TV Status Report: Which Shows Are In & Out

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While we’re nowhere near the new fall season and most pilots have yet to be filmed, the networks are already looking at their current lineup to see where they can trim the fat. While most decisions have to be finalized, people talk, news is announced and assumptions can be made.

Some shows are no-brainers to renew (House), while others have already been canceled… and then there are the shows that sit on the fence; ones that are referred to in the industry as “being on the bubble.” Today we have an update on the status of some of those “bubble” shows.

With such a long list of shows, let’s stop with all the small-talk and get right to it. What’s the fate of your favorite show?


Chance of returning: 40%

  • With more than 12 million viewers tuning it for the series premiere, one would have thought that it was a shoe-in for a second season. After a massive ratings loss, an extended hiatus, the loss of numerous showrunners and a convoluted plot I’m sure you can guess what’s going to happen to this series. While there’s a chance that ABC could bring this freshman drama back next season, don’t get your hopes up.

Chance of returning: 60%

  • Even though there was a huge ratings drop after the first episode, V still remains a viable option for the network and one that they are interested in pursuing. Unless they receive a slew of amazing pilots this summer, expect The Visitors to return for at least one more season.

anna v TV Status Report: Which Shows Are In & Out___________________


Chance of returning: 20%

  • Oh, my favorite mathematical crime drama. Even though CBS triumphs on Friday nights viewership is down, which makes it harder to continue footing the bill for long-running series. Calculate in the fact that the episode order for Numb3rs was reduced by six and that star David Krumholtz has signed on for a new pilot and sadly this equation doesn’t look good.


The CW

Chance of returning: 85%

Chance of returning: 85%

  • The only thing that’s going to stop the Winchester brothers from coming back will be creator Eric Kripke. With season 5 marking the end of the planned storyline, the future of the show remains uncertain. Still, I’d be willing to bet that they’ll be back for at least a couple more seasons. Especially if The CW has anything to say about it.

supernatural awesome TV Status Report: Which Shows Are In & Out___________________


Chance of returning: 75%

  • C’mon… you knew that Chuck just had to be on this list. Last year seems so long ago. All that subway and “Save Chuck.” Well, fans of the show can rest easy as your favorite spy series has recently become one of NBC’s highest-rated shows on Monday nights. See you next fall, Mr. Bartowski.

Chance of returning: 90%

  • Hot in the ratings this show is not. Still, NBC loves their Thursday night comedy block and has already picked up Parks & Recreation for another season and that show gets lower ratings than Community.

Friday Night Lights
Chance of returning: 5%

  • The producers have already announced the end. Luckily, the show has been renewed for one final season.

Chance of returning: 60%

  • Even though the superhero drama performs well overseas, on DVD and on the web, NBC can’t have such an expensive primetime series pulling in 4.4 million viewers for its season finale, as first-run broadcasts are where they make most of their money. With ratings declining rapidly and fans becoming fed up, one could understand if the show didn’t come back next year. Still, don’t be surprised if NBC picks up the series for a final 12 episodes. Enough time to wrap everything up nicely – hopefully.

Chance of returning: 25%

  • Do I really need to write something? The only reason why this show continues to be on the air is because NBC canceled so many of their series that there wasn’t anything to replace it with. Oh, and then there was that whole Jay/Conan mess to deal with.

Chance of returning: 15%

  • This show has had almost as many chances as Heroes to perform, but has yet to prove itself. It’ll get another chance next month when it returns with Chuck as its lead-in, but unless everyone in the world tunes in to watch it, this show is a goner.

chuck1 02 TV Status Report: Which Shows Are In & Out___________________


Chance of returning: 40%

  • Even in its eighth season 24 continues to bring in an audience. Still, the production budget for this show is too high and with few networks looking to pick it up in syndication, Fox is trying to find another option — hence the news of a 24 movie. There’s also the option of moving the series to another network, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Chance of returning: 90%

  • Even though this series has had a rough second season, the combination of Fringe and Bones have made Fox a contender in one of the most competitive nights of television. Expect to see more of Peter, Olivia and Walter this fall.

peter fringe TV Status Report: Which Shows Are In & Out

Human Target
Chance of returning: 55%

  • Even though this comic book-based drama had trouble finding an audience, things picked up this past week. While it’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s enough to give the series a second chance (a la Dollhouse). Things look even better if 24 doesn’t return.

If you’re still wondering what’s going to happen to your favorite show because it wasn’t on the list, chances are its fate has been decided and it’s not “on the bubble” like the shows listed here.  Although, if you want a hint, The Deep End will not be sticking around ABC that much longer.

So, does it look like your favorite show is going to make it? Did I miss any show that you’re curious about?

Talk, debate, fight… that’s what the comments are for.

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  1. To be honest, I'm kinda surprised that Heroes has that high of a percentage to come back. I will say that this past season has been the best since the 1st (no brainer). With Parks and Rec getting another season, it looks like Community will be back. :) It has quickly become one of my favorite comedies along with HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family.

  2. So glad Smallville is going so strongly, so many times I thought it would be cancelled, all the complainers about have been proved wrong over the years, still doing well nearly a decade on. Not many shows can say that.

    As for 24, easily my favourite show, I think they should end it now. I love the characters and the format, but after season 7 being a return to form and season 8 is pretty good so far, go out on a high. Give jack his final day.

    And Supernatural, such a great show, that seemed to take years to find the audience and praise it deserved, but if the creator had a plan for five seasons and the story has run its course then let the show go. Dont ruin it like are with Scrubs.
    A Supernatural movie, now that I would like to see!

  3. That's too bad to hear about 24, but perhaps it is for the best to move it to the big screen. I'll watch it untill it's off the air though. As for the rest of tv land. Untill the networks bring in more quality shows such as 24 and Lost, I'll be spending more time playing video games and surfing the internet. The scripted shows they're airing currently aren't holding my interest. It's as though I have TVADHD anymore with the poo they're showing us.

  4. Heroes needs to end, Chuck is the STUPIDEST show I have ever seen and cant believe that people watch it. Ive seen a few episodes of Fringe and agree taht it is very good and should stay on. Mercy is just a placeholder show and will get dropped eventually. Smalville has picked up greatly this season as far as quality and should come back for a final seaosn if a good story remains and be moved BACK to a MON-Thurs slot.

  5. Fringe is the most surprising show on the bubble. It is so interesting and a weekly staple in my home. I've also started watching Human Target which is a fun throwback to the older action television shows that I watched as a child. I hope FOX gives that show a chance, but I pretty much knew it would fail since FOX cancels 9 out of 10 new shows within the first two seasons.

  6. I think Supernatural should end this season with a 2-hour event where Dean and Sam duke it out as Michael and Lucifer. The writers seem to want to use the Revelation prophecies and if they continue to do so, then after Lucifer is defeated, the earth is suppose to become a paradise. Of course, they could end the series with the big fight and then have made for TV movies where Sam and Dean fight leaderless demons, or theatrical films.

    I feel that Smaillville should end with Doomsday emerging from the ground that Clark had imprisoned him in and having them beat the crap out of each other. This should be done during season 10 after Zod has been defeated. The final episode should be Clark emerging from the fortress in, embracing his true calling and flying away in the iconic costume.

  7. Smallville has to continue for at least 1 more season to tie everything together. If not the 2nd half of season 9 is going to feel extremely rushed. I have high hopes and expectations for that to return.

    Supernatural could end this season and it could continue for another 5 seasons. Kripke created spectacular characters. After Lucifer's demise, one would assume the demons will be running free. You know what they say… when the cat's away the mice will play. Or the fight with Lucifer could be an ambiguous one…. kinda like is he really gone? Kripke can keep it going if he wants. Or he could even pull a George Lucas and give us a prequel kind of spin off. Like what happened between 1983 and 2005 when we first see them in the pilot. Hire Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the lead and wow. That'd be sick as hell too. Lol. That is of course only if Jensen and Jared don't want to return after this season.

    As for Heroes, now that its getting good and finally lining up with that future we saw in Five Years Gone (season 1) its in danger of cancelation. Thanks a lot Tim Kring. Thanks for eating so much crap the last couple seasons.. :-/

  8. If Michael Rosenbaum hadn't chosen to leave the show, that is essentially how season 7 was going to end. Lex with permanent amnesia and Clark flying out of the fortress in a blur of red and blue.

  9. What about Bones????

  10. Bones pulls in average 12 million viewers each week. Brennnan and Booth are staying put. Good news is that Zach will be returning for their 100th episode.

  11. any news at all on medium??

  12. MAN! i hpoe human target makes it! that show is sick! its nice to see an actual entertaining action show without all the modern day melodrama its just awesome! supernaturalamzing as always dunno how its gonn end i cant say cuz when dean went to hell i had no clue what would happen next so SWEET! chuck bleh, heroes bleh MELODRAMA b******* hardly the show it was as for smallville which is ridiculous pointless drama… END IT ALREADY! otherwise i'm satisfied

  13. Even though Medium and Numb3rs are in the same boat, Medium will return.

  14. I completely agree when it comes to “Community,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Modern Family.” They all have series recordings on my DVR and are the only half-hour comedies I watch next to “The Office.”

  15. I'm an avid “24″ watcher but “Human Target” will not replace it when “24″ goes off the air. I would love to see Jack get one final day after this 8th season, in a this-is-it-I've-had-it-with-this-s***. I read somewhere that Freddie Prinze, Jr. is possibly being groomed to take over as the lead, but what is “24″ without Jack Bauer?

    I love FOX Thursdays because of “Bones” and “Fringe.” As much as I liked “Dollhouse,” when compared to a sci-fi show like “Fringe,” FOX made the right decision. I'm impressed that they've kept this sci-fi “Fringe”, giving it a good time slot and decent promotions.

  16. I've been watching season 9 of Smallville and I think it has been it's best season to date, with Clark closer to becoming Superman, which I for one want to see happen. having said that, I think season 10 will be it for Smallville, so I hope for tights and flight, and Lex by season's end and one more appearance from the JSA would be cool, not to mention another billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. I'm not too familar with the other shows on this list, except maybe for 24 which I have caught glimpses of in the past.

  17. I hope Smallville, Fringe, Supernatural and Chuck return next season. Love those shows! I'm really curious what Kripke would do after his original story ends. He has such an awesome crew of writers who are absolutely capable of doing something awesome for season 6 or 7.
    Heroes. I don't wanna talk about that show. Just lend it end, please!!!!!! Nobody likes it, nobody watches it and everybdoy agrees that it hasn't been as good as season 1 so let it end.

  18. Oh God, I really hope Human Target and V don't get canceled.

  19. What about Glee?
    I'm excited for season 2, but still gotta catch up on the first season

  20. What about Glee?
    I'm excited for season 2, but still gotta catch up on the first season

    Also I love Community and LOVE Parks & Rec! This second season is way better than the first, which will hopefully be the case with Community as well.

  21. What about Glee?
    I'm excited for season 2, but still gotta catch up on the first season

    Also I love Community and LOVE Parks & Rec! This second season is way better than the first, which will hopefully be the case with Community as well.

  22. hereo's need not die. heroe's is one of the shows thst keep me going. gives me something to look foward to when i get home