Lionsgate (Obviously) Interested in More ‘Twilight’ Films

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 twilight breaking dawn featurette Lionsgate (Obviously) Interested in More Twilight Films

After Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 grossed over $700 million worldwide (on roughly a $110 million budget) and projections for Part 2 forecasting an equally (if not more) profitable box office run, it’s no surprise to hear that Lionsgate would love to dole out even more movies in Stephenie Meyer’s world of vampires and werewolves.

Of course, at this point, Meyer has been hesitant to confirm any plans to extend the series beyond the fourth (Breaking Dawn) book but, should she decide to revisit her Twilight creations, Lionsgate is once again making it clear that they’ll be anxiously waiting in the wings to turn the would-be book into another cinematic cash grab cow.

According to THR, the official word from Lionsgate (who recently purchased Twilight studio Summit) comes from studio co-chair, Rob Friedman who wasn’t shy about the motion picture company’s interest in further Twilight projects during an analyst call:

“If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her.”

As mentioned, Meyer hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about future plans to expand the Twilight series – especially after she scrapped a potential parallel entry, Midnight Sun, which was going to compile the events of the saga from Edward Cullen’s point of view, as opposed to Bella (for anyone unfamiliar with the books), after a large chunk of the book appeared online. Even still, an Edward-centric storyline might not have offered enough new material to warrant an entire new movie – though, that didn’t exactly stop the studio from splitting Breaking Dawn into two films (leaving Part 1 a little light on story material).

In terms of other existing materials, many fans had been hoping that Summit (at the time) would make use of Meyer’s Twilight tie-in novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which acts as a spin-off to the third book, EclipseHowever, despite offering a (comparatively) fresh storyline, Lionsgate might still be more inclined to hope for a new Meyer installment – as the Bree Tanner novella wouldn’t put the Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle front and center or, subsequently, high-profile stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Jacob Lionsgate (Obviously) Interested in More Twilight Films

Even if Meyer is interested in penning a new Twilight book – or, at the very least, consulting on the creation of potential film sequels or a TV series, continuity star power is likely to be a problem for any future installments. It’s not only unclear whether Lionsgate could bring everyone back again, time would also be against any continuation of the Bella, Edward, Jacob storyline – since the actors (unlike two of the characters) will actually age.

At this point, there’s nothing concrete for Twilight fans to look forward to – but there’s a lot of money waiting to be made. Even though Meyer might not be anxious to get re-involved with the series right now, given a rabid fan base and extensive money-making potential, it’s hard to imagine that Twilight fans will NEVER see some type of series extension – even if Meyer isn’t entirely in the driver’s seat.

In the mean time, Lionsgate will just have to keep themselves busy with their other young adult novel series turned feature film saga, The Hunger Games.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will arrive November 16th, 2012.


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Source: THR

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  1. o.O…….A little piece of me just died inside.

  2. yeah thats all we need. more twilight. i was glad it was almost done

  3. Oh god no o_O we’ve seen enough of that please no more.

  4. The only thing worse than this would be Nickleback: The Christmas Album.

    • please don’t even suggest such a thing, they have spies everywhere

    • LMAO!

      • i hop that they do macke two moer movies it would be so cool :)

    • Ask George Lucas, he might know how to pull out three more movies that start before the first released movie lol

  5. Actually, the wolf pack does age so the logical continuation of the story would be Jacob’s relationship with Renesmee. Although I’m pretty sure that most of the actors want to leave this slightly embarrassing but extremely lucrative phase behind them.

    • Good catch Limey. I should have been clearer – meant to imply “two of the characters.” I’ll update the post.

      • Actually, when vampires are in the same area as werewolves, in the Twilight novels at least, the werewolves stop aging. As long as Jacob continues to hang around the Cullens, he will stay the same age he is now.

        • Very true, the shape shifters do not age when their magic is awaken by threats. They are considered shape shifter rather than werewolves in the novels.

          Werewolves, according to the book act more like their vampire counterparts, and have the ability to pass on their infection through a bite. They are not known to phase on the fly and can only change during a full moon. They do not run in packs.

          They are referred to as Children of the Moon. Which I would like to see be made into the next series of novels and films. With an all new characters and cast.

  6. Lionsgate, in the infamous words of the great Jean Claude Van-Damme, “You’ve lost your bolls.”

  7. I will love you forever. Til the end of time. Can I have some of your popcorn?

  8. they(lionsgate/summit or whoever is incharge)should make the humanity a favor to humanity and stop this. But they wont because there is a lot of $$$$$$ in the middle.

  9. I’m a big fan of the Twilight books and would love to see Midnight Sun published as well as a follow-up to Jacob’s life. But as for the movies I think its unnecessary. they are a great addition to the books but they have never really captured the essence of the story. They are so watered down in comparison to the books.

  10. You know what j actually loved these books and movies. No lie. Breaking dawn was te best in te series. Anyways I don’t think they should continue te series though I can tell that lionsgte is out for more money as any studio would be. But the hunger games will be big.

  11. Is this another reason why were getting a PG-13 Expendables 2?!

    Lionsgate has gone soft!

  12. i welcome the possibility of more Twilight, if Stephanie decides to pen another more. Kudos also to Lionsgate if they are going to make another 1 or 2 more, but what i cant stomach is their strategy in playing the clip of BD2 before every screening of THG. Jennifer Lawrence dissed Twilight as well as the Twihards before thinking that she’s already made. No THG for me. Ill just wait for it in the net.

    • Probobly cause jennifer lawrence is an academy nominated actress at a young age, unlike kristen stewart. Also the twilight saga and actresses have a large amount of razzie nominations. She has a right to talk.

      • Correction actors and actress razzie nominations

  13. this is a worse idea then greedo shooting first.

  14. I don’t want to live on this planet, anymore.

    • Lol

  15. not happening people….Don’t sweat over it.
    Pattinson and Stewart have moved to bigger and better thing and can hope to become A-list. Meyer has successfuly launched another franchise “the host” whose movie rights have already been optioned. Most of the player involved are eager I think to become something else than one-hit teenage wonder and will turn their back on it.
    The only one interested in this is the studio
    and maybe lautner whose career prospect doesn’t seem very bright considering the flop of abduction a 100% lautner vehicle.
    It’s not enough to warrant another entry let alone a full blown trilogy.

    • Neither of these actors will become A-listers. Pattinson is average at best and stewart has had her chance and is stuck in the rut of bad acting skills.

  16. I think she should write a book and a movie should be placed about years later to find out what happens between Jacob and renesseme

    • I agree

  17. Please make more twilights about your baby

  18. If a choice is to be made then it should be made now. Reason for this, is if they do decide to continue the saga, Lionsgate would have no choice but to use the same stars. Unless of course they don’t see a problem with losing majority of their fan base and taking one across the head at box office. There are so many key factors that could be used to continue the saga it would be foolish not to. And I garantee every twilight fan feels the same way! For example the vultari are obsessed with the cullins! You really think they are going leave the them alone?? Let’s not be naive lionsgate.

  19. Hey! You tell Stephanie Meyer that she sucks for not writing another book!

  20. They should really make more, its a very interesting love story that everyone is inlove with…. i think if they could make tv shows with alot of series. They can atleast make more twilight movies, with the whole family

  21. I want more. There is so much more to the saga that needs to be revealed.

  22. Honestly i think thereshould be atleast two more atleast movies to tie everything up theres to many lose ends if meyers dont wanna do book she can atleast do up scripts for movies. One thing i hate is a movie were theres lose ends and so many possibilitysthat can happen. Yeah we seen a flash of jacob and raneseme or how ever you spell it when shes older theres a lose end she can show what happens in between maybe the vaultory come back for one last fight as end the end of breaking dawn hints. I mean come on.

  23. One question:Will there be a movie that shows more of the werewolf life than the vampire life because all the other twilight movies show more of the vampires and how they live, than the werewolves.
    So all up will there be a werewolf movie connected to twilight, with the usual action and romance in the werewolf department?