Twilight: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Split Confirmed & 7 New ‘Eclipse’ Clips

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Bella and Edward Twilight Twilight: Breaking Dawn Split Confirmed & 7 New Eclipse Clips

Whilst you wait for the third film inĀ The Twilight Saga to hit theaters, we have a couple of new items regarding the successful franchise: it’s been confirmed that Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies, and we also have 7 new clips from Eclipse for you to take a look at.


After months of speculation, Summit Entertainment has finally confirmed that Breaking Dawn will be released in two parts over the next couple of years. The rumored November 2011 release date stands for Part 1, which will hit theaters on November 18th, 2011. Although there’s no official date set for Part 2, it’s expected to follow in 2012 (likely in the summer).

Those who have read the Breaking Dawn novel say that it’s a lot different than the first three Twilight chapters, dealing with darker and more adults themes (not to mention that it’s the longest book of the series). With the book being a lot heavier than previous ones – added to the fact that Summit will want to to milk this franchise for all it’s worth – I guess it’s no surprise that the studio is pulling a Harry Potter and splitting the movie in two.

Returning for Breaking Dawn are Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, and Billy Burke. Melissa Rosenberg is again writing the screenplay and the film will be directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls).


The guys over at Collider have snagged 7 new movie clips from Eclipse, just in case Twlighters need anymore reason to check the film out this summer (beyond the recent image gallery). You may be looking ahead at what’s to come in Breaking Dawn, but let’s not forget we’ve got the third film to deal with before we get to the fourth.

Check out the clips below, brought together in one handy video by Collider:

My main interest in Eclipse is the fact that David Slade (30 Days of Night) is directing it. Say what you will about The Twilight Saga, but you have to admit that with each film there have been some interesting directorial choices: Catherine Hardwicke did Twilight, Chris Weitz did New Moon, Slade did Eclipse and Bill Condon is doing Breaking Dawn. A different director each time allows the films to have their own distinct flavor, despite being part of the same series (see: the Mission: Impossible franchise).

Are you glad or upset that Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies? And what do you think of the latest clips from Eclipse?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30th, 2010.

Part 1 of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will hit theaters on November 18th, 2011, with Part 2 likely following in the summer of 2012.

Sources: Summit Entertainment (via Bloody-Digusting) and Collider

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  1. I’m happy Breaking Dawn will be 2 films for the fact that the book is to big to have only 1 movie cover it all. Like the Harry Potter books & films it shows that it is important to stick to the book has much as possible. Now only if my wish of Breaking Dawn being rated R can come true !
    ( I know they will not do it for the fact that they are milking it to the end ) Also there will be crazy pre-teen girls running wild in the street & no one wants that.

    • Honestly, I have not read the books. I have only watched the movies. And from that point I am glad too that they will be spitting Breaking Dawn, because of the fact I dont have the time to read the books. Besides I will watch “Edward” through anextra movie. Any true fan of twilight would have to agree, MORE IS BETTER in this case.

  2. From what I’ve heard from my friendswho read Twilight, Breaking Dawn is different from the other 3 books, different in how it is one of the worst books ever written and not eneogh stuff happens to warrant 2 movies, which means we’ll probably get 2 90 minute movies.

    • hearsays hearsays,,, read the books yourself Jose, then come back and comment.

      • Hearsay based on opinions of people who read the book like myself. That book was ridiculous. And not in a good way.

      • I have to admit that Breaking Dawn stretched even what I could take in. There were 3 different times I had to put the book down and think..this is too far out there. Of course I came back to it but I can’t say I enjoyed it as well as the first 3.

    • whom ever gave you that info is a moron I’m glad it will be in 2 parts just wish it was sooner.

    • To say not enough happens to warrant two films is ridiculous! So much happens that it would be wrong to put it all into a two hour film! I say read the books for yourself before judging them

    • read the book urself n comment .. jose.. dont b spoil threat without knowledge

  3. I’ve read all four books twice, and although there is quite a lot of info in Breaking Dawn, I think it could be made into one movie. It would be a long movie, but I don’t see that as a problem. I’d rather get my money’s worth when I go to the movies. Yes, I think this decision is probably money motivated…..milk it for all you can. But….I’ll also be there, first in line, to see both Breaking Dawn films with my daughter. It’s something fun that she and I can enjoy together and that’s all I really care about. I do not, however, see how they plan to stick to the book and make this movie anything less than rated R. Hmmm….we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Steph is co producing Breaking Dawn, she’s a mormon, and I don’t think she’ll give the thumbs up for it to be rated R like the all the other Twilight movies.

      • How could she not???? She wrote it and Breaking Dawn is far darker and sexual than the others. I would be ok with 2 movies if they were released MUCH closer together.

        • Have you actually read the book? She hints around and fazes out when things get serious. I totally plan on bringing my daughters to see both opening night and dont have a single worry about having to pre-screen it. I like that she shows that people can be close after their married without giving any sick details. There’s very few other movies out there that are that cautious. I’m looking forward to the 2 movies

          • I have read all 4 books 3 times. Breaking Dawn is still darker and more sexual than the 3 previous ones. I love the Twilight saga but the absurd pregnancy…the child drinking blood from a cup…and imprinting with Jacob. Obviously it is not sexual in the form we have become used to but still sexual for grade school children. For teen girls…sad to say but they already know about sex.

  4. They just want cash! I cant wait for this to end,really! Harry Potter needed the split, wereas twilight doesnt!!! Twilight needs to die and i commented cause you guys need to know…..

  5. OMG! why would you guys air 7 CLIPS OF ECLIPSE! you’re spoiling the freaking movie and it IS NOT cute! I being the smart person I am clicked on the play button and ended it 2 minutes later! i had alot of respect for you yahoo but now you’re trash! I might just switch to aol! thanks alot! NOT!

    • Uh, Cheryl, last time I checked these videos weren’t set to autoplay and no one forced you to watch them.

      Blame your lack of self-control, not us.


      • Wow, Vic, I didn’t know you had the power to actually force someone to watch a trailer. You must feel godlike. :-)

    • dis is to chryl

    • You dont have to watch it! But its so tempting isnt it. Dont blame Yahoo.They are not the only ones to air it.

    • Uh Cheryl….who forced you to watch?? And it is not a yahoo publication, it will be on many sites. I didn’t feel the clips ruined anything. You did read the book did you not? So how could the clips ruin anything. These movies have been prided on being so close to the books.

  6. This is freaking ridiculous! Now they want to copy Harry Potter when are they going to get it through their thick heads that this is garbage?! There is no substance in these books and these movies are far too lame!

  7. It would do Breaking Dawn a horrible injustice to try to cram a synopsis of it into one 90 minute movie. There is just too much that happens…the honeymoon, Bella’s transformation, the birth of Renesmee, the evolution of Jacob as alpha of his own pack, the showdown with the Volturi. They’d have to dedicate about 10 to 15 minutes to each important event in the book and people would come away feeling cheated. I’m glad they’re making two movies.

    • larkie, I want to thank you for that comment. finally, someone who gets it. those who don’t think that breaking dawn should be two movies clearly don’t have imaginations. though, it’s not my favorite book, it is filled w/so many important things that are happening to the characters of twilight. I believe it wouldn’t be true to the book and disappoint fans of the book if it was not done right. There is only one thing that I would request of stephanie in regards to the breaking dawn movie….IT REALLY NEEDS TO BE RATED R

  8. Lol! Vic,wen there begins to be Deathly Hallows clips i wont be able to control myself!!!!

  9. i feel that to really tell the full story that making it into 2 movies is a great idea. There is so much in the book, bringing in the other groups, teaching bella how to use her power, jacobs seperate pack,
    the child growing and charlie getting to meet her, the confrontation with the Volturi, the 2 packs merging together, it is just too much to do in one movie and not leave out parts or mix them up. just my HO


  10. Why are they copying Harry Potter? Breaking Dawn doesn’t need two separate movies.



    • I didn’t even recognise Ashley Greene (Alice) in New Moon. I went to the credits to see who the new actress was. None of the characters look the same. Too much times between movies.

      • Too much time between movies? Don’t they come out with one of these movies every year?

        • Yes, but remember that none of them age. Especially in 17-21 age it makes a big difference in how they appear.

  12. I think its great that breaking dawn will b two movies.
    the book is just so long and way too complicated to squeeze into as hour and a half movie, summit did good with this decision.
    i hope breaking dawn is kept closely to the book because i think it will b disapointing if its changed too much.

  13. Tht’s a great idea as I don’t want to miss a thing from Breaking Dawn! The book was awesome and I hope the same from the Movies as well!

  14. I have read all of the books, and it’s not trying to be Harry Potter at all. Breaking Dawn is such a big book and many things happen that need to be in the movie. I am glad it has been split into two. Can’t wait, I am so excited – going with a bunch of people to the midnight showing of Eclipse. Very glad that the director’s are sticking to the books as much as possible!

  15. actually breaking dawn is a long story which is written in three sections depicting different situations…there are loads of important things like bella’s transformation…hence the idea of two films isnt dat bad…but we have to wait too long…may be 2012….

  16. I think its a great idea to make Breaking Dawn into 2 movies. That way maybe it can follow the book a little more than the rest. I do feel some parts will have to be more G-rated for the younger crowd. My daughter loves this movie and I do. As with any movie it has it fans,,good and bad. To each his own. I personally love it and the books also.

  17. i love the books and the movies…although the last book is long i do agree two movies is a great idea!!! The ppl who dont like this are the ppl who dont have imaginations!!! It may not b real but it i do think it was imagination at its BEST!! I personally wld not mind bein either one myself!!{werewolf or vampire}!! LOL

  18. I don’t mind the 2 movies as long as the 2 movies are worth seeing and have an easy follow ability with a distinct ending to each one the way the book has a distinct conclusion for each of the events happening in the book…and don’t add anything that WAS NOT in the book- please stay true to the book! I am curious to see which child actor(s) will be used to portray Renesmee…you’re right about Pattinson- you can tell he is getting older whereas in the Harry Potter movies(for reference sake)- Harry WAS supposed to get older with each year…you can tell Bella is wearing a wig in the clips as well…BTW- curios to see how they are gonna make her BEAUTIFUL like the other female vamps! Serious makeup needed! Thanks for the clips- ! =)

  19. I love all the books. I’n happy that they are making the book into two movies because there is a lot of stuff that happpens. I can see a place they will end the first. After Edward bites Bella and she becomes a vampire, when she’s still laying down and she opens her eyes to her new life, they will cut it there. At least thats what I think. I mean look at what they did to New Moon. They ended it with Edward asking Bella to marry him and she sucks in a breath. I think it will be something like that. You’re looking at her and she opens her eyes and then boom, roll the credits. I just can’t wait. 18 more days. I’m going to see Eclipse opening day. So excited

  20. About the rating, there is so much stuff in Breaking Dawn. I want to see them have sex, on their honeymoon and then later in their cottage. Reading that, I can see it but if the rating is for younger people which it probably will be because they don’t want to make it R and not be able to have the little girls come see Jacob with no shirt on. I just hope they put stuff in that the older crowd wants to see.

  21. @Lacy- agreed! Lest they forget the adults buy the books for the kiddos! C’mon- really there is no way to have a PG rating for these 2 movies! Half the parents I know won’t let their kids under 15 or so read the whole series anyway because of Breaking Dawn…the movie rating has to evolve from high school to what is really going on…Bella becomes a WOMAN in this book so to speak- how the heck can you put that into a PG rating? What about the birth? The breaking of the bones, the honeymoon…when she walks into the water to a naked Edward(or was that just in my mind? lol)? I have read the whole series 3 times and I just won’t appreciate them “toning it down” so they can make money off a 9 year old who is in love with the thought of Edward being a vampire!

    • Exactly! Movie needs to be portrayed just as the books are written. I have heard that it will contain all of that and more though! I don’t know how it will be kept PG but I heard there is going to be a lot of kissing and affection from all characters, more sexual dialogue and just more sex in general. I can’t wait!

  22. I was a little disappointed that Breaking Dawn was split into 2 movies (and yes I believe it was for the money), however, having said that – the details in the book need to be thoroughly brought out to make any sense. I am in agreement that the movie should be rated R, simply because of the honeymoon and birthing scenes alone. For Stephanie to remain true to the books, it needs the sexual tension and explicit details that the book details. Vampires, even at the ripe old age of 17, are sexual and sensual beings. They use those powers to draw humans out and take what they need to survive. I want to see passion between Edward and Bella – hey when I was on my honeymoon….I am a fan of the more adult Laurie K. Hamilton “Meredith Gentry” series and Christine Feehan’s “Carpathian” series as well, and even though the Twilight Series are written for teenage age girls, nature is nature even in fiction! In addition, questions always come up about why 40+yrs. old women love this series…the most powerful, emotional love story during my teens was Romeo and Juliet. Me and my girlfriends went to see it and cried and cried! That love story ended with tragedy – love unfulfilled and suicides. This story has a happy ending! Love adapts and triumphs! What could be better than that! I am fulfilled!

    • I agree completely with your comment about staying true to the book, story, and Stephanie Meyers as well as being older or over 40 and loving the series. It’s a happy ending! Many people don’t get their “happy ending”.

  23. I love the books i like the movies and i do have to agree that 1) breaking dawn needs to be R that way you actually can see the emotional sensual and sexual tension that is raised during the book but also looking at current TV programs they could prolly do the scenes justice and not rate it R… 2) i love the fact that it is in 2 movies sure that another midnight showing i’m paying for but the experiences that occur at the showings are a blast and also they can put the details in that are needed without having to add a bunch of scenes in the dvd like they did with LoTR woot woot 2 more weeks PLZ dont dissapoint

  24. I actually hate that Breaking Dawn is gonna be 2 movies. Why is it that they can make 4 hour longs movies like Lord of the Rings . or Gone With The Wind, and they can’t make Breaking Dawn into a 4 hour movie? They could have done the same thing for Harry Potter.I don’t want to wait until 2012 to see the other half. Heck I don’t even want to wait over a year to see the first half. I want it all at one time.

  25. Ohhh my God…I am 100% Jacob Black’s(Taylor Daniel Lautner fan. Wish to see this guy,he is definitely handsome and one of the kind.And I find him very romantic man.I hope I could be his Bella.hahahah…If only I have a chance to see him,I will grab the opportunity.Why not?I’m just here…hahahah…I am much prettier than Bella..heheheh…
    About the movie,I really love it “Twilight”,super duhper fantastic love stories I ever saw before…Nothing compare with this!And every episode of this movie I watch in theater. But this coming new episode, I feel sad to hear that they’re going to make two movies out of this. Why is it so?I think they will going to make a best ending or story…wow…I can’t wait to see this movie…and I can’t wait also to see Jacob Black.

  26. Gosh…I am 100% Jacob Black’s(Taylor Daniel Lautner fan. Wish to see this guy,he is definitely handsome and one of the kind.And I find him very romantic man.I hope I could be his Bella.hahahah…If only I have a chance to see him,I will grab the opportunity.Why not?I’m just here…hahahah…I am much prettier than Bella..heheheh…

  27. About the movie,I really love it “Twilight”,super duhper fantastic love stories I ever saw before…Nothing compare with this!And every episode of this movie I watch in theater. But this coming new episode, I feel sad to hear that they’re going to make two movies out of this. Why is it so?I think they will going to make a best ending or story…wow…I can’t wait to see this movie…and I can’t wait also to see Jacob Black.

  28. The movie?Yeah…I really love it super dupper fantastic love stories I ever saw before…Nothing compare with this!Specially the love scene of Bella and Jacob…nakaka in-love.And every episode of this movie I watch in theater.
    I feel kinda sad to hear that they’re going to make two movies out of this. Why is it so?I think they will going to make a best ending of the story…wow…I can’t wait to see this movie…and I can’t wait also to see Jacob Black.

  29. I’ve read the books though Breaking Dawn is the biggest I read it the fastest. I didnt really think it needed to be done in 2 parts. However after seeing it I don’t mind it divided but absolutely think it’s rediculous to have to wait a year! I believe if it had to be divivded the first should’ve come out in August so we could’ve felt like we were going to Edward & Bella’s wedding then 3 months later part 2. Why wait? You know we will purchase the soundtrack, movies, tee shirts & anything else. People still purchase Star Wars memorabilia so come on bring on Breaking Dawn part 2!