessive, and can be shallow. And Bella has self esteem issues, every girl has had them in one form or another. so should i call every girl i know and tell them to go see a psychologist???let me know so you can pay the bill.

    • What’s wrong with sociopaths? Are you even thinking before you type?

      SOCIOPATH–noun Psychiatry .
      a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

      Does that give you a clearer sense of what’s wrong with sociopaths? Do you need an example? I’ll give you two: Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer.

    • Um. wow.

  21. what crappy descriptions? to the vampires in general or the story?

  22. I for one don't care to be manipulative because I generally don't care about people. Chaos, 1. Sowhat, 0.

    I'm not particularly shallow. I give people a chance based on their personality. 2-0.

    Vampires can be cruel and manipulative, but those other books generally don't cast such a blatant asshole as the love interest. In fact, usually the vampire is the villain or, if he is somehow the hero, he has redeeming qualities. I see none in Edward. Sorry, but Edward's just a prick. 3-0.

    Yes. Girls have self-esteem issues, but that's why they look for a role-model that pushes past these problems to achieve. Like Oprah. Or Meyer herself, who, as much as I dislike her books, is fantastically wealthy and quite well off. Bella's just a whiny little twit that really doesn't do anything to help herself. I'll give us both a point, quite simply because girls have self-esteem issues and because I made a valid point there. 4-1.

    And no. Don't send all your friends to go see a shrink. Tell them to go on a date and to let go of then obsession with a fictional character. 5-1.

    And as for you- know what you're talking about before you step in to the ring.

  23. I'll agree with you to a point- that point is that if it gets kids reading, then let them read. But on the other hand, my issue with the series is that it's poorly written. they're not the worst books I've ever seen- trust me, that title is saved for a whole other breed of garbage. But they aren't good, believe me.

    And for the record, I have written my own book, which I plan to expand on in a trilogy. I'm currently in the process of finding a publisher.

  24. The whole story. My girlfriend forced me to at least look at it. I'm no longer saying these books are the worst ever written- again, that title is saved for a far more pathetic book. But these books are definitely not on my list for “must read”.

  25. If it gets the kids reading, let them read it…NO. WRONG. The content DOES matter! It isn’t just that children are reading, it’s WHAT they are reading! Just because your child has his or her nose buried in a book does not mean you’re doing a good job raising your children. If you were REALLY doing your job, you’d make sure the books were appropriate for them. Harry Potter is one thing. Hermione Granger at least has intelligence, wit and strength. Bella Swan has none of these, and if so these things are never displayed in the novels. She is a constant victim. To be honest she reminds me of my mother in law. And that is NOT a good thing, considering my mother in law is literally certifiable.

  26. well ashley i dont like to read but i started with younger books and tried twight and it was good now im reading the cronciles of vladimer tod and it is not by stephenie meyer itss by heather bwyer and im on the second book. i think that at my age i should of read 1000 books and i have only read maybe 20 and im 14 yrs old…!!! bye

  27. well what do u think i think that jacob is soooo hot with his shirt off and someone told me he did drugs at a party and got the cops called on him??? well dont know byee

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