Twilight Cast Signs For ‘Midnight Sun’ Movies

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Twilight Midnight Sun Movie Twilight Cast Signs For Midnight Sun Movies

It’s a bittersweet year for Warner Bros. as this summer will see the end of the Harry Potter franchise. There are simply no more books to make movies out of. Come next fall and Summit Entertainment will be facing a similar issue with their incredibly successful Twilight franchise as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 hits theaters to end the series.

The only difference between the situations these two film franchises are facing is that there actually is another Twilight book, albeit an unfinished one. That’s not stopping Summit from bringing back Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the rest of the cast for more films, based off of Stephanie Meyers’ Midnight Sun.

Summit Entertainment announced today, April 1st, that they’ve finalized negotiations for the principal cast, who will return for a hefty $20 million each for two more Twilight movies. David Slade (Eclipse), who’s recently had his name associated with Twentieth Century Fox’s Daredevil reboot, will return to direct both. Melissa Rosenberg has written all of the series screenplays to date and will return to pen Midnight Sun. Like Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun will be split into two parts and they will be shot together.

For those unfamiliar with the story behind Midnight Sun, it was meant to be a retelling of Twilight with a neat twist of it being from the perspective of Edward Cullen as opposed to Bella Swan. Unfortunately for fans and for Meyer, the 12-chapter draft was leaked online and this demotivated the author from continuing. The 12 chapters were later released to fans for free and Meyer said she would one day return to finish it after not hearing about it for two years. Perhaps that time has come, or perhaps Summit just paid her a chunk of Twilight Eclipse’s record-breaking midnight opening box office haul.

There’s been a lot of talk as to what’s next after Breaking Dawn for the studio, even to the point of potential spin-off rumors that could explore the stories of secondary characters. It only makes sense that they first mine every existing piece of Twilight lore before creating original scripts.

[Click to See The First ‘Midnight Sun’ Poster]

Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) didn’t get much screentime in Twilight but we can expect him to be written in for a lot more for Edward’s version of the story.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hits theaters November 18, 2011 and Part 2 releases November 16, 2012.


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  1. I would like to be a cast member

  2. I don’t think Edward is as good looking as hes made out to be. We are all in love with the Idea of living forever and never growing old or Aging As Bella put it. I myself am in love with the idea of Forever. So much so that Id Beg to be bitten WHO wouldn’t want to live forever. Truly a beautiful romantic notion. I am ready for the next thing that comes along and captivates us the way Twilight did. Would love to See a series about Witches that could leave us SpellBound :)

    • Witches? Wasn’t that done? It was call Charmed. :D

      • While Charmed was a great ‘T.V.’ series about witches, It has been well over 10 years since they have made a ‘MOVIE’ about them that has completely captivated viewers. As for an Awesome book series on the topic I believe would make a marvoelous movie. Check out the series Sweep

        • I love the sweep series. I would love to see that put to film. I just started and read through the House of Night Series and the movies are in the works for this series. I was so into this series I read 10 books in less than 2 months. I am on the 11th but I stopped because the 12th and final book won’t be release until next year.

        • I believe the book series by PC Cast House of Night would be as if not better than The twlight saga, check it out

  3. Im confused is this real??

    • Me Too like what?

  4. I want her to make more movies twight is my life

    • If TWILIGHT was really your life, you’d know how to spell it. SHNAP.

      • im sure you spelt words wrong there is a word for people like you rude and just plan mean, if you dont have anything nice to say please keep it to your self


  5. Thanks my dream came true I finally get to see what happens to Jacob and renesmee’s future!!! I love the twilight series I just doo!!! I thank you Stepehnie Meyers for making this possible!!! Thank you soo much and ill be waiting for the movie Midnight Sun in theatres!! <3

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but I read the 12 chapters and they are Edwards point of view from the first book. So sadly, we won’t see that. For now………

    • It’s not real, if you click on the Midnight Sun Poster, it reads “April Fools” and it has been two years since this has been posted. If it was real, they would have already begun making the movie. It’s sad but it has got to end somewhere.

  6. When is the booj relese date?

  7. Hey! I want to give comments to all the comments! :)

    TAaron Garmon , Don’t we all?

    Melissa, The Edward in the books is extremely and impossibly handsome. It would be impossible to find a perfect actor. Would you REALLY want to live forever? Think of all you would leave behind.

    DEE, There are tons of movies about witches!

    Holly and Claire, No, I do not think Stephanie Meyer is making a book about witches.

    kelsie, We would all love more movies. Twilight rocks!

    lavinka, Don’t be rude. She didn’t mean to!, Midnight sun is just Twilight, but Edward narrates it. It is unfinished, though, so I do not think they will make a movie.

    lavinka, I agree.

    let’s just say…

    Jane, I am not sure…

  8. Is this real

  9. Guys, take a look at when this was “announced” April 1st. April fools day. There are no other movies.

  10. Please release Midnight Sun I’m dying to read it!!!

  11. I read the 12 chapters for midnight sun on Stephanie Meyer’s web page and it is so good so far! It will make an amazing film and i really hope they make it into a film or finish the book at least.

    • For those who did not take the time to print out Midnight Sun when it was origanily leaked it was 13 chapters that were leaked not 12. I have them all in a binder and can’t wait to be able to finish them one day.

  12. Not saying any names but please stop bombing on edward or any of the cast i mean would twilight havve been the same without any of the original cast? honestly i hated “jacob” at the fact he was in love with bella and i thought edward deserved her better but when breaking dawn came out i then realized the movie would have sucked without any of the original cast i love twilight its not really my life but when i heard that Breaking Dawn Prt 2 was the end of it and when i saw it in theaters i cried and when the ending credits came i went home and just thought how bad the future movies would never compare to twilight… im hoping this forum is right that there will be soon a return of stephanie meyers twilight.:) and just think how great it would be to see and listen to edwards thoughts! and his pain towards the thurst for blood and hatred towards jacob if stephanie meyer sees this i want you to know girl if you made another twilight people would love you im not saying they dont now but you would raise the whole “best love story of all time” smashing hit back! i would pay 100$ if you did accounting how many people i would bring to the movies with me:D i know it hurt you to know someone stole your work that wasnt meant to be leaked out and i know its accounting on how you feel when you do your work i mean we all dont want edward dying in the first movie i mean thats just how i imagine you feel but hear me out as every other twilight fan out there “we NEED twilight back girl!” i hope this made a difference:)

    • Actually, if you google the whole Midnight Sun story, you will see that Stephanie Meyers has indeed agreed to publish yet another book titled Midnight Sun. But, the story is not said to be from Edwards point of view since the first 12 chapters had been leaked somehow, it is supposed to be based around Jacob and Renesmee actually hitting it off as she gets older and possibly having a child together (the child part has yet to be definitely confirmed though) So, there will be a continuance of the Twilight Saga and it is said to be released in winter of 2014. I am a Twihard fan, absolutely love the movie, and so does my 12 year old daughter so we are also looking forward to the unveiling of the new book as well as the arrival of the movie.

      • And so you know, I did google it myself to verify if it was true or false. Well, I was estatic when I found out it was true. **TEAN TWILIGHT**

  13. I hope the auther makes a twilight saga midnight sun movie because i am a really big fan of her work (books/movies)

  14. I for sure agree with Skylar! I know this thing is completely fake on here and that when this was written there was definitely no intentions of a midnight sun saga; but I am really hoping that there is still a chance. The books and movies were amazing, and I have thought since I watched breaking dawn part two that there should be more movies, or you could even turn it into a tv show! like not just redoing all the movies/books in Edwards point of view, but even adding on…there’s so much more to tell!

  15. Please publish midnight sun stephenie. I am a huge fan. Before I read twilight I had no idea books could be that addictive and good and there are so many other stuff to write about like what will happen to Renesmee, Jacob and the Volturi plus all the other books from Edwards piont of view. PLEASE PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN AND OTHER GREAT BOOKS!!!

    • P.S. The Rachel who wrote the comment I am replying to and the one above it is not the same person

  16. I think there should at least be one more Twilight movie that shows Renesme growing up and how the relationship between her and Jacob grows. It also should still have everyone else in it to show how they feel. I really don’t want to see an end to this franchise even though I know it will.

  17. I cant wait till this movie comes out!!!!!!! :)

  18. Soo excited for the movie

  19. Please tell me this is true

  20. I would see every single spinoff of twilight as would every other twilight fan! I think the leaking to the midnight sun is not going to hurt the boxoffice, reading it is nothing compared to watching it come alive! there is a rave about are they making another one when how many. as long as there produced there gonna not only gonna be watched over on end but the theaters are going to be sold out as always. this 12 chapter midnight sun being leaked is no different from the first people that see the other movies and raving about what there like online.

  21. I loved Twilight I love the books, but I just can’t see how this can be made into another movie without seriously overdoing. Because the actors for the cast are getting a little old to be playing teens in high school and the story has already been told. I don’t see the point in making another movie while we already know the story and what happens.
    Midnight Sun would be a great read for a book, but NOT for a movie. As I said the actors are getting a little older and the story has already been told. I love Twilight I’m a Twilight fan, but this is overdoing it.

  22. I would love to see another Twilight I love them very much…………….

  23. I do believe that they should be another one. If not a lot of fans will be very upset! Me for one because I love them all!

  24. Well I think there should be another Twilight movie with the daughter when she grows up and what her life is with Jacob what happens to them and what is their story. I still want all the characters in it

  25. I was just like to say to stephanie myer I am a huge fan and what like to see what happens next. Alice and Auro (sorry spelling is bad) left a lot unfinished between jacob and resmee and Auro and his plan of creating his army of guards. I mean he looked at both Alice and Bella I mean what does that mean. Are they going to be hunted forever with the volteri. Or what lol and then the relationship between and jacob and resmee something is going on there. Lol just feels like the story isn’t finished somehow maybe its the writer in me lol. Thanks for the wonderful stories. :)

  26. If you have google play store on ur smartfone… Type in twilight saga book n you will find midnight sun on there as it has all the books leading up n inclusive of m.s n the host!! X i have it n its awesome!! <3 O:-)

  27. Hope they do a movie and involve Jacob more.. Think it would be nice to see the bond between Edward, Jacob, Bella and Renesmee blossom more… X twilihht saga will never finish or leave my life especially as ive just had the courage to get Jacobs tribal tattoo on my rightarm in same place as them!! (i hate needles usually!!). Thanx Stephanie. Ur awesome! <3 O:-)

  28. This is fake. It’s an April Fools joke. Thanks a lot Screenrant for starting this rumor. :(

  29. Okay, everyone knows this is fake now xD that’s alright, we fans just wish so badly that you, stephanie meyer could finish midnight sun! the beginning 12 chapters really gave us insight into Edward’s head and feelings and it would be great if you could complete it! pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top? your an awesome author!!!

    • trueee!!!!

    • TRUE!!!!!!