Twilight Eclipse Destroys Midnight Box Office Record

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eclipse logo Twilight Eclipse Destroys Midnight Box Office Record

Twilight: Eclipse bested its predecessor The Twilight Saga: New Moon to break the all-time record for biggest midnight box office reception in history. According to Variety, Eclipse earned a stunning $30 million from its midnight showings, which took place on 4,000 screens nationwide. By comparison, New Moon opened to $26.3 million during its midnight showing.

By now, it should be no surprise that Twilight can bring in the big bucks. Still, $30 million in one night is an impressive haul.

Besides its mega numbers on regular screens, Eclipse also set a midnight box office record for IMAX, earning over $1 million across 192 IMAX showings. There’s no reason to expect that the Twilight train will run out of steam anytime soon, either.

According to ScreenRant’s own Vic Holtreman, Eclipse is the best film in the series so far (though it didn’t have a lot to live up to). A quick look at RottenTomatoes reveals that Eclipse is holding steady at a 50% fresh rating, which is a vast improvement over New Moon‘s 27% rating. If the improved reviews hold, there is a chance that Eclipse could attract a fresh audience of moviegoers in addition to the Twilight faithful that are already planning to see the film.

Eclipse still has a long way to go before it surpasses New Moon‘s $142.8 million opening weekend take, and there are a number of factors working against it, including competition from another big release, The Last Airbender. If the Eclipse find the right audience, however, it could give Spider-Man 2 a run for its money as the biggest 4th of July opening ever. Spider-Man 2 made $180 million over six days, which, adjusted for today’s ticket prices is $230 million (thanks to Box Office Mojo for that data.)

Bella and Edward Twilight Twilight Eclipse Destroys Midnight Box Office Record

For as much snark and attitude as the Twilight films receive from critics, Eclipse‘s record-breaking midnight opening is further confirmation that the franchise is not something that can be laughed off. Who knows? Maybe by the time the two-part Breaking Dawn comes out, even the most adamant Twilight haters among us will have fallen for Edward’s doughy, bushy, eyes. Then again, maybe not.

What do you think of Twilight: Eclipse‘s massive midnight numbers?

Source: Variety and Box Office Mojo

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  1. $30 million?? Where do they find these people? I haven’t met ONE person who thinks these movies are good, including some teenagers. I myself read the first three books hoping to see something but there was never a payoff and the writing is horrific. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

    • Honestly Alex, everyone has a right to their own oppinion. But, where do they find these people you ask? We are everyday people: living, working and sharing the same complex workspace around you. We are great in numbers. Obviously, just look at the $$$ it has brought in from books to now movies. We are those intriguing people who is mystified in this love tri-angle-love-hate relationship battle that deeply goes further into your soul than any other love story ever written. It probes you to look inside yourself, at your dreams, your hearts desires and questions everything you believe in whether fiction or not. I believe the Twilight Saga speaks for itself. Maybe the direction of the first two movies were unclear at first, being that Summit didn’t know what effect the movies would have on the World, but this third installment: Eclipse, has the best direction and flow with it’s newest director. I’m estatic that he’s signed on to finish the final two installments. To bad time couldn’t be reversed to re-do the first two movies with him, but that’d be like having Star Wars remade to accomodate the newest computer technology and leaving what has made Star Wars IV a cult classic just as it is. Twilight IS the next cult classic under-development. Time will tell.

      • Aw, come on…you’re joking, right?

        We’re all entitled to our beliefs and opinions, but…seriously?

        • Voulturi, your post is laughable. “We are those intriguing people who is mystified in this love tri-angle-love-hate relationship battle that deeply goes further into your soul than any other love story ever written. It probes you to look inside yourself, at your dreams, your hearts desires and questions everything you believe in whether fiction or not” This is why Twilight is mocked, obsessed fans like you take it way too seriously. Ohh and hate to break it to you, but the director of Eclipse is not “signed on to finish the final two installments”, that would be Bill Condon, who wrote “Chicago” directed “Dreamgirls”, and won an Oscar for “Gods & Monsters”.
          And are you serious? Where did you hear that Star Wars Episode IV is a cult classic? It was recognized as a masterpiece when it was released, unlike the Twilight series, and its so good that it doesn’t need the latest technology to be great.

          • “goes further into your soul than any other love story ever written.”

            Unbelievable. I don’t even want to retort to the absurdity that was that post. Actually you did answer my question, Volturi. Your name alone answers a lot of questions.

            • I consider myself a normal person.. I’m 30 years old, married, have a doctorate and a full time job, and am currently pregnant with my first child. Yet I’ll happily admit that I’m a fan of the Twilight series and have loved the books, as well as the movies. While I’m not part of the midnight numbers, I did go to see it tonight. I think it’s funny that most of the people that complain about Twilight have never read the books or seen the movies… I don’t see anything wrong with being a fan of this series and wanting to see it at midnight. Heck, maybe I would have gone if I didn’t have to work this morning! You can comment that you’ve never met a person that enjoyed these movies (and perhaps that’s true, although I find it funny that a person that seems to hate the series so much would bother talking about it with other people…), but I could probably match you number to number with people that HAVE enjoyed them (and none of them are the obsessed fans that cover their walls with pictures of Rob P or Taylor L, etc).

              Oh – and coming from a person that married their best friend – if I had to pick, I’d go with Team Jacob! ;)

              • @Heather

                “I find it funny that a person that seems to hate the series so much would bother talking about it with other people”

                When did I say that I hated the series? And, to repeat myself, I DID read the first three books and I DID watch the first two movies trying to give this series a shot but the writing is just bad; completely one-dimensional and without any substance. It’s not my opinion, by the way, the books really are bad. I had to stop at the third because I’ve never been so bored by a compilation of books in my life; and I read a lot.
                I do, however, understand why teeny boppers run to the theaters. They don’t care about acting as long as the people doing it are shirtless.
                I’ll give you Kristen Stewart’s performance though. She’s okay.

                PS – Congrats on the pregnancy.

                • By the way, Heather, I did enjoy how you started your post with “I consider myself a normal person”. No doubt after reading Volturi’s senseless and blind post. See, those are the types of Twilight fans that I don’t get. That’s a great example given in response to my first post. :)

                  • haha! I thought I had to put a disclaimer on myself, so people wouldn’t think I was going to be talking about souls and whatnot.. I don’t consider myself a crazy Twi-Hard.. I just like them. Don’t ask me why? :)

                    I know that you mentioned reading the books, etc. I totally get that this series isn’t for everyone.. my comment was more an observation from my own life. A lot of people I know really do enjoy it, as well, but when I mentioned at work yesterday that I was going to go watch Eclipse (with another 35 year old mom of 2 who likes the series!), I got crap from a couple of the people, who later admitted that they had never read the books or seen the movies. They just hated all the buzz about the movie (ie. Burger King, commercials, all the talk shows, etc). I totally get that (it is a little outrageous!), but if you’ve seen the movies and read them and still have a problem, I’m fine with that.. it’s not for everyone! Just don’t bash me for enjoying it, when you just hate all the publicity, you know?

                    BTW, thank you! :)

                • I’ve read all the books, seen both movies. I agree the books are not the greatest and actually the second book was perhaps the worst book I’ve ever read. I do appreciate it’s success but I have also read every Harry Potter and seen every Harry Potter movie. Twilight has never matched up to Harry Potter. If any movie series could match up to Star Wars it would be Harry Potter, not Twilight. Most of the Twilight fans are Harry Potter fans, the opposite can not be said.

            • “goes further into your soul….etc”

              I am awestruck. Someone of that age thinking a Twilight book goes further into your soul than any other story ever written? Seriously? Get out more or read more. Thats all I have to say. The only depth is she doesnt know whether to date a vampire 100 years older than her and become one herself or go for a warewolf and have a (semi) normal life.

            • LMFAO!! SEE!!! Just read what this volturi guy wrote?!? lmao. The fact that he ACTUALLY believes what he typed is proof that the world is screwed up and circling the drain. I mean im BAFFLED by this?!? He REALLY believes what he said? lol. I mean just look at the numbers…There are literally MILLIONS of people like him, who for some sick and twisted reason not only believe that the films are more than insipid dribble, but they ACTUALLY believe things like “It probes you to look inside yourself, at your dreams, your hearts desires and questions everything you believe in whether fiction or not.” LMFAO!!! These clinically insane masses have been given a reason to congregate!!! What is there to stop them all from raiding a Hot Topix, bedazzling their skin with sparkling glittery confetti, and then organizing a deadly game of lightning baseball on the Whitehouse lawn just to show the rest of us who’s boss?!?!?!?

              Twilight equals apocalypse. Mark my words.

          • Enquiring minds would like to know….What are you obsessed about?

    • wow, i dont even know where to start! I dont know anyone who DOESNT like the twilight saga. people of all ages, and races! honestly, when i first heard of it, i thought ok, another crazy fad. then when my friend finally talked me into watching the first movie, i was hooked. i had previously told her, no…i dont even like vampires. but now as a bonefide “twi-hard”, i realize there is so much more to the stories than vampires. its a story of first love, and all that goes with that. the vampire and wolf stuff just make it that much more exciting, to me anyway. i drive my husband crazy with it sometimes, but we went to the movie tonight, and even he loved it! he even wants to read the books now! maybe it isnt a “literary classic”, but its an awesome story as far as im concerned. also, i dont see how you think the writing is horrific, i thought it was pretty dang good. again, no shakespeare, but pretty good!

      • Well, there’s a difference between you thinking it’s good and you liking it. I’m sure it’s the latter. A lot of people love it, and that’s great, but the writing is not good. Yes, definitely not a “literary classic”. ;)

        • How are you sure it’s the latter? Who died and made your opinion, that the writing is not good, the only one that counts? If someone else, (and I would say the exorbitant amount of money spent on the books, movies, t-shirts, cups, keychains, etc.) says that your opinion is not the one that matters or decides if a book is good. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy or read it. But leave the people who enjoy life alone. Do NOT tell us that we are wrong, when we say the book is good. You are not the judge of books! You must like it, or why would you be writing and reading about it at 4:30 in the morning!

          • Haha, whoa whoa, relax there, Jena. I’m not telling you to do anything. And yes, when I like something I wait in front of my computer until it’s late enough to reply something. :D And I live all the way in LA so it’s not that late over here, sugarpie. Hey, if I bump into one of the actors I’ll say Jena Anaya says hi. Whattaya think?
            *sigh* You blind Twilight fans.

    • It would of been way more then $30 million, in Perris CA they sold out. The local theater here has 10 screens, it was only showing on 3 screens they were turning away people left and right, that wanted to see the Twilight Eclipse Movie but couldn’t. The theater had to posted on the ticket window all Eclipse showing sold out for 06/30/10, 07/01/10, 07/02/10, 07/03/10 and 07/04/10. I was one of the midnight numbers. I was one of them lucky people that got to see all 3 movies in one sitting. The first movie started at 7:00 pm and the last movie end at 2:35 am. We all had fun, didn’t have to stand in the long line and had the best seats in the place. I am 52 years old and admit that I’m a fan of the Twilight Saga Series. I have read all the books more then once and seen Twilight and New Moon more then once and plan on seeing the Eclipse movie again with my daughter next week. I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 movies to be released.

    • You obviously don’t get out much…..These people are everywhere

  2. As shocking as a $30M take in one night is, I’m more shocked that Spider-Man 2′s adjusted take is increased by $50M. That’s only SIX(!) years ago. Talk about inflation at the ticket booth.

  3. ……(sigh) What a sad day. I knew with an early release (Tues. Midnight) these numbers were to be skewed for the Sparkle fans.

  4. oh god plzzzzzzzzz good people dont do this to last air bender

    • It looks like M. Night Shaggydog is the one who has done it…AGAIN! The Last Airbender is sitting at %6 on rottentomatoes. I still plan on seeing it with my 2 boys but because of the low ratings, I may skip the 3D.

  5. I was there in the Mid-night Release..I was so exiceted to be there.. I got there around 7am and the my time for the movie was at 12:30pm!!! I t was the BEST MOVIE EVER…. BEST Twilight movie.YET!!!

    • My bad it wasn’t 12:30pm..It was (12:30AM)!!!

  6. Yeahhhhh Twilight!!! I loved it!!! For those that are fans gooooooo and see it this week end is great and for those that do not like Twilight movies is simple don’t go but keep your funny comments… WE DO NOT NEED THEM>>>>> THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  7. yeah but the deathly hallows trialer is trending on twitter and eclipse is not so there

    • thats because the deathly hallows trailer has just been released, and the eclipse trailers have been out for a while !

  8. I’m not surprised twilight always opens huge but collapses the very next week. The fans rush to see it opening day and then the steep decline begins. I wonder how many of those numbers are unhappy boyfriends and husbands forced to watch this.

  9. I am a fan of the Twilight films; although I agree that the books are not well-written, Meyer is a good enough storyteller to have lucked into the film option… and the first director, Catherine, not only created a visually beautiful film but even more importantly she cast the two lovers about as perfectly as could have been done…in my opinion Robert and Kirsten are the main reason for the outrageous success of the films. They are both extraordinarily beautiful, and the romance power of their visual beauty together hits a primal chord, I think. I have a Masters in Medieval Studies and rarely read contemporary fiction, other than an occasional New Yorker fiction piece, but for me these movies (the 1st and 3rd, anyway) were fun, entertaining and as I said earlier, visually lovely. So what if they were not high art – or even approved of by the critics … at some point one should be able to enjoy a song, a story, a movie, etc. while setting aside our ‘adult critic’ . I believe that the popularity of these movies shows a longing for romance that bridges generations, no more, no less. If you don’t like them, that’s fine…don’t watch them! I’ve never understood some people’s need to express their negative judgments. Who cares? Why do you think anyone cares what you think? It’s much healthier to go toward what moves you, than away from what doesn’t.

  10. Oh, BTW, just for the sake of casting a vote, Team Edward here.

  11. The end is coming! The end is coming!! LOL.

    To each their own, but the Twilight series is total crap. My idea of hell would be to be stuck on a plane for eternity watching this garbage.


  13. Awe, come on guys! They found a nich and are cashing in on it. Wouldn’t you!!!!

  14. I’d rather watch a Seth Rogen film sitting next to Mike Myers while Sam Jackson swears at the screen and Jaden Smith throws popcorn at me…


    • Now that would be hell! ;-)

  15. Yeah, I went to see Eclpise with my wife last night at midnight. The local theater here has 16 screens, and every single one of them were sold out. I have never seen so many people so excited to see one movie in my life. I have been to see a few midnight releases. Transformers 2, and Iron Man 2 just name a couple. And not even close to the amount of people went to see those. And honestly it wasn’t all teenage girls (although I would say atleast 65% of them were). There were people dressing up as vampires, others dressing up in other costumes. It was pretty crazy. It honestly reminded me of something you would see on tv. Like a weirdo convention. LOL! Seriously though, I like the franchise and all 3 movies so far, but come on people. This kind of stuff is just overboard. I understand being fans, and maybe wearing a Twilight t-shirt or something, but painting your faces and wearing costumes. It’s too much. And the sad part about it was, it wasn’t even the kids that were dressing up. I know movies are supposed to be away for our minds to get an escape from reality, but come on now people, be mature. Honestly, with how many people I seen there last night made me think. If this movies would have been 3D I think I may beat out Avatar. But Avatar will probably always be the winner, because they charge like an extra 2-4 dollars a tickets for it being 3D… Anyway, people seriously watch the movies before you leave such a bad opinion about it. The Twilight saga is actually pretty good if you give it a chance. I hated it at first, but my wife made me watch untill it grew on me, and it actually did. They are pretty good.

    • dude so sad, let me guess she also make watch sex and the city and play with barbies on your days off right!! yeap I’m sure of that

      • You want a good series? Read Harry Potter. That is, of course, if you’re given permission to. :O

        • Do you guys have wives or girlfriends? How old are ya’ll? Giving a guy grief because he listened, and then tried something, the women of his life liked? He’ll live a lot longer than ya’ll because he won’t be alone. Grow up! Ragging on a guy, that was middle school. Welcome to adult life! You comprise with your spouse/mate. There are some women who watch sports to please their spouse, are they butch because they like something their husbands liked? Please! GROW UP!!! You guys are just JEALOUS!

  16. Get a life people “the best love story ever written” wow!! and then we wonder why our country is in this depression, the sad part of it is; this generation is what one day will run the country, God saves us all

  17. @Poundz, reading your comment was the equivalent of reading a paragraph from a Stephen King novel…
    Scary stuff!
    Thanks for that!!!

  18. @Aagm
    Well said my man, well said!!!!
    Don’t be such a stranger around here! 8-)

    • they’re so easy dude!!!!

  19. I think they made more money because they jacked up the prices for movie tickets. It went up over $2 here where i live.
    So duh they’re going to make more

    • I’m in San Antonio, TX

      $7.50 for my ticket and my daughter’s was less. Total was less than $15.00. The refreshments were another story… All said, this is the same price I paid for a movie 6 months ago.

  20. What to say? I’m 43, happily married, mother of 4. Do NOT find the young boys attractive, (they are okay, but do nothing for me) do however think Marc Harmon is the hottest, sexiest man alive, my point being that I’m not attracted to young guys, my husband of 18 years is 61. I have only ever responded to one of these things one time, when “New Moon” was released, very rarely even read these, what are they called, blogs?
    Rarely, do I go to “chick flicks”, occasionally watch one on DVD. The movies I go to the theater are action, suspense, (some this year: 2012 & Transformers 2, in the last couple of months) I watch NFL (Saints) and NBA (Spurs). I read 4-10 books per month (murder, suspense, Koontz, John Sandford, James Patterson etc). I have never liked vampire movies or books. I bought Twilight, the book and the DVD for my 12 year old. Was doing dishes while the movie played, had no desire to watch it, but as with any movie my kids watch, I heard bits and pieces. After the movie was over, I watched it from the beginning, then I borrowed the book from my child. Within a week I went to the bookstore and bought the 2nd and within the month bought 3 & 4. Rarely do I buy hardback, I usually buy paperback and lots of used, but this I bought new and in hardback.
    Each Twilight books is better than the last. And at the beginning of this month, I reread “Eclipse”, and then I reread “Breaking Dawn” and after seeing the movie today at 9:30am with my 11 yr old, and will see again on Friday with my 22 yr old, I may read “Eclipse” again.
    This is a good story, one that I never would have bought if not for my kids. Maybe I like it because bad is trying to be good. Books and movies are for entertainment, so please stop labeling me for enjoying something. I stood in line with my kids to see Transformers 2, because of the special effects. That movie is so… much more realistic… I hate Sex and The City, I tried watching once for about 15 minutes. The only “chick flick” that I have seen in the last year is “The Proposal” on DVD, and only because I like Sandra Bullock.
    By the way, I saw “New Moon” on opening day Friday with my 22 year old daughter and on Sunday with my 11 and 13 yr old. Both times there were women and girls of all ages and lots of men, (some in their 60″s+) Are the men judging us so insecure in their life and relationships to be so jealous of a movie? My husband does not judge people for enjoying movies, but then again, he is happy and secure with his life and marriage. Grow up and quite judging people.
    To Alex, who wrote that the “writing is horrific”, I have been reading a book by Jeffery Deaver, “The Vanished Man”, that also wrote “The Bone Collector”, for almost a week! I read a James Patterson, or Iris Johansen, or Dean Koontz, or John Sandford book in less than a day!! Point being that everyone has different opinions of how an author writes! I reread “Eclipse and Breaking Dawn” from Friday night till Sunday morning! When I read so many books, it is easy to go back and read something that I read and enjoyed, and not be bored.
    To the husband, “Poundz”, you sound alot like my husband, sure and confident about yourself, so you can enjoy a movie without being turned off by the young “cute guys”. I do wear the t-shirts, but I agree that costumes are extreme. Maybe they do it because we get so much grief from young guys (who I think are jealous and insecure, like they were when ELVIS was popular!). Honestly, one of the t-shirts I have says: “Twilight, It’s not just for teenagers dammit” The only negative comments I get when I wear it are ALL from young guys, including an employee at a movie theatre.
    Oh and Alex, you must not know many people, because I could list at least 10 people who go see the movies and own the DVDs. Probably more if I asked. We own a bar, so I see people of all ages, 21- 80?! And you must have some interest, or why would you be reading and writing in the blogs about it. Maybe you are a secret “Twihard” fan.

  21. Here is one of the best things I have read so far about Twilight!
    The truth is that most true fans don’t care about the actors. They care about Bella and Edward and ****** (sorry, spoiler for those who haven’t read Breaking Dawn) and about their world, because that’s what faithful readers do. Books with emotion in them spread the emotion to their readers, and the readers feel happy or sad or whatever they’re supposed to feel when they read it. And heck to the actors, for all I care, though I may say that they’re doing not such a bad job of recreating one of the best ideas in history.
    by belladawn

    1. “I want to be different! I don’t want to like everything that other peopl like!” Yeah, well, real fans feel the same. Once upon a time, Twilight wasn’t a movie and wasn’t a fad and wasn’t a thing to put on T-shirts even if you didn’t have any clue what it was. Once upon a time, it was a good series of books that was well-liked by those that read them. But tell me, before the movie came out, did those of you that are Twilight Scrooges even know who Jacob Black was, or Stephenie Meyer? By the time Breaking Dawn came out, there was more and more excitement over it, and soon the previews – oh, horror – came out on several DVDs. Fans got hyped and soon more fans became fans, and it ended up that the whole world had suddenly found out about Twilight and its “actors”. The truth is that most true fans don’t care about the actors. They care about Bella and Edward and ****** (sorry, spoiler for those who haven’t read Breaking Dawn) and about their world, because that’s what faithful readers do. Books with emotion in them spread the emotion to their readers, and the readers feel happy or sad or whatever they’re supposed to feel when they read it. And heck to the actors, for all I care, though I may say that they’re doing not such a bad job of recreating one of the best ideas in history

  22. Thank you Jena for you comments, you summed it up the best way possible. And doing so without sounding like a crazy Twi-hard fan. I myself love all books from classic litature (which Stephanie Myers gives nodds to Romeo and Juliet and Jane Austin novels) to current contemporay novels. For something to be a classic and have a cult following, does not mean it has to meet the superior standards of boring over educationed fools who bestoy their ideals to the rest of us. To each their own, if you hate the Twilight saga than ignore it. In our tough time through economic hardships and lay offs if a $20 book or dvd bring happiness to us, than let us have that. I’m not going to go on a blog for a James Bond or even a Avatar blog and say how horrible or stupid I think it is. Alex you do need to just go to skip over these articles and keep coming back to follow up on you comments. I have always enjoyed vampire stories, Anne Rice being one of my favorites. Even though Twilight is much lighter, it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. I know people who do not read books and have breezed through this series within a week. I find myself alwasy going back to these books to re-read and fall into a world that takes me away for hours upon hours a night……..and no thats not a bad thing.

    • Well said, Tressa. I will skip this section entirely. You crazed fans are too much, too defensive. Thanks for the tip.

  23. How can ANY person say that Twlight books and movies are great? They are UNHEALTHY people! Edward is a stalker. He stalked Bella in the first book. Bella is suicidal in the second. Jacob is possessive in the third. The fourth one is just pure butt-numbing long. So, for the people who have been in abusive relationships, I appericate that fact that these movies glorify it!

  24. Its interesting to me that people quote other series and so quickly forget all the hoopla that surrounded them when they came out and yet can’t just let Twilight be. It was a good movie with minimal violence and no sex. How many blockbusters have you seen that fit those descriptors? I am proud of the franchise for making it good without bending to Hollywood’s version of what sells. It was designed for a much younger demographic than the one it has ultimately reached. The books are solid and the movies, while I personally felt they left something to be desired after reading the books, were well adapted. I, like several other people, would not have read this save the fact that my child was interested in it and I felt the need to screen it before she had free license to explore it. When Harry Potter came out there was a huge backlash against it because of the wizarding and black magic undertones. It went on to be one of the best loved series and movie franchises in its demographic. If you don’t like it, why do you bother coming back again and again to bash it? Just move on. You are obviously a minority here as far as I can tell.

  25. I just love how all the people that post on these threads only post here when the new Twilight films come out to defend their precious garbage. The other 2 weeks in between films they are nowhere to be found. Yep, they really are fans of movies and this site.

    • Easy, there, Andy S.

  26. Imagine if all the people gave $2.00 to charity while going in to see this movie. I’m just saying is all, its amazing how people get caught up in hype.

  27. WTF greatest love story ever told? Umm Romeo & Juliet mean any thing to you? How about Casablanca ? Hell even The Proposal was a better love story lol.

  28. Wow – It amazes me that people come on here to complain about other’s obession with a movie/movies. Seems they have a little obession of their own!!! If you don’t like Twilight don’t read the articles. NEWSFLASH – You’re not being forced to read and/or watch any of it.

  29. You tell em Jena lol. Yea relationships are about doing things together and compromise I may let her drag me to the twilight franchise even though it’s a good justification for suicide, but in return I convinced her to give comics a try. I got her started on my Batman collection started her with year one, killing joke and other early comics and she liked it so much she’s still reading. Even started reading Justice League as well. She’s gone from early 80s all the way to no mans land in 96. She watches my Batman and Justice league animated DvDs as well.

    • Whoa, you’ve got a good woman there, Daniel. You hold on to that one.