TV Ratings: ‘Community’ & ‘Parks’ Up, ‘Fringe’ Down 23%

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parks community fringe TV Ratings: Community & Parks Up, Fringe Down 23%

It appears that the newest additions to NBC’s Thursday night comedy line-up may have found their primetime audience as last week’s episodes of Community and Park & Recreation both received some their highest ratings. Conversly, while the peacock was rejoicing, things weren’t so positive on the other side of the proverbial road as FOX’s sophomore science fiction series Fringe hit an all time low, but is Fringe really to blame or did the World Series have something to do with it?

For some time now NBC has been trying to position its Thursday primetime line-up as the place to go for comedy, but it didn’t appear to be working as last year’s addition of Park & Recreations wasn’t exactly met with rave reviews and their newest Joel McHale driven comedy, Community, received mixed reviews and had to contend with switching timeslots from 9:30PM to 8PM.

It looks as if everything has settled nicely for NBC as last weeks episode of Community pulled in 5.6 million viewers, the highest number since moving to 8PM, while Parks & Recreation achieved its highest ratings since last April with 4.9 million viewers.

While the ratings were looking good for the first part of NBC’s Thursday night line-up, the second half wasn’t as positive as both The Office and 30 Rock dropped around 6% in the ratings. 30 Rock has always had a tough time in the ratings, despite all the Emmy wins, but The Office is supposed to be NBC’s golden goose.

The only thing I can attribute the decline to is how poorly this season of The Office has been (with the notable exception of the wedding special). They’re cannibalizing the entire show and its characters; Stanley cheating on his wife just out of the blue, Jim becoming Co-manager with them building him his own office (cause you know that’s how companies do things – especially in a recession), Pam’s mom all of a sudden not only changing actresses, but also her opinion of Jim (She really liked him in the earlier seasons), the horrible receptionist, Erin (how hilarious is she? Not at all). There are more gripes, but I think you get what I’m saying. They need to keep it simple.

fringe logo 2 TV Ratings: Community & Parks Up, Fringe Down 23%

Now, back to FOX. With the World Series over, last Thursday brought about the end of the two-week hiatus of fan-favorite series Bones and Fringe, but I don’t think anyone told the fans, as both series saw a dramatic decline in ratings. The return of Bones was viewed by 8.5 million viewers (down 11%) while Fringe saw the largest decline in viewers since the disaster that was The Chevy Chase Show by only pulling in 5 million viewers (down a staggering 23%).

Still, can Fringe really to blame? When the World Series flows into November sweeps, things always get messed up. I, myself, missed both Fringe and Bones because everything that I had looked at had told me that it was pre-empted. My DVR didn’t pick it up because it wasn’t listed on the schedule. The only way you would have know that the shows were back last week is if you caught the commercials that said if the World Series was over before Thursday, the shows would return as normal. You would think they would do a little more for two of the network’s top shows.

Although, to be fair, can the World Series really be blamed? Bones was in the same position as Fringe and they only saw a minimal drop in the ratings. So, I’ll leave it up to you, the readers… was it the World Series or has Fringe been going down hill? Are you still watching?

I’ll admit that I’m getting a little bored with Peter always having a “friend” that can do whatever normal technology can’t. It’s just as bad as CSI zooming in on images that come from security cameras, but I still tune in, despite the flaws.

I’m just wondering what their end game is… What’s going on? What are Fringe force fighting against? Why is there a half of an apple on on my television screen before they go to commercial?

fringe apple TV Ratings: Community & Parks Up, Fringe Down 23%

Community and Parks & Recreation air on Thursdays starting at 8PM on NBC

Fringe airs on Thursdays at 9PM on FOX

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  1. I love Fringe and Community, and have been fans of both since their pilot episodes. With that being said, Community has gotten a lot better in terms of writing. I thought their Halloween episode with its homage to the Dark Knight was nicely done.

    As for Fringe, I’m 50/50 on the whole World Series thing. I heard a lot of people complain about not knowing it was on due to the lack of promos and their cable menus being wrong. But aside from that the episodes have been slipping. I’m with you, I love the show but where’s the overall arc that was present in the first season? Remember the pattern and all that jazz? This season started off promising, but all the episodes have become stand alone acts that don’t seem to lead up to anything. The last one with Broyles was just blah. I could have done without that, and I love Lance Reddick!
    Also, are we going to do something with Peter and Olivia or what? It’s like watching elementary school children attempt to flirt. At some point I’m waiting for someone to pass a note that asks, “do you like me? Circle yes, no, or maybe”
    Hopefully it will get better, but I think the show deserves a chance to improve.

  2. Still watching Fringe, still enjoying it. Never really found myself absolutely loving it though… Btw with a close-up of the apple like that it looks like there are 2 babies as if still in the womb. Never noticed that before, great shot haha.

  3. Actually a theory just came to… maybe that image is suggesting between the 2 worlds, with just that center part as a thin divider of the 2… and we’re coming close to crossing it? oh well enough of my speculations

  4. Bones didn’t take a hit because there was nothing else on on 8 pm besides Survivor and Flash forward.

  5. Just getting into Fringe…please don’t let it get canceled lol.

    Community started out shaky but has gotten a lot A LOT better since then (as others have mentioned). The last few second scenes during end credits are always gold. Halloween episode was awesome; reminded me of how my friends and I used to do the Christian Bale Batman voice after watching Dark Knight.

  6. only shows on tv worth watchin heroes and prison break. only original shows ever to hit tv the rest all so predictable and boaring.

  7. Heroes?! HEROES?!!! That show is horrible, and I used to be a die hard fan. Talk about something that should have been canceled a long time ago.

  8. Prison Break rocked!, isn’t Fringe on FOX as well as the Series?

    Anyway,,,If Fringe is this close to a ratings disaster I wouldn’t expect it to go on much longer,,,
    I’d rather watch my X-Files dvds then Fringe,,, 😉

  9. If I didn’t have season passes on iTunes for Bones and Supernatural, I wouldn’t even have known they were back. And Fringe I had to spend $1.99 on iTunes because I didn’t know that was back either and I didn’t see it being rerun. I don’t know how any of these shows make it on the other networks. It’s almost as if they’re invisible at times.

    Fringe has been a little off but it seems to be gearing up again. Each episode of Supernatural has been better than the last this year.

    Bones is still trying to figure out what to do now that Boothe “thinks” he’s in love with Brennan. That could get old.

    The thing about Bones that’s different than other series though is that it seems to weather breakups amongst key cast members easily. Although I’d rather see Angela with Hodgins.

    And I was fine that the relationship with Cam and Boothe was more of a fling than a renewal of an old relationshiop.
    So if they actually put Boothe and Bones together, even for a bit, I doubt that it will cause them to jump the shark a la Moonlighting. But for all I know, it won’t have to jump the shark to be canceled at all. You just never know.

  10. I love Fringe. As for the 2 sitcoms – I couldn’t care less about either of them. I most certainly hope they don’t cancel this show. It’s like Strange World meets X-Files. I also hope the writers don’t over reach and come up with a lot of stupid, convoluted story lines that bog these types of shows down and send me packing. Thats what happened for me with the X-Files, Smallville,The 4400 and others.

  11. Wow – lena120 I was scrolling back up and just skimming over a few comments before signing off and I saw yours about Heroes. You are so right! That show sucks big time! It started off great and as always especially w/ shows that are supposed to be a mini-series to begin with -it picked up an interested audience, visions of dollar signs danced in the producers’ eyes – and the craziness sank it. It never fails! I was done with Heroes by the end of the second season, as was everyone else I know who was on-board at the start. Yes – Heroes out – Fringe In!

  12. Bones and fringe lost viewers because it wasn’t even listed in any of the tv guides. No electronic guides had them listed, instead it was suppose to be the world series.
    Only reason I got to watch it was because I turned to the channel to see what was on, because I knew the world series was over.

  13. I can’t believe that anyone watches Parks and Recreation. That show is so far beyond awful, it’s scary that people watch it! I tried to watch ONE episode because of Amy Poehler and I couldn’t even make it 10 minutes. Re-runs of old shows on Retro TV is better than this. Hell, I’d even go so far as to say that this show is way way worse than “Joey” ever was. NBC used to be the best network on Thursday nights, but now all we have to watch on there is garbage. I like Steve Carrell, but The Office is NOT funny. I’ve really REALLY tried to watch it and I really WANTED to like it, but it sucks.

    Thank goodness that there is Family Guy and The Cleveland Show on FOX so there is at least SOME funny shows worth watching!!

  14. I absolutely love Fringe. I love Walter. I am not crazy about stupid love affairs getting in the way, x-Files was great until Mulder and Scully got busy and the baby that went no where. This is true escapism at its best. I get so tired of networks not giving a show time to age and mellow and find its groove like fine wine, and to really get a good fan base. They only give a show a few episodes and the writers must be freaking out it doesn’t surprise me that an episode here and there might not be up to snuff. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Fringe is the best. Personally I think it is better than X-Files and has a lot more potential.

  15. Also, I love community, spend four years in undergrad at a community college, it’s hysterical. But I am upset that NBC cancelled Life. I loved Reese and Cruz. I thought that Alan Arkin was funny as his sidekick/friend, but I thought NBC did a horrible job with the ads for the show. The ads in no way made the show sound like anything like it actually was. I also love Supernatural. I love the snarky repartee, I love that they make fun of other tv shows like CSI and the episode “Chris Angel Is A Douchebag” was hilarious. But NBC kept Jay Leno instead of stocking up its ten o’clock hour. That was a huge mistake. Who wants to watch three hours of talk let’s be real the only reason why we watch that junk is because there is nothing else on. I love that TBS, USA, and others replay their prime time shows so that i can watch them after the big three are done with theirs. This way I can catch the Closer, Leverage, Psych, and MOnk until it left, and Burn Notice.

  16. in the ad for fringe on the go! channel, there was a subliminal message that flashed up red with the numbers 21… i think i have a really good eye for noticing subliminal messages. if you see the ad on tonight have a look. i like the show but theres somthing fishy about it like codes.

  17. in the ad for fringe on the go! channel, there was a subliminal message that flashed up red with the numbers 21… i think i have a really good eye for noticing subliminal messages. if you see the ad on tonight have a look. i like the show but theres somthing fishy about it like codes.

  18. i will go insane if fringed had to be canceled