5 ‘Girl Shows’ That Guys Should Be Watching

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'Girl Shows' Guys Should Be Watching

Girl Shows Guys Should be WatchingThe landscape of TV can be very gender-specific. Many shows featuring strong female leads have achieved success on both sides of the gender line (True Blood, Homeland); and yet, other shows have to carry the stigma of being "girl shows," with all the gender bias that term implies. While certain TV shows are obviously aimed toward one gender or another (see: Lifetime or Spike), we hate to see great gems of TV viewing slip through the cracks of gender bias, when truly there is a great experience there for any and everyone.Qualifying for our list was simple: These are all shows we tried to convince guys we know to watch, only to be refused on the basis of gender bias. So now we're presenting our case: These aren't just great shows in their own right - some of them are actually of great tactical use to the male gender.Check out (in no particular order) our "5 'Girl Shows' That Guys Should Be Watching"

Scandal (ABC or Netflix)

Scandal Starring Kerry WashingtonCreated by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy), Scandal started out as a case-of-the-week show centered around DC media relations consultant Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) - but it wisely switched to a more focused, streamlined storyline with all the elements of a great political drama, spy and espionage scenarios included. Think of Scandal as a network version of House of Cards.WHY IT'S GOOD FOR GUYS: It's more "male-driven" than Grey's Anatomy; men and women share equal time onscreen. One of the male leads actually tortures people for a living (guys can get into that) - and not to be crass, but who wouldn't want to stare at Kerry Washington every week? Look, there's a good chance the lady in your life already has you watching this show; if not, being up to date on the exploits of Pope and Co. isn't a bad ice-breaker, fellas.(Contributions by David Griffin and Anthony Ocasio)

The Vampire Diaries (CW or Netflix)

The Vampire Diaries Season 5The Vampire Diaries tells the tale of young Elena Gilbert trying to live a "normal" life in the small town of Mystic Falls, where vampires, werewolves, witches and everything in between share complicated origins. They also share a common interest in Elena, whose family and friends have ties to the supernatural history of the town and have suffered greatly as a result.WHY IT'S GOOD FOR GUYS: Like Supernatural, what makes Vampire Diaries accessible for male audiences are the two male leads, the Salvatore brothers (vampires). They are more often than not at odds with one another and always fighting for the affection of Elena - but no matter how rocky the relationships become, how horrifying the characters are revealed to be, or how awful the situations they find themselves in, the Salvatores (and a few other likable non-humans) always have each others' and Elena's back. It's the brotherly love that male viewers can relate to - along with the darker supernatural elements of the show.(Contributions by Rob Keyes)

Girl Code (MTV or MTV.com)

MTV's Girl CodeWhat if we told you there was a way for you to have women explained to you in raw detail from a diverse range of female perspectives, as presented by a collection of girls who include several Maxim "Hometown Hottie" winners and a gang of witty comediennes? Would that be the kind of class you'd sign up for? Then good news: it's already being provided for you, for free. A spin-off of MTV's Guy Code series, Girl Code is like that better-looking, slightly funnier version of a concept that was already solid to begin with.WHY IT'S GOOD FOR GUYS: Are you kidding? Dude, get a notepad, sit down and listen carefully. These girls are giving away trade secrets of the female gender - and they're entertaining you at the same time! Honestly, if you're a twenty-something still out there playing the dating game, this should be the ONLY thing you watch, bro. (And if you think the other side isn't studying and breaking down the Guy Code litigiously, you are naive, my friend...)

Orphan Black (BBC America or VOD)

Orphan Black Poster (Allison and Cosima)This series is currently enjoying the title "Rookie of the Year, 2013." Created by Canadian TV veteran John Fawcett and Cube writer Graeme Manson, Orphan Black follows Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), a wild-child who one night witnesses a girl (who looks exactly like her) commit suicide. When she finds out the dead girl has wealth, Sarah impersonates her in order to steal it - thereby setting off a chain of crazy events that reveal a much deeper and twisted sci-fi reality behind why Sarah and this girl (and several other girls we meet) all wear the same face.WHY IT'S GOOD FOR GUYS: Aside from some serious sci-fi goodness, Orphan Black also happens to be one of the best (if not THE best) mystery-thrillers on TV at the moment. If you've been looking for that show to fill the void of Lost, this should be your No. 1 pick. BONUS: Because lead actress Tatiana Maslany plays so many different women in the show, Orphan Black is a perfect litmus test for your personal tastes in girls (ex: are you into Allison or Cosima types?). That's educational entertainment any guy should be able to get behind.

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Orange is the New BlackOrange is the New Black comes our way courtesy of Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, and is a similarly good marriage of high-concept dramedy and insightful female perspective. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is a 30-something yuppie who finds her about-to-be-perfect life suddenly derailed when her wild twenties come back to haunt her in the form of a 15-month a prison sentence - penalty for a one-time muling of drugs for her smuggler ex-girlfriend (Laura Prepon). In prison, Chapman discovers a world (and characters) far removed from her buttoned-down bubble existence, and has to roll with the twists of her surreal new lifestyle.WHY IT'S GOOD FOR GUYS: This show offers a similar hook as HBO's Oz: namely, a fly-on-the-wall look at a little-known (but intriguing) corner of society. In this case, the woman-dominated world in question is far more fascinating than the rape-and-kill-a-minute depictions of Oz - thanks in large part to Kohan's writing and the talented ensemble cast.  And come on, bro: if you watched all that man-meat on display in Oz, you should be watching this show too, if only for spiritual/psychological balance.


Girl Shows Guys Should be WatchingIf you feel there are other shows guys are foolishly denying themselves because they have mislabeled them as too girlie - let us know what they are in the comment section.Other than that, no need to thanks us: we're happy to pass on a few shows that might not only tickle your fancy, but help you seem more appealing to the lady in your life - or perhaps, that lady you want in your life. ;-)You can find out about new episodes of the shows on our list, below:Scandal - Season 3 Premieres on Thursday 10/3 @10pm on ABC.The Vampire Diaries - Season 5 Premieres on Thursday 10/3 @8pm on The CW.Orphan Black - Season 2 will premiere in April 2014.Orange is the New Black - Entire Season 1 currently available on Netflix streaming.Girl Code - Season 2 Premiere Date TBD.__________You can follow me @ppnkof
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  1. Nice selection.

    Supernatural also carries the stigma of being primarily aimed at a female audience (and it does have a huge female fanbase), but it’s perfect guy entertainment as well. Anyone who hasn’t watched that show because of that stigma is really missing out.

    • Really, I always felt it was aimed at guys(at least the 1st few seasons)

    • Supernatural is a fantastic show. My girlfriend got me into it around the summer of last year and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    • Really? I thought it was aimed for both guys and girls but us fan girls are usually louder in the internet. Plus, being air on CW also doesn’t help.

      • Not just on the internet. I introduced four female friends to Supernatural. I kept nagging them that they would love the show, and when they finally did about 18 months ago they went to completely rampant fandom in no time. Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong descision… :D

  2. To my surprise, Hannah Shaw Williams didn’t write this article. I might check out Girl Code. Vampire Diaries has always been slept on. Guys in my school watched it too though. Tatiana is the biggest Emmy snub next to Aden Young. One question when does Scandal become more serialized?

    • Season 2 of Scandal is very serialized, especially the back half of the season.

    • Kofi knows girl shows way better than I do. ;-)

      That said, Orphan Black is awesome.

      • Lucky for me, Orphan Black starts this friday on BBC Three (9pm for those interested in UK Land although it clashes with Agents Of SHIELD that’s starting next friday at 9pm on Channel 4….BOO! Thank god for the Sky+ planner is all I can say).

        Really looking forward to it after the recommendations I saw on this site months back.

  3. Orphan Black is pretty great. It’s really well written and I have a huge crush Tatiana Maslany. I agree with the Emmy snub comment. Playing that many different characters and making them all believably distinct? Fantastic work. True acting skill.

  4. “One of the male leads actually tortures people for a living (guys can get into that”

    What the feck?

  5. Five commercials for shows that need more viewership? Follow the money.

    • We’re pretty sure most of these shows are doing okay on their own. Onto the next conspiracy theory about how we’re all just corporate puppets despite having “Independent Website” in our masthead…

      But no, you are the master insightful analyst who has us figured out [Eye roll]…

      • You mad bro ?

        Quite pathetic for a columnist to nosedive into the comments section to rip into shreds even the slightest voice of difference like a psychotic pit bull.

        • rt’s comment was stupid. Kofi responded appropriately.

          Are YOU mad…”bro”?

        • @John

          Who wrote the rule that columnists can’t respond to commenters? Because I don’t remember agreeing to a world where people are free to dump whatever half-formed negative opinion they want into a public forum and “duty” requires the person they are addressing to just sit there and take it.

          I’m going to make an Internet where people are continuously held accountable and get called out for what they say to the world – as they should be.

          If holding people accountable for their words makes me pathetic, then I am the biggest loser around, baby.

          • We always knew that anyway Kofi ;)

            To the front lines, gentlemen!

          • /discussion

    • They’ve seen behind the curtain now, boys. Time to pack up the van and get on the road before the cops catch up to us.

      • *obligatory “Dammit, they’re escaping, my 12 month deep undercover investigation into their activities is ruined” comment*

      • Oh Screen Rant writers. I love you.

  6. I will man-up and admit that I’ve watched “Vampire Diaries” and have enjoyed.

  7. I really dont care if it’s a guy show or a girl show, I just want a main character I like. None on this list provide that (nor did any of the ‘man’ alternatives for that matter).

  8. “Orphan Black” is a great show…I’m just hoping it can maintain its quality.

  9. Girl Code is okay, not anything great but good background, same goes for Vampire Diaries which for me is only ever interesting when Klaus and Rebekah are on screen, Scandal bored me when I gave it a go, Orange Is The New Black didn’t grip me but neither did Weeeds, Orphan Black seems interesting however.

  10. Orange is the New Black is fantastic and I have Orphan Black on my To Watch List. Another show I’d recommend is Once Upon a Time. I really didn’t think I’d like the show, but I find it enjoyable. As a previous poster said, I need to like the main character(s) or I can’t watch it. To me Vampire Diaries was done because of the Twihards out there waiting for the next movie to come out, so it never held my interest.

    • I love Once Upon a Time! It’s awesome!

  11. What about Nikita?

    • YES! Good call! But sadly Nikita is entering its final season. In my opinion, it’s the best action-drama on television.

  12. This might’ve helped if SR had been there to review the shows to begin with. I remember how little interest anyone had with Orange is the New Black, and your article reviewing the trailer and not even the pilot didn’t help at all. Granted we are welcome to watch and not watch out of our own volition, but I was bummed at the lack of interest overall on this site for shows that could bolster a stronger audience from what has gotten, essentially, a male-centric crowd.

    I’m glad you’ve posted this up, though. I will be checking out these shows, and i have heard a lot about Orphan Black.

    • Stay tuned. We will be making some big changes to the TV section of our site. And expanded coverage is one of them ;-)

      This article was meant to be a starting point.

      • Thanks for the update, will be catching that for sure!

  13. What about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic? That show has a lot of male viewers?

    • I admit, I still don’t understand the whole brony thing.

  14. Orange is the New Black is the most frustrating show. It could be so good, but has too annoying and vapid characters (much like weeds).

  15. I like how Girls isn’t on here. I hate that show. It’s just a bunch of white girls complaining about being middle class.

    • Girls rightly shouldn’t be on here, the show turned sour in the middle of the first season…

      • You’re right of course. But in season 2 I just learned to embrace the fact that you’re basically watching a different show each week. Made it fun again, in a TV experiment kind of way.

  16. These are girl shows? I watch 4 out 5 already…

  17. Didn’t know Orphan Black was considered a “girl show”, I’m already watching it…

  18. Orphan Black is simply brilliant.

  19. Uhhhhhh girl code is one of the stupidest things ever put on tv.

    • YES!!!! AGREED!!!! +10000000

  20. Coffee Out-law (yeah, I’m sure) is a corporate-media hipster journalist who tows the party line in pushing this crapola. No guy should be taking advice from him, unless they love bacon, unicorns and Chuck Norris.

    • unicorns aren’t as delicious as bacon

      • Somehow, this makes me think of whether unicorns will be part of the overarching plotline of “The Following”‘s season 2. Don’t ask me why.

    • 1. It’s “Co-fee” (Do your research – like the former leader of the U.N. Only the undereducated say “Coffee”.)
      2. Outlaw is my real name and my attitude.
      3. “corporate-media hipster” – every single word of that is wrong.
      4. Party line – I’ve never been invited to “THE party.” :’-(
      5. There are worse guys than me to take advice from. Like pretty much everyone who advised you in such a way that you go around the Internet running your mouth off sounding foolish.

      @eddiebang – school is now in session.

      • Kofi…

        You forgot to correct brilliant Eddie’s use of “tow” since I doubt he thinks you’re actually dragging party lines across the ground ;) All of us here already know you don’t TOE the party line. Normally, I don’t concern myself (at least,in the last couple of years) with corrections of one’s grammar, but if that person rudely chooses to insult someone to hand out a criticism, he should TRY not seem like an imbecile while doing so…

        • *not TO seem*


  21. I’m down with most of these suggestions (and have already considered two of them a watch: OITNB and Scandal).
    Still, I’d like to add two of my own: Lost Girl and Revenge, the latter of which may have lost some of its drive/intrigue throughout season 2, but it’s still solid, above-average entertainment.

    • Revenge should be on here. No guys I know watch it and ‘umm & urghhh’ at it’s suggestion like it’s a joke…their loss.

  22. I already watch The Vampire Diaries. I’ll give Orphan Black a chance.

  23. Not only Orphan Black is amazing show but I could its one of best looking show on tv, even as good as breaking bad.( in terms of visuals)

  24. Supernatural also carries the stigma of being primarily aimed at a female audience (and it does have a huge female fanbase), but it’s perfect guy entertainment as well. Anyone who hasn’t watched that show because of that stigma is really missing out.

  25. Scandal, Vampire Diaries & Orange Is The New Black are already series I enjoy (though VD is circling the drain, IMO). Orphan Black is one of those shows that everyone keeps saying is amazing yet they rarely expand on why or how it’s amazing; makes me wonder if they’re not just bandwagoning.

    • “Orphan Black” presents an intriguing “multi-character”, played by an excellent and engaging actress, in a sinister storyline that, each episode, grabs and holds onto the viewers’ attention.

      That better?

      • Indeed. Thank you.

        • Happy to help :)

  26. I would recommend Teen Wolf long before I’d recommend Vampire Diaries!

    • I retrospect I would agree.

  27. excuse me, but why isn’t 2 broke girls here???? that should even be the number one show for guys to watch!!! hello, big boobed Kat Dennigns is innit

  28. Not really buying the reason for 4 of the 5. They still sound really boring even with the why guys should watch. I could care less if 2 male vampires are vying for the attention of some gal. Give me intellectual stimulation, concepts to ponder or give me action. Realistic action. Not surreal ninjas jumping off cliffs and just because their super ninja training has taught them to roll surviving 100 foot drops. None of the A-Team junk like people standing point blank at close range firing full auto and MISSING each other lol. Or how about one guy defeating the 30 who conveniently wait their turn to attack him lol. That aint action, that’s comic book junk.

    Drama at best puts me to sleep and often drives me out of a show. The shows you detailed are high on drama and too low on the action to be even worth fast forwarding to the action. Devoid of intellectual fare and not even nifty gadgets to slobber over. Who likes who, who cares? If somebody is sleeping with another character aside from the possibility of gratuitous nudity I could care less. To be honest half those actresses are not all that hot and much better sources of porn exist. Stick with the story, have an original story, interesting characters, make it believable and exciting and I’ll watch. Drama, the chicks can have that.

    Girl code however sounds rather interesting. I’ll have to watch that sometime.