‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ Image Hints at Sex, Love & Violence

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Twilight Breaking Dawn header Twilight: Breaking Dawn Image Hints at Sex, Love & Violence

Next year will bring the fourth and final entry in The Twilight Saga: the two-part movie event, Breaking Dawn.

Today we have a first teaser image for Breaking Dawn to share – one  that will fill longtime fans of Stephenie Meyer’s novels with exquisite joy and anticipation, while possibly hooking others with the lure of curiosity.

If you haven’t read all the books cover to cover, here is the premise of Breaking Dawn as told by the film’s official synopsis:

After their wedding, Bella and Edward travel to Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon, where they finally give in to their passions. Bella soon discovers she is pregnant, and during a nearly fatal childbirth, Edward finally fulfills her wish to become immortal.

But the arrival of their remarkable daughter, Renesmee, sets in motion a perilous chain of events that pits the Cullens and their allies against the Volturi, the fearsome council of vampire leaders, setting the stage for an all-out battle.

Now take a look at the photo image, which was shared by Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) over the movie’s official Twitter page during the Thanksgiving holiday:

Twilight Breaking Dawn movie image Twilight: Breaking Dawn Image Hints at Sex, Love & Violence

Fans of The Twilight Saga books surely recognize the iconic scene that Condon is referencing with this image – but we will have to talk about it in a SPOILER FREE fashion so as not to ruin it for those not yet in the know!





In the Breaking Dawn novel, the scene pictured above occurs on the night that Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire husband Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally consummate their union. Because of Edward’s vampire strength, he ends up accidentally hurting Bella during the act of lovemaking and out of frustration (or passion) tears apart some of the pillows on the bed. Bella awakes satisfied only to find Edward somber and feathers from the pillows raining down everywhere.






Clearly the scene described above, along with the implications of the photo image, suggest that while Breaking Dawn will be rated PG-13, that rating will likely push the boundaries of sexuality in the same way that The Dark Knight stretched to the limit with violence and scares.

That said, the nature of this image also suggests that Bill Condon is really approaching this two-part film with an artistic eye; of all the promo images that could’ve been released, this one is a pitch-perfect teaser, in my opinion. It gets fans excited about their favorite part of the franchise (the steamy Edward/Bella romance), suggests something a little more beautiful and a little more naughty all at once, and, generally speaking, it’s just a pretty image.

Aside from this infamous “love scene,” Bella’s birthing scene (in which her body is literally broken apart) is going to be another boundary-pusher for the teen crowd to see. However, I’m betting Condon has a way to make even THAT turn out as hauntingly beautiful and engaging as this image above. At least that’s what I’m hoping…

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  1. So, Edward is a pillow biter?

    • Indeed.

      • I never once read that Edward was “Frustrated” while ripping apart down feathered bedding, more like “animalistic” I mean, he is a vampire after all!

        • Angie,

          Take a look now.



  2. Sorry to disagree with your spoiler/explanation of the scene, but from my reading the book, what I understand is that Edward doesn’t tear the pillows because he’s frustrated about hurting Bella, but because it’s the only way he can channel some of his “passion” without hurting her.

    • You read the book? >:(

    • Yeah, it woulda scared bella if she woke up to him ripping pillows because he’s upset lol

    • You are absolutely right

    • it was indeed cause of passion and he was not sure of what was going to happen when they had sex, that he bit the pillows.. He bit the pillows instead of Bella.. Ha! He should have bit her!

  3. This is funny. I wonder how theyre gonna show this.

  4. Sounds like a great influence for teens. Have unprotected sex and get knocked up.

    • To be fair, this particular instance of fornication occurs in the boundaries of marriage.

    • But, Bella is using abstinence. That is the normal way of doing things. It’s showing teens that abstinence is what you should do.

      • Courtney,

        I think it also shows a young woman who has no identity and cannot live without a man. Not the best role model for young women.


        • Well said, Vic. It teaches girls they should stay with their abusive boyfriends or else they’re nothing. Well done, Stephenie Meyer.

          • i don’t see how the books portray edward to be abusive….

            • Well,he puts her in danger all the time doesnt he? She gets hurt and she doesnt care.

              • well it’s not like he puts her in danger or hurts her on purpose…it’s not an abusive type relationship, and on the honeymoon she doesn’t really get hurt, she gets bruises

                • I think it’s mental abuse too.

                • I think it’s more Bella can’t keep away and is needy than Edward being abusive.


              • lol have you read the book?

                • No we havent katie LOL. And i think we want to, sorry.

                  • don’t be sorry for your opinion! i understand he’s just a character in a book, not a real person. the way he is portrayed through the book, in my opinion, is just not negative like some are trying to make it look :)

            • I agree at no time in any of the books was Edward abusive towards Bella. He was charming and very “old school” and the reason why Edward bites the feathers is that he was horrified that he bruised Bella while they made love, because his strength as a vampire is 100 times greater than a human male even when he tries to be gentle.

          • What in the world are you talking about? Have you read these books? Edward was never abusive, in fact in all four books he spends his days/nights protecting Bella.

            • Right. Maybe a little overprotective, but it’s always with good intentions. But abusive? No way.

            • Cory,

              That’s creepy. Especially since he’s over a hundred years old!

          • Shut up. Stephenie Meyer is a genious.

            • Twihardest,

              Telling people to shut up will get your comments deleted.


        • i think you all need to stop reading *so* deep into this. Its a love story, THATS IT! and, i’m sorry, i have a very hard time believing that all these “tweens” or whatever, are going to go out and have relationships with abusive boyfriends and have low self esteem, all because they liked the twilight series…and if you care so much about the outcome of our youth, why dont you go speak at a high school, or work with troubled teens? because this will not go away or get better by you talking about it on a blog.. no disrespect, i’m just saying..

    • Obviously you haven’t read the book because they are married.

      • Yeah that such a good message, having an 18 year old girl throw away what could be a fruitful life to settle down and have a kid with some dude who’s old enought to be her great grandfather and who’s overly controlling cause he has a sparkely chest. The pre-marital sex thing with emphasis on protection would be far better.

        • Good one sully :)

        • Agreed.

    • steve, its actually is a good example for teens girls…WAIT UNTIL YOUR MARRIED. maybe you didnt understand, and need to read the article again, or maybe read the book. I dont know where your from, but around here its okay for married people to have sex and have kids…i think thats called “life”

  5. @SteveE

    Apparently, they are married when it happens? Encouraging saving sex for AFTER marriage and to only ONE person?

  6. They are married and she is TOO young to be married,and she is obsessed with a good looking guy and doesnt think of the consequences she would dioe for him why? hormones i suppose or stupidity. Either way lets see how they end it.

    • Yes, Bella is too young to be married however, lets not forget that the twilight saga is a romantic saga not just a sci fi one. And if you read the novels Edward encourages her to not wait for him and experience life by going to college having a career (that is why he left her in new moon), It was Bella who chose to stay by Edwards side.

  7. Young yes, but at least they are somewhat encouraging saving yourself until after marriage.

    • Well yeah thats true,BUT like we both mentioned thats too young. If they could they wouldve done it BEFORE marriage.

  8. i cant wait to see breaking dawn so happy for them both now they got me waiting 4 dis 2 come out…gotta love edward…i wish he didnt hurt her though,and they deserve each other

  9. Rickster, let’s just try and give them the benefit of the doubt ;)

    • Ok then Nic,will do haha 8-)

  10. Okay…I want to know how they plan on splitting Breaking Dawn in half. They could barely make a whole movie out of books 1-3 and all that happens in the first half is Bella and Edward having sex. How are they going to make a PG-13 or PG-14 movie, when the only things that happened was dirty. I like Twilight, but splitting the movie doesn’t make sense to me…or maybe it’s JUST me… :)

    • Really? wow…so in the book,the first half thats all that happens? Unbelievable,i guess theyre gonna have to add extra stuff into that LOL

      • thats not all that happens, they get married, go on they’re honeymoon…have sex… then she gets pregnant, and that in itself is a whole story because it literally takes the life out of her in alot of different ways, i think they do need to make it into two movies so they can get everything in

  11. @ Sam… I kind of agree with you that there is not a WHOLE lot that happens in the first half of the book so I don’t see how they are going to make two movies either, but…. the sex is not all that happens. You’re forgetting some major parts. Graduation, planning the wedding, telling the parents,….. and then the sex lol.

  12. Useless to see the movie after the last one.

  13. Twilight What? Is that where they have glittery vampire WANNABES and WereDogs not WereWOLVES. Either way I’m one of the few that won’t see this movie.

  14. I was thinking that the first movie would be graduation, wedding stuff (which includes Jacob coming back, getting pissed off, and running away as a werewolf), honeymoon, pregnancy, and edward turning bella imortal after her near fatal childbirth. The second movie would be bella as a newly born vampire and all that goes with that, her daughter, getting their friends together and of course the big battle with the volturi. Human Bella / Vampire Bella seems like a good way to split the book into two movies. Just my humble opinion.

    • I kind of agree … I think they will end it right when Jacob imprints on Renesmee …

  15. Please don’t ever compare Twilight with The Dark Knight ever again.

    But surprisingly, this doesn’t sound or look bad at all. If they take a more artistic route I just might actually see it…maybe. Possibly.

  16. Is there a huge battle at the end of this one? I mean every good story has a battle no?

    • no, not really a battle…it makes you think it’s gonna be a big battle until the very end and then it just kinda fizzles out

      • That sucks. Id be pissed if i was a fan LOL.

        • lol well at least it does have a happy ending, so i was satisfied with that

          • HAHA true. Gotta love those happy endings ;)

  17. Agreed!

  18. This really cracks me up. To sit and debate the fact that they had sex after marriage is just absurd. It makes me laugh even harder that this is what people pick to point out as bad behavior. This series is one of the worst series of books I have ever read. Oh yeah, I read them. On top of the bad writing, horrible story telling, and just over all lack of having anything remotely close to a vampire in it, this series has been pushed to young girls and sets the worst example for them ever.
    Lets look past the fact that he is a Vampire and get to the real meat and potatoes. He is a Stalker. The fact that he is old enough to be her grandfather doesn’t really play into it. He is a sparkley vampire. That means he sparkles and he is pretty. What young girl doesn’t want a guy made of glitter? To say that this girl is dumb is just an understatement. This girl is border line retarded. She not only gets herself in 1000 different situations that she shouldn’t be in in the first place but she actually had to look up Vampire on the internet. Not only does she pick the proverbial bad boy but she turns her lives ambition into dieing for that man. Then they get married, have sex, have a baby, and she completes her lives ambition to be turned into a Sparkle Vamp.
    Now let’s concentrate on Edward for a second. That is really all it takes. You guys are talking about him being abusive. Here is the point you are missing, He didn’t want anything to do with Bella in the first place. He spends the entire series brooding over how much he wants her to leave him alone. He was curious no doubt. She was something special. What he didn’t know was she was the little yellow school bus kinda special. He tried every way in the world not to fall in love with her and to get her to go away. Hell, he even moved to Europe to get away from her. What does she do? Throws herself off a cliff in hopes to see him one last time. Successfully faking her own death (on accident she is not that smart remember) and almost getting him to do the same for real.
    Now. What does that teach our average teenage girl? Anything is possible through sheer stupidity and stubbornness. If the cutest guy in the world doesn’t want you, fake it till you make it. If all else fails, trap him in a relationship, have his kid, and show him what true suffering is all about.

    • Nice speech there Great!! ;)

      • When I first heard about this series I heard 3-4 girls tell me it was as good as Harry Potter. After reading the first book I wanted to smack them. By the end of the series I wanted to shoot myself.

        • Theres no competition :)

          • Here ya go Rick!

            “the real difference [between J. K. Rowling and Meyer] is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer, and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”
            - Stephan King

            One of the great writers of our time, who actually knows how to write about vampires!

            • Yeah Sully King is DA MAN! 8-)

            • I wouldn’t say Stephen King is “one of the great writers of out time”. A lot his stories feature the same characters, and are pretty boring. “It” is a good example of this. Not saying Meyer is better, but King is hardly great.

              • You should read the dark tower series, it makes sense shy he uses same characters. I don’t think he’s boring, he’s building characters. Compared to Meyer, King is Shakespear.

    • “She was something special. What he didn’t know was she was the little yellow school bus kinda special.”

      Hahahaha I love it! You pretty much sum it up the best I have ever heard. I read the books when I was 20 and thought…okay at least I killed some time…But after giving it some though, I don’t think I would want my daughter to read those books until she was older and knew more about love and loss. They are so unrealistic in so many ways. Bella is NOT a good role model for young girls, and the fact that she IS, is very worrisome..

  19. I’m not getting something here. I’ve only seen the last film, which was OK at best, and from what I hear, it was the best so far. In Eclipse, when the vamps got cut or torn by the, I guess you can call them, werewolves, they were stonelike, no blood, no fluid. How does Bella get pregnant if they have no fluid in their bodies? Also, this vamp dude doesn’t want to turn this girl into a vamp, but he marries her knowing his increased strength could do her incredible harm or death during the act of procreation; these 2 people sound like they didn’t think this through very well. And does this wolfy dude even explain to her the consequences of marrying a dead guy? It sounds to me like, I think her name is Bella, is some type of masochist or something.

  20. Vampires were cool. And then twilight happened… now all vampires are whiny teenagers. Thank you stephanie for making teen girls everywhere complain more then they did. I had the unpleasantry of seeing the first movie…I want my 18 bucks and 2 hours of my life back. Don’t every write again.

  21. Ok so here’s the deal … if you don’t like the way Stephenie Meyer made her vampires appear then don’t watch the films. It’s not rocket science … just don’t watch them … don’t acknowledge them in any way … that way you won’t be wasting you precious life on posting about something you don’t like … people have a right to like what they want … just because it doesn’t agree with what you like doesn’t mean it’s stupid or dumb or anything like that … as for the article itself again if you don’t agree fine whatever … I actually think that this scene will be great … regardless if you think “she is to young to get married” blah blah blah … 18 legal adult can do what she wants … like a few people said before at least she waited until she was married to have sex … that better then most people in real life can say … anyway …

  22. So far, all I’ve been hearing about the honeymoon. I know it was supposed to be the most iconic scene from the book, but I personally hated that part. It was boring as h*** to read. All they did was have sex, talk, and have some more sex. Plus, the cheesiness of the whole thing was just sickening.

    What I’m waiting to see is if Bill Condon(?) will deliver on Jacob’s part. That was the highlight of the book for me. (Of course, it should be noted that I’ve yet to finish book even though I’ve had it for about 8 months. I’m stuck at the part where Alice wants to plan Bella a birthday party. I can’t finish because it so f-ing boring.) I want to know Condon(?) will be able to write in the emotion felt by Jacob as he’s despairing over having to protect Bella despite the fact he despises what she’s carrying. Also, I hope he’s able to deliver on Leah’s part as well. Seeing as to how she’s my favorite character, if her bonding with Jacob is ruined I’m going to be very disappointed.

  23. I haven’t read the books, but what do you mean her body is broken apart???

    • For Steve,
      Bella’s body is literally broken in half as the child struggles to get out of Bella’s body after the placenta becomes detached and the baby isn’t receiving oxygen and can no longer breathe. All through the beginning of the birthing scene in the book there are references made to the different cracks (the bones being broken) that Edward and Jacob hear as they are trying to deliver the baby. In the last, and loudest crack audible, the baby breaks Bella’s spine and paralyzes the bottom half of her body. She’s basically described as a broken corpse bleeding everywhere as Edward uses his teeth to get through the womb and deliver the baby. Very graphic scene. Excited to see how Bill Condon brings it to life! Counting down the days to Breaking Dawn!

      For Dani,
      Try to keep reading,as the later scenes of the coven mounting up to fight the Volturi are very good!

  24. What the hell? In a teenage love book? WHat is Meyer thinking? So Bella dies then? How does wassisface get her preggers anyway? Isn’t he…dead?

    This sounds bull. (Not what you said just the story).

    Thanks anyways. :)

  25. I tolly agree dnt lik dnt wactch so peace