Twilight Eclipse Destroys Midnight Box Office Record

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eclipse logo Twilight Eclipse Destroys Midnight Box Office Record

Twilight: Eclipse bested its predecessor The Twilight Saga: New Moon to break the all-time record for biggest midnight box office reception in history. According to Variety, Eclipse earned a stunning $30 million from its midnight showings, which took place on 4,000 screens nationwide. By comparison, New Moon opened to $26.3 million during its midnight showing.

By now, it should be no surprise that Twilight can bring in the big bucks. Still, $30 million in one night is an impressive haul.

Besides its mega numbers on regular screens, Eclipse also set a midnight box office record for IMAX, earning over $1 million across 192 IMAX showings. There’s no reason to expect that the Twilight train will run out of steam anytime soon, either.

According to ScreenRant’s own Vic Holtreman, Eclipse is the best film in the series so far (though it didn’t have a lot to live up to). A quick look at RottenTomatoes reveals that Eclipse is holding steady at a 50% fresh rating, which is a vast improvement over New Moon‘s 27% rating. If the improved reviews hold, there is a chance that Eclipse could attract a fresh audience of moviegoers in addition to the Twilight faithful that are already planning to see the film.

Eclipse still has a long way to go before it surpasses New Moon‘s $142.8 million opening weekend take, and there are a number of factors working against it, including competition from another big release, The Last Airbender. If the Eclipse find the right audience, however, it could give Spider-Man 2 a run for its money as the biggest 4th of July opening ever. Spider-Man 2 made $180 million over six days, which, adjusted for today’s ticket prices is $230 million (thanks to Box Office Mojo for that data.)

Bella and Edward Twilight Twilight Eclipse Destroys Midnight Box Office Record

For as much snark and attitude as the Twilight films receive from critics, Eclipse‘s record-breaking midnight opening is further confirmation that the franchise is not something that can be laughed off. Who knows? Maybe by the time the two-part Breaking Dawn comes out, even the most adamant Twilight haters among us will have fallen for Edward’s doughy, bushy, eyes. Then again, maybe not.

What do you think of Twilight: Eclipse‘s massive midnight numbers?

Source: Variety and Box Office Mojo

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  1. I’m sorry to all the twilight fans I really am but these films really are horrible. The writing and acting both are awful. What really sucks is that I was so hyped for the first film I had never even heard of the books but I’m kind of a fan of Vampires they tend to suck in movies though. I started hearing hype and saw a teaser trailer and thought it might be decent. After watching it I walked out thinking not only was it bad but it was among the worst films I had ever seen. Not only is the writing simply bad and not only are The actors some of the worst in the history of film but as a vampire mytho fan these films are down right offenseive with their blatent rape of mythology.

    I’ve said before some films are just bad but we all have one or two awful films that for some reason we like and that’s ok. This is among those though any one older than 13 that’s watches this helps kill American film a little more every day.


    • no they dont

    • ok i disagree twilight is a crappy book and the movie was horrible a 100 year old vampire that started stalking a she male and saying I LOVE YOU NO I DONT I LOVE YOU NO I DONT etc etc oh and fyi the guy who played edward he is a homosexual not kidding he is a homo

      • …and you’d know this becaaaause???

        • TWILIGHT RULES*1000


  2. we won a family four pack and my kids are fans(14&18)of the series so I went to see it with the family and ended up being pleasantly surprised it is a decent movie as much as i didn’t wont to go I’m glad I did. the movie was good the company was great all in all I had a blast with the family!!!!!

  3. That’s funny amber because it amazes me how some of you are so obsessed despite never posting on this site before as soon as twilight comes out you visit every blog that even mentions the word to annoy every one who reads that site. It’s been stated before most of us are loyal fans of this site we like to read what Vic or his writers say about things. We also like to disscuss films because this is a site for people who are passionate about films.

    Also in my case I’m bored stuck at work with nothing to do so I just comment on here alot and I was also dragged to this by my GF and wanted to comment on the film.

  4. Jennifer your dreaming for a controlling ass who is older than you?

    I assure you our dislike has nothing to do with your Edward love it’s about the terrible plot and god awful acting.

  5. I notice some people are saying they are part of teams (team Jacob, etc…); I think I am a part of team Blade. :-)

    Even though Twilight looks really boring to me, the trailer for this new film doesn’t look bad. I may check it out.

    And no Daniel and 790, you cannot cut up my mancard! 8-)

  6. Kahles that reminds me of scrubs lol

    If you havnt seen the episode Dr cox gives JD a bunch of flash cards that say man card on them and he keeps taking them away.

  7. Lol I like Batman I don’t dream of Batman just like I enjoy Bacon but I don’t dream about it….. Ok maybe I dream about Bacon a little bit

    • what does have to do with twilight

  8. Jen I’m obsessed with good film. It’s my biggest obsession. That’s why I despise twilight so much because it’s trying so hard to destroy good story telling and acting. It’s a slap in the face to hard working actors every where that the talent less people acting in these films actually get work it’s sad when the supporting cast is far more talented than the stars.

  9. No twilight is a bad film in every sense of the term. Whether you like it or not Is opinion yes but it being a bad film is fact it was poorly written and has terrible acting. You like a bad film it’s ok I got one or two bad movies I like as well but not no mistake it’s bad. The acting is terrible that’s undenyable the best actor of the main three is Robert and he still sucks. The writing is just horrific it’s like giving a slow child a pen and paper and letting them go crazy.

    Oh and by the way I refuse to accept it as a vampire film since the creatures used in this have nothing to do with vampire myth In any way.

    • Sorry Daniel, don’t get mad just because a million+ other people DISAGREE with you. LOL

      • @ Jennifer,

        A million other people like Brittany Spears. It doesn’t make her a great singer and I won’t be adding her CDs to my collection anytime soon. She’s just a popular performer, a current fad, a teenage idol with a use by date which is how I view the Twilight films – sweet disposable candy floss with no substance.

        The Twilight soap opera may be critically acclaimed for making lots of money because they’re designed to attract a particular fan base. Breaking box office records does equate into a good quality film.

        Some people like them, many others don’t. It’s all just a matter of opinion.

        • “Breaking box office records does NOT equate into a good quality film”.

          Where’s the edit button when you need one? :-)

  10. Ok Jen and don’t get made but a million plus people disagree with you as well. There are in fact more people that don’t like twilight than that do hell half of the loyal book fans hate the movies.

  11. To be honest, i don’t like these movies and the books are horrible.

    The Americans are jealous as always. This time to the British phenomenon, Harry Potter. They just had to make something that will go against it (like ‘look we have a saga too…’).

    Doesn’t matter that the story is poorly written and lame… and not to mention, the acting sucks.

    Yeah, kill me if you want. I am not a huge HP fan, i am just being objective and realistic.

    Twilight is at the bottom whether you talk about the quality of the movies or the books.

    Too bad too many kids doesn’t have what to do, so they go and see it like 10 times. And that’s how you get all those money.

  12. Wow this suddenly became anti America typical.

  13. Big surprise!

  14. wow wtf katie.

    okay so i have to say, i am mostly anti- twilight for many reasons (including edward being a controlling crazy freako, the books sucking, and the first movie being awful)

    HOWEVER i did see eclipse and it wasn’t half bad. it was very good for a twilight movie, and good as far as any movie goes. like a B rating.

    what i want to know is, how the hell did this get turned into an american conspiracy thing almost? yeah we americans are conspiring to take down harry potter >:O i really liked the harry potter books and the movies, you’re on crack woman.

  15. The first two movies suckeddddddddddddddddd assssssssssssssss. This one was a little better. Not the best movie ever made, but yet its gonna be at the top of the list for a long time, cuz people are ridiculously obssesed.

    • Brilliant !!! :)

      • What a terrific post, Barzini. I was continuously smiling throughout that read. :)

        • Looks like you’ve done some serious studying here. Impressive attention to detail.

          • I’m new to this I never comment but enjoy reading peoples thoughts on movies, I Love all type movies from west side story to The Patriot. every night ends with a movie in my house.

            And I read this comment and I couldn’t NOT say something…. LMAO…….
            This was Truly entertaining and want to thank the brain behind it… so thank you….

            Very detailed and unfortunatly true.
            You made my day at work a little lighter…


    • @ Barzini Meeting

      Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • I love Twilight but that was actually quite funny! :-D

  16. Oh, i COMPLETELY forgot how this movie pretty much says that necrophilia, bestiality, and pedophilia are all okay and cool things to be involved with. lmao. Incredible.

  17. What do I think of the midnight records? I think they will be broken the night of November 19th. HARRY POTTER-FTW

    • ok these are not vampires real vampires will try and kill you not stalk you and say LOLOL I LOVE UZ NOZ NOW I DONTZ NOW I DO LOVE UZOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLOOLOOOOOOL and how do you know all of these ranters are male i know some some twilight haters here that are girls and please next time dont say LMAO it makes you look like a 8 year old kid on the internet AND STOP USING EXCESS PERIODS ARG

        • I’ll admit I’m jealous….. of Stephanie Meyers. I wish I could write a story more befitting a six year old and make millions upon millions of dollars. Yes, I’ve read parts of the books, most of the first in fact, before anyone says “read them before you bash them.” Awful. :::hangs head::: Just awful.

        • well, I DO love vampires.
          and especially werewolves.
          I always have.
          but these aren’t vampires, nor werewolves: they’re some twisted woman’s idea of what teenage girls dream about.
          the writing is terrible. that’s not jealousy. that’s someone who enjoys reading a good book… and nothing I’ve come into contact with so far written by Stephenie Meyer is actually “good”.

          Now, people will disagree with you on Twilight, and while some will do so out of petty vindictiveness, most of them will actually be perfectly right. Twilight is full of terrible lessons for teenage girls. It’s psychologically damaging and unhealthy for young girls to be reading this claptrap and thinking that somehow, this is what “love” is about.

          I’ve seen all the films so far, except this one – I will wait for the DVD to see it. I’m not paying good money to hear twihards screaming in ecstasy every time their hero – whichever camp they happen to belong to – appears on screen.

          The actors in this film are dull, their performances are completely lackluster. The effects are poor. Amazing, really, since ANY other film with effects this poorly executed would be the laughingstock of Hollywood.

          And there’s far too much to say about the script’s defects than can possibly be fit into a forum blurb.

          All that to say: get over your infatuation. This film series is a poor excuse for cinema AND for literature.

      • @”ok these are not vampires real vampires will try and kill you not stalk you”

        How do you know what “real” vampires do? Vamps and Werewolves don’t even exist, so those you see in movies like Dracula, Underworld, The Wolfman, etc, aren’t real either. The “sparkling in the sunlight” is lame, but those are vampires, and werewolves. Sorry.

        As for the films….I find them to be OK at best. They aren’t good, but aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. You can “take away my mancard” all you want, but it won’t change how I feel about the films. As for this film, I’ll wait to check it out on DVD.

    • Jealousy? That has nothing to do with one hating on the Twilight series.
      Wether it’s the movies and/or books. If they weren’t so extremely crappy,
      then the so called jealous guys wouldn’t be,jealous. You know? Blame the writing and direction that they have,not the guys.

  18. I love how much denial some of you fans are in some one talks negative about your movies and suddenly you say they love the movies secretly or have some hidden issue.

  19. Having watched the previous movies (on DVD) my view is that they’re popcorn fluff. Nothing spectacular, but they’ll fill a two hour slot that you didn’t have anything better to do (like flossing your teeth).

    If the consensus is that Eclipse is better than the first two then I suppose I’ll see it on DVD again. But I’m not parting with my money to go to the cinema.

  20. @ Barzini Meeting,all the stuff you wrote was great. The list that you